Why Safety Devices? Our Most Frequently Asked Questions, Answered

We receive lots of questions about what advantages safety wearables have over other options. Discover how Revolar wearables allow you and your loved ones to be proactive about safety, react faster, and share your live location so help can be sent to you.

1. “Can’t I just use my smartphone if I need help?”

In an emergency, there isn’t always time to use your phone.

It can easily take 30 seconds to take out your phone, unlock it, close an app, place a call, and wait for answer. Add in the time it takes to explain where you are, if you know your location, and you could be looking at 45 seconds or more to send for help when you may only have a moment.

It takes less than a second to activate your Revolar wearable, and automatically send your safety status and live location to your pre-chosen contacts.

2. “Can’t my phone do this?”

Some smartphones can send SOS alerts to contacts with three presses of the power key. The problem with this function? It forces you to be reactive instead of proactive about your safety.

When we designed the Revolar Alert System, we talked to 100s of survivors. They told us that before they were assaulted, they knew something was wrong, but they couldn’t call the police because of a bad feeling.

That’s why Revolar has multiple, customizable alert levels, so you can discreetly get the level of support you want at the first sign of trouble, rather than waiting until a bad situation presents a clear danger.

3. “Why doesn’t it call 911?”

Unless you know your location and can stay on the line to inform the operators, there are no guarantees they will know where you are.

According to the FCC, the location information that 911 operators receive automatically “is not always specific enough for rescue personnel to deliver assistance to the caller quickly.” In 2014, 63% of California's cell phone calls to 911 didn't share any location information automatically.

That’s why Revolar wearables send your live, updating location information to your contacts when you send out an alert. That way, if needed, they can call emergency responders on your behalf and have help sent to your location.

4. “Shouldn’t I carry a weapon instead?”

You have the right to protect yourself, but weapons like pepper spray and guns aren’t the answer for every situation — and they’re illegal in certain places and for certain age groups.

If someone’s making you uncomfortable on a date, coming on too strong at a party, or won’t stop talking to you at the bus stop, using a weapon could land you in trouble unless it’s clear that you were acting in self-defense.

That’s why Revolar includes non-emergency alerts (2 clicks) that let you proactively and discreetly send for support at the first sign of trouble, without worrying that the police will show up when you just wanted friends to check on you.

Revolar wearables can also send Red Alerts (3+ clicks) to quickly let loved ones know your location and that you’re in danger — an added layer of safety that’s helpful whether you carry a weapon or not.

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