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Why is My Schlage Lock Blinking Red? – 3 Most Common Reasons

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why is my schlage lock blinking red

“Why is my Schlage lock blinking red?” many might ask. There are a couple of reasons why your Schlage lock keeps blinking red. The red light might indicate that the lock has a low or critical battery, a wrong user code, or an error in programming.

This article will explain why your Schlage smart lock blinking red and what you can do to troubleshoot it. Next time you encounter the red light, you don’t have to panic or ask for help.

1. The Lock Has a Low or Critical Battery


If you have not touched the keypad but see your Schlage keypad lock blinking red fast, it is because it has a critical battery that needs to be replaced immediately. If the red light blinks, then it turns green, which means that the battery is low.

To replace the batteries of a Schlage deadbolt lock, you have to:

  • Remove the screws of the cover then release the battery tray
  • Remove the AA batteries and the 9V battery
  • Detach the connector from the old 9-volt battery
  • Put in the new batteries and reassemble the lock

For a lever lock, you only need to:

  • Remove the cover of the lock and the battery cover
  • Replace the old AA batteries with new ones
  • Put back the battery cover and the cover of the lock

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2. A Wrong User Code


When you notice blinking red light on Schlage lock after you enter your user code, it means that you entered the wrong user code. Try entering your code again until the light turns green.

You may also encounter a red light when you are unsuccessful in adding a new user code. This may indicate that you have already maximized the available number for user codes. To troubleshoot, delete one existing user code then add a new one.

It may also turn out that the first code you entered did not match the second code. If so, try to enter the code correctly. Another reason is the user code you entered has similar digits to your program code, or the user code already exists. Enter a different user code.

Aside from adding new user codes, you may also encounter Schlage lock red light blinking when deleting existing user codes. This may happen when the first code you entered is not the same as the second code. Make sure to enter the same codes.

3. Error in Programming

An error in programming will result in red blinking light. One of the reasons why you can experience an error in programming is that the programming code you enter is the same as your user code. You can use another programming code or delete the user code.

Aside from that, the first code that you entered may not match the second code; that is why you failed to program the lock. To solve this, enter the first and the second code, making sure that they are the same.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why does my Schlage lock’s blinking light turn green then red, even after I enter a valid code?

This indicates that your lock is in vacation mode. When a Schlage lock is in this mode, all user codes are disabled. To troubleshoot, enter the six-digit programming code of the lock or uncheck the vacation checkbox on the Web.

2. Why does my Schlage lock blinks red after I tried deleting all existing user codes?

If this happens, the first code that you entered is not the same as the second code. This prevents you from deleting all existing user codes. To solve this, enter the same code twice.


Did you find all the answers you need to your question, “Why is my Schlage lock blinking red?” The red blinking light may indicate that your lock’s batteries need to be replaced, you have entered the wrong user code, or there was an error in programming.

Instead of calling a professional locksmith or buying a new Schlage lock, try to troubleshoot first. By referring to this article, you will know what to do whenever you encounter the red blinking light.

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