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The Best Interior Door Locks for Home Security

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best interior door locks

Buying interior door locks isn’t always a top priority among homeowners. But these locks are an essential part of keeping our homes safe and protected. Therefore, it would make sense to spend some time and find the best interior door locks possible.

How does a homeowner find these perfect interior door locks? Honestly, it can be frustrating as there are enormous amounts of options available for buyers. But it doesn’t have to be, as the entire process boils down to knowing some crucial factors.

If you have a handle on them, the process becomes relatively straightforward. Here’s a quick run-through of a few to offer a better idea of what you can expect:

  • Door Lock Type: Interior door locks come in several different types, which all work best in certain situations. You’ll need to decide whether a key lock, standard door handle lock, or electronic lock is better suited for your circumstances.
  • Ease of Installation: Any interior door lock worth buying will have an easy installation process. Buyers will need to do some serious research into this task before making their final choice.
  • Hand-operated or Keypad: Some options will offer a standard door knob that’s hand-operated to open or close. Other more advanced locks have keypads with a code for these processes.

Furthermore, I’ve compiled a list of 12 interior door locks to provide a better picture of what’s available for homeowners. I chose each of these options based on them having desirable features that make high-quality interior door locks. You’ll gain a better understanding of these aspects within the following reviews and our buying guide.

Top Product name Exterior Finish Handle Type Type  
1 Copper Creek BK2040SS Brass, Nickel, Copper Knob Entry Details
2 MiLocks TKK-02SN Nickel Knob Knob Lock Details
3 Berlin Modisch ‎BM102 ‎Nickel Lever Traditional Details


Top 12 Interior Door Lock Reviews

1. Copper Creek BK2040SS Keyed Door Knob

Copper Creek’s BK2040SS Keyed Door Knob would be a hard one for most homeowners to overlook. Its exquisite satin stainless finish blends into many home decors without breaking a sweat and offers some style.

More importantly, this finish gives the product heightened durability. It shouldn’t have any issues dealing with the wear and tear of being an interior door lock. I can see it fitting seamlessly into my home and providing solid long-term performance.

The product’s versatility was another appealing trait of this door knob lock. It comes with round corner adjustable latches that won’t have any issues fitting most doors. I even tested it around my home to see where they could work and found multiple potential uses.

I was a fan of the knob’s comfortability, as well. Many other knobs make your life difficult by being slippery or uncomfortable to use. But I had no issues operating it even when my hands were damp from washing the dishes.

Other intriguing aspects were the 10-year finish and lifetime mechanical warranties. Both these policies will ensure buyers have protection against getting faulty products. After all, you never know when a shipping or packaging issue might arise.

But I was a little surprised by the product’s noise level. This lock always seems to make a noise when I rotate it, which can be slightly annoying. It becomes more of an issue whenever someone uses the knob at night.
  • Stainless steel finish resistant to wear and tear
  • Fits most doors with adjustable round corner latches
  • Comfortable knob usage
  • 10-year finish and lifetime mechanical warranties
  • Noisy when turned
Aside from the noise issue, there’s a lot to like about this door knob. I found myself more than happy with its ability to function on my bedroom or bathroom doors. But the noise problem is worth thinking about for anyone considering it.

2. MiLocks TKK-02SN Digital Door Knob Lock

The MiLocks TKK-02SN Digital Door Knob Lock offers a little more convenience than a standard privacy lock. For instance, it comes with a keypad that provides secure keyless entry to anyone who requires it.

I managed to set this product up for my office, which keeps my nephews and dogs from coming in when I’m working. The keypad itself was pretty impressive, too, as it’s glow-in-the-dark to offer easy usage at night.

It can also support up to 6 users without much issue. In fact, I found setting up the codes simple compared to what I’ve experienced with past interior door locks with keypads. I was able to add and delete these codes within seconds.

The product has a sizable amount of versatility, as well. Users can put this keyless interior door lock on right-handed and left-handed doors seamlessly. Honestly, I couldn’t find a door within my home where this model wouldn’t have fit perfectly.

Buyers won’t hate its satin nickel finish, either. It shouldn’t have much problem meshing with most home decors, plus it’s proven to withstand regular usage. I didn’t notice any smearing or other wear/tear issues during my experience with this indoor keypad door lock.

However, I did have an issue during the installation process with one of the included screws. Its inside threads were stripped out and had to be replaced with another screw. Luckily, I had a usable one within my toolbox for easy fixing.
  • Keypad entry with glow-in-the-dark capabilities
  • Stores up to 6 users codes
  • Easy to set up keypad codes
  • Suitable for right-handed and left-handed doors
  • Wear-resistant, satin nickel finish
  • Subpar screws
Overall, this keypad interior lock was a decent, relatively hassle-free product. It did the job required and provided some high level of convenience along the way. I’d recommend having a few extra screws lying around before doing the install.

3. Berlin Modisch ‎BM102 Privacy Door Lock

I found myself intrigued with the level of privacy offered by Berlin Modisch’s ‎BM102 Privacy Door Lock. It’s equipped with an interior turn-button that allows me to lock my office or bedroom door when I want.

Moreover, this turn-button wasn’t tricky or uncomfortable to use. It will turn without any trouble and doesn’t put my fingers in an awkward position where discomfort might occur. Plus, it’s capable of being opened from the exterior when necessary.

I was also happy with this product’s adaptable design. It’ll match traditional or modern style interiors without becoming an eyesore. Honestly, it’s rare to find an interior dock lock capable of fitting into both settings seamlessly.

The product’s flexibility doesn’t stop with its ability to mesh with decors. It’s also known for being a reversible handle that works with both right-handed and left-handed doors. Furthermore, it’ll suit any door between 1 ⅜” and 1 ¾” thick.

As for its installation process, I didn’t have much trouble setting it up within my home. It came with a valuable and helpful diagram template to walk me through the process. I wasn’t the only one to point out the ease of this process, either, as it was noted in several reviews.

I did notice one slight problem with this product, though. This lock’s handle had sharper edges than I usually see with privacy locks. It caused some slight discomfort when I wasn’t careful when using it occasionally.
  • Easy-to-use internal turn-button locking mechanism
  • Adaptable design suits modern and conventional styles
  • Reversible handle fits right or left-handed doors
  • Suits any door between 1 ⅜” and 1 ¾” thick
  • Easy installation with included diagram template
  • Handle equipped with sharp edges
If I remain careful of the edges, this product works well as a bedroom or bathroom lock. However, this one issue didn’t outweigh its other positive aspects for my situation.

4. Kwikset ‎730J-15-CP Juno Privacy Door Knob

One of the more straightforward options would be Kwikset’s ‎730J-15-CP Juno Privacy Door Knob. I found its installation process to be pretty simple as it only required a screwdriver. In fact, I had the entire process done only in a few minutes.

The adjustment range of this door knob is rather appealing, as well. It’s equipped with an adjustable latch that can fit almost all standard door preparations without issue. Plus, it suits both right-handed and left-handed doors.

I tried to find doors where it wouldn’t work effectively within my home without much luck. So it’s easy to see why various buyers have reported buying several of these door knobs. They could function well on almost any type of interior door, from bedrooms to bathrooms.

As for its security level, this door knob has an intriguing grade 2 ANSI rating. It should have no trouble dealing with whatever issue comes from being an interior lock. I took several attempts at ramming it, and the lock withstood them without breaking a sweat.

The internal thumbturn was another nice touch by this Kwikset door knob. It was comfortable to turn, unlike many other options available on today’s market. Most thumbturns are truly awkward and unpleasant to use when locking from the inside.

One slight issue was the screw holes showing when the installation was complete. Due to this, the screws are exposed, which could be an issue when considering a home’s decor. It doesn’t affect its overall functionality, though.
  • Simple installation with only a screwdriver
  • Adjustable latch fits most standard door preparations
  • Suits right-handed and left-handed doors
  • Offers decent security with a grade 2 ANSI rating
  • Easy-to-use internal thumbturn for locking
  • Screw holes showing
In the end, this lock’s screws being located on its exterior isn’t a massive deal. It had no problem functioning as a well-crafted interior door lock.

5. Probrico Keyless Privacy Door Knobs

This next option, Probrico’s Keyless Privacy Door Knobs, comes as a 6-pack to ensure I can use it on multiple doors. It wasn’t hard to find situations for all of the locks as these options are considered very versatile.

Each one has an adjustable latch that allows the interior door knob set to fit any door between 1 ⅜” and 1 ¾” thick. In my case, this adjustment range allowed me to place them on my bedroom and bathroom doors with ease.

The internal thumbturn was another crucial feature as it provides users with privacy. It’ll keep people and my dogs from entering my bedroom when required. Plus, if there’s ever an emergency, a release tool like a screwdriver allows for exterior unlocking.

I was more than pleased with the installation processes for these door knobs, as well. These products came with all the necessary hardware needed for the procedure. In fact, the instructions were even helpful, which is a rarity within this marketplace.

Lastly, I found myself pleased with the stainless steel construction material. It’s known for withstanding corrosion and rust without any hassle. Buyers should expect not to replace these knobs for at least a couple of years.

Some buyers did mention a few shipping issues with these knobs, though. In these cases, some of the included door knobs arrived damaged or unusable. But these situations weren’t overly frequent, and mine arrived promptly without issue.
  • 6-pack for multiple applications
  • Fits all doors between 1 ⅜” and 1 ¾” thick
  • Internal thumbturn provides privacy
  • A release tool can be used for exterior unlocking
  • Easy installation with all hardware and instructions included
  • Anti-rust stainless steel construction
  • Shipping issues
Honestly, I wouldn’t put too much stock into these issues. Most buyers were more than happy with these door knobs when it came to shipping and performance.

6. KNOBWELL Door Lever Locks

Homeowners tend to love KNOBWELL’s Door Lever Locks for a simple reason. These lever locks offer a well-crafted design without any hassles. I didn’t notice any rough edges or protruding screws that could cause problems.

Another highlight feature would have to be their vast amount of applications. For example, I can fit these locks onto any door between 1 ⅜” and 1 ¾” (right-handed or left-handed doors). Likewise, they’ve proven to function well as a bedroom door lock or bathroom door lock within my home.

Honestly, I didn’t have any difficulties finding a use for the entire 10-pack inside my home. The durable zinc alloy construction lent itself useful and meshed into several spaces. Plus, their lever design allowed for a comfortable and easy using process.

Locking these door locks from inside couldn’t have been easier, either. Each level lock has a thumb turn to ensure the process requires little effort or thought. If needed, people can unlock these options with a screwdriver from outside when an emergency occurs.

The black matte coloring was another winning aspect for me. It meshed well into my home decor and offered a more modern feel than most similar models. Due to this, I didn’t have to worry about these locks being an eyesore anywhere within my home.

But the included instructions aren’t beneficial during the installation process. I’d imagine people unfamiliar with door lock installations would have a tough time with the task. Luckily, I was able to rely on my past experiences to get the job done.

  • Well-crafted, comfortable design
  • Fits any door between 1 ⅜” and 1 ¾” (right-handed or left-handed)
  • 10-pack for multiple applications
  • Durable zinc alloy construction
  • Easy thumbturn locking mechanism, can be unlocked with a screwdriver
  • Blendable, black matte coloring
  • Instructions could be better
Overall, the instructions didn’t affect my experience with the locks much. These products ended up offering sufficient protection while being reasonably comfortable to use. I’m not looking for much more from interior door locks.

7. Copper Creek CK2030SS Colonial Knob

Copper Creek’s CK2030SS Colonial Door Knob offers a simple solution for my particular interior door lock problem. This door knob is a relatively affordable product that offers solid durability through it being crafted with high-quality materials.

I found myself liking this option’s easy installation process, as well. Copper Creek made sure to provide every piece of hardware needed for a smooth installation. Buyers will receive nickel-plated bots, adjustable latches, and screw alignment adapters.

Once installed, this interior door lock will provide security and privacy without needing a key. It relies on an internal thumbturn while having an exterior release button for unlocking. It’s a simple matter of using a coin or a handy screwdriver to unlock.

Buyers should pay attention to the product coming with lifetime mechanical and 10-year finish warranties, as well. Both these policies should ensure they don’t ever have a malfunctioning door lock. It’s a vital feature for me as I tend to break things constantly.

The satin stainless steel finish was another worthwhile trait. It’s known to reduce fingerprint smudging and withstand regular usage. There’s no reason to believe this keyless bedroom door lock will become noticeably worn even after years of use.

But a customer or two did mention these door knobs didn’t work with child locks. Obviously, this aspect could make the lock a lousy fit for certain purposes. It’s an issue worth thinking about before making a final decision.
  • An affordable, high-quality option
  • Easy installation with included hardware
  • Provides security/privacy with internal thumbturn
  • Exterior release button for emergency unlocking
  • Lifetime mechanical and 10-year finish warranties included
  • Smudge-resistant durable satin stainless steel finish
  • Not compatible with child locks
The child lock issue wasn’t a massive problem for me. I don’t often have children running around my home, making this product a solid fit for my needs.

8. Gobrico ‎GBDL12061SNBK Bed and Bath Door Locks

The Gobrico ‎GBDL12061SNBK Bed and Bath Door Locks come with an appealing wave/drop style lever design. It offers a comfortable usage that doesn’t require any awkward finger positioning or other similar issues.

I was also intrigued by this model’s four different finish choices. Buyers can select between black, oil-rubbed bronze, polished brass, or satin nickel. In my case, I couldn’t stay away from the satin nickel as it meshed swimmingly with my home’s interior.

This model offers a sizable amount of versatility when it comes to its application. I can see it fitting residential and commercial applications with relative ease. Gobrico did a solid job making sure it was crafted with flexible, high-quality materials.

Another crucial aspect would be the various quantity options for each customer. I was able to choose from nine different options based on my specific needs. Given my particular situation, I went with a 2-pack as I only required this style lock for my master bedroom and bathroom.

I didn’t have to concern myself much with this product’s installation, either. It comes with reversibility to work on right or left-handed doors. Plus, Gobrico included everything a person might need for this smooth process.

These locks were a bit higher priced than most of our other options, though. It’s not too shocking given their impressive features, but still notable for prospective buyers. Each customer will need to think about whether these locks are worth the extra cash.
  • Comfortable wave/drop lever design
  • Adapts well with four different finish types
  • Suitable for residential and commercial applications
  • Fulfills multiple needs with various quantity options
  • Reversible handles work with left-handed and right-handed doors
  • All hardware included for smooth installation
  • A higher-priced option
In my case, these locks were appropriate for my needs. They offered a stylish and comfortable way to keep my bedroom secure whenever it was required.

9. Ohuhu ‎916-66000-66-2 Interior Keyed Door Knob

Keyed interior door knob sets aren’t usually my favorite options. But I found Ohuhu’s ‎916-66000-66-2 Interior Keyed Door Knob well worth my time with its attractive aspects — for instance, its tamper-proof design that offers decent security.

One primary reason for this level of security is its high-quality latch. It should provide users with peace of mind that their doors stay locked when necessary. Honestly, it lifted a weight off my shoulders, knowing this solid keyed lockset guarded my valuables.

Moreover, this model offers a beautiful bronze finish capable of bringing style into most home interiors. It sure brought another level of class into mine, where I desperately needed it. I couldn’t expect much more from a design than what’s provided by this option.

It’s intriguing to see this model has a broader adjustment range than most of our options. This lockset can fit any door between 1.4” and 2.1” thick to offer impressive adaptability. It shouldn’t have a problem installing onto the front, bedroom, bathroom, and other interior doors.

Furthermore, I found the included keys to be well-crafted and durable. I was pleased that this model came with three of them as a precaution. I’m known to lose things regularly, making backup keys a necessity for any keyed lockset.

The only issue worth noting was its thumbturn, which was a little difficult to move. I had trouble getting into the unlocked and locked position without stressing my fingers. But once I got used to it, this issue became less of a bother.
  • Tamper-proof design
  • Equipped with a high-quality latch for heightened security
  • Stylish bronze finish
  • Adaptable to any door between 1.4” and 2.1” thick
  • Three included keys with well-crafted, durable constructions
  • Thumbturn is difficult to operate
At first, the thumbturn issue did provide me with some frustration. But the heightened level of security and top-tier finish made me feel like this problem was worth it.

10. Probrico ‎DL609BKBK Bed/Bath Door Knobs

It’s hard to find a more durable set of bedroom or bathroom door locks than Probrico ‎DL609BKBK Bed/Bath Door Knobs. These locks have a robust internal structure fitted with a metal chassis and strengthened springs.

In fact, the springs are even more impressive because they help keep the knob level. This aspect allows for a more practical and user-friendly using process. Honestly, I hadn’t had any complaints about how these locks deal with regular usage inside my home.

Using these knobs was a delightful experience, as well. I found them easy to grip with their classic circle design. Moreover, I didn’t encounter any slippage issues even when having wet hands, making them an impressive bathroom door option.

These interior door knobs with locks also have an ANSI grade 3 rating, ideally suited for bedroom or bathroom use. It should offer a sufficient level of security without becoming too overbearing or inconvenient.

I also found the various buying options appealing. Each quantity choice has an affordable price that most people might view as a bargain. If I were looking to bulk buy, this model’s 10-pack option would be high on my consideration list without a doubt.

A few buyers did mention encountering some packing issues with these knobs, though. It seems Probrico didn’t wrap them well enough and one lock arrived damaged. Thankfully, I didn’t experience any problems with my shipment.
  • Robust internal structure with metal chassis and strengthened springs
  • Practical design that withstands regular use
  • Easy-grip knob with classic circle design
  • ANSI grade 3 rating, suitable for bed/bath usage
  • Various affordable buying options
  • Packaging issues
But honestly, the packaging issues seemed more like isolated incidents. So I wouldn’t put too much thought into them as most people were happy with what they received.

11. SCHLAGE F40 BWE 622 Privacy Lock Knob

SCHLAGE’s F40 BWE 622 Privacy Lock Knob does a solid job offering peace of mind with its simple 3-step installation. This brand precisely lays out what people need to do when setting up this knob inside their home.

Once installed, I noticed the performance offered by it wasn’t anything to overlook. It has no problem providing me with a sense of safety with its design. SCHLAGE made sure to use high-quality materials that would withstand long-term usage and provide decent security.

I was also happy with the pin keyhole inclusion on this knob’s exterior. It allows for easy exterior unlocking when some dire situation occurs inside a room. But the door lock itself remains more than capable of providing privacy when I want it with its push-button interior locking.

More importantly, this push-button locking mechanism couldn’t have been easier to use. It didn’t have any sharp edges like some thumbturn options provide. Instead, I simply push the button in when I’m looking to gain a little privacy.

SCHLAGE ensured this product had the broadest customer base possible, as well. This knob will fit any door with standard preparations, ranging from closets to bedroom doors. Honestly, I tried to find one where it didn’t work and had no luck inside my home.

But this privacy knob is another that suffers from a noise level issue. I noticed it provides a loud click when unlocking the lock, which can be a nuisance. I’ve woken up a family member or two at night with this particular issue.
  • Straightforward 3-step installation process
  • Constructed from high-quality materials
  • Simple exterior unlocking with pin keyhole
  • Easy-to-use interior push-button locking mechanism
  • Fits all doors with standard preparations
  • Loud click noise
The loud click noise is certainly a manageable problem given its other features. Users will just need to be aware of it before installing this option within their homes.

12. KONIGEEHRE Interior Privacy Door Knobs

Our final option, KONIGEEHRE’s Interior Privacy Door Knobs, doesn’t end our list on a whimper. These door locks offer several features that outpace or match what other choices provide.

For instance, I found myself intrigued by their steel metal constructions. It provides them with a more heavy-duty feel than what I’ve experienced with other options. These locks should last a long time within my home and provide solid security.

Each included door knob comes with durable mounting screws and instructions, as well. These qualities ensure even a newbie homeowner won’t have much issue installing them. I have the entire task done in a matter of minutes.

As with some previous options, these locks have a private function. This feature comes from its interior thumb button that provides solitude when necessary. I was impressed with how well it was able to keep out my dog, who loves ramming doors open.

The steel round corner adjustable latch was another appealing feature. It gives these locks the ability to fit most interior doors, including bedroom and bathroom ones. As a result, this 4-pack option becomes rather handy when renovating a home.

One last benefit worth noting would be the two stylish finish types. Each user will choose between matte black or satin nickel to further increase this option’s adaptability.

This knob does have a rather interesting flaw, though. It does have a habit of getting stuck when turning the door from time to time. It’s a fleeting, mild annoyance, but one that could cause a user some frustration.
  • Heavy-duty steel metal constructions
  • Simple install with included mounting screws and instructions
  • Offers a practical privacy function
  • Steel adjustable latch fits most interior doors
  • 4-pack for multiple applications
  • Two stylish finishes
  • Knob sticks occasionally
In the end, this sticking issue isn’t a deal-breaker for my needs. I have learned to live with it, especially considering what else these knobs provide.

What to Look for When Buying Interior Door Locks


Choosing the perfect interior door locks will come down to several factors. This section will discuss each of them to ensure this process becomes effortless. In other words, it’ll help make this buying experience as painless as possible.

Door Lock Type

As you can imagine, interior door locks for home security come in various types. Therefore, it can be a bit frustrating to keep track of them without the proper information. But mainly, every interior door lock falls into one of the following three types:

  • Standard Locking Door Levers

Our first option, standard locking door levers, happens to be the most popular. These locks use a standard locking knob on a room’s interior side.

Meanwhile, the door knob’s exterior will have a flat head lock. It’s an essential aspect because it allows for easy unlocking from the outside. It’s a simple matter of using a flathead screwdriver or even a dull kitchen knife when trying to unlock it.

Many homeowners feel more comfortable with this feature as it provides a way to unlock when an emergency occurs. For example, if a person suffers some type of medical issue behind a locked door, this lock would provide an easy way of reaching them.

  • Key Lock

Interior keyed locks offer a much higher degree of privacy. After all, these locks will require a key to unlock and aren’t accessible with a screwdriver. An interior door lock with key locking mechanisms tends to be suited for closets or other storage areas.

The only challenge is keeping track of your key. Anyone who manages to lose their key won’t have any way of unlocking them from the outside.

  • Electronic Locks

For those who don’t want to use keys or pull a thumb turn, an electronic lock is a good option. Features to look for in this type include number of passcodes allowed, battery life, tamper notification, and remote operation. An electronic bedroom door lock or office lock can be useful in some situations.

For instance, I don’t think anyone wants a keypad door lock for their bathrooms. This situation seems rather inconvenient, especially in a family home. But an interior keypad door lock or electronic interior door lock could work wonders for an office and other private areas.

Meanwhile, hand-operated door locks seem like a much better fit for shared living areas. These minor differences are something to think about when choosing your perfect interior door locks.

Ease of Installation

Any interior door lock worth getting will have an easy installation process. It’s not something that should require paying a professional to do. Due to this, every buyer should look into this process before spending money on a lock.

A straightforward way of researching is reading through customer reviews. These resources should provide an idea of what you can expect from the process. You should also take a gander at each option’s manual to ensure it’s not overly complicated.

I would suggest looking into only buying options that come with all required hardware, as well. You don’t want to be purchasing those pieces separately. It could lead to the product not fitting or other similar issues.


Locks for interior doors will have a wide range when it comes to price. Each buyer will need to build a budget based on their particular wants. For instance, people who want an interior combination door locks will require higher ranges than others.

Accounting for these types of details will keep your budget realistic. From there, it can help limit the number of choices to a much lower number. Trust me; constructing a well-developed budget has helped me through several frustrating buying experiences.

Construction Material

Any high-quality door locks will provide a well-crafted construction. In other words, these locks will be made from top-tier, durable materials. It’s one of the primary things every buyer should research before making a final decision.

Otherwise, you’ll end up with a subpar lock that doesn’t offer any security. It’s just a recipe for a disaster and future repairs.

Who Makes the Top-Rated Interior Door Locks


Any brand mentioned in our reviews is known for making the most trusted interior locks. So if you stick with them, I have no reason to believe this process won’t be successful.

How Can I Make My Interior Door More Secure

If you’re looking to provide extra security for an interior door, there are a few methods to make it more secure. Here’s a quick list of some potential options to make sure no one enters the room unless they’re invited:

  • Purchasing a door security bar
  • Using a wedge or door stopper
  • Reinforcing the door with a stronger strike plate
  • Build a barricade using tools around your home
  • Set up security cameras

How to Change Interior Door Locks

The process of changing interior door locks will differ from type to type. However, if you read through the manuals and the provided instructions, I doubt the process will be too complex. These resources should make the procedures relatively painless.


Our product reviews and buying guide should’ve made it easy to pinpoint the best interior door locks. After that, it’s just an exercise of using them to streamline your search. The right option should become relatively clear.

But if you have any more questions, please don’t hesitate to ask them in our comment section. I’ll make sure to answer them as soon as possible. Thanks for reading!

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