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What is the Best Lubricants for Door Locks

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best lubricant for door locks

Buying lubricant for locks isn’t the most exciting buying experience. But these items can do wonders for locks that have started becoming an issue. In other words, they can restore one and prevent it from staying an active nuisance within your life.

However, these benefits only come from using the best lubricant for door locks. Finding this perfect option can be a bit of a challenge considering the various options. It can even become extremely frustrating without the right resources at hand.

You’ll need an insight into what makes high-quality options different from low-quality. Then, it’s the only way to ensure you choose one suited for your situation. Here’s a quick rundown of the critical considerations for buying these products:

  • Type: Many types of lubricants are available for consumers. Each buyer will need to decide whether a graphite powder lube, silicone lube, Teflon-based lube, or grease lube fits their situation.
  • Straw Construction: Most options will have a straw delivery system. These straws are usually straight or flexible. Buyers should consider what style works best for their particular circumstances.
  • Weather Conditions: Colder climate homeowners will want to look at particular options built for these situations. Most standard lubes tend to fail at lower temperatures and don’t do a lick of good.

Lastly, I’ve compiled 10 of my favorite lubricant products for door locks to provide a starting point. Each option was chosen based on high-quality praise and delivering excellent performance. You’ll learn more about what makes them quality choices from our product reviews and buying guide.


Top 10 Lubricant for Door Locks Reviews

1. WD-40 3-IN-ONE Lock Dry Lube

WD-40’s 3-IN-ONE Lock Dry Lube starts our list with an impressive set of features and attributes. An excellent example would be its rather vast versatility, as this product can work on wood surfaces, plastic surfaces, and many others.

As a result, I had no trouble finding multiple places to use this dry lubricant within my home. Its aerosol formula even proves to dissolve builds and lubricate my beaten-up shed lock. Honestly, I had no hope that it would ever function again, but this product got the job done.

I was also pleased with the red straw feature, making the using process much easier. It allows me to reach more narrow mechanisms with ease. Plus, this option has a wide spray pattern that’ll help protect the entire lock, not only the cylinder.

The quick-drying process was another massive highlight of this door lock lubricant. It’s an essential feature because the lube dries within a few minutes to prevent sticking issues. In other words, debris and dirt won’t have much time to bind.

Moreover, the lubricant’s formula leaves behind a long-lasting corrosion-resistant film. It should ensure my devices are much better protected against rusting and corrosion issues. Therefore, I can rely on them working for a long time when using this product.

My only complaint is the container is a little smaller than I expected. I end up going through these bottles rather quickly when compared with options. Anyone who buys a single one will need to purchase another one shortly.
  • Usable on most wood, plastic and other surfaces
  • Easy-to-use straw
  • Wide spray pattern for entire lock protection
  • Quick-drying process to prevent sticking issues
  • Protects against rust with corrosion-resistant film
  • Small container
But even with the small container, this lubrication for locks is worth it. Its performance and versatility more than makeup for the quantity issues.

‎2. AGS Automotive Solutions MZ-5 Lock Lubricant

The AGS Automotive Solutions MZ-5 Graphite Lock Lubricant can suit many roles within a buyer’s life. After all, it’s an all-purpose solution that can help loosen up locks on all sorts of applications.

I found it worked well on all material types, such as steel, rubber, plastic, and wood. Furthermore, AGS develops it to work year-round for even more convenience. It’s nice to know that I won’t need to buy a different option to use during those cold winter months.

Another exciting attribute is its odorless formula. Some choices produce awful smells that can bring a lot of frustration when using them. As a person with a sensitive nose, I can’t express how appreciative I was of this particular feature.

Its performance quality isn’t anything to sneeze at, either. It does a great job on various mechanisms around my home, from sheds to car locks. It also is reasonably effective on other applications, such as skateboards, bicycles, tools, and much more.

Likewise, it provides all these applications with protection against wear, corrosion, and sticking. I was impressed by how little dirt/debris the product managed to pick up when using it. This issue is a massive problem with subpar options.

But I do have to admit that its price was a bit higher than anticipated. In fact, this graphite lubricant for locks is among the most costly options on our list. Buyers will need to determine whether its benefits and attributes are worth the heightened price.
  • Works on all material types (all-purpose solution)
  • Suitable for year-round usage
  • Odorless formula
  • Effective on various lock mechanisms and other applications
  • Defends against sticking, corrosion, and wear
  • A higher-priced option
In my case, I found this lock lube to more than meet my expectations. There’s no reason I wouldn’t be happy paying the price tag. But I could see others feeling differently.

3. Protexall HOUD1 Houdini Lock Lube

Door lubricants don’t get much more convenient than Protexall’s HOUD1 Houdini Lock Lube. For instance, its formula has a unique ability to work on and around electrical locks or switches without any issue.

It provides this benefit by not having any Teflon, silicone, grease, or oil within its formula. But the lack of substances doesn’t affect its performance, either. It’ll provide decent protection and penetrates deeply into even the tiny parts of the cylinder without trouble.

Furthermore, users can place this solution on bearings or door hinges with similar results. I was also impressed with its cold-weather performance. Protectall made sure this product works in sub-zero temperatures to ensure any frozen locks can get restored to their former glory.

This formula has a reputation for resisting friction, wear, and corrosion, as well. Each of these aspects will help increase my lock’s lifespan by a significant margin. Therefore, it helps remove one more hassle from causing frustration within my life.

Another impressive feature is the lube’s ability to resist building or gumming up. It makes for a much easier using process and offers a lot more user-friendliness than other lubricates. Due to this, it’ll help prevent any future issues with the lock.

However, I did see a few complaints about packaging issues within the customer reviews. The most noticeable one was people reporting their product arrived without the attachable straw. But they sent my product in perfect condition and with all components.
  • Suited for usage on electrical locks and switches
  • Effectively penetrates small components
  • Works in sub-zero temperatures for cold weather applications
  • Resistant against wear, friction, and corrosion
  • Doesn’t gum-up or build-up
  • Packaging issues
The packaging shouldn’t have a massive impact on a person’s final decision. Most customers seemed overjoyed and fine with this solid lubricant. Plus, their customer service team seems to sort out any issue quickly.

4. B’laster 8-GS Industrial Graphite Lubricant

It’s challenging to create any top lock lubricant list without including B’laster’s 8-GS Industrial Graphite Dry Lock Lubricant. This option’s formula has gained a reputation for being a lock saver and extending their lifespan without much hassle.

Users won’t be handicapped by it only being usable on a lock, either. I found this option to be useful on wheels, gaskets, and even in high-temperature situations. It ends up being quite a handy item to have around a home or workshop.

Another benefit provided by how this dry lubricant works would be its quick drying process. Therefore, it does a solid job of protecting against dirt build-ups and other issues. There’s no reason to believe using this product will do anything but improve a lock’s performance.

I was also intrigued by B’laster providing a quantity choice for their buyer. Each customer will have to decide between a case of 1 or 12 when selecting this option. It ensures this product can easily apply to someone looking to bulk buy.

More importantly, this product isn’t overly expensive. So it makes this a solid choice for someone like myself who isn’t looking to spend a lot on these products. Honestly, it ends up being one of the more user-friendly options available.

I would caution buyers about this lubricant’s spraying mechanism, though. It has a habit of being a little sensitive and messy when used without the included straw. This issue was noted more than a few times in the customer reviews.
  • Effective formula with lock saver capabilities
  • Suitable for various purposes (locks, wheels, gaskets, etc.)
  • Prevents build-ups with a quick-drying process
  • Two buying options for multiple applications
  • A more affordable option
  • Sensitive spraying mechanism
Aside from the spraying mechanism, this option more than meets my needs. It’s just a simple matter of being a little careful and using the straw whenever possible.

5. DuPont DE0016601 Teflon Lubricant

One of our stronger choices would be DuPont’s DE0016601 Teflon Lubricant. Its Teflon-based formula will offer long-term lubrication rather than a short-term fix. As a result, this option becomes a solid choice for both indoor and outdoor use.

Another crucial component would be it containing anti-rusting additives. These inclusions will help prevent my applications from breaking or becoming unusable. It also ensures users don’t have to reapply this lock cylinder lubricant solution as much as with other choices.

I was also pleased with this product containing a deicing agent, which is handy for my needs. My locks are always within dire conditions as I live in a climate where freezing temperatures are typical. So it should help me from waking up and finding them frozen.

Customers shouldn’t dismiss its ability to work on other locks. People have reported this Teflon solution to be usable on bikes, commercial locks, and scooter devices. It’s also known for being an effective lubricant for car door locks.

DuPont made the process much easier, too, with helpful instructions on how to lubricate a lock. I found myself having no issues using the solution effectively. Moreover, it doesn’t leave a mess behind after application like I often see with formulas made with graphite for locks.

The bottle’s cap isn’t as secure as I would prefer for these products. It might cause leaking issues if the product isn’t capped correctly. I’d recommend checking it before storing or putting it away to ensure it’s secure.
  • Teflon-formula offers long-term protection
  • Contains anti-rusting additives
  • Equipped with a deicing agent for winter use
  • Suitable for all locks
  • Easy-to-use product with clear instructions
  • Cleaner alternative to other options
  • Leaking may occur if the tube isn’t capped properly
Overall, the product’s performance was everything I wanted from a lube. But the cap issues must be thought of when using this product.

6. AGS Automotive Solutions LE5 Lubrication Fluid

This next option, AGS Automotive Solutions’s LE5 Graphite Lubrication Fluid, does a lot to make my life easier. One of the main reasons behind my happiness with this solution is the included flexible snorkel.

It offers a much more direct approach than with other locksmith recommended options. For instance, I can insert this snorkel into the keyhole to ensure it lubricates every area. It’s a more efficient way of restoring these latches back to usable devices.

Once applied, this solution does a solid job of keeping moisture out from the device. It ensures the item gets as much protection as needed from outside issues. It’s a truly effective method that has helped numerous applications around my home.

I don’t have to worry about cold or hot temperatures affecting this performance. AGS built the formula to withstand both with its graphite-based solution. Therefore, the product doesn’t become a messy run liquid in summer heat or freeze during winters.

The once-a-year application process is another worthwhile trait. It’s nice not having to worry about applying it every three months like with other products. As a rather lazy person, this fits my preference to an absolute tee.

I did notice this product leaves behind a gray or black smear when it’s not cleaned immediately. So users must remain vigilant about this issue to avoid defacing certain surfaces. Otherwise, a key lock might have a new unwanted feature.
  • Features a flexible snorkel for more precision
  • Protects numerous applications by sealing out moisture
  • Graphite solution works in cold or hot weather
  • Requires application once per year
  • Potential smearing issues
Luckily, this issue becomes manageable when people prepare for it. I only had one incident where a gray smear appeared. I haven’t encountered any problem from there as I made sure to clean up any mess when applying it.

7. Master Lock 2300D PTFE Lubricant

Master Lock’s 2300D PTFE Lubricant has a unique way of providing deep penetration into locking devices. Its oil-pen design ensures precision when trying to apply the solution inside those applications.

Honestly, the entire process was a simple matter of applying 2 or 3 drops into my lock’s shackles and key hole. It doesn’t take much effort and only has to be done every 3 to 6 months for ideal protection.

The inclusion of PTFE (Teflon) within this solution was another appealing aspect. It’s known for smoothing out surfaces and reducing wear/tear on its applied applications. I can’t refute these claims as this pen has worked wonders for my needs.

I found myself liking its overall slimmer design, as well. Those spray types can be a bit of a nuisance to operate and carry, but this pen is a lot more flexible. It allows for easy usage even in more crowded or tight areas inside keying components.

This flexibility allows the durable design to work its wonders in several areas. I’ve seen people claim it’s a handy tool in automotive, residential, or even marine settings. I could imagine it being a valuable item whatever devices attract dust or dirt and gum up the works.

But the plastic outer container can be a challenge to open.
  • Precise usage with oil-pen design
  • Straightforward, infrequent application process
  • Contains Teflon to smooth surfaces and reduces wear
  • Flexible and easy to maneuver
  • Suitable for any environment (marine, automotive, residential, etc.)
  • Challenging to open the plastic container
However, this flaw is temporary as users only need to open the container once. Its many other benefits outweigh this minor bother based on my encounter. But it’s easy to see how other buyers might feel differently.

8. WD-40 300012 Specialist Silicone Lubricant

The WD-40 300012 Specialist Silicone Lubricant has a vast range of capabilities that other options have difficulty matching. It starts with the product’s impressive temperature when it comes to suitable conditions.

For instance, this solution can function at any temperature between -100F and 500F. This attribute allows it to be an effective lubricant for outdoor locks. It shouldn’t have any issues working in whatever condition presents itself outside my home.

I should also mention that this product doesn’t only lubricate and protect surfaces. It has waterproof capabilities to protect metal and other surfaces against any issue. I found it was easy to use on door hinges, screws, cables, rails, or other similar applications.

Aside from its adaptability, users should take a look at its two-way smart straw. It’s a vital piece to providing me with more control over the using process. It gives a choice between whether I want a fan-shaped spray or stream for my intended use.

Buyers will have another choice to make regarding quantity, as well. WD-40 offers both a 1-pack and 6-pack to suit different customers. I went with a 6-pack as several items around my home could benefit greatly from this product.

One minor flaw about this WD-40 product is the produced odor. It’s not overwhelming, but it does have a noticeable smell. Buyers will need to determine whether this slight bother is worth its provided benefits.
  • Working temperature range between -100F and 500F
  • Lubricates, protects, and waterproofs several surfaces.
  • Provides more user control with smart straw
  • Easy to use on both non-metal and metal applications
  • Two buying options for different customer needs
  • The odor is noticeable
As someone with a sensitive nose, I still found this product more than helpful. Its convenient 2-way smart straw alone made it worth the unpleasant smell.

9. Prime-Line MP66780 Graphite Lubricant

Simplistic and affordability are what stand out most about Prime-Line’s MP66780 Powdered Graphite Lubricant. Its needle-nosed tube design is available for the lowest cost among these top-rated lubricant for locks choices.

But these qualities don’t stop it from being an effective lubricant for door lock cylinder. I’ve also used this high-quality lube on several applications around my home. It was even helpful to unstick the buttons on my Playstation controller after I split a drink on it.

Honestly, this valuable product is usable on any surface with plastic, rubber, or wood. This versatility covers a lot of applications within my home and warehouse. It’s just a handy tool to have around whenever a lock, wheel, or other device starts acting up.

Moreover, this lubricant is another one with an odorless formula. I don’t have to worry about any smell wafting everywhere in my home with its use. Using this product was straightforward, too, with it simply requiring me to squeeze rather than spray.

Another notable attribute was the product’s fast shipping. I don’t usually see praise for shipping speeds when doing product research, but it was mentioned more than once. Plus, I certainly had no complaints about it with my delivery.

But I do have to admit that this product can create a mess when applied. Its hole is a little too large, which makes a single squeeze produce a lot of it. So I’ve had to remain careful when using it on any of my devices.
  • Simple needle-nosed design
  • A lower-cost product
  • Suitable for multiple surfaces with high-quality formula
  • Odorless application for heath safety
  • Straightforward squeeze-based using process
  • Fast shipping
  • Application can get messy if not careful
Once I became aware of the messiness, controlling the output was relatively easy. But it’s something to think about before putting money down on this option.

10. CRC 03094 Dry Graphite Lube

CRC’s 03094 Dry Graphite Lube does an adequate job of lubricating and protecting various surfaces like rubber, plastics, and others. From there, it hits these applications with a decent barrier withstanding both friction and pressure.

In other words, it offers solid protection against dirt and other substances. It should help keep my lock in good shape while fighting against whatever makes it difficult to use. I’m happy to report it did precisely that with a beatdown lock on one of my storage areas.

Its formula does not use any dangerous chemicals, as well. I’m an environmentally conscious person, so any product that doesn’t destroy the Ozone is a winning one. After all, it rids me of any guilt that might come from using these spray options.

Using this product isn’t too difficult, either, with its aerosol can design. It’s a simple matter of pushing the top button and pointing where it needs to spray. It doesn’t get much more effortless than this one when it comes to lubricants made from graphite for door locks.

Other notable aspects include its ability with temperatures up to 850F, a fast drying process, and an affordable price. Each of these inclusions only further confirms this dry lubricant as one of the more user-friendly options.

The lack of straw makes controlling this lubrication process a bit difficult. It also doesn’t allow users to add one because of the container’s design. I’d recommend cautiously using this lube to avoid messy and widespread sprays.
  • Lubricates and restores various surfaces (rubber, plastic, etc.)
  • Free of any dangerous chemicals
  • Easy-to-use aerosol can design
  • Works in temperatures up to 850 F
  • Fast-drying process for easy application
  • A more affordable option
  • No straw included
Although I do wish this model had a straw, it doesn’t take away from its performance. It certainly does its job when it comes to providing locks maintenance.

What to Look for When Buying Lubricant for Door Locks


Finding suitable going to be a one-step process. There are several components and parts to this particular search. I’ll discuss each of them below to offer a more precise idea of what you can expect.


Lubricant is a substance that’s needed for many things, making for a lot of types. These variations have allowed consumers to build preferences and find the perfect one to meet them. So let’s take a quick look at all the styles to ensure you choose your ideal option.

  • Graphite Powder Lubricants

Graphite powder lubricants have a known ability to work great on doors. However, you’ll need to squeeze the powdery texture correctly for it to work effectively. One benefit of using these options is they unlock a door lock’s jam without feeling sticky.

It does an excellent job lengthening the lifespan of your lock, as well. So it doesn’t only provide a more effective door but also ensures they last longer.

  • Silicone Lubricants

Silicone lock lubricants are used universally because of their top-notch texture. In other words, these options don’t feel uncomfortable or tacky. These options also do an excellent job of drying out as soon as possible.

It’s an essential aspect because it helps resist debris and dust from attaching to it. Furthermore, silicone options prevent your door locks from rusting.

  • Teflon-Based Lubricants

Anyone who uses their door daily would do best using a Teflon lubricant for locks. These options can even rescue key mechanisms that have been exposed to high temperatures and moisturizers.

Given this information, it’s no surprise these options are often known as the locksmith lubricant. A Teflon-based lubricant is often just a tougher and stronger option than these other types.

  • Grease Lubricants

Grease options come as a solid, sometimes liquid lubricant. It comes from these options carrying oils and thickening agents. As you can imagine, these options do a decent job making a lock work but requires more maintenance as they’re sticky.

Honestly, I would only reach out to lock grease or grease lubes as a last resort. You’d be much better off with the other three types than these solid grease or liquid lubricants.

Straw Construction

Buyers should look into each option’s straw construction before making their selection. In most cases, it’ll come down to deciding between a flexible or straight straw. The right choice will come down to thinking about what other uses you might have for this product.

You’ll need to consider what will require lubricant besides key locks and what ones will need it inside your home. After all, some locks will have complex mechanisms and moving parts. These components might be a little difficult to reach with a straight straw.


It might sound weird, but there are specific laws about the production of lubricants. These laws will differ based on where you live, but they will affect your final decision. Like the ones mentioned in our article, most high-quality options will be produced within the confines of these laws.

But it remains essential to check out these laws before buying them. Of course, this issue becomes even more important when purchasing online.


Your region’s weather conditions will have an impact on what option is suitable. Many standard options tend to stop working effectively at colder temperatures. This issue arises from their reaction with lock’s surfaces being slowed down in those conditions.

However, there are special lock lubes that do work in these lower temperatures. Anyone living in colder climates, should take a gander at them before making a final choice.

Why Should You Lubricate Your Door Locks

Lubricating or cleaning door components is an easy solution to ensuring their best performance. Plus, these lubricants can help prevent rusting and fix any sticking issues.

How Often Should You Lubricate a Door Lock


You should lubricate about 1 to 4 times within a single year. But the frequency will depend on the usage and weather conditions around your lock. For instance, you should lubricate locks exposed to frequent freezing weather conditions four times a year. People who don’t use them much in freezing weather can get away with it once per year.

Should I Use Graphite or WD40 in My Locks

Most people tend to prefer graphite over WD40. After all, those solutions are made for the sole purpose of repairing these mechanisms. Buyers can easily find it at their local hardware store and use it right away without issue. Meanwhile, WD40 will gum up after each use due to its oil-based formula.

Should You Lubricate Smart Locks

If your smart lock has a key hole, it could require lubrication like with other cylinder models. But this process must be done carefully to avoid any issues with the electronic components.

What Can I Use to Lubricate a Lock Instead of Lubricant

Household oil like coconut oils or olive oils are suitable for lubricating locks. But it’s not a recommended choice as they attract dirt or attract dust. Over time, these substances might start causing issues.


Our reviews and buying guide should’ve provided an idea of your best lubricant for door locks. From here, it becomes a simple matter of using these resources. They’ll make sure the right choice ends up being clear.

But if you do have more related questions, please let us know in our comment section. I’d love to help out and answer any question that pops into your mind. Thanks for reading!

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