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The Best Portable Door Locks to Improve Door Security

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best portable door lock

Portable door locks are an unsung hero for keeping valuables safe when traveling. Unfortunately, people can’t always rely on hotel rooms to have reliable locking mechanisms. These devices provide a simple means of ensuring your valuables remain safe wherever you travel.

But keeping your valuables safe will require the best portable door lock. Otherwise, unwanted guests or intruders might bypass the lock without any issue and run off with your possessions. So how does a buyer find these high-quality options capable of providing excellent protection?

It starts with grasping certain vital considerations when selecting your preferred option. It might seem a little complicated when starting your search, but it gets easier with the right tools. Here’s a solid starting point with some quick overviews of a few essential buying factors:

  • Lightweight Construction: Portable door locks aren’t a device that should be overly difficult or burdensome to carry. Buyers will want a lightweight option with a small design to ensure easy maneuverability.
  • Build Materials: A lock’s design materials will impact its overall durability. It’s essential to choose one made from heavy-duty materials, such as iron or stainless steel. But make sure these designs also feature protections against weather and rust.
  • Ease of Install: There isn’t much point in buying a lock with an overly complex setup process. Look for models with toolless, easy to install setups to ensure it doesn’t take more than a few seconds to get them in the right place.

I’ve also selected a list of the 12 top-rated portable door locks to provide a solid head start. I chose each option based on what I consider desirable features. You’ll learn more about these aspects within the following reviews and buying guide.


Top Product name Weight Material Lock Type  
1 Rishon Enterprises I9889 ‎0.01 oz Stainless Steel ‎Keypad Lock Details
2 AceMining ‎rwen-121-gf 4.2 oz Stainless Steel ‎Keypad Lock Details
3 Vincrey Portable Door Lock 6 oz Stainless Steel ‎Keypad Lock Details

Best Portable Door Lock Reviews

1. Rishon Enterprises Inc. Portable Door Lock

Rishon Enterprises Inc.’s Addalock the Original Portable Door Lock is a decent way to start our journey through this marketplace. It has several admirable features that make this a worthwhile portable lock.

One example would be its versatility, as it can suit various applications. This security lock can work on most hinged or swing inwards doors without ease. In fact, I found multiple potential places inside my home that worked perfectly, and installing it only took a minute.

This Addalock portable door lock offers decent performance, as well. The door knob has a durable metal body construction that keeps my doors locked even facing immense force. I was pleasantly surprised by how well it withstood my attempts of bypassing by pulling on it.

Its lightweight design also makes the lock a practical road companion. I could easily see myself taking this lock on the road and using it when staying at hotels or Airbnb. It could add an extra layer of security to ensure my valuables stay where they belong.

Moreover, the included travel pouch ensures it’s easy to move from place to place. It should become a staple in my luggage rather quickly.

I wasn’t a fan of the clicking sound it produced when installing, though. This issue could draw attention to me applying it to my door. In other words, a would-be intruder nearby might notice that I’m trying to protect valuables by its loud clicking.

  • Versatile (fits most hinged or inward opening doors)
  • Quick and easy install in a minute
  • Durable metal body construction that resists strong force
  • Lightweight design, among ideal travel door locks
  • Included travel pouch for easy portability
  • Produces clicking sound during install
But the clicking sound isn’t enough to make me displeased with its overall user experience. It’s certainly a lot more sturdy and reliable than I had expected. Rishon Enterprises did a solid job building a convenient and adaptable product.

2. AceMining ‎Rwen-121-gf Portable Door Lock

Setting up the AceMining’s ‎Rwen-121-gf Portable Door Lock was one of the more effortless experiences I’ve had using a door safety lock. The entire process consists of inserting its metal piece into the door lock’s slot, closing the door, and pulling its red handle.

Once the door lock is installed, it’ll require an immense amount of force to get through it to the other side. The product’s high-quality steel materials ensured it with their impressive strength. I certainly felt much safer from any potential intruder on my travels with this lock installed on my luggage.

This removable door lock offers a bit more versatility than most other choices like a Forceguard portable door lock. It’s fitted with two different-sized holes to ensure most doors match it. It can be installed nicely within seconds to any door frame around my house.

Furthermore, I had no complaints about its compact design. It fit snugly into my pocket when I was moving around and wasn’t overly burdensome with its weight. These benefits made the lock more portable and practical than I was expecting when first trying it.

However, I do have one minor complaint about this door lock. It has a habit of scratching off a door’s paint when a user’s not careful during the installation. So please be a little more cautious when using it on doors, as I had this happen a few times.
  • Easy to install this lock to any door frame
  • Made with durable, high-quality steel materials
  • Two different sized holes to almost all doors
  • Compact, lightweight design
  • Solid portability, fitting well into pockets
  • Scratches off paint during installation
Honestly, the paint scratching issue is more about my performance as an installer. Anyone who remains careful when setting it up shouldn’t have a problem. In fact, it should become a solid staple of a person’s traveling kit.

3. Vincrey Portable Door Lock

The Vincrey Portable Door Lock manages to balance decent protection with solid portability. It’s a winning combination for me, as someone who’s looking to find usable travel door locks for security on the road. It provides the ability to make sure my valuables stay protected wherever I adventure.

Vincrey cultivated this combination with a low-profile design made from heavy-duty steel. As a result, it can remain lightweight and still be sturdy enough to fluster would-be thieves. I would have peace of mind using it in a hotel room or protecting an essential space inside my home.

Its overall versatility was another winning trait for this portable lock for door applications. It fit most doors inside my home without much difficulty. Moreover, other customers praised how well it did in numerous situations, ranging from Airbnbs to dorms.

I was surprised by its affordable price, as well. It’s one of the more reasonably priced options on this list and remains relatively effective. Due to this, I could see it being a viable lock as a bargain buy in the right situation.

The included instructions didn’t help me much during my installation process. As a result, it might not be an ideal fit for first-time portable door lock users. I also wasn’t the only one to complain about the directions, as a few other reviews noted the issue.
  • An original portable door lock for travel security
  • Low-profile, secure heavy-duty steel design
  • Lightweight yet sturdy enough to fluster would-be thieves
  • Usable for multiple applications
  • Reasonable price tag
  • Subpar instructions to install
As an experienced door lock user, the unhelpful directions didn’t cause me many problems. I was able to figure out the installation without much trouble. But anyone considering this security lock needs to take the issue into account before putting money down.

4. SABRE Door Handle Home Security Alarm

Our next option, SABRE’s Door Handle Home Security Alarm, offers decent, affordable protection in a loud way. Its embedded 110dB alarm will deter intruders and wake up homeowners. It’s loud enough to let people hear this portable door lock from outside my home.

But it doesn’t always have to use its top-level sound. This security alarm comes with three adjustable settings (off/alarm/chime) that serve different purposes. Chime mode is my most used as it lets me know with a delightful chime when guests are arriving or leaving.

Given these attributes, I found the product helpful in various situations. Its portable design allows me to move from door to door relatively quickly. I used it as a front door alarm, bedroom door, and taking it on the road for use at hotels.

Installing the alarm in these places couldn’t have been easier, either. It’s a simple matter of hanging just a strap onto the respective door knob or door handle. From there, the device takes off, and any intruder will likely stay far away from the protected valuables.

I did have an issue with the product’s back piece coming off a little too easily. It ended up being rather frustrating as I needed to put it back together a few times. It’s a minor inconvenience but could affect a buyer’s experience with the product.
  • Available at a budget-friendly price
  • Embedded 110dB alarm for any access
  • Three adjustable settings for multiple purposes (off/alarm/chime)
  • Portable and fits various door knobs/handles
  • Easy setup with hanging design
  • Back piece comes off easily
This locking device helps at an affordable cost to help make the one problem less grating. In other words, I’m willing to deal with the inconvenience when it’s placed with these features.

5. DoorJammer DJ3 Portable Door Lock Brace

This next lock, DoorJammer’s DJ3 Portable Door Lock Brace, works a bit differently than our previous choices. Users will need to place the device under their doors and start turning the screw. It offers a tool-less process that anyone can do without much effort.

Once it’s set up, it acts like a secure steel barricade to ensure my door remains locked, offering me peace of mind when going. I had a friend try and bust through when it was in place without absolutely no luck. He actually ended up hurting his shoulder a bit, which was quite funny.

The device’s quick-release feature was another one to grab my attention. It allows me to remove the lock brace with a simple upward pulling motion immediately. Therefore, it’s rather practical and convenient for people who are constantly on the move.

I was impressed with its ability to work on various types of flooring. I didn’t have any trouble using it on carpet, tile, hardwood, and laminate. All in all, DoorJammer did a solid job cultivating a portable door jammer capable of working in almost every situation.

But the design’s a bit bulky for my taste. This portable security door device always seems to be in the way when using within a small cramped site or space. Plus, this bulkier design can make packing it into luggage a bit of a challenge.
  • Easy to install without any tools
  • Forms a secure, rugged steel barricade to protect from any intruder
  • Proven top-tier resistance for safety
  • Quick-release feature for easy removal
  • Suitable for various flooring types: carpet, tile, hardwood, and laminate
  • A bit bulky device for travelling
However, I can’t argue with the results provided by this door stop. The bulkier design is something that I can live with as long as I am safe from unwanted intruder access.

6. TSL Portable Door Lock

Portable door locks in the market cannot get much more durable than TSL’s Portable Door Lock. After all, it’s made from aircraft aluminum construction materials to ensure top-tier performance. Nobody is breaking through this lock to the other side with standard thieving tools.

At first, I was a bit worried about installing this product up with its rather impressive construction. But TSL provided an easy-to-follow instruction sheet that made my life much easier. As a result, I end up doing the entire process myself without breaking a sweat.

It’s also worth noting that this lock will fit any door frame with a ⅛” -¼” gap. I was a little surprised by how many doors match this range. Honestly, I haven’t encountered an Airbnb or hotel room bedroom door where it hasn’t fit well enough to work.

The included carry case was another worthwhile addition to this solid door lock. As a result, carrying the lock from place to place becomes a lot more straightforward. It makes this heavy-duty lock completely portable and valuable when traveling.

But I wasn’t expecting the higher price tag when first researching this product. It’s easily among our most costly options for travelers or homeowners. Buyers will have to determine whether its superior performance is worth the higher cost.
  • Highly durable aircraft aluminum construction
  • Easy to install with a simple instruction sheet
  • Fits any doorknob with a ⅛”- ¼ “gap
  • Includes a handy carrying case for the safety lock
  • A more expensive option
In my experience, I’d have to say this portable door lock is worth its asking price. Its ability to fortify a door frame and keep it from being broken into is second-to-none. But I could imagine how someone else would look at this price tag and decide there’s no way.

7. Karry Portable Door Lock

Karry’s Portable Door Lock is a solid choice for inward swinging doors. Its lightweight, portable construction adapts well to the role and can fit right into a person’s pocket or handbag. Due to this, the device becomes a convenient security item to have around a house.

I was also pleased with the unique design that provides it with more stability. The deadbolt becomes more stable because the lock is fixed by a thread, ensuring a more effective installation. The safety device should remain in place as long as a person might need it.

The install process to the door frame itself also wasn’t that complex. The deadbolt didn’t require any tools to set up and only took a few seconds. I only wish more options, such as any portable door lock with key components, could be this simple.

Other notable features include a durable stainless steel precision casting, an affordable price, and an included storage bag. Each of these aspects is worth knowing about for any buyer. They had a hand in my user experience much smoother with the deadbolt lock.

But it won’t work as a portable door lock for outward opening door applications. This option is only meant for inward swinging doors and won’t function well otherwise. It’s essential to understand this limitation before putting money on it.
  • Lightweight, portable device for traveling
  • Stable, threaded design for easy turning and locking
  • Easy to install without special tools
  • Durable stainless steel precision casting
  • A cost-effective door lock for security
  • Equipped with a storage bag to bring along
  • Doesn’t work on outward opening doors
However, I have plenty of inward swinging doors that require extra security. So it made this lock more than capable fit for my needs as a homeowner. After all, its lightweight and portable design is a good fit for a traveler like myself.

8. Super Grip Lock Deadbolt Portable Travel Lock

Deadbolts aren’t always the most effective piece of door security. But products like Super Grip Lock’s Deadbolt Accessory Portable Travel Lock can help reinforce them. It’ll make sure no one can open your door when it’s attached to a deadbolt’s handle.

I took several tries to open the door when this piece of equipment was attached. The lack of success was truly appalling and quite embarrassing for me. However, the strap accessory managed to stay connected and do its job effectively.

This portable travel lock isn’t only for hotel room deadbolts, either. I found this door lock worked well in my home and at my nearby friend’s apartment. As a result, it was a bit more versatile than I initially anticipated.

I should also note that this product has a good reputation for resistance against bump keys. So it’ll keep a thief at bay even with these bump keys without much issue. Due to this, it becomes a practical and useful accessory to have on your traveling adventures.

The product’s reliability is impressive, as well. It was made using durable hook-and-loop fabric that can last a long time. So there’s no reason to believe it won’t stay usable for more than a couple of years.

I did find the included directions to be a little confusing, though. This aspect could make it a difficult fit for people who’ve never used travel locks. But thankfully, I’ve done this before and figured it out without needing them.
  • Improves the security of deadbolt locks
  • Fits and works with various types of deadbolts
  • Proven resistance against bump keys
  • Reliable design with durable hook-and-loop fabric
  • Confusing directions
All in all, this travel lock does a solid job reinforcing deadbolts. It’s a decent option to have around when traveling into smaller populated areas with suspect hotel rooms.

Calslock ‎4585665 Portable Door Lock (Outdated)

The Calslock ‎4585665 Portable Door Lock is a reliable addition to any door’s security. It’ll keep our room secure from unwanted access with its brass-plated steel construction. In truth, it is among the portable door locks with a reputation for resisting determined unwanted guests on numerous occasions.

Luckily, I haven’t tried it out as nobody’s attempted to break into my space. But it does seem more than up-to-task based on the other customer’s reviews. Plus, it works on any inward swinging doors, even ones without a lock.

The lock’s simple squeeze and sliding door installation process was another intriguing highlight. It allows the lock to get installed without much thought or effort. I had the entire process within what seemed like seconds, and it offers easy removal as well.

I was pleased to know that the door lock’s made in the USA. It’ll ensure faster shipping and had to pass several safety tests before being placed onto the market. I always feel a little more comfortable buying products from the states because of these reasons.

I did notice this Calslock portable door lock got caught on doors more than I expected. As a result, it scraped my door a tad and peeled off some paint. It’s not a big deal but one worth noting for customers who might see this as a viable option.
  • Brass-plated, steel construction
  • Effective resistance against break-in attempts
  • Fits all inward swinging doors (even ones with locks)
  • Quick and simple install/removal
  • Made in the USA with reliable quality and fast shipping
  • Peels paint off doors if not careful
But if I was more careful, I could’ve easily avoided this issue during installation. So please be cautious and remain vigilant of this potential issue arising. It should then function well as a security lock when placed in the proper setting.

AGPTEK ‎PDL02R-US Portable Door Travel Locks (Outdated)

One of the more practical options available would be AGPTEK’s ‎PDL02R-US Portable Door Travel Locks. It provides buyers with two locks for an affordable price. It’s a godsend for a person like myself who’s prone to breaking things.

More importantly, these locks can ensure excellent performance for our safety. Each one had no trouble providing extra security for my hotel room with their solid steel construction. I have a lot more confidence in these products than I do regular deadbolt locks.

I should mention that they’re smooth to the touch, as well. This aspect provides a much more comfortable experience. Some other choices have a rough feel with ragged sharp edges, which aren’t too user-friendly.

But these locks don’t and help prevent any injury from occurring with their use. I can’t even count on one hand how many times a subpar travel lock has cut me.

AGPTEK also didn’t skimp out when it came to storage bags. Each lock gets its own carrying pouch to help improve its portability. I could even place them inside my pocket if/when I end up losing the bags, which will probably happen.

However, these locks won’t work for outward swinging doors. These travel locks are instead only inward swinging doors, such as front doors or other exterior doors. It does seem like missed opportunity by AGPTEK to make them more versatility
  • 2-pack for multiple uses or backup
  • Among most reasonably priced door locks
  • Solid steel construction for added security
  • Smooth feel for comfortable usage
  • Two portable carrying pouches included
  • Doesn’t work for outward swinging doors
But even with their limited versatility, I found them helpful around my house and during travel. These are well-crafted and do their job without providing many issues. I can’t ask for much else from affordable locks like these.

ToolsGold Portable Travel Door Lock (Outdated)

Portable door locks for traveling purposes need to be simple and offer adequate protection on any door frame. ToolsGold’s Portable Travel Door Lock provides both with its user-friendly design. It’s an easy solution for getting some peace of mind when in unfamiliar places.

One of the main reasons for its effectiveness comes from its heavy-duty, stainless steel construction. It should keep the door closed even when under significant force. My dog accidentally ran straight into a door with this lock attached, and it didn’t even flinch.

I’d be doing a disservice if I didn’t mention its easy setup process. Users put the lock in their door jam, close the door, press a button, and lock the door. There’s nothing more to it than this simple 4-step method. After all, I didn’t manage to mess it up, and that’s a borderline miracle.

Meanwhile, ToolsGold offers the convenience of two different buying options. A customer can either choose a 2-pack or 1-pack based on their needs. As someone who tends to break things, I was more inclined to get with the 2-pack.

A few customers complained about shipping issues with this one. In these cases, the lock arrived used and worn out by obvious regular usage. It’s not a great look for a brand with such a stellar reputation like ToolsGold.
  • User-friendly device for easy knob turning
  • Heavy-duty stainless steel construction for long-lasting use
  • Proven to resist considerable force
  • Easy 4-step setup process
  • Two buying options for multiple applications (2-pack or 1-pack)
  • There might be packaging issues
Luckily, my travel lock arrived in pristine condition without any problem. It seems like it was the same for most other customers who’ve purchased this lock.

FJZZHY 120DB Door Stop Security Alarm (Outdated)

Our final entry that blocks any intruder, FJZZHY 120DB Door Stop Security Alarm, does a solid job ending this list on an attention-grabbing bang. Its loud 120dB embedded alarm ensures everyone inside my home knows when someone’s messing with the wrong door.

I doubt attempted intruders will stay around to access the other side after encountering its loud, effective alarm alerting. Plus, it has a sensitivity switch that allows me to cycle through three settings. This aspect provides me with control over how sensitive the device is when I’m not inside my home.

But the alarm isn’t the product’s only helpful feature. I found myself liking the product’s non-slip rubber that’ll keep it from slipping on certain floor types. Due to this, it becomes an effective means of preventing thieves from gaining access without alarm alerts.

The product’s compact design makes it suitable for various locations, as well. I could see it being practical for apartments, dorm rooms, front doors, or bedrooms. It has provided me with peace of mind whenever I’ve used it in any suitable situation.

However, I was a little disappointed to see this alarm didn’t come with a battery included. I had to purchase a separate 9V battery to get it up and running. It ends up being another expense that other options don’t provide.
  • Fitted with a loud 120db alarm
  • The sensitivity switch offers three settings
  • Equipped with a non-slip rubber bottom
  • Suitable to work on various flooring types
  • Compact design for multiple applications
  • No battery included
Overall, the lack of a battery is somewhat annoying but doesn’t kill the product for me. It has too many positives for this one negative to ruin it. I certainly feel like it’s worth investing my money into as a consumer.

What to Look for When Buying Portable Door Locks


Several aspects will help buyers determine the best portable door lock for their needs. If you don’t consider all of them, this process can become rather tricky. Here’s a quick overview of each aspect worth considering when buying a portable travel door lock:

Lightweight Construction

There isn’t much point in buying a portable door lock or temporary door lock from outside entry with limited portability. It defeats the entire purpose of purchasing these devices in the first place. After all, what good do these locks do if you can’t carry them around with you?

Given this information, it’s critical to consider each option’s construction weight and size. You’re going to want a lightweight option that comes in a small shape. Then, carrying it anywhere will be a breeze, and it shouldn’t have any problem fitting into a pocket or small pouch.

Build Materials

Sadly, most doors with these portable locks share a common issue. If someone slams the door with enough power, bypassing the lock and your door openswon’t be an issue. This failure comes from these locks not having enough strength or build quality to withstand an attack.

Homeowners will want to pick a portable door lock made with heavy-duty materials construction. Look for options made from high-grade stainless steel or top-tier iron. Both these designs will provide sturdy, reliable protection and help prevent any invasion.

But strength isn’t the only thing to consider when looking into build quality. For instance, many stainless steel door locks have a habit of rusting quickly. Rust hurts the device’s integrity and makes breaking through it much easier.

As a result, I recommend choosing a lock with anti-rust capabilities. Any model with a reputation for corrosion or rust isn’t worth your money or time as a consumer.

Ease of Install

No homeowner will enjoy portable door locks with complex installations. It’s a much better idea to choose an option easy to install without the requirement for any extra drilling. In other words, a lock with an installation that only requires a few minutes max to put everything together.

Anything else will only bring unneeded stress into your life. I’d suggest taking a look at other customers’ reviews to get a handle on this aspect. After all, complicated installations tend to get buyers a little aggravated. Their negative reviews can help buyers steer clear of subpar options.


The best portable door or travel locks will offer versatility. These models will be compatible with standard or modern door frame and offer no hassles. Basically, these options should have no problem working as portable hotel door locks, Airbnb locks, rental locks, or as a portable door lock for apartment security.

If your chosen model doesn’t offer this versatility, there isn’t much point in buying them. Those options would be a waste of time and money. Therefore, it’s best to consider options with a reputation for working in many door and strike plate types.

Storage Pouch

I’m always going to advise choosing portable locks that come with a storage pouch or bag. Their inclusions make carrying and storing the devices much easier when not in use. Plus, traveling with the locks becomes a lot less burdensome. You’ll now have a safe place to store them inside your luggage.

Do Portable Door Locks Really Work


If you’re careful and buy a high-quality one, there’s no reason a portable door lock won’t work. It should have no issues keeping your valuables safe inside hotel rooms or Airbnbs. But it comes down to your chosen model and whether you’re using it properly.

How to Use a Portable Door Lock

Each portable lock for door usage will have a different using process. But thankfully, most options will come with easy-to-follow manuals to ensure simple application. Follow these manuals, and the entire process should be straightforward.

Where Can I Buy a Portable Door Lock

Portable door locks are available on an online site, such as Amazon or eBay. You can also find a portable door lock in store like Home Depot or Lowe’s.


After reading our article, finding the best portable door lock shouldn’t be much of an issue. Our buying guide and reviews should’ve provided an idea of what you require. If you use this information, the right choice will become apparent rather quickly.

But anyone who might have a remaining question or two can still use our comment section. I’d be happy to resolve any issue or question that might be bothering you. Thanks for reading!

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