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The Best Trailer Door Locks – Best Ways to Keep Your Trailer Safe

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best trailer door lock

Trailer door security isn’t always a traveler’s highest priority. But things can go sideways fast when a subpar trailer door lock protects your cargo. After all, it only takes one would-be thief to make your travels a nightmare.

It’s why finding the best trailer door lock becomes a must for travelers. These locks will provide high-quality security and baffle thieves with their strength. As a result, they create peace of mind and offer a worry-free traveling experience.

But how does a person find these high-quality cargo trailer door locks? It comes down to several factors that are crucial to this buying experience. Here’s a quick overview of a few factors to offer an idea of what to expect:

  • Lock Construction: A high-quality trailer door lock will consist of solid and reliable materials, such as stainless steel. Thieves aren’t going to have much luck stealing your trailer’s cargo with these locks protecting it.
  • Locking Mechanism: Buying a trailer door lock without an excellent locking mechanism doesn’t make much sense. It’s better to spend a little more on options with ball bearings that’ll hold up against immense force.
  • Ease of Use and Installation: You’ll need to feel comfortable installing and using the lock, or it’s not going to do any good. Look at each model’s instructions before making a final decision to ensure your comfortability.

We’ve also gathered a list of our favorite 11 trailer door locks. Each of these options was chosen based on them providing high-quality features. You’ll learn more about these desired features within our product reviews and the following buying guide.


Top Product name Dimensions  Weight Material  
1 Master Lock ‎6271KA 5 x 5 x 8 inches 5.37 pounds Zinc Details
2 Trimax THP2XL 7.9 x 4.4 x 4 inches ‎4.5 pounds Metal Details
3 Blaylock DL-80 9 x 3 x 9 inches 16 ounces Aluminum Details

Best Trailer Door Lock Reviews

1. Master Lock ‎6271KA Shackle Padlocks

Master Lock’s ‎6271KA Pro Series Hidden Shackle Padlocks is an exciting way to start our journey into this marketplace. These products offer several unique and compelling features that I found helpful when locking up my trailer.

One of my favorites would have to be its heavy-duty zinc alloy construction. It provides these locks with durability and strength that made me feel very safe. In fact, these locks managed to withstand several of my break-in attempts when I was testing them.

This construction also makes them suitable for outdoor usage. It had no issues holding up when I was traveling around and towing my trailer. In fact, I haven’t seen any noticeable wear or tear from it being regularly used in an outdoor environment.

I was more than pleased with its pick resistance, as well. It managed to stop all my picking attempts without breaking a sweat. I even called my friend who’s a locksmith to give it a try, and he didn’t have any luck, either.

These locks having a lifetime guarantee was another nice touch offered by Master Lock. It’s a notable addition because the policy shows this brand has faith in these products. If these locks were subpar, they would end up costing the company a lot of money.

It’s worth noting that I did need to jiggle the key a bit on certain occasions. As a result, these locks are a little frustrating to use when this issue occurs. But it wasn’t a massive deal after getting used to them.
  • Heavy-duty zinc alloy construction
  • Proven to withstand multiple break-in attempts
  • Suitable for outdoor usage
  • Solid picking resistance
  • Lifetime guarantee available
  • Some key jigging required
Overall, their heavy-duty construction and performance quality make these locks a decent security measure. They more than held their end of the bargain when keeping my cargo safe. I ended up not minding the key jiggling too much.

2. Trimax THP2XL Keyed Alike Trailer Door Lock

The Trimax THP2XL Keyed Alike Trailer Door Lock grabbed my attention with its alloy steel construction and overall convenience. Honestly, its alloy steel material was enticing enough as it has a solid reputation for resisting bolt cutters.

It was a reputation that I haven’t tested as no thief has tried to break into my trailer. But I have no reason to believe it won’t hold up based on most of my fellow customers’ reviews. Most people seem more than thrilled with its ability to resist and stand up against thieves.

I found its lack of exposed shackle to be an intriguing attribute, as well. It’s a valuable trait because it doesn’t provide a thief with any easy way to cut or saw it. As a result, it’s a bit more reliable and stable than I expected.

This lock also offers a solid deal of versatility. It has an enlarged opening that allows it to work on any trailer hasp without issue. I had no problems installing it onto my trailer door, and I doubt even newbie trailer owners will have trouble with it.

But the placement of this lock’s keyhole is a bit problematic. After all, it’s at the bottom, and I had issues seeing what way the key goes at night. But this issue became less frustrating as I got more and more used to using it.
  • Effective alloy steel construction
  • Proven resistance against bolt cutters
  • No exposed shackle
  • Enlarged opening fits any trailer hasp
  • Simple installation, even for newbies
  • Keyhole is at the bottom
Aside from the keyhole issue, I didn’t have a single problem with this option. It held up well against my numerous tests and had a solid overall construction. It should be more than a decent option to keep cargo safe for a trailer owner.

3. Blaylock DL-80 Cargo Trailer Door Locks

Trailer door locks don’t get much more heavy-duty than Blaylock’s DL-80 Cargo Trailer Door Locks. After all, it’s hard to get a more durable material than aircraft aluminum. I can’t imagine any regular thievery equipment getting through these monsters.

I’m also happy that this material is known for its rust resistance. Honestly, I’m not looking to replace my trailer door lock again anytime soon, so this trait is a welcome sight. It seems to be a legit trait as I haven’t seen any noticeable signs of corrosion or rust when using them.

One of the more underrated aspects provided by these locks would be their perimeter gasket. It’s a key feature because it limits vibration noise when I’m traveling. Therefore, I don’t have to hear this large lock bounce up and down every time I hit a bump or other on-road complication.

Operating these products didn’t require much effort, either. These enclosed trailer locks function with a practical push-button locking system to keep things straightforward. It’s a perfect fit for my preferences as I don’t ever want a complicated locking mechanism.

But even with these great features, I was a little annoyed by this option’s price. It’s easily among our more costly options and could be outside many trailer owners’ budgets. Buyers will need to determine whether these features are worth the increased price.
  • Durable, heavy-duty aircraft aluminum construction
  • Rust-resistant design
  • Perimeter gasket limits vibration noise
  • Easy to use
  • Practical push-button locking system
  • A high-priced option
In my case, I was happy to spend a little on high-quality options like these locks. They were more than worth the asking price for my needs. But I can see how some other buyers might see them as being way too costly.

4. Master Lock 37KA-3 Trailer Padlocks

This next option, Master Lock 37KA-3 Multi Purpose Trailer Padlocks, manages to balance affordability and effectiveness appealingly. Each buyer will get three solid padlocks for a price that should be well within most peoples’ budgets.

But again, it’s not all about the affordable price or the potential for multiple applications. I found myself loving each lock’s durable alloy steel construction that didn’t have any issue working on my trailer door. These products have withstood regular outdoor usage without breaking a sweat.

I was also happy to see each lock comes with two keys (six keys total). Due to this, it’ll make sure I always have a backup around when I inevitably lose one. Unfortunately, I’m a rather forgetful person, so this issue will arise at some point.

The included case-hardened steel shackle sleeve was another highlight attribute. It’s known for having a high resistance against cutting and sawing. Given this ability, I feel pretty comfortable with these enclosed trailer door locks keeping my valuables safe and protected.

It was a bit surprising to see these devices didn’t come with any instructions, though. I figured out how to use them without any directions, but I could see others having difficulty. So it’s something worth thinking about before making a final decision.
  • A more affordable option
  • 3-pack for multiple applications
  • Durable, steel alloy construction
  • Two included keys for each lock (six keys total)
  • Equipped with shackle sleeve to resist cutting/sawing
  • No instructions
The lack of instructions didn’t end up affecting their performance for my needs. But anyone who’s never used these trailer door locks might not be as fortunate. So choosing these padlocks isn’t very advisable for those types of buyers.

5. Trimax THP3XL Shackle Trailer Door Locks

Trimax’s THP3XL Hockey Puck Lock is one of the more versatile options on our entire list. These locks are known for having an enlarged lock opening, which provides them with a universal fit to suit almost any possible application.

I wasn’t only drawn to their versatility, either, as their performance was impressive. These locks consist of one solid steel piece with weather-resistant capabilities. I don’t see why issues like rust or corrosion would ever be a problem for these devices.

Given this information, I would expect these trailer locks to last a long time. I was pleased with their internal shackle as it does not allow for thieves to cut it. It’s an aspect that provides another layer of protection against my cargo being stolen.

Trimax also provides buyers with a choice regarding quantity for convenience purposes. I had to choose between a 2-pack and a 3-pack as a would-be buyer. In my case, a 3-pack fits my needs more as I have various applications that could benefit from these locks.

But locking and unlocking these products is a little more difficult than I anticipated. In some cases, they tend to stick and cause me a bit of stress. I wasn’t the only one to encounter this issue, either, as it was mentioned in other reviews.
  • Enlarged lock opening with universal fit
  • Construction features one solid steel piece
  • Weather-resistant feature
  • Uncuttable internal shackle
  • Two buying quantities for convenience purposes (2-pack or 3-pack)
  • Locking/unlocking can be difficult
But I’m not going to complain too much about these locks’ stickiness. After all, their security level is impressive for hockey puck lock devices. I feel more than comfortable when having these locks in place to protect my traveling cargo.

6. Equipment Lock HDCDL Cargo Door Lock

The Equipment Lock HDCDL Cargo Door Lock tends to be a favorite choice among semi-trailer owners. It makes sense as this cargo door lock can fit all semi-trailers with ease without requiring any mounting.

I also find myself liking this choice because it has two built-in locking mechanisms. For instance, it offers a barrel lock system and a combination lock for users to utilize. As a result, it ensures everyone can choose their preferred method rather than being stuck with one.

The product’s powder-coated red design was another exciting attribute. It allows for better visibility and helps reduce issues like corrosion. Therefore, it’s another way this door lock becomes a bit more user-friendly and durable.

I can’t say enough about its pick resistance, either. It contains a tubular pin tumbler lock that ensures most thieves have no chance of opening up the protected semi-trailer. Due to this, it ends up being a solid choice when needing a lock for those types of larger applications: construction site storage, over-the-road trucking, etc.

Sadly, this option is another choice hampered with a notable downside. It’s our most costly lock on this entire list. Each buyer will have to decide whether its advanced aspects and superior quality is worth the increased asking price.
  • Fits all semi-trailer doors
  • No required mounting
  • Two locking mechanisms for added convenience
  • User-friendly, powder-coated red design
  • Equipped with a pick-resistant tubular pin tumbler lock
  • A very costly option
I never have an issue paying a little more for better quality. This lock was undoubtedly reliable enough to handle my need for semi trailer door locks. However, it’s easy to see how someone else might consider the excessive price not worth their time.

7. Leisure Locks ‎43308-987 Entry Door Lock

Honestly, finding entry house trailer door locks simpler than Leisure Locks’s ‎43308-987 RV Travel Trailer Entry Door Lock would be difficult. But don’t mistake its simplistic nature for being a subpar option or not offering attractive features.

One of my favorite aspects about this model would be its built-in deadbolt. It had no issues dealing with my tests and withstood them without breaking a sweat. Its heavy-duty construction made me and my friends look foolish in our attempts to bypass it.

Moreover, I was pleased with the smoothness of this option’s installation process. Leisure Locks made it much easier by including everything needed with purchase. Every buyer gets hardware, screws, and strike plates to get the job done. From there, the process becomes a breeze as I didn’t even need any help doing it.

I should also note that this option isn’t only suitable for travel trailers. This entry door lock can fit cargo haulers, horse trailers, vans, and other similar applications. Plus, this company made it weather-resistant and rust-proof to help it work in any climate.

But I was slightly disappointed with the included keys. They were a bit more difficult to insert into their respective keyholes than I was expecting. As a result, I ended up becoming rather annoyed with the lock on more than one occasion.
  • A simple design
  • Built-in deadbolt with heavy-duty construction
  • Easy installation with all needed equipment included
  • Suitable for various applications (travel trailers, vans, haulers, etc.)
  • Weather-resistant and rust-proof
  • Hard-to-insert keys
However, I can’t argue with the lock’s overall performance or reliability. I don’t see any reason why it wouldn’t hold up well against any break-in attempt. In the end, it’s a solid protective measure to help keep my valuables safe and sound.

8. SnatchLatch ‎SNL-1 Door Lock for Trailer

One of the most shocking aspects about SnatchLatch’s ‎SNL-1 Door Lock for Heavy Duty Trailer was its easy installation. It is as straightforward as setting up my Camknot trailer door lock.

But the entire process only took three steps and didn’t require tools or equipment. I didn’t even need someone else’s help, which should give anyone reading this article a lot of confidence. I’m notorious for being lackluster at these types of tasks. Newbie trailer owners shouldn’t even have trouble getting this product set up based on my experience with it.

Once I installed this option, it performed admirably with its powder-coated stainless steel construction. It made me feel relatively comfortable with leaving my travel trailer unattended everywhere I went. I’d imagine it offers the same feeling for similar applications such as toy haulers or utility trailers.

The product should last a long time, too, with this particular construction. Its stainless-steel material gives its resistance against corrosion and rust. I’d be shocked if this device didn’t last at least years, even with regular usage, based on other customer reviews.

I can’t say I’m a massive fan of its bulky design, though. It attracts unneeded attention as its presence tells everyone there are valuables inside the trailer. Therefore, it could lead to a would-be thief being intrigued by my cargo when I’m traveling.
  • Simple, 3-step installation process
  • Durable powder-coated, stainless steel construction
  • Suitable for various applications
  • Resistance against rust and corrosion
  • Has proven longevity
  • A bulky design
I don’t worry too much about the lock’s bulkiness because it does provide an advantage. It ensures the lock can withstand those would-be thieves without issue. So it becomes something of a tradeoff rather than a massive problem for buyers.

9. Master Lock 40TRI Shrouded Disk Padlocks

Convenience is the main attraction when it comes to Master Lock’s 40TRI Shrouded Disk Padlocks. It’s not hard to see why, as they’re known for their ability to work as both indoor or outdoor storage locks.

In fact, I could see them as adequate protection for sheds, trailers, garages, and many other similar applications. I doubt any thief will want to tackle or go through these locks with their stainless steel construction.

These locks also have a 4-pin cylinder and double deadbolt locking to help against picking. I had no such luck getting through them myself, and I had numerous others try. It was actually quite impressive how they managed to withstand our attempts every time.

I was pleased to see this option was a 3-pack that came with two keys, as well. Each key opens all three locks to offer even more convenience for a person like myself. In other words, it won’t be the end of my world when I end up losing one as there will be a backup.

It was a little surprising to see a few customers complain about the packaging. In these cases, the shipping container was already open on arrival. Luckily, mine arrived without this issue.
  • Suitable for indoor/outdoor use
  • Formidable stainless steel construction
  • Prevents picking with a 4-pin cylinder and double deadbolt locking
  • 3-pack; for multiple applications
  • Includes two keys (each key can open all three locks)
  • A few packaging issues
Overall, I wouldn’t put too much stock into these packaging issues. Most customers were happy with what they received when ordering these high security trailer door locks. I certainly find myself content with what I got from these products.

10. PACLOCK’s UCS-81A Trailer Lock

PACLOCK’s UCS-81A Trailer Lock stands out a little bit from our other options with various high-level security features. For instance, this model comes with a 6-pin cylinder that allows 20,000 unique key codes.

It’s an attribute that provides me a lot of confidence when using this lock. This feeling is only heightened when I look at this model’s hidden shackle design. As with previous options, this trait will make the product entirely protected against cutting tools like bolt cutters.

The product’s PAC-Tether was another attribute to grab my attention. It makes sure I never leave my lock behind by keeping it fastened to the trailer door. Honestly, I could’ve used this aspect in the past as I’ve left these devices behind and lost them before.

PACLOCK also included the PAC-Band to help improve the lock’s overall lifespan. It achieves this ability by keeping dirt, grime, and other substances out of the cylinder. Plus, a cleaner cylinder will offer a less stressful using experience.

But I did find them to be trickier to install than other models on our list. I could even see more experienced users having a few difficulties getting them positioned right. So it’s something to account for before deciding on this particular trailer lock.
  • 6-pin cylinder with 20,000 unique key codes
  • Bolt cutter-proof hidden shackle design
  • PAC-Tether prevents lock loss
  • Improves lock’s longevity with PAC-Band
  • Cleaner cylinder for ease of use
  • Tricky to install
Once I installed the lock, its performance made up for the previous difficulty. It’s easy to see why this model has become a favorite among trailer owners. The protection quality and stability offered are rather impressive when compared with other devices.

11. AMPLOCK U-PDC02 Trailer Door Padlock

Our final option, AMPLOCK’s U-PDC02 Trailer Door Padlock, shouldn’t be overlooked because of its position on this list. It has a set of features that can compete with any of the previous trailer door locks.

For instance, it has a 5-pound construction that offers a significant amount of durability. It should have no issues slowing down anyone who attempts to cut through it. Honestly, I doubt thieves would even try it if they spotted this lock.

I was also impressed by this option’s protection level. It manages to cover a trailer door’s entire latch/hinge for better security quality. It’s an attribute that makes this option a solid and reliable thief deterrent for my trailer door.

This model is another one that shouldn’t have any issues working in any climate, as well. It comes with a reputation for decent rust resistance to ensure it’s ready for whatever comes its way. I don’t see why it wouldn’t be a usable piece of equipment for several years.

I did find this option a bit difficult to unlock, though. This issue comes from its lock cylinder being on the bottom, making it hard to see at times. It ends up being a slight inconvenience that can become a little annoying from time to time.
  • Durable, 5-pound construction
  • Slows down any cutting attempt
  • Covers a trailer door’s entire latch for better protection
  • Suitable for the outdoors in any climate
  • Good rust resistance
  • Hard to unlock
But this bottom locking cylinder doesn’t make the lock unusable or lackluster. After all, its durability and construction were well worth it for my particular needs. Nevertheless, buyers will need to consider this slight issue before spending their hard-earned money on it.

What to Look for When Buying Trailer Door Locks


Finding the proper trailer door lock or trailer door lock bar will come down to several buying factors. I’ll discuss some of them within the following sections. They’ll provide an overview of what each buyer needs to consider before choosing the best trailer door lock.

  • Lock Construction

A lock’s construction will determine its overall durability. For instance, a lock made from inexpensive or low-cost materials will likely fail in its intended purpose. Unfortunately, these options end up leaving your trailer door a lot less protected and secure than expected.

Due to this, I always recommend spending a little more cash on these options. Look for locks made from high-quality materials like stainless steel. These choices provide enough power and strength to withstand all beating from a would-be thief.

But if you’re on a budget, options made from zinc are a more affordable choice. These locks won’t be as effective, but they still provide adequate performance. However, it’s essential to ensure any zinc trailer door lock has zinc die casting on it.

  • Rust Proof

Low-quality trailer door locks won’t come with anti-rust capabilities. Unfortunately, this marketplace is filled with junk that doesn’t stand a chance against rust. These cheap options might seem like an attractive choice, but they’ll cost you in the long run.

You’ll likely see rust in about 2 to 3 months, making them useless. So do yourself a favor and only consider a metal lock that has an anti-rust feature. If you do, there’s no reason to expect that it won’t last a long time.

  • Locking Mechanism

If your lock doesn’t have a good locking mechanism, there isn’t much point in having it. But it hasn’t stopped manufacturers from flooding the market with subpar locks. In any case, a lock with a flawed locking mechanism won’t provide any security: one pry or bash with a hammer will probably break through it and leave your cargo door unprotected.

Therefore, choose a lock known for having robust ball bearings. These components will provide enough security to ensure your cargo stays protected. It’ll ensure that you don’t come back from paying for gas and see everything’s missing from the cargo trailer.

  • Installation And Ease Of Use

The best cargo trailer door lock won’t be a pain to install or use. Otherwise, the entire purchase of your chosen option will become an absolute nightmare. I’d recommend reading through the directions for your possible choices before selecting one.

You should also take a look at the fit and size. In other words, check its measurements and usability to see whether it’s a good fit for your needs. Some customers end up overlooking this aspect and pick an enclosed trailer lock set that isn’t suitable.

As for using these locks, several types are available for every buyer. However, it can result in providing some unneeded frustration during this process. So I always suggest checking out the using system and looking at other customers’ reviews to see how they fared with it.

These resources will provide a general overview of its using process. From there, it’ll be easy to determine whether it’s something that you feel comfortable doing.

How Do You Secure a Trailer Door


Your first step would be buying solid and reliable trailer door locks latches. Once you’ve got one, follow its manual and properly install it onto the trailer door. It should then keep your cargo secure and away from would-be thieves.

How to Replace Trailer Door Lock

The process for a trailer door lock replacement will differ from model to model. You’ll need to read through the manuals of your old and new locks before starting it. If you do, the process should become relatively straightforward and effortless.


Finding the best trailer door lock now shouldn’t be much of an issue. We’ve provided everything that a person could need to select a suitable option. After that, it’s just a simple matter of using what you’ve learned during your search.

But if you do have an additional question or two, don’t hesitate to use our comment section. I’d love to help out in any way possible. Thanks for reading!

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