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How to Reset Garage Door After Pulling Red Cord – 5 Steps

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how to reset garage door after pulling red cord

The emergency or manual release cord is the red rope hanging from the carriage of a garage door, sliding with the door along the track. You might need to pull this cord for various reasons, disengaging the door from the opener carriage and allowing you to manually move the door.

If you are looking for answers on how to reset garage door after pulling red cord, this article is for you. Follow us along and teach yourself how to get garage door back on track with just a few steps and a little precaution.

Step-by-step Guide to Reset Garage Door After Pulling Red Cord

Step 1: Return the garage door to the closed position

Check if all sensors are working and the surrounding area is clear of any obstructions when you fix garage door. This ensures your protection, preventing damages as you prepare to reengage a garage door.

Step 2: Inspect the release handle

Ensure that the release handle is on the door track; if not, adjust accordingly.

Step 3: Pull the manual/emergency release cord (red cord)


To reattach garage door emergency pull, pull the red cord down toward the garage door, away from the motor.

You should hear a click and see the spring retract back into place. The sound indicates that the spring lever is no longer extended, and the opener has been reengaged.

Step 4: Reconnect the trolley to the door opener carriage

You may manually slide the door along the track until the attachment point is reengaged or use the remote opener to reconnect the carriage with the trolley automatically.

In both cases, you should hear a click when the trolley attaches back to the carriage.

Step 5: Test the garage door


To ensure that you have successfully reset garage door opener, push the opener button. The door should function smoothly without any issue.


How can I know if my door is connected or disconnected?

The spring lever is connected (the position that calls to re-engage the opener carriage), if the spring lever is compressed. Pulling the red cord down, away from the motor sets a garage door into this position.

The spring lever is disconnected if the spring lever on the trolley is extended. Pulling the red cord down and away from the door, towards the motor, sets a garage door into this position.

I have followed the procedure, but my door is still disconnected. What else can I do?

  • Return and double-check the connection. If it is not connected, gently pull the red cord in the other direction, then press the button again.
  • The procedure in this article can be used for most garage doors. Still, it is worth determining your unit type, or checking your instructions manual for troubleshooting suggestions specific to your unit.
  • It is also worth checking if a garage door pull cord replacement or repair is necceesary, especially if the springs are stiff or corroded, making your cord difficult to maneuver.

Watch this instructional video, demonstrating three different units, each with a slightly different reengaging process.

How do I relock the garage door manually after pulling the emergency release cord?

Because the lever is spring-loaded, you will need to pull the door down with enough force after pulling the red cord to lock it.

When you disengage the garage door from the opener carriage, there may be a chance that the opener does not have a manual lock. You may move the door manually, but there may be no option to lock it when it is disengaged.

It is advisable to install a manual lock on your garage door, like a padlock or a C-Clamp, if your unit doesn’t have one.


There may come a time that you have to open a garage door manually due to a power outage, an emergency, a mechanical fault, or just to ensure that it is functioning properly. You might be wondering thereby, how to reset garage door after pulling red cord?

The process is not complex and may be completed in a short time. Some newer units will reengage automatically if the garage door emergency release cord is pulled in a particular direction. No matter the case, knowing how to do it correctly is vital to prevent accidental damage to it.

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