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The Best Locks for Apartment Door

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best lock for apartment door

Many apartment door locks are now on the market, but you need to choose the best lock for apartment door. However, you must be careful since burglary is very rampant. You would not want to put your hope on an untrusted safety.

With the advancement of technology, standard and straightforward locks turned into sophisticated ones. You don’t want to miss the chance to experience their features while enjoying security and convenience.

You need to consider the features so you can select door locks for apartments that will surely suit your needs. Determining the apartment door lock types you want will also save you a lot of time from making decisions. You will also prevent locks that are low in quality. Here are the features that you must take into consideration:

  • Materials: There are locks that are constructed in hardened steel, brass, chrome, iron, nickel, and zinc. These kinds cannot be easily damaged and do not easily corrode even for a long time. Avoid locks that are commercial grade.
  • Technology: Security door locks for apartments now include fingerprint sensors and smart locks for apartments. They also offer unlocking options such as biometrics and Bluetooth. You can also switch them into modes that you want. Most deadbolts use keys and passcodes, while others combined these options.
  • Security Features: Locks have apartment door security features such as anti-peep passwords, childproof features, anti-fake fingers, and anti-technical unlocking. Other deadbolt locks are saw-resistant, pry-resistant, and bump-resistant. They are also resistant to solid kicks and forcible entry.

The apartment locks in the list offer specific features that are useful in every situation and lifestyle. This review also includes a buying guide to help you find the lock for your apartment door that will surely fit your preferences. You will also learn how to secure your apartment door.


Top Product name Materials Lock Type Features  
1 Rishon Enterprises I9889 ‎Stainless Steel Keypad Lock Portable Details
2 EverPlus ‎EPDL001-1 Aluminum Frame Lock Withstand 800lbs Details
3 August Smart Lock Metal Bluetooth Smart/ Voice Control Details

Best Lock for Apartment Door Reviews

1. Rishon Enterprises Addalock Portable Door Lock

Experience safety, privacy, and convenience with Addalock Portable Door Lock. Its features ensure safety and privacy, especially when we are living alone in an apartment. It is made of metal, making it resistant to forcible entry. The lock also works as an apartment door blocker.

Aside from that, you can use it not only for your apartment but also for hotels when you are traveling. Since it can fit almost any type of door, you won’t encounter any problem while using it. Thus, individuals can enjoy their vacation without worrying about safety. It also comes with a red storage pouch to carry the lock anywhere we want.

Installation is also a breeze because it doesn’t require any tools. This can be done by fitting the lock into the strike plate and closing the door. Then, in just a matter of seconds, the lock is ready to operate.

The door safety lock also offers great help if we have a flatmate yet still want more privacy. I find it very useful in the bedroom and bathroom, especially when I want to spend just a little time for myself. This keeps my children and partner away for a moment.

The downside of this lock is that you cannot use it outside of your door. But, it works when you are inside your apartment. As for me, I had to buy another lock that will have to ensure a secure apartment door even when I am away.
  • Resistant to forcible entry, ideal for who live alone
  • Comes with red storage pouch
  • Installation does not require any tools and within seconds
  • Assures privacy in our bathroom and bedroom
  • Does not work when you are outside of your apartment
Although it has limited use, it is a useful portable door lock for apartment. So I have the security that intruders cannot enter my apartment. I also carry it with me when I am traveling to use it at the hotel where I am about to stay.

2. EverPlus Home Security Lock with 8 Screws

Protect our family from burglars with the EverPlus Home Security Lock with 8 Screws. With its upgraded security design, the lock can resist the force of solid kicks. It can endure up to 800 lbs of force, 12 times higher than any other deadbolt locks. This has been made possible by its eight screws and 3-inch stop made of metal.

Aside from that, it offers convenience through the easy installation. It only took me about five minutes to mount the lock on my door using a power screwdriver. Also, I highly recommend this one for anyone looking for a reinforcement lock for an inward swinging door. The lock’s features are a perfect match for this kind of door.

The lock also includes a childproof feature to prevent your child from opening the door for strangers. However, it is easy to use for adults. You can open the lock by simply using your index and thumb fingers while sliding from the base plate and pulling outward.

I also love the fact that it includes soft rubber. Unlike any other locks, it prevents door scratches. Moreover, you don’t have to deal with noise when you are opening the door. It is also highly visible at night because of its silver finish.

The only problem I experienced is that the manual doesn’t have full instructions on installation and opening the lock. So I had to explore it by myself since the information provided is vague and incomplete.
  • Endures up to 800 lbs of force, 12 times higher than standard deadbolt locks
  • Ensures easy installation with a screwdriver
  • Ideal for a reinforcement lock for an inward swinging door
  • Includes a childproof feature
  • Prevents door scratches with its soft rubber
  • Highly-visible with silver finish
  • Manual has incomplete instructions
Overall, the lock satisfies my security and ensures my convenience. It also assures me that burglars cannot easily break in by kicking the door or trick my child to open the door for him.

3. August Home Smart Lock

August Smart Lock offers a sophisticated way of securing our door through our smartphone. With its Door Sense feature, we can check if our apartment door is closed or opened.

Moreover, I can also give access to my visitors and determine how long they can stay inside my home. I find this very helpful, as the feature helps me control who can stay in my apartment for a specific duration.

After purchasing the lock, I thought that I had to replace my deadbolt. Surprisingly, this lock can be easily attached to my existing one so family members entrusted with keys can still use them. It also automatically locks and unlocks when I get home or leave my apartment, which I found very convenient.

I also love the August Connect Wi-Fi Bridge. Though it is sold separately, it is handy even if you are far from your home. By using your smartphone, you can do many things like unlocking and locking and monitoring the condition of your apartment door. You can also integrate with different apps like Alexa and Google Assistant.

However, there is a minimal issue with the app. There are some instances that the app does not connect. You have to restart to see the current status of the apartment door. Also, the activity log takes a few minutes before it shows the activity log events.
  • Helps check if the door is closed or open
  • Gives access to visitors and determines how long they can stay
  • Automatically locks and unlocks
  • Integrates with different apps like Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Needs to restart the app sometimes to show the current status of the door
I highly recommend this lock for those who want convenience and real security for apartment doors. We don’t have to worry even if we are remote since we can still monitor the apartment door.

4. Kwikset Kevo Touch to Open Smart Lock

A lock that makes life easier, Kwikset Kevo Touch to Open Smart Lock, is accessible through a smartphone. I don’t have to get my phone when I approach the door since the lock can identify when I am coming. I find this helpful, especially when my hands are full of grocery bags.

The lock can also detect the location even if the smartphone is inside the apartment. It would automatically lock when I am inside, and it won’t unlock unless it is touched. Aside from that, it comes with advanced SmartKey security that prevents lock bumping and lock picking.

By using the eKeys feature, I can also monitor who is coming or going out into my apartment—the lock history shows who locked and unlocked and who are disabled from using the eKeys. I also receive notifications directly to my phone to alert me if my door is locked or unlocked.

The lock also works for smartphones like Apple iPhone models, Samsung Galaxy models, HTC One M9, and Nexus models. Not having a smartphone is also not a problem since a fob can be used to enjoy the features, though it is purchased separately.

Regarding the compartment of the batteries, I prefer the old version since I just have to slide it off. I needed a screwdriver to open the batteries’ compartment with this new model since there were three tiny screws I had to take off first.
  • Recognizes smartphone when you are approaching the door
  • Automatically locks when the smartphone is inside the apartment
  • SmartKey security preventing lock picking and lock bumping
  • Monitors people coming in and out through the eKeys feature
  • Sends notifications if the door is locked or unlocked
  • Compatible with smartphones like iPhone, Samsung, HTC One M9, and Nexus
  • Old version has a better battery compartment
Although I prefer the battery compartment of the old version, the functions and features of this lock are more upgraded. Also, it is very user-friendly since I don’t have to operate my smartphone often to lock and unlock the door.

5. Geek Smart Fingerprint Door Lock

One of the best choices for a biometric doorknob is the Geek Smart Fingerprint Door Lock. With its advanced feature, the lock can recognize the fingerprint for less than one second. It can also accommodate up to 20 sets of fingerprints which includes the two admin users.

The lock also includes dual-mode switching. If it is in the unlock mode, the lock stays open during peak hours and frequent entries. In a lock mode, however, it remains locked until there is verification to keep the privacy and security of the family.

Moreover, the lock comes with built-in 800 mAh lithium batteries that could last for a long time. In case of a low battery, I can charge it through the micro USB port. I can also use backup keys when the lock is turned off to go inside my apartment.

Programming won’t cause a headache since it is effortless. I just have to put my finger on the reader six times then program my fingerprint as an admin user. When I want to reset the lock, I use a pin to hold the reset hole for five seconds.

Unlike other biometric locks, this one doesn’t have a remote usage feature. I don’t have the option to control the lock when I am at work or other places. I would find the lock very beneficial if it has a feature for remote usage.
  • Recognizes fingerprint for less than a second with its advanced feature
  • Accommodates up to 20 sets of fingerprints which include 2 admin users
  • Includes dual-mode switching such as lock and unlock mode
  • 800 mAh lithium batteries that can last for a long time
  • Has backup keys and micro USB port for charging
  • Easy programming by placing the finger six times
  • Does not have remote usage feature
In summary, the lock is straightforward to use with its programming and resetting. Aside from that, I don’t have to waste time placing my fingerprint now and then since it can recognize it fastly.

6. SMONET Fingerprint Door Lock

Convenience, security, and durability are now integrated into SMONET Fingerprint Door Lock. The lock comes in a modern design with its black color. It also ensures durability since it is made of zinc and includes anti-corrosion material. Moreover, losing a grip won’t be a problem because of the anti-slip handle.

Aside from that, it has an auto-lock feature. Reminding myself if I locked the door before I left gives me stress and headaches. But with this lock, I don’t have to worry since it would automatically lock once I closed the door.

Also, left and right-handed people would find this lock beneficial. By just turning the direction of the screw, the door can be opened. The fingerprint recognition is also accurate because of its sensitive conductor. For only a matter of 0.3 seconds, it can detect the fingerprint.

In terms of installation, the screwdriver included in the package is enough. Replacing an existing deadbolt does not require professional help. It also includes keys in case of emergency.

Since this is an electronic lock, there are no apps that I can install to monitor who comes in and goes out of your door. I can secure my apartment door, but monitoring is limited compared to smart locks.
  • Modern design with a black color
  • Ensures durability due to zinc construction and anti-corrosion material
  • Has an anti-slip handle and an auto-lock feature
  • Suitable for right-handed and left-handed with the changing screw direction
  • Detect fingerprint for 0.3 seconds with the sensitive conductor
  • Requires a screwdriver only for installation
  • Limited monitoring, unlike smart locks
Evidently, the lock is easy to install and operate. Since I am left-handed, this is also suitable for me. With its convenience, durability, and security, this lock helps me daily.

Kwikset Single Cylinder Door Lock Set (Outdated)

Explore the benefits of re-keying with Kwikset Single-Cylinder Door Lock Set. This traditional round deadbolt provides a modern look and durability since it is made of iron.

What I love most about this lock is its re-key technology. I don’t have to worry if my child lost his key or I loaned my keys to some of my friends. I can easily change my key by inserting the current key, SmartKey tool, and new key.

Furthermore, the lock is secured from common break-in techniques like kicking, bumping, sawing, drilling, and picking. With its SmartKey security, I cannot think of any other way that a burglar can enter my apartment.

The lock can also fit any door with its adjustable backset. In addition to that, it has round and square corners interchangeable faceplates. So users can choose this lock if they are having a hard time looking for a lockset that will fit their door.

I only had difficulty while replacing my old lock since the holes were too far from the edge. I had to drill other holes to make installation possible. Aside from the installation, everything is a breeze anyway.
  • Provides modern look and durability
  • Includes a re-key technology in case of losing keys
  • Offers security against common break-in techniques
  • Can fit any door due to the adjustable backset
  • Difficulty on installing lock as a replacement since holes were too far
To sum up, the lock offers a lot of security and convenience. With its re-key technology, we don’t need to mind if we misplaced our key or if the old tenants have keys to your new apartment.

KPP Fingerprint Door Lock (Outdated)

For homeowners looking for a biometric as an apartment entry door lock, they can try the KPP Fingerprint Door Lock. It offers a keyless convenience, so we won’t need to carry keys while we are outside our apartment. In addition, its fingerprint technology has 98 percent recognition that makes locking and unlocking without a key possible.

In addition to that, it can accommodate up to 30 sets of fingerprints. We also don’t need to worry about other people having access inside our home. We can delete their fingerprints any time we want to ensure our security from intruders.

The lock is powered by alkaline batteries that may last for a year. Fret not about the batteries run out since the lock signals a red light if it’s time to change them. Also, there is a USB charging port we can use for temporary charging.

I was also thrilled while unboxing the package since most of the items needed for installation are included, such as the panels, plates, keys, screws, a screwdriver, and a user manual. I did save time going to the mall just to buy the needed tools to install the lock.

The only complaint I have is that the instructions on the user manual are unclear. For example, the cylinders have different sizes, but it was indicated on the instruction to connect them, which doesn’t make much sense.
  • Fingerprint technology includes 98 percent recognition
  • Accommodates up to 30 sets of fingerprints
  • Comes with a USB charging port for convenience
  • Package includes the items needed for installation
  • Instructions on the user manual are unclear
On the whole, I found the fingerprint technology convenient on my end. I don’t have to look for keys, especially at night.

Rulart Biometric Fingerprint Door Lock (Outdated)

Another lock that offers the convenience of fingerprint technology is the Rulart Biometric Fingerprint Door Lock. It adds beauty to the door with an elegant design. Aside from that, the handle can be adjusted both for right and left-handed tenants.

When it comes to fingerprint technology, the lock has a premium quality since its fingerprint sensor is a semiconductor that is more sensitive compared to the optical fingerprint sensor. As a result, children and seniors won’t find it difficult to use and operate the lock.

The security is also superb with its anti-technical unlocking, anti-fake finger, and anti-peep password. No burglar can fake your fingerprint because the lock can recognize what is real and what is not. To protect privacy, users can choose from two modes- the lock mode or the channel mode.

It also offers easy installation with no tools required other than a screwdriver. For a few minutes, we can install the lock by ourselves. It can also fit standard doors with 35 to 55 mm thickness.

The lock only works as an apartment door and cannot be used as a front or back door. So if you want a lock for outdoor use, I would not recommend this one since it is not weatherproof or waterproof.
  • Comes with an elegant design that adds beauty to the door
  • Includes a semiconductor fingerprint sensor
  • Has anti-technical unlocking, anti-fake finger, and anti-peep password features
  • Easy installation with no tools required aside from a screwdriver
  • Not suitable for outdoor use
It is nice that using the right or left hand won’t cause any problem since the handle is adjustable. The easy installation also saves time and energy.

Rulart Fingerprint Electric Smart Door Lock (Outdated)

The Rulart Fingerprint Electric Smart Door Lock includes a simple design yet sophisticated technology for apartment doors. It includes channel mode and locking mode to switch. If there are frequent entries, it can be in channel mode. But if we want to keep our privacy, we can change to lock mode.

In case the power of the lock went off, two options are available to open it. One is the mechanical key that was included in the package or USB for recharging. This ensures that the tenant won’t get locked out of the apartment when the battery runs out.

In addition to that, the lock has voice-guided programming to help add and delete some users. In adding users, a pin is needed to press the button for options then verify the fingerprint. After that, a new user can be added. On the other hand, deleting users requires a pin to hold the options button for 5 seconds.

I also love that the lock is suitable for any door because of its adjustable latch. Left-handed tenants won’t also have difficulty since the lock is adjustable. Moreover, it includes a silicone gel pad as protection from damages.

The only downside I experience is that there is no volume control on the voice. My kids would play on it, and it was pretty loud, distracting other tenants. I hope that there is a way to tone it down.
  • Includes channel mode for frequent entries and locking mode for privacy
  • Comes with a mechanical key and a USB in case the battery runs dead
  • Easy programming with voice-guided programming to add and delete users
  • Suitable for any door with its adjustable lock
  • Has silicone gel pad as protection from damages
  • No volume control for the voice-guided programming
Besides the loud voice, everything goes well with this best lock for apartment door. It gives me a lot of options, and at the same time, ensures the security of my family. I also like it since it has a mechanical key in case of emergencies.

MAXFREE Keyless Entry Fingerprint Door Lock (Outdated)

MAXFREE Keyless Entry Fingerprint Door Lock now combines fingerprint and smart technology. There are options to open the lock using fingerprint or Bluetooth.

The fingerprint technology is advanced because of the new fingerprint reader and chip. For only 0.3 seconds, it can identify and recognize the fingerprint. Through the app, I can share electronic keys with my friends. If I want to keep them out of my apartment, I can set it to the passive mode. They need to have their fingerprints verified first.

In addition, installation is also an easy task. Drilling holes is not required. Just by using a screwdriver, we can set up the lock. The handle is also suitable both for right doors and left doors so we don’t have to adjust it to the door’s direction.

The lock also has an adjustable latch. It fits a door that is 35 mm to 53 mm. The latch can be adjusted to 60 to 70 mm. To be sure, I measured the thickness of my door to find out if it will fit perfectly.

The issue I encountered with the lock is the electronic key. It was a 12-digit code that is impossible for me to memorize. I prefer shorter codes since I don’t have all the time in the world to set up the fingerprint option.
  • Combines fingerprint and smart technology
  • Offers two options to unlock: either by fingerprint or Bluetooth
  • Includes advanced fingerprint reader and chip
  • Can share and deny electronic keys with friends anytime
  • Installation is easy since drilling holes is not required
  • Has an adjustable latch from 60 mm to 70 mm
  • Codes generated by electronic keys are too long
All in all, I have a good experience with the lock with all of its features. It gives me the luxury to choose from fingerprint or smart technology.

LVSOMT Keyless Entry Deadbolt Lock (Outdated)

The LVSOMT Keyless Entry Deadbolt Lock provides three options for unlocking the door. It can be unlocked through fingerprint technology, passcode, or key. Seniors who preferred the traditional way of opening a lock can use a key and passcode.

In terms of its fingerprint technology, the scanner has 98 percent precision. With one touch, the lock can recognize the fingerprint because of the semiconductor fingerprint reader. It also includes an indicator light to show the lock’s status, blue for enrolling, green for unlocking, and red for failing.

On-lookers won’t also have the opportunity to see the passcode while dialing since the lock has an anti-peep feature. The reflective mirror will prevent others from seeing the code.

If the battery runs out, I don’t have to worry since it comes with mechanical keys. It also has a USB port so you can charge them. Aside from that, I can reset the password in case I feel unsafe.

In terms of the design, it fits an office door rather than an apartment door because it looks too corporate. However, the security and other features are handy for my apartment.
  • Provides three unlocking options: keys, passcode, and fingerprint
  • Recognition has 98% due to a semiconductor fingerprint reader
  • Has an indicator light to show the status of the lock
  • Am anti-peep feature with the reflective mirror
  • Includes mechanical keys and USB port in case of emergency
  • Passwords are resettable
  • Design looks too corporate
With all of the features and choices, I find the lock as one of the best for apartment doors. I can choose the way I want to unlock and secure my apartment.

What to Look for When Buying Lock for Apartment Door


Every lock has its unique features. You must assess the kind of door you have. Aside from that, be specific with your purpose. Is it for outdoor or indoor use? Do you need a childproof lock or not? Answering these questions will help you determine the type of lock you are looking for. Here are other features that you must include in your checklist:

Security of the Lock. The primary reason you want a lock is to have apartment door security devices. Choose a lock that cannot be easily opened by prying, tampering, peeping, sawing, and bumping. Also, if you want to prevent your child from opening the door for strangers, you can also choose childproof locks.

Durability of the Lock. You don’t want to waste your time on a temporary door lock for an apartment. Make sure that the lock is durable enough to last for a long time. If it is for outdoors, then purchase a lock that is designed for outdoor use to prevent rusting. Also, there are locks that have anti-corrosion material.

Convenience of the Lock. Make sure that the lock is easy to install. Check the materials needed for installation if they are already included in the package or if they can be easily found in the market. Moreover, choose the lock that is easy to set, reset, operate and program.

Performance of the Lock. You should also check if the lock works with excellence. Don’t ever settle for less since there are many options you can choose from. If it has fingerprint technology, it must recognize the fingerprints easily.

If the lock uses smart technology, evaluate the features included. It is better to monitor the lock even if you are remote and notify you who comes in and comes out of your apartment.

Can You Change the Locks on Your Apartment


In most cases, tenants are permitted to change the security locks for apartment doors, especially if the agreement you signed does not prohibit you from doing so. However, talk to your landowner and prepare to give him a key or access the new apartment door lock system.

How Would I Check the Compatibility of My Door and the Lock

You must first measure the thickness of your door and identify its type. Some locks are only suitable for doors that have specific thicknesses. Also, some locks are applicable to a single type of door. As much as possible, choose a lock with an adjustable latch and fit any door.

How Do I Secure My Apartment’s Sliding Door

A security bar is helpful as extra security for apartment door against burglars who pry by bracing against the door frame. This will prevent the door from being forced off their tracks. If you don’t have time to go to the store, you can use a long wooden dowel or short broom handle to fill the tracks temporarily. You can also add an extra lock for apartment door.


When it comes to your security, always choose the best lock for apartment door. With the features offered now by locks, you don’t have to worry about your protection. Aside from that, you can operate these locks with ease and convenience. Choose the lock that will make life better.

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