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The Best Projection Alarm Clocks for Bedroom Use

Fact checked by Teddy B.Miller

best projection alarm clock

Projection alarm clocks are practical and neat devices. As with any alarm clock, they’ll have no issues making sure users wake up on time. But they also project the time onto the wall or ceiling, so sleepers don’t have to roll over when checking it.

It’s not hard to see why people still prefer these alarms to smartphones. But I admit that it can be challenging to find the best projection alarm clock options.

But if a buyer knows the critical considerations, this entire process becomes easier. These factors will make separating the subpar options from high-quality ones manageable. Here’s a quick preview of some to offer buyers a head start:

  • Design: Projection alarm clocks come in various sizes and shapes. Buyers must choose one that fits on their nightstands without being burdensome. I’d suggest doing a little measuring before diving too far into the buying process.
  • Projection Quality: These devices aren’t all winners when projecting time onto the wall or ceiling. Research each option to ensure they do their primary purpose effectively. Otherwise, there’s no point in considering that particular alarm clock.
  • Alarm Quality: Buyers must choose a projection clock with a good alarm system. The top-rated projection alarm clocks have a loud alarm and offer several selectable sounds. Honestly, I wouldn’t choose an alarm that doesn’t at least hit 110dB.

Of course, these factors are only a little taste of what matters when choosing alarm clocks. I’ll dive deeper into these aspects and a few others later within our buying guide.

But first, I’m going to introduce 12 of the best designs to provide an idea of what’s available. These discussions will ensure you know what a high-quality option looks like and its features.


Top Product name Dimensions Display Power Source  
1 Magnasonic Projection  19.3″W x 3.6″H 3.6″ blue LCD AC & Battery Details
2 SMARTRO Projection 6.6″W x 3.9″H 4.5” LCD Corded Electric Details
3 Sony ICFC1PJ 6.2″W x 7″H LCD AC & Battery Details

Top 11 Projection Alarm Clock Reviews

1. Magnasonic Digital Projection Alarm Clock

Magnasonic’s Digital Projection Alarm Clock is a hard option to overlook. It provides almost every function that I want from these devices.

It all starts with the ability to project both temperature readouts and time onto my wall or ceiling. Therefore, the time is always in full display, beneficial when I am in a hurry.

I found myself impressed with its large LCD display, as well. It was easy to read the digits displayed. Its impressive ability comes from the alarm clock’s 180-degree swivel projection feature.

But its projection quality isn’t the only exciting aspect. I found myself loving its AM/FM radio capabilities since I adore listening to music around the house. Moreover, I can use this radio as my alarm sound when setting up dual alarms for my partner and me.

Of course, the radio isn’t the only alarm sound. I can also set this ceiling projection alarm clock to use a loud buzzer or wake up to the time projection blinking. Each setting proved effective as they woke me up when testing them.

The clock display also allows adjusting the brightness, and the setting is relatively straightforward. Plus, I never need to set the correct time or date as the clock has Advance SelfSet tech that does it automatically.

My only complaint with this ceiling alarm clock would be its lack of included batteries. It seems like a bit of a missed opportunity to make this product more convenient.
  • Projects temperature and time with 180-degree swivel projection
  • Functions as an AM/FM radio
  • Dual alarm capabilities with three settings (radio, buzzer, or time projection)
  • Large LCD display with readable digits and adjustable screen brightness
  • Automatically displays correct time/date with Advance SelfSet tech
  • Batteries aren’t included
Overall, I’m not going to complain too much about Magnasonic not including batteries. It’s a minor inconvenience that didn’t come close to outweighing its many benefits.

2. SMARTRO Projection Alarm Clock

One of the clear and bright projection clocks around would have to be the SMARTRO’s Projection Alarm Clock. It displays time and temperature onto the wall or ceiling with a visible red color that’s effortless to see. In fact, I’ve never even had to squint when reading it at night.

I also love the ease of adjusting the projection’s angles and brightness. Finding the perfect settings on other projection alarms can often be quite a hassle. But I had this one set up within moments of unboxing it.

Buyers should pay attention to its 180-degree reversibility, as well. It allows me to reverse the projection based on my particular preferences. As a result, this projector alarm clock became a lot more user-friendly than expected.

I didn’t even mention that this alarm clock for bedroom use allows me to monitor four areas at once. It’s made possible by connecting up to three wireless sensors. So it would monitor my room and three other areas where I put the sensors. SMARTRO even includes one wireless sensor with purchase.

It’s essential to discuss the product’s appealing large LCD screen, as well. It displays a great deal of information, including weather patterns, mold risks, and mold alerts. Furthermore, the alarm clock has dual alarm capabilities and a snooze feature for the snoozers.

But I wish the buttons were bigger as the current small one can make operating the device take more time. I wasn’t the only one to mention this problem, either, as it was noted in a few customer reviews.
  • Projects time and temperature in a visible red color
  • Easy to adjust brightness and angles
  • 180-degree reversibility for user-friendliness
  • Monitors up to 4 areas with wireless remote sensors (one wireless sensor)
  • LCD screen shows weather patterns, mold alerts, and mold risk
  • Dual alarm capabilities with practical snooze feature
  • Equipped with small buttons
In the end, dealing with these small buttons wasn’t too challenging. I ended up more than pleased with my overall experience using this time projection alarm clock.

3. Sony ICFC1PJ Projection Alarm Clock Radio

The Sony ICFC1PJ Projection Alarm Clock Radio does everything to make a user’s life easier. It has a simple design to ensure a very user-friendly experience. Buyers won’t often encounter easy-to-use advanced options like this Sony projection alarm clock.

As for its projection quality, I couldn’t have been more delighted. It offers a clear and bright projection clock screen along with an adjustable viewing angle.

Sony also put a built-in AM/FM radio within this digital alarm clock projector. It’s another one of my favorite aspects because using it couldn’t be more comfortable. After all, the turning dial wasn’t even problematic for my large fingers.

This projector clock has impressive dual alarm capabilities, as well. I can choose between five soothing nature’s sounds or the radio function for my alarm setting. Meanwhile, setting two alarms at once isn’t a problem, so my partner and I can have separate alarms without disrupting another.

I was also delighted with the sleep timer and snooze button. These aspects only encourage better sleep quality, which I desperately need. Furthermore, I should mention its godsend at saving wall outlet space with its USB charger port. It allows me to charge my tablet and smartphone.

Sadly, it does have one flaw as it’s among our higher-priced options. Buyers will need to spend a large chunk of money to get this alarm clock with projector in their homes.
  • Simple to use design
  • Clear, bright projection with adjustable viewing angle
  • Built-in AM/FM radio function with a comfortable turning dial
  • Dual alarm capabilities with five nature sounds and radio
  • Equipped with USB port for charging other devices
  • Promotes better sleep quality with sleep timer and snooze function
  • A higher-priced option
But honestly, I don’t have an issue spending extra money on quality items. This product’s many features ensure that it’s well worth it from my perspective.

4. La Crosse Technology 616-146 Projection Alarm Clock

This next option, the La Crosse Technology 616-146 Color Projection Alarm Clock, is one of our more interesting choices. It earns this title with features like its fast-action outdoor sensor, which transits outdoor temperature automatically.

The smart clock allows users to project this info onto their wall or ceiling. In fact, it offers three selectable projection modes (outdoor temperature only, time only, or both). My favorite choice would have to be projecting both as it gives me a head start on my day.

The adjustable 180-degree rotation projector arm is another exciting attribute. It ensures finding a usable viewing angle is much easier than other wall projection clock devices. Multiple customers have even noted the handiness of this aspect in their review.

This La Crosse Technology projection alarm clock is also known for being convenient. One of the main reasons would be its ability to automatically set atomic time and date. It doesn’t hurt that it features a USB charging port to help charge smartphones, either.

Moreover, I’d be doing a disservice if I didn’t mention its effective alarm system. It’s a loud alarm clock with a gradually increasing sound and a 9-minute snooze function for excellent sleep quality.

But I did find that this atomic projection clock had complaints about its backlit LCD. Some customers felt its clock light was too bright and I’d have to agree. Even if I turn the brightness level down, it still lights up more than other choices.
  • Fast-acting outdoor sensor transmits temperature
  • Three projection modes (time only, temp only, or both)
  • Equipped with adjustable 180-degree projection arm
  • Automatically set atomic time and date
  • USB charging port for other devices
  • Gradually increasing alarm with 9-minute snooze function
  • Backlit LCD display has too bright clock light
I’ve gotten used to it as it wasn’t extraordinarily bright, so adapting wasn’t too tricky. Otherwise, this ceiling display alarm clock has been a solid addition to my bedroom.

5. Mesqool Projection Digital Alarm Clock

One of my favorite alarm systems belongs to Mesqool’s Projection Digital Alarm Clock. My admiration for it begins with its ability to offer dual alarms and a 9-minute snooze button. I’m never one to overlook how much difference nine minutes can make on Monday morning.

But it’s essential not to overlook its five adjustable levels for the alarms. It gives me more control of the user experience when using this alarm clock with ceiling display. I end up using the highest volume possible because I’m a hefty sleeper, and it works perfectly.

As for its ceiling display, the product offers a crystal clear projection. Finding the ideal wall or ceiling spot for the projection isn’t difficult, either. Its 350-degree adjustable projector makes the job easy for users.

Mesqool went all out with the device’s LCD display, as well. It’s one of the largest around with its 7-inch screen with the digits almost filling the entire thing. Plus, it has a 3-level brightness dimmer that allows me to find an optimal setting for my sleeping sessions.

I was also delighted by the battery backup system embedded within this ceiling display alarm clock. It’ll ensure that I have a way of powering the device during a power outage or camping trip. It ends up being a rather convenient item to have around my home.

However, I was slightly disappointed by its lack of radio function. It’s one of the main aspects that I’m always looking for within these devices since I love playing music.
  • Dual alarm system with practical 9-minute snooze function
  • Five adjustable volume levels for alarm
  • Crystal clear projection with 350-degree adjustable projector
  • Massive 7″ LCD screen display with 3-level brightness dimmer
  • Backup battery for operation during power failure
  • No radio function
It’s hard to look down on this option too much for lacking a radio, though. It’s more of a preference issue than anything with its actual performance. Honestly, the unique alarm system alone more than makes up for this one flaw.

6. SHANLONYI SL-2011 Projection Radio Alarm Clock

The SHANLONYI Projection Radio Alarm Clock is easily among our top-rated projection clock alarms with radio capabilities. Its built-in AM/FM radio with multiple storable channels is hard to forget for a person like me.

But this impressive radio is only a tiny portion of this alarm clock’s appealing features. I was also intrigued by its 90-minute maximum sleep timer function. After all, it allows me to play music while I try to fall asleep for a set time before it turns off automatically.

It also helps out the battery by reducing its power usage. Therefore, it doesn’t require changing batteries as much as other alarms with a clock that projects time on ceiling roofs.

The device’s 7″ LED display screen is another highlight feature. I can easily see its digits across my bedroom or from the hallway. In addition, its three adjustable bright levels sure help out at night to ensure a comfortable sleeping situation.

As for its alarm system, this LED alarm clock comes with 15 adjustable volume levels and a 9-minute snooze function. It makes finding a proper and effective alarm setting more convenient. It also helps that it’s paired with an ultra-clear time projector with 180-degree swivel capabilities.

I did find the included instructions rather unhelpful when setting up this device, though. SHANLONYI clearly should’ve taken a little more time on them. I wasn’t the only one to notice the flaw, as a few other buyers pointed it out in customer reviews.
  • Built-in AM/FM radio with 20 storable channels (10 AM and 10 FM)
  • Practical sleep timer function saves battery (0-90 minutes)
  • Easy to see 7″ LED display screen with three bright settings
  • 15 adjustable alarm volume levels and 9-minute snooze
  • Equipped with 180-degree swivel projector with clear time projection
  • Subpar instructions
Despite its subpar instructions, I used the alarm clock without much issue. It had no problems waking me up and projecting the time whenever needed. But I could imagine how someone who’s never used projection clocks before might have trouble with it.

7. SMARTRO SC31 Projection Digital Alarm Clock

SMARTRO’s SC31 Projection Digital Alarm Clock has done wonders in helping make my family’s living conditions optimal. For example, it makes adjusting my thermostat easier with the accurate readings from its thermometer and humidity monitor.

Meanwhile, the device isn’t a slouch for projection quality. The device utilizes a soft red color that’s easily readable while reversible by 90 degrees. As a result, this option shouldn’t have any issues adapting to most people’s preferences.

I also found myself pleased with the 3″ backlit LCD display. It displays all the crucial information, such as indoor temperature, time, date, and week. Plus, it has three adjustable brightness levels that I can easily manage by pressing the snooze button.

One of the more crucial aspects is the easy setup and using processes. SMARTRO made both tasks simple by providing a detailed and helpful manual. It makes setting up aspects such as its dual alarms and 5-minute snooze function a breeze.

Buyers shouldn’t overlook its two effective power sources, either. I can run the device using its power cord via AC power or its backup battery. Therefore, it’s ready for whatever situation might present itself.

As for its flaws, I would have to point toward its lightweight design. I’ve managed to knock over this small projection clock on more than one occasion with a swing of my arm.
  • Promotes better living conditions with thermometer and humidity monitor
  • Time projected in a viewable, soft red color (reversible by 90 degrees)
  • Readable backlit 3″ LCD display with three brightness levels
  • Easy to set up and use via helpful instructions
  • Dual alarms with 5-minute snooze function
  • Two effective power sources (AC power and backup battery)
  • Easy to knock over with lightweight design
Nevertheless, it’s tough to see this small projector clock as anything other than one of the top-tier projection clocks. SMARTRO created a solid device that should meet almost everyone’s needs.

8. DR.PREPARE Projection Alarm Clock

One of the more convenient options would be DR.PREPARE’s Projection Alarm Clock. For instance, it allows me to see the time, indoor temperature, and outdoor temperature without getting out of bed. It’s nice not having to fumble around for my phone anymore.

The device’s large multicolored LCD screen is another convenient aspect. It offers a dynamic numerical display for seeing without any issues. Even my grandparents haven’t had a problem seeing it from a distance, which is saying something.

Furthermore, I can adjust its brightness whenever needed. It comes with four levels to ensure finding an ideal setting for sleeping isn’t tricky. In fact, I haven’t had a single issue falling asleep or waking up since I’ve gotten this alarm clock.

PREPARE ensured their alarm clock has compatible wireless sensors, as well. These components aren’t included, but this brand does provide an easy connection guide. Numerous customers reported the process as being extremely simple and effortless.

It also makes controlling dual alarms more practical than most other options. After all, this brand included separate switches to operate each one for easier use.

The only notable complaint with this option was a few mentions of shipping issues. In these cases, the product arrived with missing pieces. I didn’t have these problems, though, as my projection clock was on time and with everything expected.
  • Projects time and indoor/outdoor temperature (switches every five seconds)
  • Large multicolored LCD screen fitted with a stylish numerical display
  • Four adjustable brightness levels for better sleep quality
  • Easy connection to wireless sensors (not included)
  • Provides separate switches to control dual alarms for practicality
  • There might be shipping issues
Honestly, I wouldn’t put too much stock in those shipping issues. The complaints seemed more like isolated incidents than anything serious. Plus, its other attributes like the advanced LCD screen and projector are worth the risk.

9. WELLBOX Digital Alarm Clock

Style isn’t the most sought out quality within this marketplace. But WELLBOX’s Digital Alarm Clock does make an effort to spice things up with its design. I’d have to say that it worked out because I love how its curved screen looks compared to other choices.

Of course, this curved screen also offers functionality, making viewing the screen easier. It’s rare when a product can look good while serving its primary purpose. But WELLBOX managed to strike an effective balance with many of this product’s impressive features.

An excellent example would be its clear, 180-degree time projection. After all, it’ll have no issue being seen on a wall or ceiling even by people with poor eyesight. It even has a viewing range of about 16 feet to showcase its quality further.

Furthermore, WELLBOX did a solid job making this device easy to use. I’ve seen older people and young kids set it up without difficulty. It’s not something that I can often say with these devices.

The device is also fitted with convenient additional features, such as a unique backup battery system. This one is vital because it can retain all settings even after a power outage. Other notable examples include a slow charge USB port for optimized charging and a companion USB micro cable.

But it was a little surprising that WELLBOX didn’t include gripped feet with this option. Due to this, I’ve noticed this product has issues with sliding on slick surfaces. Some other buyers pointed this problem out in their reviews, as well.
  • Stylish design with curved screen for easy viewing
  • Clear, 180-degree time projection with about 16-foot range
  • Easy to use even for kids or elderly
  • Backup battery system retains settings during outages
  • Equipped slow charge USB port and micro USB cable
  • Sliding issues with no included gripping feet
The sliding issues require a buyer’s attention as I’ve needed to remain careful. If I don’t, the clock might slide right off the nightstand. But I have to say this option does do a solid job despite this minor inconvenience.

10. La Crosse Technology C82929-INT Projection Alarm Clock

I often prioritize simplicity when buying an alarm clock for bedroom use. But sometimes, the advanced models are just too good to overlook. La Crosse Technology’s C82929-INT Wi-Fi Projection Alarm Clock happens to be one of those times.

After all, this model offers buyers two using methods. I can either use it as a standalone weather station or utilize Wi-Fi and control with a smartphone app. I’ve found the product to provide more than adequate results in both capacities.

I was delighted with this model’s versatile projector, as well. It’s much easier to control than other options because it has multiple adjustment angles and five intensity levels. Therefore, it offers a great deal of user control that I always value.

Operating these adjustment angles and intensity levels wasn’t difficult for me, either. La Crosse Technology fitted this option with easy use and comfortable access buttons. It made my life much more relaxed when using the device.

I should also highlight this model’s built-in internal sensor that reads indoor temperature. It’ll then transmit accurate measurements onto the large display screen for easy viewing. Lastly, I have to mention it has an effective time alarm and an excellent adjustable snooze function.

But this product’s smartphone app could be better. There have been a few complaints about its being prone to crashing sometimes.
  • Offers two using methods (standalone weather stand or Wi-Fi via app)
  • Versatile projector with adjustable angles and five intensity levels
  • Smooth access buttons for easy operation
  • Reads indoor temperature with a built-in internal sensor
  • Large, easy to read display
  • Effective timed alarm with adjustable snooze (5 minutes to 120 minutes)
  • App quality control issues
Overall, I ended up being happy with this product’s performance. The extended snooze function alone was enough to make this product worthwhile. I’m sure the app issues will soon disappear with an update anyway.

11. EVILTO Dual Alarm Clock Radio

Our final option, EVILTO’s Dual Alarm Clock Radio, ends this list on an impressive note. Its adaptable 180-degree projector makes it a formidable choice. Users will also adjust its brightness easily with three convenient levels.

More impressively, its FM radio has an unlimited number of storage channels. I’m happy to report navigating these channels is easy. It seems EVILTO put a lot of thought into making their clock radio as user-friendly as possible.

I was pleased that the radio’s usable as my alarm setting, too, which is always a plus. But my partner isn’t too fond of it and settles for the traditional alarm sound. Thankfully, this option is a dual alarm that allows me to set up two separate alarms with different settings.

Volume adjustment on this alarm clock is relatively advanced, as well. It offers 15 levels to choose from, so I can easily find one that works for everyone. It’s just a simple matter of hitting a button or two on its clock face to adjust the volume.

EVILTO was even kind enough to offer two-time formats. So each user will have between a 12-hour or 24-hour operation. If anything goes wrong with the device, I’m also covered by a 100% lifetime warranty backed with reliable customer service.

But I have to note that the display clock face is challenging to read in daylight. I had to put the blinds down on more than occasion just to see the time.
  • Adaptable 180-degree projector with three brightness levels
  • Easy to use FM radio with storage unlimited number stations
  • Two alarm settings (radio or traditional alarm sound)
  • 15 volume levels adjustable via display buttons
  • Two selectable time formats (12-hour or 24-hour)
  • 100% lifetime warranty with solid customer service
  • A bit tricky to read the display in daylight
In any case, this daylight reading issue doesn’t outweigh its other excellent qualities. I simply positioned this multifunctional alarm clock away from the window. From there, I was thrilled with it as an alarm clock projects on ceiling tiles or walls.

What to Look for When Buying Projection Alarm clock


The most favorite projection clock will be an exciting piece of technology with several worthwhile considerations. Each buyer will need to consider them all before making a reasonable decision. I intend on making it easier by discussing them below to help simplify the buying process.


Product design is a vital component in buying almost anything. It’s no different with projection alarm clocks, as you don’t want them to be outlandish or oversized. Instead, I’d suggest choosing a design that meshes well with your room and personality.

It shouldn’t be too difficult as most options come with several available colors and styles. But don’t overlook the size, as it shouldn’t overtake your entire nightstand. Larger than necessary alarms are way too inconvenient.

Projection Quality

Projection alarms can vary greatly when it comes to their quality. In other words, these products might not project the time well on your wall or ceiling. This quality isn’t only affected by the clock’s performance, though.

For instance, the clock’s distance from the wall or ceiling and your room’s ambient light will impact the project. So it’s essential to choose an option with adjustable brightness settings and focus. It provides a lot more control over the overall user experience.

Ease of Use and Controls

Projection alarm clocks with complicated controls are a hassle for everyone. You don’t want a bedside alarm clock that makes using it a burden. It’s a device meant to make your life easier rather than more difficult.

So please, look for options with solid reputations and simple controls. I’d suggest reading through the directions and manual beforehand to get an idea of each model’s using process. Therefore, you won’t be caught off guard by anything after purchasing it.

Alarm Quality

Don’t buy a projector alarm clock with a subpar siren or alarm sounds. You’d need an option that reaches at least 110dB to ensure it wakes up the sleeper. I’d also look into purchasing one that comes with various sounds to choose from as your alarm.

In some cases, the product will be an AM or FM radio alarm clock. These choices will often allow users to use the radio function as their wake-up sound.

Construction Material

The functional projection alarm clocks will have a durable and well-made construction. Look for choices made from heavy-duty plastic or other sturdy materials. Your chosen model needs to withstand those times where you knock it over accidentally.

If you are anything like me, knocking over the alarm clock is an everyday event. So I’d suggest always doing significant research into each option’s durability. You don’t want to be replacing these devices anytime soon.

Low Battery Indicator

If you choose a battery-operated alarm clock, a low battery indicator is necessary. It’ll let you know when your clock’s batteries require changing or charging. This aspect will come in handy during a power outage as it’ll make sure your alarm clock’s battery backup system can still run.

As a result, it’ll keep you on a regular routine regardless of what’s happening. It could stop you from missing a meeting when a power outage occurs unexpectedly at night.

Speaker Size

Your alarm clock’s speaker needs to sound audible and decent. These attributes require a prominent embedded speaker rather than a tiny one in most cases. It’s another attribute to focus on when reading each option’s product description.

Additional Features

The top-rated projection alarm clocks will come with a long list of additional features. Common additions include temperature readouts, LCD screen displays, a sleep timer, snooze function, and a USB charger port. It’s not uncommon to see options with a DST (Daylight Saving Time) button or dual alarm clocks, as well.

In any case, it’s crucial to determine what you consider necessary. These additional features can raise the price drastically, so be sure you need them. Otherwise, you’ll end up feeling dissatisfied with your final decision.

How Does a Projection Alarm Clock Work

A projection clock works a lot like normal ones, but it’s a clock that shows time on ceiling roofs or walls. Users often control the projector via a button on the clock face, which allows you to adjust the brightness settings and angle.

What Is the Point of a Projection Alarm Clock


At first, a ceiling projection clock might seem a little unnecessary. But it’s handy because it ensures you don’t have to roll over and check your phone to check the time.

If you happen to wake up in the middle of the night and wonder how much time is left to sleep, it’s right there as you look up to the ceiling.

Besides, for old folks who are not fond of using phones and find it hard to see clearly at night, a bright projection clock is a big help.

How Do You Set a Projection Alarm Clock

Setting a projector alarm clock can vary from device to device. In most cases, it involves using a button or dial located on the display that allows users to adjust settings. But I’d suggest reading through the manual on your chosen device before trying anything.

Is There an App That Projects Time on Ceiling

Smartphones do have access to an app called DreamMe. It’ll turn your mobile phone into a small projector clock to showcase the time on your wall or ceiling. But honestly, the quality isn’t as great as a standard projector ceiling alarm clock.


Choosing the best projection alarm clock shouldn’t now be much of a challenge. I’m fully confident that you’ll find the ideal alarm clock with our resources. It’ll then make sure you wake up on time and never miss a morning meeting again.

But if you still have a question or two, please don’t hesitate to ask in our comment section. I’ll answer each post as quickly as possible. Thanks for reading!

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