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How to Reset a 4 Digit Combination Lock – The Quickest Way

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how to reset a 4 digit combination lock

Just bought a new combination lock and want to change its code? Learning how to reset a 4 digit combination lock is easy.

Reset a padlock 4 digit code with our detailed instructions in this article to quickly open and continue using your combination lock.

We will break down some basic information about a regular 4 digit combination lock, how to reset it quickly with simple tools, and last but not least, provide some helpful resolutions in case your lock does not work.

What You Will Need to Follow This Tutorial

In order to reset a master combination lock 4 digit code, you will need a reset tool. Most combination locks will come with their reset tools, but bike locks may not. If you do not own a reset tool yet, get the item from the lock manufacturer.

Once you have the tool, the rest of our instructions is really simple. It only takes a few quick steps for you to finish the job, so there is no need to be concerned whether it is a difficult task that requires professional skills or knowledge.

Step By Step Instructions


Adjusting the dials to 0 is the beginning step to reset combination padlock. Then, take the reset tool and push it in the side hole of your lock chamber. Turn the item about 90° in either direction.

Set the lock’s wheels at your chosen combination. We advise selecting something specific and easy for you to remember but not for others, like a birthday. Once you remove this reset tool, you now have a new 4 digit lock combination.

Details About 4 Digit Combination Lock


The 3 digit combination lock is a thing of the past now. The long-lasting 4 digit version is simple with higher security and efficiency.

Each number on the lock has a wheel. As one dial is turned, the connecting spindle for each wheel will rotate its drive cam. The attached drive pin of this cam makes contact with the wheel fly’s tiny tab, which is close to the wheel.

Each of the wheel sides includes a wheel fly, while the drive pin ensures all these wheels make contact with each other. When the lock dial receives the correct sequence, all of the wheel notches line up on a spindle to pop your lock open.

What if the Lock Doesn’t Work

Whenever you have to sleep, work, or be away from valuable belongings, a fine combination lock would ensure their safety. But when you cannot open it to access those items, it is certainly frustrating.

That is why you need to understand how to reset a combination lock 4 digit code in case you forgot your padlock digits or bike lock combination.

Pull on the lock shackle until the wheels turn. Once a wheel catches or sticks, move on to the next and finish this process with all of the wheels. You will need to be quite patient since they hardly stop at your combination.

If you find a serial number on the lock, call the manufacturer to complete a lost combination form. You can print this paper from the manufacturer’s website, then notarize it and mail the form in. It may take a few weeks for this process.

In addition, you should visit the retailer or distributor where you purchased the 4 digit combination lock, but note that some retailers might charge you a certain fee for such a service.


Resetting combination locks is not a difficult task once you know how the lock mechanism works. We hope this article about how to reset a 4 digit combination lock has provided you with helpful information to finish the job.

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