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The Best Alarm Clocks for Teenagers to Help They Wake Up Easier

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Teenagers are notorious for unwillingness to wake up at a reasonable hour. So it makes sense most parents decide to get them alarm clocks for school days and other important dates. It might be the only thing capable of getting them to arrive on time.

Yet, the market has become flooded with alarm clocks. It has become a challenge to determine the best alarm clock for teenager usage for your needs. As a result, many parents find themselves grasping at straws when trying to pick one.

So I’ve pinpointed some key elements to help them manage this buying process. In other words, I’ll ensure you know what matters when choosing these devices. I’ll begin this journey with a short little preview of some essential factors to provide you with a solid head start:

  • Design and Size: Alarm clocks come in various designs and sizes. Never choose an alarm clock for teens without considering what they like and their room’s size. Otherwise, a teen might not see it as a good addition to their room.
  • Durability: It’s never a good idea to purchase a device with a suspect construction. Instead, buyers should do significant research into the building materials. It should help ensure they pick an option that can deal with being a teenage alarm clock.
  • Smart Features: Many alarm clocks are fitted with smart features for a user’s convenience. Some examples include connecting to other smart devices via Bluetooth or voice control.

Aside from discussing buying factors, I’ll also provide ten reviews of my favorite alarm clocks for teenagers. All of this information will make finding the right choice much easier and less time-consuming for everyone involved.


Top Product name Material Style Power Source  
1 Sonic Alert Bomb Plastic Digital Corded Electric Details
2 JALL Sunrise Plastic Digital Corded Electric Details
3 Peakeep Twin Bell Iron Retro Battery Details

List of 10 Top-rated Alarm Clock for Teenager Reviews

1. Sonic Alert Bomb Alarm Clock

Sonic Alert’s Bomb Alarm Clock turns me into a fan with its impressive features. Of course, it all starts with the loud 113dB siren with no problem waking up, even a deep sleeper staying late at night studying.

I’d imagine it shouldn’t have any issues working as an alarm clock for teenager boy or girl. It even comes with a bit of extra incentive to ensure I wake up with its 12-volt bed shaker. If I put this under my pillow, I have no choice but to get out of bed when it activates.

I was also impressed with this model’s dual alarm capabilities. Due to this, I can set two alarms at once rather than relying on a single one. It’s another way to heighten the product’s overall user-friendliness and ensure it’s ideal for couples.

Buyers shouldn’t overlook its choice of two-time formats, either. It allows me to customize the alarm based on my preferences, using a 12-hour format. Switching between the 12-hour and 24-hour formats also couldn’t be easier.

If these aspects weren’t enough, it comes with a battery backup and built-in flashing red alert lights. As a result, it’s ready for whatever situation presents itself, whether it’s a blackout or a typical power outage.

But I do wish the product’s design was a little more appealing. A customer or two even described this teen clock as somewhat mundane and bleak. These descriptors aren’t what buyers want to see when reading through reviews of teenager clocks.
  • Loud 113dB siren with volume control
  • Equipped with a powerful 12-volt bed shaker
  • Dual alarm capabilities for setting multiple alarms
  • Two available time formats (12-hour or 24-hour)
  • Built-in flashing red alert lights
  • Fitted with a battery backup for power outages
  • Design isn’t the most appealing
However, the unappealing design shouldn’t take this option off a consideration list. It has multiple impressive traits that are ideal for teenager usage. The loud 113dB siren is enough to consider buying an additional one for my teenage nephew.

2. JALL Sunrise Alarm Clock

Alarm clocks for high school students cannot get much better than this JALL’s Sunrise Model. It has everything a teenager could want in one of these devices, which most alarm clocks for kids or teens can’t say.

One of the main standout traits would be its sunrise simulation light feature. I can use this aspect to wake up with a gradually brightening light and seven natural sounds. It’s a much more peaceful waking experience than a typical alarm clock.

I also can’t say enough about this product’s 9-minute snooze function. I’m not going to lie about how much I abuse the snooze button during those early mornings. This alarm keeps me in check, though, as I can only hit it five times maximum.

Users have a large amount of adjustability with this option, as well. It offers 16 adjustable volume levels for the alarm while having 20 brightness levels for its night lighting. Meanwhile, I can choose between seven colors for the nightlight to emit.

I didn’t even mention its embedded FM radio or seven alarm sounds. Therefore, I can choose between seven delightful sounds or use an FM radio station as my alarm setting. It’s clear that JALL highly valued customization when building this option, and I can’t thank them enough.

Sadly, I did find setting this teens alarm clock a bit difficult at first. The main issue stems from it having unhelpful and subpar included instructions. It wasn’t only the one to have this problem, either, as a few other customers noted it.
  • Gradual sunlight stimulation with seven natural sounds
  • Helpful 9-minute snooze function
  • 16 adjustable volume levels
  • 20 available brightness levels and seven color light options
  • FM radio and seven alarm sounds
  • Complicated setup process with subpar instructions

Overall, this option ended up being one of the more cool alarm clocks for teens available. Once I got past the initial confusion, it was smooth sailing with its many high-quality aspects.

3. Peakeep Twin Bell Alarm Clock

Our next option, Peakeep’s Twin Bell Alarm Clock, isn’t the most technologically advanced alarm clock for tweens or teens. But it makes up for it by being an affordable option while still having some impressive aspects.

For instance, I couldn’t believe the sound level of its alarm. It was a lot louder than I expected from a tween alarm clock that’s available at this price. This aspect was mentioned a couple of times by other customers, as well.

I also found myself loving its retro 80s design that meshes well with my style. Moreover, it comes in five different colors to ensure everyone gets a suitable variation. I’m always going to prefer when brands provide a little choice for style or color.

The product’s backlight feature couldn’t have been easier to activate, either. It’s just a simple matter of hitting a button, and it comes on to promote better visibility. But it’s not like I need it much because this funky alarm clock has large readable numbers and clock hands.

Furthermore, its backlight wasn’t the only easy-to-use aspect of this kid alarm clock. Everything about it was user-friendly due to the classic design.

I do wish this model came with a snooze button, though. I’m a sucker for alarm clocks with a snooze function because I need to maximize my sleep whenever possible.
  • A more affordable option for teenagers
  • Loud effective alarm clock
  • Retro 80s design for five color options
  • Easy to activate backlight via a button
  • Large readable numbers and clock hands
  • A user-friendly and classic design for easy setting
  • No snooze button included
Overall, its one notable flaw is more of a luxury feature and doesn’t affect its overall performance much. Therefore, this alarm clock could be a great bargain for teenagers.

4. Clocky Alarm Clock on Wheels

One of the more unique alarm clocks for teenagers is Clocky’s Alarm Clock on Wheels. It earns this title by being a mobile alarm clock with a wheeled design. Therefore, it can move around my room, barring its obnoxious alarm until I get my lazy self out of bed.

In fact, this bedside alarm is capable of several movements. It can even jump off a 3-foot nightstand without any consequences. Honestly, I was a little shocked when the alarm clock did its first jump inside my house.

It’s also worth noting that it’s versatile with the surfaces it can move on. I tested it on both wood and carpet without any issues. It managed to drive the dogs nuts as it rumbled around my bedroom, emitting its loud alarm.

This model also has a snooze feature, but it’s usable once for 1 to 8 minutes. I didn’t have any issues setting it up as the brand couldn’t have made it simpler. I’d imagine even newbies won’t have problems activating the snooze feature.

Lastly, Clockly clearly built this option to combat snooze abusers. As one myself, I can say it works as it makes me get out of bed to turn off the alarm. I’d imagine it’ll be just as effective as an alarm clock for ten-year-old kids or teens.

I did notice that it burns through batteries quickly, though. I’ve had to change its 4 AAA batteries on a few occasions over these first months of usage.
  • Bedside alarm with wheeled design
  • An obnoxiously loud alarm that runs away from users
  • Capable of various movements (jumping, rolling, etc.)
  • Moves on carpet or wood without issue
  • Snooze feature (1-8 minutes), only usable one time
  • Ideal for snooze abusers
  • Drains batteries quickly (requires 4 AAA batteries)
Aside from the battery issue, I couldn’t be more pleased with this alarm clock on wheels. It more than met my expectations, and I don’t see why it wouldn’t for anyone else in a similar situation.

5. USCCE Digital Alarm Clock Radio

The USCCE Digital Alarm Clock Radio is an exciting option filled with a long list of appealing features. Its most distinguishing one would have to be its dual alarm capabilities and three separate alarm modes (7-day, weekday, and weekend).

As a result, I wouldn’t have any issues meeting the alarm needs inside my home. I could also see how it would function well as an alarm clock for teenage girl or boy who needs it for school. They could set a weekday alarm and not worry about it going off on weekends.

I also found myself liking how it provides access and saves up to 40 FM radio stations. After all, I’m a music lover at heart, and it allows for easy playing during chores around the house. I could even use it or five other alarm tones for my wake-up alert.

Buyers shouldn’t overlook its compact LCD display with adjustable brightness levels, either. It’s a crucial aspect that’ll only help make this device a worthwhile buy. I’d also like to show some love toward its two charging ports and backup battery.

In particular, the backup battery is essential as it gives the device some versatility. It can move from place to place and work without needing an electrical outlet. This aspect will come in handy during emergencies or camping trips.

But I do wish USCCE had included some batteries with each purchase. It seems like an easy way to make this option even more competitive among the cool alarm clocks for guys.
  • Dual alarm device with three available settings
  • Saves up to 40 FM radio stations
  • Five selected alarm tones or radio for alarm sound
  • Adjustable brightness levels on the compact LCD display
  • Two USB ports for charging other devices.
  • Fitted with a backup battery
  • Batteries aren’t included
All in all, batteries are cheap enough where it’s not a massive issue. I’m more than willing to spend a little extra on them to enjoy these other top-tier features.

6. Roxicosly Alarm Clock with Bed Shaker

Roxicosly’s Alarm Clock with Bed Shaker has become an archenemy for many teenagers around the world. After all, it comes with three effective alarm methods to make sure even the sleepyheads get out of bed.

Each user will have a choice between using a buzzer, bed shaker, or both. I had to use both because I don’t trust myself for a single second. But thankfully, I can report the alarm and shaker have been handy for my needs.

I was intrigued by its easy using process, as well. It was a lot more simplified with its intuitive setting buttons than most advanced tween alarm clocks. It’s easy to see how it would work as a 14-year-old boy clock alarm or within similar situations.

Likewise, it allows users to select between a 12-hour or 24-hour format. It’s a practical inclusion that only becomes more convenient when combined with its DST (Daylight Savings Time) function.

Aside from these aspects, it comes with dual alarm and 9-minute snooze functions. I would also be remiss if I didn’t mention its easy-to-read 7.5″ LCD and 18-month warranty. So it’s clearly more than simply a loud alarm clock for teenager.

A customer or two did mention one flaw with the option, though. It seems this teen boy or teen girl alarm clock remains exceptionally bright even on the low brightness settings. Therefore, people with a severe sensitivity to light when sleeping might need to look elsewhere.
  • Offers three effective alarm methods ( buzzer, bed shaker, or both)
  • Easy to operate even for kids with intuitive setting buttons
  • Fitted with two practical time formats and DST function
  • Dual alarm and 9-minute snooze functions
  • Massive, easy to read 7.5″ LCD
  • 18-month warranty
  • Numbers are bright even on low brightness settings
I didn’t even really notice the issue because I always sleep with my TV playing. It’s worth thinking about for anyone considering this alarm clock for tweens or teens.

7. Mesqool Vibrating Alarm Clock with Bed Shaker

The Mesqool’s Vibrating Alarm Clock with Bed Shaker stands out among other products with its massive LCD display. It’s a full 7 inches with digits filling up the entire screen.

Users even have a choice of the color of those digits, as well. I had a difficult choice between blue, green, and white. In the end, I went with blue coloring as it meshed better with my bedroom’s vibe and decor.

I was also thrilled by this model coming with a bed shaker and buzzer alarm modes. As a result, I get a selection between three alarm settings: buzzer only, shaker only, or using both. I’ve found all of them to be practical choices during my product testing so far.

Moreover, adjusting the alarm clock’s sound level was a breeze with its dimmer slider. It provides me with a significant amount of control over how the product performs. Similarly, this product can help other devices perform effectively with its dual USB charging ports.

The brand also incorporates seven soothing nightlight colors in this alarm clock. I found them easy to cycle through via the device’s top button. Lastly, multiple buyers made a point to highlight this brand’s excellent customer service, and I’d be a fool if I didn’t do the same.

This alarm clock does suffer from one issue, though. It lacks stability because the device has an ultra-lightweight design. If I hit its power cord, this alarm clock will end up flying and suffer some severe damage.
  • Large 7” LCD display digits with three color choices
  • Three effective alarm methods (shaker, buzzer, or both)
  • Simple to adjust sound level with dimmer slider
  • Dual USB ports for convenient charging of other devices
  • Equipped with seven soothing nightlight colors (cycle them via the top button)
  • Excellent customer service
  • Ultra-lightweight construction lacks stability
Thankfully, there’s a simple solution to these stability issues. Users just need to remain careful and avoid tripping over the power cord. If they do, this alarm clock should meet their expectations and ensure they never oversleep for school.

8. USCCE Dual Alarm Clock with Bed Shaker

My favorite aspect of USCCE’s Dual Alarm Clock with Bed Shaker has little to do with its performance. I love that USCCE provides two stylish color choices to select from, as both represent stellar options.

But I couldn’t steer myself away from the black color option. It blends too well with my bedroom and home decor. However, it’s easy to see how the blue choice could be an excellent option for any teenager, child, or adult.

Buyers don’t need to worry about this product’s performance quality, either. It excels within this area, too, with its loud alarm siren and adjustable bed shaker. This combination provides me with three alarm modes, alarm only, shaker only, or both together.

I can also use this alarm to set up dual alarms with its easy-to-use buttons. Dimming the display is almost as straightforward as it’s done via a comfortable dial control. I can’t see how anyone would have much trouble with it.

Other familiar beneficial aspects include its USB charging port, 9-minute snooze, and backup battery. Each of their inclusions only further proves this alarm is a convenient and worthwhile option to consider.

But I did find it weird that USCCE didn’t put time-frame alarm modes into this alarm clock. Due to this, I can’t set recurring alarms for weekdays/weekends/7-days like with other options.
  • Two stylish color options for teenagers
  • Equipped with loud alarm sounds and an adjustable shaker
  • Customizable dual alarms with easy to use buttons
  • Dimmable display with comfortable dial control
  • 9-minute snooze feature for non-morning people
  • One backside USB charging port and backup battery
  • No weekend/weekday/7-day alarm modes
This alarm lacking those modes is something that I got over quickly when testing out the device. I’d imagine most teenagers would have a similar feeling as the other features are just worth it.

9. SZELAM Digital Alarm Clock

SZELAM’s Digital Alarm Clock has quickly become a favorite among teenagers who need an alarm clock for several reasons. But the main one would have to be its practical and appealing mirror display design.

It’s an excellent addition because it lets me do a long list of things that alarm clocks can’t. For instance, I see my reflection within the mirror.

Another aspect that caught my attention was its silent noise operation level. In other words, its clock hands don’t tick like so many other alarm clocks. This aspect is crucial for me as I have difficulty falling asleep, and ticking alarm clocks certainly doesn’t help.

But what does help my sleeping sessions is this product’s loud alarm. I haven’t had a single instance where I’ve overslept with this alarm clock in my home. Plus, it has a giant snooze button that allows me to extend my naps between 5 and 60 minutes at a time.

One last exciting benefit offered by this model is its embedded photosensitive sensor. It’s a vital piece because it automatically adjusts the device’s display based on its environment. Therefore, I don’t have to use a control dimmer and do it myself.

The product’s power cord placement did bother a bit, though. It doesn’t make much sense to me why this cord comes out of the side. Due to this, it becomes an eyesore as the cable is a lot more visible.
  • Appealing and practical mirror display design
  • Silent operation noise level (no ticking)
  • Features loud effective alarm
  • Big snooze button allows between 5 and 60 minutes of extra sleep
  • Photosensitive sensor adjusts brightness based on environment
  • Cord placement isn’t ideal
Luckily, I’ve figured out a way to hide the cord effectively within my bedroom. I made peace with it because I loved its appealing mirror display design way too much.

10. OnLyee Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers

Our final option, OnLyee’s Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers, ends this list by excelling where it matters most to a person like myself. This alarm clock makes the user’s life easier by having a simple using process.

But don’t let its simple using process overshadow its many other attractive features. A solid example would be its powerful vibration bed shaker and loud alarm. I can’t imagine even a deep sleeper sleeping through any of its three alarm modes.

The product also has a straightforward 5-level brightness dimmer. I haven’t had any issues finding the perfect brightness level for the alarm where I take it. In fact, it has even done well in some cheap hotel rooms where the lightning is extremely poor.

It helps that the 7.5″ LCD was made specifically for people with lousy eyesight. I can see without squinting from across the room, which isn’t common with alarm clocks. Of course, it also has the always-critical dual alarm and 9-minute snooze functions.

More importantly, this model comes with a 1 -year warranty to help protect my investment. I will always recommend buying products with these policies, primarily when the product is meant for kids or teenagers. It’s an extra layer of protection against some accident happening.

As for its flaws, this model only has one downside. A few older customers felt like the top buttons were hard to read and use for them.
  • Features a user-friendly design
  • Powerful vibration speaker and alarm buzzers (3 alarm modes)
  • Straightforward 5-level brightness dimmer
  • Ideal for lousy eyesight with 7.5″ LCD
  • Effective dual alarm and 9-minute snooze functions
  • 1-year warranty for buyers
  • Hard to read top buttons
But these issues don’t affect our purposes. It shouldn’t have any problems being a solid choice for teenagers, kids, or adults. Honestly, I can’t give the product enough love as my experience using it has been great.

What to Look for When Buying Alarm Clock for Teenager


Buying alarm clocks for teenagers requires considering some unique factors. In other words, it’s not the same process as buying one for a heavy sleeper or snoozer. You’ll need to understand that several aspects hold more weight with this decision than with those.

Design and Size

A couple of those more valued aspects are the alarm clock’s size and design. Teenagers are picky when it comes to these aspects as they need their stuff to look cool. So it’s always a bright idea to buy cool alarm clocks for tweens or teens with attractive or advanced designs.

Moreover, it’s essential to take their likes and dislikes into account. For example, you won’t buy a football alarm clock for a teen who doesn’t enjoy sports. It doesn’t make much sense and only causes you to be on the wrong side of their eye rolls.

As for the size, it must fit onto their nightstand without much issue. I’d recommend measuring the area beforehand to ensure it’s a solid fit. Otherwise, it might take up too much room and annoy a picky teenager.


An alarm clock’s display will play a massive role in your decision, as well. You’ll want to ensure a digital time LCD display isn’t too small to be seen from a distance. It should be easy to see from several steps away without needing any squinting.

If you choose to pick an analog alarm clock, the arms and numerals need to be large enough. It should be easy to see from a distance without any difficulty. I’d also check out its background and digits to see if they work with your needs.


Some alarm clocks will allow for customization with specific settings. For instance, many will allow you to choose between a 24-hour or 12-hour time format. Another typical customizable setting is the display’s brightness level.

Moreover, the sound volume needs to be easily adjusted for users. Same with the time and alarm settings to ensure the most user-friendly experience possible. Don’t forget to research the snooze feature, as well.


Take some time to research the alarm clock’s durability before making a final choice. You’re going to want an option capable of taking a beating without breaking. After all, teenagers aren’t the most careful people on earth and likely will knock it over.

I’d advise looking at each model’s customer reviews and Reddit to get an idea of its durability. These resources should provide some insight into whether they can last a long time. Checking out the materials used in their construction is another smart move.

Power Source

Alarm clocks are categorized into three types concerning their power sources. You’ll either encounter a battery-operated, electric-powered, or dual-battery/electric-powered. As a result, parents will need to decide what power configuration works best for their teenagers.

Most parents end up spending a little extra and choosing the dual-battery/electric-powered alarm clocks. It’s a solid choice as this clock will ensure a teen gets to school on time, even when there’s a power outage.

Smart Features

Over the last several years, smart technology has made its way into the alarm clock marketplace. It’s common to see more advanced options with various smart features to allow for more user control.

You’ll even come across various alarm clocks that can connect to other smart devices via wireless or Bluetooth connection. As a result, buyers will need to decide whether they value these features in a teen alarm clock.

What Age Should a Child Start Using an Alarm Clock


Alarm clocks aren’t going to do much good if your child doesn’t understand the concept of time. So I’d recommend choosing one for them when they reach 5 or 6 to teach them about punctuality.

What Time Should a Teenager Wake Up

Most experts consider the earliest healthy wake-up time for teens to be 7 AM. So anything before then wouldn’t be a good idea. In any case, you want them to get at least eight to ten hours of deep sleep per day.

Which Alarm Clock Is Best for Students

The most trusted alarm clock for students could be any of our chosen options. Each of these alarms has shown to be an effective tool to wake up students and get them to class on time.


It’s now time to dive into this buying process yourself. Using these resources, finding the best alarm clock for teenager usage won’t be an issue. From there, it’ll make sure the teenager wakes up when needed.

But if you have more questions or concerns about the process, let me know in our comment section. I’ll make sure to answer each post as quickly as possible. Thanks for reading, and don’t forget to share it with your friends if it helps.

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