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How to Lock a Door With a Belt? – A Detailed Guide

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how to lock a door with a belt

When there’s a need to barricade a door because of an attacker or when you’re staying in a cabin, hotel, or rental house, there are many items you can use to lock a door. One of them is your belt.

Knowing how to lock a door with a belt can be a lifesaver. A belt, after all, is resilient, especially if made with leather. It might not be a fail-proof way to secure a home, but it will delay entry.

Read below and find out how to lock rooms with this small band.

Step-by-step to Lock a Door With a Belt

What to prepare

The only thing you need is a sturdy belt, preferably leather with a metal buckle. Those with other materials can still be used, but a leather one is the most reliable.

Use a belt on a door with automatic closer


This guide on using a belt to lock a door is for one that opens inward and has an automatic door closer.

  • Step 1: Wrap the bolted arm

Wrap the belt around the arm or the hinge of the automatic door closer. Grab one end of the belt and insert it into the buckle, then pull to tighten.

  • Step 2: Wrap the other arm

After securing one end of the belt, the rest of it should wrap around the other door arm as tightly as possible.

Do not wrap the whole strap, though. Leave some slack so you can insert the tip through a hole created by the belt and create a knot that will keep the belt in place.

  • Step 3: Test the door

Test to see if the belt can keep someone from unlocking a door. As previously mentioned, it is not a fail-proof system, but it’s a good trick when delaying the entry of somebody forcing their way into your room. It’s best to have other jammers aside from the standard door lock.

Use a belt on a door with a hook


If your bathroom or bedroom door has a hook (for towels or clothes), you can also barricade it with a belt.

One end of the belt goes into the door lever, and the other into the hook. The buckle must go into the hook so you can easily adjust it as needed, making it as tight as possible.

The goal of this homemade lock for door is to prevent the lever from being pushed down.

Useful Tips

Aside from a belt, you can also use sturdy ropes and other straps to lock a door with an automatic closer or hooks. The longer the strap or rope, the tighter you can hold the hinges or lever.

Other Ways to Lock a Door Without a Key

1. With a sock


You can use a thick sock as a door jammer by simply inserting it into the slit on the floor. Insert it as tightly as possible and use a stick or rod if you must. The fabric will serve as a wedge when you need a temporary lock and don’t have a key.

2. With a fork


You will need a spare fork, marker, vise, hammer, and hacksaw when using this utensil as a lock. This method will even work on a door without handle.

  • Step 1: Measure the latch hole

Insert the fork into the latch hole and mark the part where the tines meet the door edge.

  • Step 2: Bend the fork

Put the fork between the jaws of a vise and bend it 90 degrees with the marked tines as your guide.

  • Step 3: Remove the handle

After bending the fork, place its handle between the vise jaws and use a hacksaw to remove the handle.

  • Step 4: Test the lock

To use the separated pieces as a lock, insert the bent piece into the latch hole, then close the door. Afterward, insert the handle into the slot between the fork tines; it will act as a latch that will lock the door.

3. With a knife


You can create a DIY door lock from inside using a knife. It works well with doors with a chain lock. You need to insert the tip of the knife into a slit in the slider, which will serve as the latch.

A tightly-positioned knife will work as a security bar and, alongside the standard lock, become a security measure at home.

The point of this trick is to find a slit on the door jamb where you can insert the tip of the knife. It’s recommended to use a sturdy utensil, like a butter knife.


How do you lock a door without a lock with a belt?

A door with an automatic closer can be locked using a belt. You first need to wrap the band around the bolted hinge and then the other hinge, effectively preventing the door from being opened.

How do you block a door from the inside?

There are many ways to block a door from the inside without drilling. Aside from a belt, you can do so with a chair by placing its top rail under the door knob or lever.

The chair will serve as a wedge, and it’s best if its front legs don’t touch the ground, effectively delaying entry.

How do you secure a door with a rope?

For a door with an automatic closer, wrap its hinges as tightly as possible, so it can’t be opened from the outside. For a door with hooks, you need to stretch the rope from the lever to the hook, effectively preventing the lever from being pushed down.

How do you lock a door with a rubber band?

A rubber band is useful when locking a door that opens out or inwards. Twist the rubber band around each knob or lever, creating a cross on the latching plate.

Take note that the rubber band must be under the latching mechanism and not obstruct it, as doing so will make the door unlocked.

It is not the best way to lock a door as the rubber band can be easily cut with scissors. It is recommended to try this trick alongside auxiliary locks.


Knowing how to lock a door with a belt and other household items is a useful trick for those who want privacy, yet their door has no key. It’s also helpful for people staying in hotels, motels, cabins, or vacation rentals.

Most importantly, a homemade DIY door barricade can be the difference between life and death in situations where a lockdown is a must. In such emergencies, resourcefulness is the key to safety.

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