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The Best Sliding Closet Door Locks (Child Proof Closet Locks)

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best sliding closet door lock

Sliding closet door security isn’t often on the forefront of a homeowner’s mind. But it’s an essential piece of keeping everyone in our home safe from dangerous situations. After all, a sliding closet door lock is a solid defense system against pets and children.

It’ll make sure we never have to worry about a pet or children wandering inside a closet where they don’t belong. But this benefit isn’t available in every single closet door lock on today’s market. Homeowners will need to find the best sliding closet door lock for their situations.

How does a homeowner find this elusive product? Well, it begins with outlining what features are essential within these locks. Here’s a preview of some vital aspects to provide a starting point:

  • Durable Design: Choosing a lock made from defective materials doesn’t make any sense. It’s not worth paying less for an option when it doesn’t provide adequate security. Instead, spend a little extra on choices made from high-quality, durable materials.
  • Type of Sliding Closet Door: Buyers need to determine what material makes up their sliding closet door. From there, it shouldn’t be too difficult to find a compatible lock that’s capable of working with it.
  • Ease of Installation: There’s nothing worse than buying a product with a complicated installation process. Please research each sliding closet door lock to ensure the process is something that you can do easily.

Of course, these features alone aren’t enough to choose a suitable option. So I’ve also gathered up six high-quality sliding closet door locks to provide a better idea of what’s available. You’ll learn more about what to look for within their product reviews and the following buying guide.

Top Product name Dimensions Weight Material  
1 Safety Innovations ‎312a 8 x 3.4 x 2.3 inches 4.8 ounces Polycarbonate Details
2 Sure Basics ‎SB22 29.53 x 19.69 x 0.24 inches 0.705 ounces High quality BPA free PP material, safe, non-toxic Details
3 Ashtonbee ‎1234 9 x 3 x 0.05 inches 0.05 Pounds Safe, non-toxic Details

Top 6 Sliding Closet Door Lock Reviews

1. Safety Innovations ‎312a Bi-fold Door Lock

It’s not difficult to see why many homeowners love Safety Innovations ‎312a Bi-fold Door Lock. For instance, I found myself liking its strong construction made from high-quality plastic polycarbonate.

This plastic material had no issues withstanding the brute strength of my large pitbull. As a result, I no longer have to come home and find my clothes torn apart anymore. It’ll have no problems keeping those items safe behind my sliding closet door.

Installing this lock for closet door wasn’t overly complex, either. It was a simple process of placing it on my door’s top hinge. Due to this, I didn’t need any tools or installation instructions like with other options.

The product’s placement on my door was another worthwhile benefit. After all, it rests on the door’s top edge and stays out of reach of would-be troublemakers. It has done a fantastic job keeping my nephews from accessing the door.

Plus, buyers shouldn’t worry about the using process being too tricky. In fact, it was easy to use as I simply slid it over the hinged part of my door when locking. I can then easily unlock it by sliding it past the hinged area when it needs opening.

It’s also essential to mention that this option is a 2-pack. Therefore, I have an extra one to use on any bi-fold door around my home (cabinets, pantries, linen closets, etc.).

My only issue with these sliding closet lock options is their aesthetic appeal. In other words, these locks don’t have a very stylish design and don’t mesh well into most decors.
  • Strong construction made from high-quality polycarbonate
  • Easy installation (no tools or instructions required)
  • Suitable for childproofing with its design placement
  • Effortless unlocking/locking process
  • 2-pack option for multiple applications
  • Doesn’t have the most appealing design
But I’m not going to worry too much about a design issue with these double closet door locks. After all, these locks did a solid job keeping my nephews and pets out of my closet. It’s not something that I can often say with other options for locking sliding closet doors.

2. Sure Basics ‎SB22 Sliding Door Lock

Sure Basics’s ‎SB22 Sliding Door Lock isn’t the most advanced option available. But it offers a simple, effective way of keeping my pets and nephews from entering my closet. I haven’t had a single issue with its ability to provide solid security with its PP material construction.

The product’s double-sided adhesive backing was another component of its impressive security. It won’t come off unless placed under immense pressure. In other words, a child won’t be able to rip it off without the help of an adult.

Moreover, this adhesive backing allows for a simple installation. I couldn’t have been more delighted as I only needed to peel the paper backing and place it onto my door. It’s also quite versatile as the adhesive will stick onto almost any surface (glass, wood, plastic, etc.).

This lock has an ideal design placement, as well. It rests high up against the overlapping door to ensure I easily place the locking mechanism out of a child’s reach. Due to this, it becomes one of the more effective sliding closet door locks child proof devices.

Sure Basics was even kind enough to offer two color choices. Each buyer will have an option between clear and white to increase the product’s adaptability.

However, I did notice that this door lock does leave residue behind. Its strong adhesive left a mark on my door that I can’t seem to remove. As a result, it might not be a great option for a temporary fix.
  • Suitable for pet proofing and childproofing with PP material construction
  • Robust double-sided adhesive backing
  • Simple installation (peel and place)
  • Usable on almost any door surface (wood, plastic, glass, etc.)
  • Optimal design placement for childproofing
  • Two adaptable color choices for buyer convenience
  • Leaves behind residue
The residue issue could put a few people off buying this product. But I’m more than willing to deal with it, considering the excellent quality and childproofing capabilities.

3. Ashtonbee ‎1234 Child Safety Sliding Door Locks

Ashtonbee ‎1234 Child Safety Sliding Door Locks are another 2-pack option which has made my life much easier around the house. It offers solid childproof capabilities while boasting a simple flip to unlock & press down to lock using process.

Most sliding door locks don’t offer this type of balance within their designs. As a result, these Ashtonbee locks have become a rather convenient option to meet my expectations. I have no reason to believe these options won’t last a long time, either.

Asthonbee constructed them from durable plastic to ensure solid performance. Based on my experiences, I haven’t seen a child or pet capable of getting past it. I even witnessed a kid pull with all his strength, and it managed to withstand the attempt without flinching.

The installation process was another favorite attribute. I don’t think anyone will have trouble with its simple peel and place method. Plus, the locks can secure various things around a home, including cabinets, windows, sliding doors, and much more.

Its compact and sleek design should appeal to most buyers, as well. I barely even notice these locks unless I’m using them to lock or unlock my closet door. Ashtonbee did a solid job making them able to mesh with almost any decor.

I only wish these locks did better in cold environments, such as basements or garages. Their adhesive has gained a reputation for not sticking onto cold doors. It’s something that I noticed when trying to install the locks on a door within my outdoor garage.
  • 2-pack option with solid childproof capabilities
  • Simple locking/unlocking process
  • Constructed from durable plastic for longevity
  • Easy peel and place installation
  • Usable on sliding doors, closets, cabinets, and similar applications
  • Compact, sleek design for adaptability
  • Doesn’t stick too well onto cold doors
But I did find several areas within my home where these locks work perfectly. In these areas, I had no issues with how they performed or their security level. The temperature’s just something to keep in mind when deciding whether purchasing these locks is a good idea.

4. KidCo S339 Sliding Closet Door Lock

I was pleased with the S339’s ability to keep my hands from getting pinched. This issue is a common one with many other sliding closet door latch devices. But KidCo did an excellent job building a design that accounted for it.

The KidCo S339 Sliding Closet Door Lock hasn’t had a single problem keeping any unwanted intruder out of my sliding closet door. Its high-quality construction offers a reliable security measure capable of stopping even unruly kids from bypassing it.

The lock’s versatility was another standout attribute. After all, it’s equipped with an adhesive that mounts easily onto almost any surface. I found it usable as a lock for sliding mirror closet door, wood closet door, glass closet door, and laminated closet door applications.

Using the device isn’t overly complicated, either. I had no issues placing it onto my sliding closet door and utilizing it right away to keep out my nephews. It was just a simple matter of following the detailed instructions on its packaging.

Furthermore, this lock for sliding closet door security is affordable. I would even go as far as saying it’s a bargain, considering its reliable performance. Buyers could certainly do a whole lot worse on today’s market.

But I do have one issue with this product, which is that the adhesive could be stronger. A few customers made a note of this problem within their reviews. In these cases, the bond started coming off after a couple of months.
  • High-quality construction with reliable performance
  • Built to prevent finger pinching
  • Usable on multiple sliding closet door surfaces
  • Easy using process with detailed instructions
  • A more affordable option
  • Adhesive could be stronger
All in all, the adhesive issue hasn’t been a massive problem for me. My sliding closet door lock has remained exactly where I placed it to this point. Plus, I could always replace the adhesive with something stronger if something goes wrong.

5. Secure Home ‎SH-JL-29 Sliding Door Locks

One of the more adaptable choices is Secure Home’s ‎SH-JL-29 Sliding Door Locks. These devices are capable of adjusting their length up to 5 inches for extra convenience. It allows them to fit around various door knobs, including rounded, d-shaped knobs, and annular handles.

Given this information, these devices work as locks for cabinets, storage doors, sliding closet doors, and even side-by-side fridges. They shouldn’t have any issues keeping these places secure and free from unwanted access.

These options are a bit different when it comes to their installations, though. Users don’t have to rely on adhesive as these locks slip onto the intended area. It’s a simple alternative method to what I usually see from sliding closet door locks.

Moreover, their constructions are made from solid TPE and ABS material. These materials are proven to provide longevity and sturdiness. No child or pet will get through these locks unless an adult is helping them create mischief.

It’s also essential to acknowledge this option comes with four locks for a bargain price. It’s not surprising bulk buyers tend to favor these locks over other available choices. I don’t often come across multiple high-quality sliding closet door locks at this price tag.

These locks do have one notable downside to their impressive constructions. I found them difficult to remove when needed to use them as a temporary fix. Ironically, these locks are strong enough to resist an adult trying to remove them.
  • 5-inch adjustment range
  • Usable on rounded knobs, d-shaped knobs, and annular handles
  • Simple adhesive-free installation method
  • Made with high-quality, durable TPE and ABS material
  • Reasonable price for a 4-pack
  • Difficult to remove
In the end, I can’t complain about a sliding door lock being too effective. I would suggest looking at other options for a temporary lock. These locks are much better suited for permanent installation.

6. Toddleroo ‎6152 Sliding Door Lock

Our final choice, Toddleroo’s ‎6152 Sliding Door Lock, has become a formidable foe for toddlers all around the world. It earned this reputation by using professional strength VHB adhesive that can withstand a large amount of force.

Aside from its strong adhesive, I also found myself liking its slide-and-release using process. It makes accessing the sliding closet door easy for adults while promoting top-tier childproofing. It’s an ideal combination when shopping for these products.

The white color scheme and low-profile design were other intriguing attributes. I haven’t found an area within my home where this product couldn’t mesh easily. Plus, it doesn’t take up a whole lot of space, so it’s unnoticeable anyway.

It does a solid job when placed on either windows or sliding doors, as well. Toddleroo made a conscious effort to ensure this lock could work on all glass and wood surfaces. Therefore, finding multiple ways to incorporate this device around my home hasn’t been too tricky.

Other notable traits include a toolless installation and an affordable price. It ends up being a valuable consideration for any homeowner who’s looking at closet locks. I didn’t even mention that this product is eco-friendly.

It does have a unique issue worth mentioning, though. This lock produces a loud snapping sound when it’s closing that could be problematic in close quarters. I imagine it could even wake someone up if their bedroom’s close to the sliding closet door.
  • Equipped with professional-strength VHB adhesive
  • Convenient slide-and-release using process
  • Low-profile design with a white color scheme
  • Suitable for windows or sliding doors (all glass or wood surfaces)
  • Easy setup with tool-less installation
  • An eco-friendly, reasonably-priced option
  • Produces a loud snapping sound when closing
Luckily, I didn’t have to secure a sliding closet door where this issue would be relevant. It ended up being a very effective sliding closet door lock with its various effective features.

What to Look for When Buying Sliding Closet Door Lock


Sliding closet door locks are available in various shapes and sizes, so a buyer must determine what features are essential for a product to meet their expectations. The following discussions will offer those answers to ensure this process is a smooth one.

Durable Design

Sliding closet door locks will need to have a durable, sturdy design. I’d recommend only considering options made from high-quality materials to ensure satisfactory performance. These options will provide long-term results while keeping your valuables secure.

But how does someone determine what sliding closet door lock has a durable design? There are two excellent resources to utilize, the product description and customer reviews. Both these resources will paint a picture of the lock’s overall performance and longevity.

Type of Sliding Closet Door

Sliding closet doors don’t always have the same construction or use similar material. So you’ll need to consider this issue and determine your sliding closet door’s type.

Sliding closet doors can come in various wooden finishes. You’ll come across maple, beech, walnut, pear, wenge, oak, and many more.

Alternatively, some people decide to get glass sliding closet doors because of the modern, sleek design. Another popular material is laminate panels, which can be used to add colors to doors.

Finally, adding mirrors onto bedroom sliding closet doors has become a lot more common. But these doors end up being extremely difficult to secure because locks don’t fit onto them easily.

For instance, you aren’t going to find many sliding mirror closet door locks with key locking mechanisms. It’s almost impossible to make those options work with this surface material.

Once you determine the door’s construction material, it’s time to find a compatible lock. Each option’s product description should offer insight into the surfaces where it’s effective. Please don’t assume it’ll work because it says the device is a “sliding closet door lock.”

Ease of Installation

Nobody wants to buy a sliding closet door lock with complex installation directions. It’s essential to research the entire process before putting any money down. In other words, you should make sure setup’s easy so this purchase doesn’t become an unneeded hassle.

Most manufacturers make this research simple, as well. They’ll provide direction for the entire installation right on their advertisement page. From there, it shouldn’t be too difficult to determine whether it’s something you can do.


Sliding closet door locks will vary when it comes to price tags. Buyers will need to construct a budget based on their specific wants and needs in these products.

If you want a heavy-duty sliding closet door lock with key locking mechanism, your budget needs to reflect the markup in cost. You can then use it to lower the number of choices and see what an affordable, well-constructed one would offer.

Otherwise, the budget becomes a useless tool that doesn’t do any good. But if you do put some thought into the budget, it can make this entire process a piece of cake.

Ease of Use

As with the installation, a sliding closet door lock shouldn’t be challenging to use. You’ll need to find a balance between keeping children/pets out and providing easy adult access. I’d suggest choosing a model that can be set up outside the reach of unwanted intruders.

For instance, if you’re getting a closet door lock for childproofing, there’s no reason to choose one that they can reach. Instead, it’d be a much better idea to select a lock capable of being installed on the door’s top frame.

How Do You Secure a Sliding Closet Door


The most obvious option would be buying a door lock. But there are a few other methods to provide security for sliding doors. Here’s a look at two options for anyone who wants additional closet door lock ideas to provide extra security:

  • Cover Sliding Closet Doors: You can cover glass sliding closet doors with a shutter rather than a traditional cover for extra security. Shutters provide good coverage while allowing users to close and open the door securely.
  • Install a Sensor on Your Sliding Closet Door: Some owners find it helpful to set up a sensor on their sliding closet doors that links up with their home security system. It’ll make sure you know whenever someone opens the door unexpectedly.

What Kind of Lock Can You Put on a Sliding Closet Door

Most sliding closet door locks are considered childproof locks. In other words, they’re made from high-quality plastic and keep out pets/kids with ease. Sliding closet door locks with key access isn’t a common slight in today’s market.

How Do You Lock a Sliding Closet Door Without a Lock

Homeowners can lock a sliding closet door without a lock via several methods. But my favorite three methods of how to lock sliding closet doors without a lock or making a DIY sliding closet door lock would be:

  • Using a Dowel Rod
  • Installing a Security Bar to Lock Your Sliding Door In Place
  • Making an Improvised Barricade

But again, the most secure way of locking these closet doors is with a compatible lock. These devices will make sure people can’t access your valuables or out-of-bounds areas.


I hope our discussions have made finding the best sliding closet door lock easier. After all, these locks are an integral part of keeping everything safe in your home. They offer a much-needed service for almost every homeowner.

However, if you’re still having problems selecting a suitable option, leave a post in our comment section. I’ll make sure to answer each one as soon as I can. Thanks for reading!

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