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How to Program a Schlage Deadbolt Lock? You Can Master Quickly

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how to program a schlage deadbolt lock

Want to figure out how to program a Schlage deadbolt lock? If you are a new user of this brand’s deadbolt lock, it is important that you know how to program a Schlage door lock. Only by learning this will you be able to modify the device with your own desired settings.

This will only take you a few minutes as long as you follow the instructions and have the necessary items. You don’t have to call for professional help to program Schlage lock.

What You Need

Before you program Schlage deadbolt, there is one thing that you need to prepare beforehand. It is easy to find, and would only take a few minutes to locate.

Programming Code

If it’s a new Schlage deadbolt lock, you need to locate its programming code. You may find it in front of the user manual, on the stickers of the lock, and at the keypad assembly’s rear end. You must take note of it before proceeding to Schlage keypad programming.

If it’s previously owned, you need to acquire the current programming code from the former user. If you cannot find the former user of the lock, you can reset it to factory settings to restore the Programming Code’s default.

Guide for Programming Schlage Lock


Step 1: Changing programming code


1. Look for your current programming code

Whether you want to change, add or delete a user code, you will need to have your programming code first. A programming code is different from a user code. It consists of six digits. A user code, on the other hand, can consist of four digits.

If you are a new user of Schlage deadbolt locks, you can locate the programming code in the places we mentioned earlier. In case you changed the programming code and forgot it, you have to reset the lock to its factory setting.

2. Key in your current programming code

Once you have located your programming code, enter it by punching the numbers on the lock Schlage keypad. If you entered the correct programming, an orange blinking light will flash thrice and you’ll hear three beeps. Push the Schlage button then press 3. The button will flash orange light thrice and beep.

3. Change programming code

Before you enter your updated programming code, you must write it down in case you forget it. After that, enter your new six-digit programming code. The Schlage button will flash an orange light and beep thrice. You have to re-enter your updated programming code.

A green blinking light followed by a beep will indicate that you successfully changed your programming code. If a red light flashes, it means that there was an error in programming. Do the procedure again in case this happens. You will use your new Schlage programming code in changing, adding, and deleting user codes.

Step 2: Deleting user code


1. Enter your programming code

If you want to remove a user code for security purposes, you need to enter your programming code. The button “Schlage” will flash an orange light and beep thrice. Once it ends, push this button then press 2. The button will again flash orange and beep thrice.

2. Enter your current user code

Now, enter your current four-digit code. The button will flash orange thrice followed by three beeps. After that, re-enter your current user code. The Schlage button will flash a green light with a beep to signal that you have successfully erased the code. You can now add a User Code by following the next steps.

Step 3: Adding Schlage smart lock change code


1. Enter your programming code

If you want to add User Codes to share with your family members and close friends, you have to enter your updated programming code first. Then, wait for the Schlage button to flash an orange blinking light thrice and beep. After that, you can push this button again and proceed to the next step.

2. Add a user code

To add a user code, you have to press 1 on the keypad then wait until the Schlage button flashes an orange light and beeps thrice. Now, you can enter the updated User Code. Wait again for the orange light to flash and beep thrice. Re-enter your User Code. A green blinking light will flash to indicate that you have added a user code.

Frequently Asked Questions


1. My lock unlocks without a code. What’s wrong with it?

If this happens, it means that your lock is not correctly installed. Try to reposition the cam of the lock. Make sure that it is perfectly placed and aligned. If the lock still does not work properly despite the reinstallation, you may contact the customer service of Schlage.

2. Is there a way that I can stop my lock from beeping?

Fortunately, yes. You just need to key in the programming code of the lock and wait for the Schlage knob to flash orange and beep thrice. Then, press “Schlage” again so the keypad flashes a blue light. Once finished, press 5 to turn off the beeping sound of the lock. However, you will still hear this sound when you are programming the lock.

3. What can I do if I forgot my programming code?

You can reboot the lock and restore the Programming Code’s default by disconnecting its battery. Push the button with the word “Schlage” then reattach the battery. Push the button again until its light turns green and beeps. You must do this procedure within ten seconds only.


Did you find our tutorial on how to program a Schlage deadbolt lock helpful? You can only maximize the security of your Schlage deadbolt lock if you know how to program it. Learning the steps is also useful in the future, especially if you want to limit the access to your Schlage deadbolt lock.

Do you have friends who also want to program their Schlage deadbolt locks but don’t know how? You can share this post with them. We also want to know your experiences in following the tutorial. Just leave a comment below.

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