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How to Open Magnetic Child Locks Without Magnet?

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how to open magnetic child locks without magnet

Kids are naturally curious, and that is why they run around the house fiddling and touching everything that piques their curiosity. Thankfully, there are magnetic child safety locks, which secure cabinets and drawers without complex installation.

However, there will be situations where you lose your magnet or the magnet does not have enough force to open the lock. Fortunately, you can still do something to bypass it and retrieve your precious items inside the cabinet or drawer.

In this article, I will show you how to open magnetic child locks without magnet.

Step-by-step to Open Magnetic Child Locks Without Magnet

Unlike how to unlock a cabinet without a key, magnetic child locks are much easier to open without its magnetic component, according to Reddit. This is because they are usually made of plastic and have fewer screws.

To open child lock cabinet without the magnet, follow these steps:

Step 1. Find the screws


Kitchen drawer safety locks are often installed by screwing onto the cabinet or drawer. The location of the screws depend on the model and brand of the lock, and are often located on the top or bottom of the lock.

Note: the number of screws on the magnetic child lock also differs, so check with your manufacturer to ascertain the number of screws.

Step 2. Remove the screws


With your screwdriver, remove the screws from the lock. This will enable you to see the magnet inside the locking mechanism.

Step 3. Find and attract the magnet


Find the magnet inside the locking mechanism, which is usually shaped like a ball or a circle. Attract the magnet by inserting your metallic screwdriver or other tools under it.

Step 4. Keep the magnet


If you still want to make use of your kitchen drawer safety locks, keep the magnet so that you can put it back into place.

Step 5. Remove the ball bearing


Take a small metal object or your screwdriver and insert it inside the hole of the lock. This will remove the caps on and open Safety First cabinet lock without a hitch.

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How do magnetic child locks work?

Kitchen cabinet magnetic locks work by utilizing a strong magnet and a locking mechanism. The magnetic locking mechanism is installed inside the cabinet or drawer while the strong magnet will serve as your “key”.

The magnet inside the locking mechanism holds and locks the cabinet or drawer when it is closed. When the magnetic key is inserted, the magnet and the locking mechanism are released, making it easy to pull the cabinet or drawer. 

Other ways to open magnetic child locks

If you want to open magnetic lock without key, but the above-mentioned steps do not work, you can try these following tips:

  • Check for a backup unlocking mechanism.

Some models and brands of magnetic child locks have built-in backup unlocking mechanisms. They can be in the form of a button or lever, which will open child lock cabinet whenever it is interacted with.

  • Try a strong magnet.

Unlike traditional keys, a magnetic key can be replaced with another magnet which has the same or stronger magnetic force. You may be best off trying a rare-earth magnet to open baby proof cabinets.

  • Contact the manufacturer.

If you find your Aycorn magnetic locks not working or have lost the key, you might want to call the manufacturer. They can guide you on how to access the drawer or offer a key replacement for your lock.

  • Call a locksmith.

If you want to unlock magnetic cabinet lock safely, you can always contact your trusty locksmith. As professionals, they can retrieve your valuables inside the cabinet or drawer without damaging the lock or the drawer itself, but for a price.

Can you force a magnetic door lock open?

It is near impossible to bypass magnetic door lock with force only. This is because the magnetic force is very strong that it doesn’t budge when someone tries to open it by hand.

However, there are magnetic door locks which have a fail-safe feature for situations where there is no electricity or there is an emergency such as a fire. In this case, external force will force the door open.


It is imperative that you keep hazardous and dangerous things outside of your children’s eyes and reach. Maintaining convenience while still keeping check of your valuables is what makes a home safe and comfortable to live in.

Knowing how to open magnetic child locks without magnet will help you do just that. Share these tips and tricks to your friends who have magnet locks for cabinets that they just cannot open.

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