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How to Pick a Kwikset Door Lock in a Few Easy Steps

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how to pick a kwikset door lock

Want to learn how to pick a Kwikset door lock? Place the tension tool to the bottom part of the keyhole while applying some pressure. Insert the pick and push the pistons by moving the pick up and down. Continue this until you hear a click. Push the next pistons until you open the door.

If you are one of those who have left the key inside the house then you are not alone. Although a Kwikset lock is sturdy, there is a way to open it. Through this tutorial, you will learn the proper techniques in picking a Kwikset.


What You Need


To make it possible to pick a Kwikset deadbolt, you will need several items. Some of them may be available at the nearest local store or you can purchase them online. Without these items, you won’t be able to pick your Kwikset lock so it is advisable to prepare them before doing the tutorial.

Lockpick Set

A lockpick set is designed to pick a lock because of a lost key or a locked out homeowner. It includes rakes and hooks that come in different sizes and shapes to work on various types of locks. Fortunately, a lockpick set also has practice locks for beginners who want to improve their skills in picking locks.

For a standard Kwikset lock, a lock pick with a 5/16 inch handle and 1/16 inch can work out. Avoid using a lock pick that is wider than 3/32 inch since it will not fit most of the standard locks. In terms of material, most of the lock picks are made of stainless steel so they won’t easily rust and corrode.

If you don’t have a lockpick set, paper clips or bobby pins are good alternatives. However, they must be formed into a tension tool and a pick tool first by using a pair of pliers. They must also be sturdy enough to prevent them from breaking while picking the lock.

Locking clamp (optional)

Locking clamps make sure that the object you are working on stays in place by providing a secure grip. These tools are found in construction, welding, and metalwork. There are different kinds of locking clamps but one of the types of locking clamps that is applicable for this tutorial is the C-clamps.

With the same features as pliers and clamps, C-clamps can hold small items in place such as locks. They also come with a release trigger and adjustment screw like the pliers. These components help in controlling and releasing the grip. The common jaw capacity of most of the C-clamps are 2″ to 10″.

Gloves (optional)

A synthetic leather type of gloves is sturdy and provides a strong grip. Look for gloves that can protect your hands against abrasions and tears. With its soft and breathable material, it is comfortable to wear. It also outperforms natural leather on machinery, equipment in wet conditions, and gripping tools.

Another option is nitrile gloves. These gloves provide superior grip and come with puncture-resistant features. They are also ideal for those who are suffering from latex allergies since the latex proteins are removed during the processing of the gloves. Furthermore, nitrile gloves are resistant to water, oil, and grease.

What to Do


Step 1: Place the tension tool to the bottom part of the keyhole while applying some pressure


If you want the lock to be stable, use a locking clamp before placing the tension tool. Once done, insert the tension tool in the bottom part of the keyhole. As you position it, exert the right amount of pressure. Too much force can make it difficult to push the pistols upward so exert a slight pressure consistently until the door opens.

Turn the tension tool counterclockwise, like the way you turn a key. If the door is unlocked, the tool must be turned clockwise. It is advisable to check the state of the door before starting with the tutorial.

Step 2: Insert the pick and push the pistons by moving the pick up and down


While you are holding the tension tool with your hand, use your other hand to insert the pick on the upper part of the keyhole. Reach for the first piston which is the nearest to the keyhole. Push it by moving the pick upward and downward. You will hear a clicking sound that indicates that the piston has been pushed.

If you notice that the pistons don’t move after pushing it upwards, it may be stuck or you have put too much pressure on the tension tool. You can apply a lubricant inside the keyhole to easily move the pistons.

Step 3: Push the next pistons until you open the door


After you hear the clicking sound, proceed to the next piston. This will require you to move the pick deeper so that you can reach the piston. Repeat the procedure by moving the pick upward and downward. Do this to stabilize the next pistons.

Once they have been stabilized, the door will automatically unlock. Remove the pick and tension tool. If you cannot open the lock despite several attempts, you can adjust the pressure you exert to the tension tool and repeat the whole procedure again.

Here’s a video showing how to pick a Kwikset Deadbolt Lock:

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pick a Kwikset lock?

Yes, it is possible to pick a Kwikset lock using different kinds of tools. According to the data, Kwikset locks had been picked in less than 2 percent of lock-picking attempts while a Schlage lock had been picked over 78 percent of lock-picking attempts.

Check this guide to know how to pick a Schlage lock.

What are some household items that can be used as picking tools for a Kwikset lock?

Some of the items that can be used for picking a Kwikset lock are key blade, wrench, paperclip, screwdriver, and hair clip. These items can be easily found inside a house or inside a toolbox.

Read how to pick a look using the tool list above here!

How can you pick a Kwikset lock using a bobby pin?

Fold a bobby pin into an L-shape to work as a pick. Insert the bobby pin on the center part of the lock. Once done, keep pushing the lock to move the pins. Continue this process until you successfully open the door.

How can you pick a Kwikset lock using a paperclip?

Insert the paperclip with a desired end on the keyhole. Move the paperclip in every direction. While moving the paperclip inside, make sure to exert constant pressure to the lock cylinder. Keep the paperclip moving until the Kwikset lock opens.


Do you find it easy to follow our tutorial on how to pick a Kwikset door lock? Despite its sturdiness, Kwikset lock can be picked using simple tools. By following the procedure and having a Kwikset lock pick, it is easy to break into your own house.

If you find the article useful, why don’t you share it with your friends? This would help them get into their houses in case they lost their keys. You can also share with us your suggestions on what other items can be used to open a Kwikset lock. Just leave a comment below.

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