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The Best Dual Alarm Clocks You Should Own One

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best dual alarm clocks

Nobody likes the feeling of relying on an alarm to ensure they wake up on time. But it happens to be a crucial aspect of our lives, or we’d end up missing half of our appointments. Therefore, it becomes essential to buy an alarm clock that’s perfect for your particular needs.

Most people end up choosing dual alarm clocks because of their various features. These devices allow them to control their sleeping experience in ways an analog alarm clock can’t. But finding the best dual alarm clocks can be very frustrating as there are many available options.

As a result, buyers will need to know the necessary considerations when choosing one. I’ll help with this task by diving into them in our detailed buying guide. Here’s a quick preview of some of them to provide a head start:

  • Alarm and Snooze Capabilities: No dual alarm clock is useful unless it provides effective alarm and snooze functions. If these aren’t high-quality, no other feature available can make the product worth buying.
  • Charging Options and Power Sources: Worthwhile dual alarm clocks will usually offer two ways of powering them: AC adapter and AAA batteries. I would suggest steering clear of any options that don’t provide at least two power sources.
  • Ease of Use: Never choose an option with a complicated using process. It’ll only make the user’s life a lot more frustrating than initially intended. So please, read the manual before putting money down on any dual alarm clock.

This detailed buying guide isn’t the only resource within our article. I’ve also compiled a list and reviewed ten high-quality dual alarm clocks to offer an idea of what’s available. These reviews, combined with our buying guide, will ensure you can choose a suitable option.


Top Product name Weight Style Power Source  
1 USCCE Dual Alarm 10.8 ounces Digital Corded-Electric, Battery Details
2 ANJANK B314 10.8 ounces Digital Corded Electric, Battery  Details
3 Sonic Alert RA42658 1.5 Pounds Digital Corded Electric Details

Top 10 Dual Alarm Clock Reviews

1. USCCE Digital Dual Alarm Clock Radio

USCCE’s Digital Dual Alarm Clock Radio has become a favorite among homeowners for various impressive features. I’d have to start with its adjustable 3.4-inch compact LCD, which makes it endlessly convenient.

For instance, I can adjust this display’s brightness from 0 to 100%. It allows for a much more controlled user experience as I don’t have to stick with one brightness level. I never have to worry about it affecting my sleep or being unreadable.

The product’s three alarm modes were another intriguing aspect. I can set separate alarms for daily, weekend, or weekday usage. Plus, it comes with five different tones to ensure finding a suitable alarm sound isn’t too difficult for buyers.

I can’t go much longer without mentioning its snooze capabilities. It provides users with an additional extra nine minutes of sleep when they need some extra shut-eye. Honestly, it has come in handy on several occasions since I’ve set up the device.

The product’s FM radio aspect shouldn’t be overlooked, either. It comes with 40 stations and offers a sleep timer function (10 minutes to 150 minutes). This sleep timer allows me to save the battery of this digital alarm clock when sleeping with music playing.

But I wasn’t a fan of the product’s on/off buttons being next to each other. This placement makes it easy to shut off the alarm accidentally. Honestly, it has happened to me on more than one occasion during my experience with this device.
  • Adjustable brightness level on LCD (0 to 100%)
  • Three alarm modes for multiple applications
  • Five user-friendly alarm tones
  • Nine-minute snooze capabilities
  • Access to 40 FM music stations
  • Sleep timer function helps save battery
  • On/off buttons are next to each other
However, the on/off button issue is something that becomes less of a problem over time. I’ve got used to their placement and haven’t turned off the alarm accidentally in a while. In any case, the other impressive aspects more than make up for it.

2. ANJANK B314 Digital Dual Alarm Clock Radio

The ANJANK B314 Digital Dual Alarm Clock Radio distinguishes itself by offering a convenience level most other choices can’t match. It begins with the product’s design featuring dual USB charging ports.

I can use these charging ports to charge other devices, such as phones or tablets. It’s a crucial inclusion, especially during power outages or blackouts. For instance, I no longer have to venture out to my car when I charge my phone.

The product’s sleep timer allows me to play music while I sleep, as well. It offers a settable 10-minute to 2-hour window, so I can fall asleep with music playing without wasting battery. This aspect has significantly helped with my crippling insomnia.

Users don’t have to worry about this electric alarm clock taking up much room, either. It has a compact design to ensure it rests on a bedside table without issue. Plus, I can bring it along when traveling with ease.

Furthermore, buyers are offered a choice between five brightness levels and seven alarm sounds. It makes the entire usage process much more accessible and convenient. After all, I don’t end up stuck with a sound or brightness level that negatively affects my sleeping.

This dual alarm clock with radio does offer one minor downside, though. Its green buttons are hard to see in low-light situations. So if I wasn’t familiar with the device, it could be challenging to operate without my bedroom light or phone flashlight.
  • Dual USB charger ports to charge other devices
  • Equipped with a sleep timer to help preserve battery
  • Compact design for easy storability and portability
  • Adjustable brightness with five levels
  • Offers a choice between seven alarm sounds
  • Alarm buttons are difficult to see in low light situations
Honestly, this one flaw isn’t too serious. It still remains an appealing bedside clock with its high-quality performance and convenience. Due to this, it becomes a non-issue once a user memorizes the button placements.

3. Sonic Alert RA42658 Bomb Dual Alarm Clock

Alarm clocks for heavy sleepers don’t get much better than Sonic Alert’s RA42658 Bomb Dual Alarm Clock. It has several attributes capable of preventing anyone from sleeping through its alarms.

For instance, the product’s embedded 113db alarm is almost impossible to ignore. I’m a person who can sleep through nearly any alarm, but this one wakes me up without issues. It even offers adjustable tone and volume control to customize its use based on my needs.

The device’s 12-volt bed shaker is another truly effective trait. If the alarm ever failed to wake me up, this attribute would ensure I’d get out of bed. Due to this, I haven’t missed a meeting or appointment since setting up this dual alarm clock.

I’m also a fan of this device’s flashing alert lights, which offer another form of notification. These flashing lights are hard to ignore when I’ve just woken up. Moreover, it makes reading the information on the alarm’s display much more effortless.

Users should pay attention to its backup battery, as well. It’ll allow people to use the alarm clock during power outages or blackouts. I also should mention that it comes in five stylish color choices to ensure it meshes well into a buyer’s home decor.

But multiple customers noted this dual alarm clock with battery backup was too easy to turn off accidentally. In other words, I could barely brush the snooze button, and it would turn off the alarm. I prefer to have a multi-step process to shut it off as this action would limit any issues.
  • Loud 113db alarm with volume control and adjustable sounds
  • Equipped with a powerful 12-volt bed shaker
  • Built-in flashing alert lights for additional notification
  • Provides usage during blackouts with battery backup
  • Five stylish color options
  • Too easy to turn off
Once I was aware of the turning-off issue, it was a simple matter of being careful. It became easy to avoid this one nuisance and enjoy the other intriguing features of Sonic Alert’s battery backup alarm clock.

4. Timex T129B RediSet Dual Alarm Clock

Our next option, Timex’s T129B RediSet Dual Alarm Clock, keeps things straightforward. It doesn’t have highly advanced features, but the device manages to wake up users without breaking a sweat.

A massive reason for its effectiveness would be its dual alarm capabilities. As with every dual model, it allows users to set two independent alarms at the same time. It makes things much more user-friendly for couples sharing an alarm.

The convenience doesn’t stop with its dual alarm function, either. It also comes with two USB charging ports to help charge other devices like a phone or laptop. As a result, it has helped me prevent my bedside electrical outlet from being cluttered with plugs.

Users will benefit from its 100V-240V universal AC adapter, as well. It’s a versatile inclusion because it should allow people to plug the device into almost any electrical outlet. It makes using and setting up the alarm clock much less stressful.

As a frequent snooze user, this model’s snooze capabilities are worth mentioning. It lets users set their snooze session to anywhere between 1 and 29 minutes. The included LCD display is another attribute that received rave reviews as it’s easy to read.

I was a little surprised by this dual alarm not coming with a radio attribute, though. It seems like a minor oversight by this brand that could’ve made their product more appealing. I’m always going to prefer dual alarm clocks with a radio function embedded into them.
  • Effective dual alarm capabilities
  • Two USB charging ports to charge other devices
  • 100V-240V universal AC adapter for easy usage
  • Customizable snooze function (1 to 29 minutes)
  • Easy-to-read LCD display
  • No included radio
But overall, I have nothing negative to say about this product’s performance as an alarm. It has made sure I always wake up on time without any problems. I even lent it to multiple friends who have reported similar experiences.

5. USCCE Vibrating Dual Alarm Clock

USCCE’s Vibrating Dual Alarm Clock functions a bit differently from our other choices. It relies more on its three-level adjustable shaker feature than its embedded alarm to wake up users. I can’t say I blame USCCE, as it’s shown to be very effective on this heavy sleeper.

But this attribute doesn’t mean its alarm isn’t also appealing. USCCE offers three sound options to use as a user’s preferred alarm: buzzer, music, or bird sounds. As a result, I was able to customize my alarm with my preferred option, bird sounds.

Setting up the time and alarm on this device isn’t too difficult, either. It’s a simple matter of turning the device’s two ears to the correct settings. Honestly, it doesn’t get much easier within this marketplace.

Customizing the brightness level was also relatively straightforward. This model comes with an easy-to-use dial that allows me to adjust it anywhere from 0 to 100% with ease. It should be simple to find a brightness level that works for both people using the alarm.

As with our previous USCCE product, this model offers an appealing 9-minute snooze function. I can’t express how many times this aspect has saved me on a Monday morning. It has made a massive difference in my overall sleep quality.

However, this dual alarm clock doesn’t come with a weekend alarm setting. It’s a common aspect usually provided with high-quality digital radio alarm clocks. But USCCE didn’t see the need to include it here, which is slightly puzzling.
  • Three-level adjustable bed shaker
  • Built-in alarm with three sound options
  • Simple setup process by turning the two ears
  • Easy-to-use dial controls display brightness from 0 to 100%
  • 9-minute snooze function
  • Doesn’t offer a weekend alarm setting
Thankfully, I don’t need a regular weekend alarm, so this flaw ends up not affecting my experience with the product at all. But it’s easy to see how another buyer who works on the weekends would feel differently.

6. AcuRite 13024 Atomic Dual Alarm Clock

I was pleased with the AcuRite 13024’s time being radio-controlled. Due to this, I never have to worry about the clock’s time being wrong. Instead, it syncs right to the NIST radio station to offer the proper time with precise accuracy.

The product also makes setting two different alarms daily, on weekends, or weekdays simple, so it’s no wonder couples have gravitated toward this option from AcuRite.

Moreover, the practical included manual certainly quickens this process. Many alarm clocks come with vague directions that don’t offer much help. But AcuRite took their time writing this one as it guided me through the process without a single issue.

Buyers will also benefit from its display providing other crucial information. For instance, this dual alarm tracks indoor temperature right on its display. Its inclusion might not seem like a big deal, but knowing the temperature makes adjusting my AC and heat appliances much easier.

Other notable features include a 1-year warranty and one USB charging port. Both of these aspects only further confirm this model is one of the best available options.

Given these features, it shouldn’t be too shocking to learn this option is a higher-priced choice. It’s actually the most costly on our entire list. Anyone considering it will need to determine whether the benefits are worth its increased price.
  • Simple dual alarm, suitable for daily, weekday, or weekend usage
  • Helpful included manual allows for easy setup
  • Radio-controlled time to offer accuracy
  • Tracks indoor temperature
  • USB power port to charge other devices
  • 1-year limited warranty
  • A higher-priced option
In my case, I can’t help but think its performance is more than worth the asking price. I’m always going to be okay with paying some additional dollars for better results. This option certainly meets the criteria.

7. Sharp Digital Dual Alarm Clock

Affordable dual alarm clocks are often plagued with various issues and flaws. But Sharp’s Digital Dual Alarm Clock managed to beat the curse by offering a low price and exciting features. It ends up among the best bargains on our entire list.

One primary reason for its inclusion here would be its display. It’s fitted with easy-to-read LEDs, which I didn’t have a problem seeing from a distance. It has made keeping track of time within my home a lot more manageable.

The device’s alarm quality isn’t too shabby, either. It utilizes an ascending alarm volume to effectively wake me up without startling me. It’s a difficult balance to find within even the top-tier alarm clock radio devices or dual alarm clocks.

I also didn’t expect an affordable choice like this one to have a quality internal battery design, but it does, as I only need two AA batteries to run it effectively during a power outage. This feature came in handy last week, when a wind storm took out the power for my entire block.

Sharp managed to provide three color options for each buyer, as well. I found myself drawn to the black option with red LED lights, but all three should have no issues being valuable additions to various home decors.

Sadly, operating this battery backup alarm clock is a little challenging for some users. It has small control buttons, which can be a nuisance to people with large fingers. This was mentioned a few times in this dual alarm clock review section.
  • A more affordable option
  • Easy to read display with LEDs
  • Prevents abrupt waking with ascending alarm volume
  • Accepts batteries as a power source
  • Three color options for multiple decor preferences
  • Small control buttons
But I ended up not having too many issues with the smaller control buttons. Once I was used to them, utilizing the device was straightforward and a non-issue. Plus, it’s a worthwhile trade-off, considering the affordable price and excellent features.

8. Housbay RS1 Glow Dual Alarm Clock Radio

One of the more advanced available options would be Housbay’s RS1 Glow Dual Alarm Clock Radio. It combines three components, a night light, an alarm clock, and FM radio, into one appealing construction.

The night light component is what first grabbed my attention. It provides users with seven night light color choices and five brightness levels controlled by a thumb dimmer. As a result, it made customizing the device based on my preferences simple.

I was delighted by the product having a sleep time to help control the night light. It’ll automatically turn off when it reaches the set time frame. In fact, the FM radio can also be controlled by it to help preserve the device’s battery.

The alarm aspect isn’t anything to overlook, either. It provides users with three selectable wake-up sounds to help them get up during the morning. Plus, I don’t have to worry about the alarm being too jolting as it gradually increases its volume.

Aside from the three main components, I have to mention the control buttons. These buttons are lit up with easy-to-see light, so the device is controllable at night.

I do wish this option came with better setup instructions, though. It was a complaint among a few buyers within this product’s customer review section. Honestly, I can’t imagine many users finding the directions too helpful.
  • 3-in-1 device (dual alarm clock, night light, and FM radio)
  • Seven night light colors with five brightness levels controlled via dimmer
  • Sleep timer included to turn off night light and radio automatically
  • Three gradually increasing wake up sounds
  • Easy-to-see lit-up control buttons
  • Lackluster setup instructions
Thankfully, I didn’t need to utilize the instructions too much. The product has a relatively straightforward design that isn’t too different from other options. I ended up mostly enjoying my experience using this 3-in-1 dual alarm clock.

9. REACHER R3 Dual Alarm Clock

I haven’t always had an easy time sleeping, but REACHER’s R3 Dual Alarm Clock has done wonders for me. It helps with my slumber by being a 2-in-1 combination device featuring both alarm and sound machine aspects.

On the alarm side, it provides six natural alarm sounds. I can choose from bird, piano, flute, bell, buzzer, bell, or beep sounds. Each of these has no problem ensuring my sleeping sessions end when necessary.

Meanwhile, the sound machine component helps ensure I fall asleep with its 12 soothing noises. Some of the included options are thunderstorm, ocean, rain, or forest. Thus, it creates a more suitable and comfortable environment to catch a few z’s.

I was also intrigued by the device’s included dimmer. It allows me to easily adjust the alarm clock’s brightness level down to a more fitting level. Due to this, it’s another feature that helps cultivate a better sleeping environment.

Another appealing aspect offered by this alarm clock was an extensive internal battery slot. I was able to get up to 3.5 hours of usage when on the highest volume with only three AAA batteries. Of course, this lifespan only increases on lower volume levels.

However, there was a missing feature that caught my attention. This dual alarm clock doesn’t automatically adjust for Daylight Saving time. Instead, users will need to do it manually, which could be an issue for forgetful people like myself.
  • 2-in-1 combination device (dual alarm and sound machine)
  • Six available natural alarms sounds
  • 12 soothing sounds to help users fall asleep
  • Easy to use dimmer for adjusting brightness levels
  • 5 hours of operation on backup battery
  • Doesn’t automatically adjust for Daylight Saving Time
I’m not going to spend too much time complaining about the DST issue. It’s a minor inconvenience that won’t impact the product’s overall performance. In the end, I was more than pleased with what I got from this dual alarm device.

10. PPLEE CR1001E Digital Dual Alarm Clock

Our last option, PPLEE’s CR1001E Digital Dual Alarm Clock, provides a much larger display than I often see with these products. In fact, its 7” clear LED display was explicitly built to appeal to visually impaired buyers.

PPLEE also ensured buyers felt comfortable with the display by offering two color choices: blue digits or white digits. In my case, I couldn’t pass up on the blue digits option as it meshes perfectly with my taste.

I was delighted with the product’s dual alarm capabilities, as well. It wasn’t tricky to set up two different alarms as this entire device is easy to operate. Multiple customers noted similar findings in their reviews.

The alarm’s settings and customization were other eye-catching attributes. It allows each user to adjust the volume to their preference with four available levels. Users can also customize their clocks with either a 12-hour or 24-hour format.

As with any high-quality dual alarm, it provides a practical snooze function. This one offers 9 minutes to encourage extra sleep without going too far overboard. I should note that this model comes with both Daylight Saving Time and backup battery settings.

But the USB port does offer a slower charging speed than I’ve encountered with other alarms. As a result, it can be a little stressful and inconvenient when a device is needed right away.
  • Easy to see 7” clear LED display (available in two colors)
  • Simple-to-operate design for dual alarm capabilities
  • Adjustable volume control with four levels
  • Offers a choice between 12-hour or 24-hour time format
  • 9-minute snooze feature for additional sleep
  • Equipped with backup battery and Daylight Saving Time settings
  • USB port offers a slow charging speed
The USB port’s slow charging speed shouldn’t stop buyers from considering this option. After all, it does still charge the devices and provides other top-level attributes. It’s nothing a person can’t learn to deal with over time.

What to Look for When Buying Dual Alarm Clocks


Dual alarm clocks are a little more complicated than most buyers assume. These devices What to Look for When Buying Dual Alarm Clockshave a lot of parts that need consideration before choosing a suitable option. So, let’s dive into them and figure out what your preferred option needs to feature.

Alarm and Snooze Capabilities

Alarm and snooze functions are the most critical qualities provided by these devices. If a dual alarm clock doesn’t provide them effectively, there’s no reason to buy it. So it’s essential to do significant research into both attributes before selecting any model.

I must also mention dual alarm clocks will have preset alarm settings. For instance, they might include an advanced feature capable of programming the alarm on weekdays/weekends only. Of course, another popular setting would be daily alarms.

In most cases, the alarm will work by gradually increasing in volume until it shuts off. This process will allow your ears to adjust rather than being freaked out by a jarring sound. Customer reviews should also have more insight into how well each model’s alarm works.

A dual alarm clock’s snooze function is usually between 8 and 10 minutes. The number of times this function is usable per hour will change based on the specific device. I’d recommend getting one that doesn’t allow too many snooze activations as it’s very tempting to keep pressing it.

Adjustable Brightness

High-quality dual alarm clocks will always come with a dimmer control. This aspect will allow users to control the brightness of their alarms based on their preferences. Some options even take it to another level by providing a wider array of brightness levels.

The range will vary between 0 to 100% in these cases, with about 20 selectable levels. It makes life much easier for sensitive sleepers who don’t want a bright light in their room. Honestly, this aspect might not be the most important, but it can vastly improve the user experience.

Sleep Timer Range

Most dual alarm clocks will have a sleep timer preset. It usually ranges between 10 to 120 minutes before the clock will automatically turn off the music playing from it. Some advanced options even kick this range up to over two hours.

It’s a notable inclusion because it helps save battery and lengthens your alarm clock’s lifespan. If your clock doesn’t have them, the music will play throughout the night until you turn it off. The outcome would be a waste of electricity.

Charging Options and Power Sources

Most dual alarm clocks will come with an AC adapter of 2.1A/5V for easy usage. This feature will help charge the device’s embedded internal battery. So if the alarm clock has a low battery level, it’s a simple matter of plugging it into an electrical socket to charge it.

But these devices will also usually come with an internal compartment. It’s meant for holding 2 to 3 AAA batteries for backup power during blackouts or power outages. However, it’s not recommended to use batteries regularly as it does drain power much faster.

In any case, high-quality options will come with both these power sources. Some will even have USB ports so users can charge other devices using the alarm clock. It’s another feature worth thinking about as it can be highly convenient.


Dual alarm clocks can vary greatly when it comes to their price tags. It becomes necessary to build a budget based on your particular needs. For instance, a buyer who wants a dual alarm clock radio with battery backup or an AM FM clock radio will require higher budgets.

Accounting for these details allows the budget to become realistic. You can then use it for whittling down the number of choices to a more manageable number.

Ease of Use

Any dual alarm clock worth considering will be a breeze to use. Each buyer should read the manual of each potential option to ensure the usage process is straightforward. Most brands make it simple by placing the directions within product descriptions.

You can also rely on other customers’ reviews to give a handle on the using processes. Nothing makes buyers angrier than a device that provides them with stress. Therefore, it’s wise to use their negative experience to avoid potentially problematic options.

Which Brand Is Best for a Dual Alarm Clock


Any of the brands mentioned within our product review section are high-quality. But my favorite would have to be USCCE, which is why they have two alarm clocks discussed in this article.

How Do I Stop Sleeping Through My Alarms

One of the easiest ways to avoid sleeping through alarms is by setting multiple. In fact, I often set about three or five at one-minute intervals to ensure I can’t ignore them.

How to Use a Dual Alarm Clock

Each dual alarm clock will have specific instructions for their using process. It’s essential to follow those directions so that you can utilize them effectively. Honestly, most brands make using their alarm clocks straightforward and effortless.

Where Can I Buy

You can find dual alarm clocks almost anywhere; products like a Sony alarm clock or AM/FM clock radio are sold online. In most cases, people find themselves using Amazon or a similar marketplace. Buyers can also find them at stores like Walmart or Target.


Selecting the best dual alarm clocks now shouldn’t be much of a challenge. Everything within our article has prepared you to start searching for your perfect options. From here, it’s about trusting what you’ve learned and accounting for your particular needs.

But I’m still available to answer any concerns or issues that come up during the search. After all, you can always leave a post in our comment section. Thanks for reading!

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