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The Best Barking Dog Alarms for People Without a Four-legged Friend

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best barking dog alarm

Our dogs are capable of warnings and preventing a break-in. Honestly, the barking sound can be almost as effective as any top-tier alarm system. Security companies have capitalized on this by creating barking dog alarms for people without a four-legged friend.

These devices have become massively popular among homeowners to help keep their homes safe. But their popularity has led to many available options on today’s market. It has become more and more difficult for buyers to locate the best barking dog alarm.

However, the process isn’t challenging if a buyer has the correct information and tools. Our article will provide them so anyone reading it will have a usable buyer’s guide to help. It’ll outline the essential considerations and factors, such as these:

  • Sensitivity: Any high-quality barking dog alarm will detect movement through obstacles, such as walls or doors. If it doesn’t, the product becomes rather useless and shouldn’t be bought by anyone.
  • Volume: Buyers will need an option capable of scaring away intruders but remaining quiet enough to avoid annoying their neighbors. Options with a decibel level between 100db and 115db should be capable of fulfilling both needs.
  • Ease of Installation: Don’t be the person who chooses an alarm that comes with a complicated installation process. It’s better to research the process beforehand as the directions are usually within the product descriptions.

I’ll also provide a list of 10 high-quality available barking alarms. I chose each one based on having desirable features and an excellent reputation for providing security. You’ll learn more about each of them in the following product reviews and buying guide.


Top Product name Dimensions  Maximum Range Power Source  
1 Safety Technology ED-50 Rex 6.6 x 5.5 x 10.6 inches 30 feet Corded Electric Details
2 S SELDORAUK Dog Alarm ‎4.72 x 3.74 x 1.57 inches 1000 Feet Corded-Electric, Battery Details
3 Safety Technology EWD-1 6 x 4.75 x 7 inches 20 feet Battery-powered Details

Barking Dog Alarm: Top 10 Reviews

1. Safety Technology Rex Plus Barking Dog Alarm

Safety Technology’s Rex Plus Barking Dog Alarm starts our list with a bang as it has various impressive features. One of my favorites would have to be its authentic dog barking sounds.

Honestly, it was surprising how realistic it was compared to different dog alarms. I had a friend come over to test it out without telling them. They approached my front door and were startled by the more frequent noise as they were close.

The device’s motion detector was another impressive attribute. It had no problems sensing motion through my front door, walls, and glass. In fact, this product offers a detection range of up to 30 feet, which is perfect for my home.

I was also pleased with its various versatile alarm sound modes. Each buyer can switch between four options: continuous rainforest, barking dog, barking dog/alarm, and rainforest announcing visitor. After all, I don’t always need to have an angry dog telling me when someone comes near my home.

Users shouldn’t have any issues setting up this alarm, either. It plugs into any standard 110 VAC, 12 VDC, or 100mA electrical outlet for easy usage. It ends up being rather convenient for any homeowner.

A few customers did report durability concerns with this option, though. In these cases, this motion detector dog bark alarm didn’t last as long as expected. But these complaints were pretty infrequent to signify a real trend.
  • Make realistic barking dog noise quickening as the visitor is near
  • Senses motion through doors, walls, and glass
  • Up to 30-foot detection range
  • Four versatile sound modes
  • Plugs into any 110 VAC, 12 VDC, or 100mA electrical outlet for easy setup
  • Some durability concerns
Overall, I ended up delighted with this particular barking dog alarm system. It provides me with a secondary security measure to help deter intruders. Buyers could undoubtedly do much worse when exploring this marketplace.

2. S SELDORAUK Dog Barking Alarm

One of our most versatile options would have to be S SELDORAUK’s TL-850 Dog Barking Alarm. It features a waterproof construction capable of working in a location indoors or outdoors. Therefore, it has a wider application range than most other barking dog alarms.

This device also has one of the largest motion detectors ranges. After all, it can work up to 1000 feet within an open area due to its open antenna. Honestly, buyers aren’t going to find many dog barking security devices capable of matching it.

The product’s installation process was relatively simple, as well. It has a hanging hole on the back of its housing to ensure easy placement onto a wall or door. I didn’t even have problems installing it, which should provide anyone reading this article with a lot of confidence.

Moreover, buyers will have a choice between eight doorbell chimes. It shouldn’t be too difficult to find a suitable one for each circumstance or application. Plus, this model allows users to select between multiple volume levels and flashing lights to ensure ultimate user-friendliness.

This brand was even kind enough to offer a 1-year warranty with each purchase. As a result, it provides little insurance against user failure. It’s a godsend for someone like me who’s constantly breaking things.

I did notice this barking dog alarm system does produce some false activations when used outdoors, though. It seems to have a habit of sending out alarms during heavy wind storms. I wasn’t the only one to notice this problem, either, as it was noted in a customer review or two.
  • Waterproof construction allows indoor or outdoor use
  • Motion sensor range up to 1000 feet
  • Simple installation with included hanging hole
  • Eight selectable doorbell chimes for multiple applications
  • Multiple volume levels and flashing lights
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty
  • Prone to false activations when used outdoors
But the false activations weren’t enough to annoy or frustrate me. More importantly, the alarm system had absolutely no issues when being set up in a location indoors.

3. Safety Technology EWD-1 Electronic Barking Dog Alarm

The Safety Technology EWD-1 Electronic Barking Dog Alarm isn’t our most advanced choice among motion sensor dog barking alarms. But it provides effective performance while offering convenient usage for most buyers.

One of the main reasons for its effectiveness is its adjustable radar sensitivity. Each buyer can choose a range between 10 feet and 20 feet to fit their circumstance. I ended up going for 10 feet because my home’s close to the street and sees a lot of foot traffic.

The device’s wireless remote was another intriguing attribute. It makes disarming or activating the alarm much more convenient than various other choices. As a lazier person, the included remote control ends up suiting my personality to a tee.

Setting up the alarm couldn’t be easier, either, as it uses an AC power source. In other words, it didn’t have issues plugging into any electrical socket within my home. It provides the device with a bit more application versatility than I initially expected.

Once I installed this barking dog security alarm, it showed off outstanding performance. It managed to sense movement through doors and walls with ease. The brand was also smart enough to make it switchable as users can switch between a chime and barking dog sounds for security.

But I do wish this dog barking sensor came with batteries. This issue wouldn’t be a big deal if this model didn’t take eight AA batteries. It’s an extra expense that I don’t want to deal with when buying a barking dog security system.
  • Adjustable radar sensitivity from 10 feet to 20 feet
  • Disarm/activate from a distance with wireless remote control
  • Easy to set up with AC power source
  • Effective to sense movement through doors and walls
  • Switchable between barking dog alarm and chime
  • Batteries not included
In the end, lacking batteries is a slight nuisance that doesn’t remotely take away from its other impactful traits. The wireless remote control and product performance alone make dealing with this issue worth it

4. Streetwise Virtual K9 Barking Dog Alarm

This next option, Streetwise Virtual K9 Barking Dog Alarm, offers an awe-inspiring wireless remote control with a 50-foot range. It has allowed me to control the alarm while staying right on the couch, ideal for me.

In fact, this remote control doesn’t only activate or disarm the alarm. I can also use it to arm its panic alarm during an emergency or change the sound mode. As a result, Streetwise did an excellent job making this feature as convenient as possible.

I was also encouraged by this product’s three alert modes to warn about unwanted guests. In detail, the device is incorporated with a barking dog (this one sounds like a real dog), chime, or panic alarm. I’ve tested out each one and found them to be effective, reliable security measures.

Buyers shouldn’t overlook this barking dog alarm’s included AC adapter, either. It helps offer a lot of versatility when it comes to product placement. After all, it should have no issues fitting any electrical socket unless I’m in the UK or traveling somewhere else outside the states.

Traveling with the device has been extremely easy, as well. Its compact, low-profile design fits right into my suitcase and doesn’t add much weight. If these attributes weren’t enough, it offers eight volume levels reaching up to 120db to ensure each buyer gets their preferred alarm level.

But there is one issue with this dog bark alarm motion sensor, though. Its default setting happens to be the chime, which could become an annoying issue. Users will need to set back onto the barking dog setting every time it powers down.
  • Wireless remote control with 50-foot range
  • Three alert modes: barking dog (sounds like a real dog), chime, or panic alarm
  • Powered by an adaptable AC adapter
  • Compact, low-profile design for traveling
  • Eight customizable volume levels up to 120db
  • Defaults to chime mode, thus requiring to set when powered up
Honestly, the default chime setting is a bit frustrating. But I’ll take it when this device offers such an intriguing wireless remote control and customizable volume levels.

5. Safety Technology ED-55 Electronic Watchdog Alarm

There’s no need for a guard dog barking when having Safety Technology’s ED-55 Electronic Watchdog Alarm. It’ll deter burglars without breaking a sweat considering its many exciting features fitting into its design.

More importantly, it’ll offer these impressive results for a long time. This product has a water-resistant top to ensure it remains durable and unaffected by potential issues. It should stay in good shape and deter intruders for years.

Users will also benefit from its ability to fit into multiple settings. Customers have reported it as an effective security tool in apartments, homes, RVs, and similar situations. In other words, it can protect my valuables wherever I intend on staying.

I was thrilled to see this can work off two power sources, as well. It allows me to power it using a 110 VAC electrical outlet or six C batteries. As a result, this dog bark security device should be ready for whatever situation presents itself.

Other notable features include a 90-day warranty and adjustable detection range (up to 26 feet). Both these inclusions only further this model’s appeal from a convenience standpoint. It’s clear Safety Technology listened to their customers’ feedback when building this device.

I only wish this product’s dog bark alarm tone was a little less muffled. It creates a less threatening or scary alarm than I’ve seen with other products. This issue was noted more than once among electronic barking dog alarm reviews.
  • Water-resistant top for durability
  • Suitable for various settings (apartments, RVs, homes, hotels, etc.)
  • Two power sources (standard 110V (AC) electrical outlet or six C batteries)
  • 90-day warranty for customer prediction
  • Adjustable detection range up to 26 feet
  • Slightly muffled barking sound
However, the muffled sound doesn’t stop it from being an effective dog barking alarm to scare off burglars. On more than one occasion, it has kept a person from stealing packages on my porch, which has been an issue.

6. TOWODE Smart Motion Sensor Alarm

Sound versatility is the main part of what makes these products effective. In this area, TOWODE’s Smart Motion Sensor Alarm might be within a league of its own. This motion sensor alarm offers 24 different sounds (barking dog included) for various applications.

It has sounds for expecting guests, offering protection, or alerting people to emergencies. It’s ready for whatever situation presents itself that one of these devices could be helpful. More importantly, it can provide excellent performance when placed inside these situations.

Buyers can attribute this performance level to the product’s infrared sensor. It’s an outstanding feature that ensures false activations aren’t an issue with this device. For instance, I haven’t had a single problem with false alarms since installing this option.

I also have to mention this model comes with a remote control and three available modes. Both qualities ensure the product doesn’t require too much effort to use.

The four volume control levels were another intriguing attribute offered by this alarm. It’s a perfect amount of variation as it’s not overwhelming or needlessly complicated. I was able to find a suitable sound level without much issue.

I only wish the directions were a bit more detailed for the setup process. New users might take a while to figure out how to install and set this barking dog alarm to their desired modes.
  • 24 different sounds for various situations
  • Equipped infrared sensor to help prevent false activations
  • Remote control for easy disarming and arming
  • Three available modes (alarm, welcome, and smart)
  • Solid volume control with four different levels
  • Instructions are not detailed, taking new users a while to set up
Despite the not-very-helpful instructions, I was still able to enjoy its many outstanding qualities and high-quality performance.

7. Careland Solar Powered Animal Repeller

Humans aren’t the only ones looking to intrude on my property. But I don’t have to worry as Careland’s Solar Powered Animal Repeller takes care of any pests who adventure onto my lawn. It keeps those problem animals like deer or raccoons from causing trouble.

The product’s capable of deterring these animal intruders because of its three alarm sound choices. It’ll imitate an eagle barking, gunfire, and a dog barking to keep them at bay. It’s nice not having to worry about raccoons or skunks roaming around my yard.

Furthermore, it offers additional protection with flashing LED strobe lights. Animals aren’t too fond of them and get flustered enough to return into the woods. It’s a primary reason why gardeners tend to love this particular option.

Installing the device outdoors was a simple one-person job, as well. I can’t imagine many people having too much trouble with it, considering it took me little effort. But once I installed it, the device provided me with a solid animal-free zone of 20 to 26 feet.

The product also does a solid holding up against mother nature’s worst conditions. It has a durable plastic construction with waterproof capabilities. This device should be set up outdoors because it’s a solar product that utilizes the sun as its power source.

My only issue with this option is its design’s look. It could stand to be a little more visually appealing as it’s a bit of an eyesore in the middle of my lawn. But this problem is more of a preference than any severe flaw.
  • Effectively deters animals with three different alarm sounds
  • Flashing LED strobe lights for additional protection
  • Simple outdoor installation
  • Range between 20 and 26 feet
  • Durable, waterproof plastic construction suitable for outdoor usage
  • Solar-powered design removes the need for electronic power sources
  • Design could be more visually appealing
This device does an adequate job at keeping my yard free of animal pests with alarm sounds. Since installing it, I haven’t had a single issue with a raccoon eating out of my trash cans.

8. Guard Dogs Random Barking and Growling Dog Sounds

Guard Dogs’ Random Barking and Growling Dog Sounds excel in one area that our other options can’t match. It’s easily the simplest, most straightforward way of deterring intruders from getting inside homes or apartments.

For instance, this option consists of one-hour looping sound files of growling and barking noises. Users will only need to put their phone or CD player near the door to gain proper security. It’ll then make sure people don’t enter a home unless they want to interact with an angry dog.

I do have to point out that this option isn’t a standard barking dog sounds alarm. Instead, this provides realistic dog sounds via a CD or streaming site. Users can then utilize devices capable of playing the sounds, such as a phone, to give warnings.

Given it doesn’t have a proper design or construction, this option is more affordable. It might even be free for some customers who have the right streaming service. Therefore, they’re getting security protection for a fraction of the price.

Furthermore, it doesn’t require following any installation instructions or setting up. It’s a godsend for a person like myself who isn’t too fond of doing those tasks. I’d imagine many other people reading this article feel the same.

But I do have to admit that the barking noise provided by this option isn’t the loudest. I even turned up my phone to the highest volume, and it still needed to be placed near the door. It’s a minor issue that a buyer needs to account for when intending to buy barking dog alarm devices.
  • Simplest and straightforward application
  • One hour looping of growling and barking noises for protection
  • Available on streaming or audio CD
  • A more affordable choice than devices
  • No installation required
  • Barking could be louder
Overall, this option represents a cost-effective solution for people who aren’t looking to spend a ton on motion sensor dog bark alarms. It certainly more than met my expectations.

9. i4 Technology PA-02 Dog Bark Imitation Siren Doorbell

The i4 Technology PA-02 Dog Bark Imitation Siren Doorbell earns a place on our list for its ultra-realistic canine noises and behavior. In other words, this alarm system doesn’t begin with loud barking but rather a low growl as a dog warning sign.

If an intruder remains in the protected area, this dog warning sign develops into a furious bark. It’s a gradual process that depicts a dog lying behind the front entrance. I can’t envision any burglar willing to try and bypass it.

Aside from its dog mimicry, the device also senses movement through almost any obstacle. Its only worthy challenger would be metal surfaces that no dog barking alarm can penetrate. In this regard, the device is easily top-tier.

I found myself intrigued by this model’s three convenient modes, as well. It comes with alarm mode, barking mode, and doorbell mode, each suitable for specific purposes. For instance, I would use the doorbell option when expecting guests, not the alarm or barking modes.

But none of these aspects are what make this option truly special. Instead, it’s the included high-capacity power bank that allows for extended usage without a power adapter. Users can even make it more independent by connecting to a 5V solar panel for autonomous operation.

Although these features do come with one notable downside, a higher price tag, it ends up being the most costly choice on our entire list. Most people won’t spend this much on a dog barking alarm unless they feel it outpaces the competition.
  • Ultra-realistic canine noises and behavior
  • Senses movement through any obstacle besides metal
  • Three convenient modes (alarm mode, barking mode, and doorbell mode)
  • High-capacity power bank included for extended adapter-free use
  • Autonomous operation when connected to 5V solar panel
  • A higher-price option
This device’s ability to offer hyper-realistic dog sounds and top-tier convenience made it worthwhile. But, of course, not everyone will feel the same way.

10. ‎Apesto Sentry Watchdog Personal Home Security Alarm

Our last option, Apesto’s Dog Personal Home Security Alarm, makes its name among home security systems by offering hassle-free performance. It does everything its product description describes without any unnecessary bells and whistles.

I was delighted by this device’s ability to sense movement up to 25 feet. Users can even adjust this range if it’s too much for their homes. Since I need something with little less coverage, I simply turn the dial to a lower sensitivity.

The device also didn’t show any issues working through walls, wooden doors, or glass. I even tested it by having it activated when coming close to my front entrance. It managed to activate it every time I entered the intended detection range.

Moreover, users don’t have to use it as a dog barking sensor device. It comes with two other alarm options, a doorbell chime sound and a loud alarm. Both these options were more than adequate as each of them reached over 110 decibels.

Buyers shouldn’t sleep on its two power sources or 1-year warranty, either. I found myself loving the 6-foot AC adapter as it’s more flexible than the adapters that often come with these alarms.

As for its flaws, I couldn’t locate a single person with anything bad to say about it. This outcome is a rarity among home security systems. It’s not something buyers should overlook or not consider when making their decision.
  • Provides adjustable sense movement up to 25 feet
  • Effortless works through glass, wooden doors, and walls
  • Multiple alarm options for various situations
  • Two power source options for convenience (battery or 6-foot AC adapter)
  • 1-year warranty to ensure good functionality
  • None at the moment
All in all, I have zero complaints about this motion activated barking dog alarm. The product achieves what its manufacturer intended when creating it. What more could I want?

What to Look for When Buying Barking Dog Alarms


Several factors will impact what represents the most trusted motion or sound activated barking dog alarm for each buyer. You’ll need a handle on all of them to make a responsible buying decision. The following discussions of these factors will ensure it becomes a lot more straightforward.


The top-rated barking dog alarms will have a strong motion detector or sensor. In other words, it shouldn’t have any issues detecting movement through obstacles. This aspect will allow users to place the device inside their homes rather than outside.

For instance, the sensor shouldn’t have any issues seeing through windows, doors, or walls. I’d recommend reading through customer reviews to determine each model’s sensor quality. These resources should provide a solid handle on its performance.


Your barking dog alarm’s volume has to offer a convenient balance. It needs to be loud enough to scare away intruders but remains low enough to avoid disrupting neighbors. Anywhere between 100db and 115db would be a solid range.

I also must note that louder options tend to lose sound quality quicker. It causes the barking dog sound to come off as inauthentic. Due to this, any intelligent burglar will realize there isn’t a real dog inside your home.

Detection Range

Your alarm’s motion sensor should detect movement from a sizable distance. After all, you want a burglar worrying about your “real dog” before the break-in attempt. The alarm becomes useless if it starts right when the burglar opens your door: they’ll know you don’t have an aggressive dog with a loud bark.

But this detection range shouldn’t be too extensive as it might sense motion on the street. As a result, you should know the property’s measurements to avoid this potential issue.

Ease of Installation

Some barking dog alarm manufacturers like to make our lives difficult with complicated installation processes. Naturally, buyers will want to do everything possible to avoid those models. They should look at choices that require minimal effort to set up correctly.

An easy way to avoid these options is by doing extensive research. Read each product’s directions and customer reviews before making a final decision. Then, you can easily choose an option that offers a comfortable installation for your skill level.


In most cases, these devices will utilize AC power. It’s a reliable power source that doesn’t cause users issues unless a blackout or power outage occurs. Due to this, I always suggest choosing alarms capable of running on battery power.

This attribute will allow the device to be usable regardless of whether there’s a power issue. It’s a precaution to ensure your home can deter intruders at all times.


You’re going to want a barking dog alarm with multiple modes. These features allow users to switch the barking noise to a more pleasant sound, like nature sounds. Therefore, you don’t even have to turn it off when inside your home.

Many advanced options will also come with a doorbell mode. It’s a crucial inclusion as it allows you to leave the alarm on and offers a doorbell chime when someone is approaching. As a result, you remain protected but don’t have a constant barking noise going off inside your home.


Barking dog alarms aren’t any different than other devices when it comes to cost. These products have a considerable price range, so building a budget is necessary. It should be built around what features you deem necessary.

For instance, a buyer who must have multiple modes will require a higher budget. Accounting for these tiny details is the only way to ensure your budget remains realistic. You can then use this resource to lessen the number of alarms to a more reasonable number.

Do Barking Dog Alarms Work


As a protection device, a barking dog alarm works well and offers homeowners extra peace. They represent a simple way of deterring potential home invaders. Honestly, thieves don’t want to deal with the possibility of a real dog inside your home.

Can I Use a Barking Dog Alarm if I Have Dogs Already

There’s no reason a person can’t have a real dog and a barking dog alarm. In some cases, having both these security measures at the same time can be massively beneficial. Plus, some dogs aren’t the greatest at being “guard dogs.”

Where to Install a Barking Dog Alarm

I’d recommend installing a barking dog alarm near your home’s front entrance or back door. These areas are most likely going to see movement from potential intruders.


I hope our discussions about the best barking dog alarm answered all your questions. You should now have no issues finding a suitable motion activated dog bark device for your home. It’ll then ensure any home intruder thinks twice about entering your house.

However, if you still have a question or two, please let me know in our comment section. I’d be happy to answer any issues making this process difficult. Thanks for reading!

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