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What Is Passive Door Lock? Here’s What You Should Know!

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what is passive door lock

What is passive door lock? Instead of pressing the lock button on your key fob or car’s door handle, you can just get outside your car, close the door and run some errands, since your car will automatically lock.

If you are considering enabling a passive lock for your car, knowing more about the features of the passive lock system will help you come to a decision. Aside from that, you will learn more about its pros and cons.

How Does Passive Door Lock Work?


Most of the GM vehicles with a remote keyless entry include GM passive door lock feature. However, there are conditions before this feature could work:

  • The vehicle’s engine is turned off;
  • Car doors are shut; and,
  • Key fob is removed from the car.

Once the feature is enabled and all the conditions are met, the vehicle will automatically lock regardless of how far the keyfob is from the vehicle. You can also configure the setting so that the horn would chirp to indicate that the vehicle is already locked.

If you want to enable Cadillac passive door lock or Chevy passive door lock but don’t know how, check the settings of your vehicle’s app then choose “Vehicle.” Look for “Remote Lock, Unlock.” Press “Start” to enable it.

What Is Auto Door Unlock?

Auto door unlock enables the vehicle’s door to open by pushing the button on the handle of the car rather than using the car keys. By pressing the button once, you will open the door on the driver’s seat. Press twice and you will unlock all of the doors.

Your auto door unlock Chevy or passive door unlock GMC feature automatically activates once you enable the passive door lock feature. The only condition for this to work is that you must be within three feet from the door handle.

FAQs About Passive Door Lock


How will I disable the passive door lock temporarily?

Close all of the doors of your car and put the key into the ignition switch, ensuring it’s in the “Off” mode. Turn the key into the “Drive” mode then press the power button thrice. Once you are done, turn the key from “Run” to “Off.”

How will I enable passive unlocking using my keyfob?

If you want to enable passive unlocking using your keyfob, you just need to press on to the Lock and Unlock buttons for three seconds. Make sure, though, that the vehicle is off. The turn signal will flash four times, indicating that the feature is enabled.


After learning “what is passive door lock,” you now know that your vehicle can automatically lock and unlock without the need for car keys. As long as you meet the conditions cited above, this feature will automatically activate.

Aside from that, it is easy to temporarily enable and disable the feature using your keyfob or the app for your vehicle. Enabling passive door lock does not only ensure your security but also offers the convenience provided by keyless entry systems.

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