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What Kind of Key Does Not Open a Door? (Riddle)

Fact checked by Teddy B.Miller

what kind of key does not open a door

Riddles are a great way to practice critical thinking and thinking outside the box. Not only does it challenge your brain power, but it also makes for a good past-time activity.

Indeed, some riddles might get tricky; that’s the fun of it!

Check out this one: What kind of key does not open a door?

The Riddle

The riddle “what kind of key does not open a door” is actually a fun and interesting one, as it is childish and challenging at the same time. It is even equally difficult to think about a key that can open any door.

You can also encounter other versions, such as:

  • What key doesn’t open a lock?
  • What kind of key opens no lock”.

Whatever the variations are, the answer is still the same.

If you are still confused and unsure of what type of key won’t open door, you might want to check the following clues before you read the answer in the next paragraph:

  1. The answer to the riddle is a living thing. It moves, eats, and even sleeps!
  2. The answer to the riddle has the word “key” on its name. You might want to check words that have the word “key” on it.
  3. The answer to the riddle has variations. This means that there are many possible correct answers.

The Answer

The answer to the riddle “what key won’t open any door” is quite easy and simple. Having three possible answers makes it easier to figure out.

Here are the following answers for the riddle “what key unlock no doors?”

  • Turkey – The word “turkey” has the word “key”. It cannot open any doors as it does not have the hand and strength to do it.


  • Monkey – The word “monkey” has the word “key”. It might be possible for a monkey to open a door, but it would have to learn from humans before the monkey can do it.


  • Donkey – The word “donkey” has the word “key” as its last three letters. The donkey can’t open a door as it cannot turn the door knob.


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Knowing the answer to the riddle “what kind of key does not open a door” makes it possible for you to also ask the riddle to your family and friends. Spend your time interacting with them with this interesting riddle!

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