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How to Get a Key Unstuck from a Door – The Best Way (w/ Steps)

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How to Get a Key Unstuck From a Door

Do you want to know how to get a key unstuck from a door? Squirt a lubricant to the keyway then pull the visible part of the key with pliers. If the tip of the key cannot be gripped, you can use a broken key extractor kit. After sliding the extractor tool in, turn the hook and pull the key toward you.

Jiggling too much may leave your key broken into a half piece, especially if the door lock is durable. With this tutorial, you won’t have to call a locksmith to do the task because you can do it yourself.

What You Need

In this tutorial, you need specific items so you can execute the procedures successfully. You can find some of them in your backyard or you can buy them in stores or malls for an affordable price. Aside from that, you can keep them in your toolbox since they will be useful in the future.



The best choice for lubricant is spray graphite. It has a super slippery characteristic, and it reduces friction on surfaces. The lubricant is usually in spray form. Compared to other lubricants, this does not attract debris or dirt, so it keeps the surrounding clean. Once applied, the spray graphite evaporates and leaves a dry lubricant on the surface.

Another option is a penetrating lubricant since it is useful for loosening stuck bolts and keys. Aside from that, it can infiltrate even the smallest cracks. Researchers found out that you can make your own penetrating lubricant by mixing 90% vegetable oil and 10% acetone. However, you need to be very careful.



A pair of needle-nose pliers is recommended for this tutorial. Gripping small objects with this kind of pliers is easy because of its slim, long nose and hard plastic covering the upper portions. This is commonly used for electrical wiring since it is also efficient in cutting thin wires.

If you are also fond of doing handicrafts, you surely own needle-nose pliers, especially if you are making jewelry. This hand-held tool works in gripping small beads and forming thin wires for handicrafts.

Broken Key Extractor Kit


This item is optional (use this if it is impossible to pull the key using the pliers). This usually happens when the key is already broken because of exerting too much force.

A broken key extractor kit is a tool used by professional locksmiths that you can buy in stores. Don’t hesitate to spend on this item since it would be cheaper than to pay for professional help.

You don’t need to purchase many sets of broken key extractor kits since some of the variations are irrelevant, especially if you are not working as a locksmith. You can choose from a single hooked extractor or a double hooked key extractor. You can also purchase the two of them, but it’s not necessary.

What You Need to Do


Put a lubricant on the keyway then grab the key’s visible end with a pair of pliers

Using either spray graphite or a penetrating lubricant, squirt a small portion to the keyway. Avoid using oil as a lubricant since it can cause rusting to the keyway.

Once you are done with this, you can grab the visible part of the key using a pair of needle-nose pliers and pull the key towards yourself. If you have done this, you have successfully unstuck the key from the door. But if not, proceed to the next step.

Use a broken key extractor kit if the key cannot be grabbed with pliers

By using a single or double hooked extractor, insert the extractor tool in the lock then slightly turn it toward the key. Pull the tool back as you press the handle away from the lock. By doing this, the hook will press the key until it slides out of the lock. Just keep on repeating this procedure until you get the key.


Is it amazing that with some simple steps, you have learned how to get a key unstuck from a door? You don’t need to risk breaking your key or calling for a professional locksmith to help you out. With the help of this tutorial, you will save more time and money.

It will be easy if you use a lock with a biometric or combination feature. You won’t need to carry a key with you, but I propose doing your research and finding the right lock for your door.

You can also share this post with your family members and friends so they will know what to do once their keys got stuck on their doors. We will also be glad to hear about your experiences while doing the tutorial; just comment on the post below.

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