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How to Find Kwikset Model Number? – 5 Easy Ways

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how to find kwikset model number

If you’re wondering how to exactly pinpoint the exact model and brand of your lock, you should always refer to the model number of the lock. Like the Kwikset model 450241, the model number commonly consists of 6 numbers.

However, some brands and types of Kwikset locks have different locations of the model number, which might not be obvious to most consumers. Fortunately for you, I will show you how to find the Kwikset model number in this article.

Methods for Finding the Kwikset Model Number

Model numbers on your Kwikset locks and accessories can sometimes be difficult to locate. If you are wondering, “Where is the model number located on Kwikset locks?”, here are four ways that you may find the model number of your Kwikset lock or accessory:

1. Look for the model number on the lock itself.


Kwikset models have engraved model numbers on them. They may not be obvious since such locks do not have the model number on the front of the lock.

Traditional locks can sometimes have their model numbers near the keyway or, in some padlocks, have it engraved on the shackles.

For smart locks from Kwikset such as Kwikset keyless deadbolt, they can commonly be seen inside the lock where the batteries can be located.

2. Find it in the lock manual.


Some manuals not only contain instructions on how to use or install the lock but it also contains crucial information about the lock. This includes the date the lock was manufactured, the warranty of the lock, and of course, the model number.

Scan the pages of your Kwikset smart lock manual and try to find the model number. They can usually be found on the front of the manual or the back page of the manual.

Identifying the Kwikset model number on the manual can be done by finding a six-digit code.

3. Check the original packaging of the lock.


If your Kwikset lock doesn’t have the model number on the lock itself, it might be on the packaging where it was contained. The packaging can be in the form of plastic, boxes, or a mix of the two.

Locating Kwikset lock model number on the packaging might be difficult, since the print can be small. The model number can usually be found at the back of the packaging, which is printed on the box

You can also get other information on the packaging such as the date it was manufactured, instructions on how to use it, and other relevant information.

4. Visit the Kwikset website.


If you had no luck finding the model number on the lock and its packaging, you might try visiting the website of Kwikset and do a specification lookup. There you can find all of the locks that Kwikset has manufactured and do a model number search.

Ranging from deadbolts to electronic locks, the Kwikset website can offer you the visual representation of the locks and the model number for each one. You can also check out Kwikset smartcode manuals and installation guides which contain the model number of the lock and how you can install it.

5. Contact Kwikset customer support.


If the lock is already phased out, there is a chance that you cannot find the lock and the model number on the Kwikset website anymore. That is where the Kwikset customer service becomes handy.

You can chat with a live support agent by calling 1-800-327-5625. You can ask them questions about the lock and the model number that you are trying to find.


Kwikset locks are among the top locks in the industry. They are sturdy, reliable, and secure, becoming commonly used in residential and commercial buildings to make families and valuables safe.

Knowing how to find a Kwikset model number will help you with troubleshooting your lock if you have problems with it, or will help you when you want to buy the same type of lock. Just make sure you look closely so that you won’t miss it.

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