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The Best Door Reinforcement Locks to Optimal Home Security

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best door reinforcement lock

Some homeowners feel a need to reinforce their doors with extra security. You often encounter this need in high crime areas or anyone renting out their place. In these scenarios, it would make sense to find the best door reinforcement lock possible.

But how does one find the perfect option to reinforce their doors? Well, there are several considerations and factors at play when making this decision. You’ll need a handle on all of them to select a reinforcement lock that suits your needs.

Our article will offer significant insight into those considerations as a starting point. These discussions should ensure the entire process becomes a lot easier. So let’s take a quick peek at some key features to provide an of what you can expect:

  • Size: Each buyer will need to consider the size of their ideal door reinforcement lock. It needs to mesh with your door’s width, height, and thickness. If it doesn’t, the lock will become useless and a waste of money.
  • Installation: You’ll want a door reinforcement lock that doesn’t take much effort to install. In an ideal situation, this device won’t require hiring a professional for the job. It’s a simple way of saving yourself a little money.
  • Force Bearing: Every reinforcement lock can withstand a certain amount of force. I’d suggest making sure your option is capable of stopping at least 350 pounds. This level should be the minimum when searching for a high-quality choice.

Aside from the key features, I’ve also compiled a list of 10 top-tier reinforcement locks. I chose each option based on having desired characteristics and aspects. You’ll learn much more about them in our product reviews and buying guide.

Top Product name Dimensions Material Color  
1 Defender Security U 10827 2.5 x 1.38 x 3 inches Satin nickel Silver Details
2 Amazon Basics ‎AB-DH300-OR ‎2.52 x 1.38 x 2.8 inches ‎Aluminum Copper Details
3 Master Lock Security Bar 30.5 x 3.75 x 2.5 inches Alloy Steel White, Black Details

Top 10 Door Reinforcement Lock Reviews

1. Defender Security U 10827 Door Reinforcement Lock

Defender Security’s U 10827 Door Reinforcement Lock is a solid way of starting this list with its various impressive features. For instance, I found myself more than thrilled by its durable, extruded aluminum construction. It shouldn’t have any issues keeping my front door secure.

After all, it has been weighted to withstand 800 pounds of force. So I’m more than confident that it shouldn’t have any problem dealing with whoever tries to break down my door. I even attempt to get through it myself without a single thread of luck.

The installation process was another noteworthy attribute. I had no trouble installing this door reinforcement lock, especially with the included 3″ hardened screws. Overall, the entire install couldn’t have been much easier and was completed in only a few minutes.

I was also intrigued by this product’s tamper-resistant capabilities. This aspect allows users to install the device in high enough places where a child can’t reach it. Plus, it protects against picking and bumping attempts to add a further sense of security.

The product’s versatility was appealing, as well. I can use this product on any swing-in door of any thickness without much issue. It wasn’t easy to find a door within my home where I couldn’t use this reinforcement lock effectively.

But I do wish this Defender Security door lock had a more attractive design. In other words, it’s not very visually appealing to my eyes. It ends up sticking out like a sore thumb when placed on my front or bedroom doors.
  • Durable extruded aluminum construction
  • Proven to withstand 800 pounds of force
  • Easy and quick installation process with 3″ hardened screws
  • Tamper-resistant to prevent picking and bumping
  • Suitable for any swing-in door
  • The design may be unappealing to some people
But honestly, I’m not looking for a visually attractive option with these choices. It doesn’t matter much as I just want something that can withstand an intruder’s attack. This option certainly meets my expectations when it comes to those needs.

2. Amazon Basics ‎AB-DH300-OR Door Reinforcement Lock

The Amazon Basics’ ‎AB-DH300-OR Door Reinforcement Lock earns its way onto our list with its straightforward and convenient design. Buyers will have a hard time finding another option that provides better performance with such a simple design.

One of the main reasons for its decent performance would be the aluminum construction. It’s more durable and tough than a person might initially expect. I was thrilled with how well the lock held up when doing my tests and bypass attempts.

Amazon Basic also did buyers a solid by providing five finish choices. It makes finding a variation perfect for any home’s decor much easier. In my case, I couldn’t pass up the oil-rubbed bronze finish as it meshes exceptionally well with my door.

The product’s installation wasn’t too tricky, either. Amazon Basics provides every required part or component needed for the task. From there, it was a simple matter of following their well-written and easy-to-follow directions.

Lastly, the product’s cost was more than affordable. I would even call it a bargain when purchasing for the right situation. It’s easy to see several circumstances where this lock would be seen as a godsend for homeowners.

My one complaint is the included screws were a bit shorter than needed. As a result, I had to buy additional screws and replace them as they just wouldn’t work. I wasn’t the only person to experience this trouble, as some other customers noted similar issues in their reviews.
  • Straightforward, simple design for convenience of use
  • Durable aluminum construction to prevent any bypass attempts
  • Five blendable finish choices
  • Easy installation with included hardware and instructions
  • A more affordable option
  • Subpar included screws
In the end, any issues with these screws are easily solvable. It’s a small nuisance that doesn’t take away from the lock’s solid performance and versatility. Buyers could do a lot worse when trying to have reinforced door locks.

3. Master Lock Door Security Bar

Traveling becomes a lot safer with Master Lock’s Door Security Bar. Its portable and compact design makes the product a valuable travel companion. I now use it whenever I’m using hotel rooms where I don’t feel entirely secure.

It offers a sense of protection with its heavy-duty 20-gauge steel construction. I put this security bar behind the door and never have to fear any barging into my room. As a result, it provides me with peace of mind whenever I need to catch some sleep.

Using the device couldn’t be less involved, either. It doesn’t require any tools as I just adjust the bar length via its release button and prop it under the doorknob. Door reinforcement devices don’t get much easier to use than this one.

It even offers a sizable application range as it works on most standard doors. In fact, users can remove the top door knob jam to make it work for sliding door reinforcement. The applications for this security bar are almost endless.

Master Lock made sure to include a padded foot on the device, as well. This padded foot is valuable as it prevents scratching from occurring. Therefore, I don’t have to worry about it affecting the surface of hardwood or tile flooring.

However, the product does have issues working on hardwood floors. Its base is a bit too slippery and causes the entire product to be less effective. So it might not be a great option for people trying to reinforce a door with hardwood floors behind it.
  • Ideal for traveling with a portable, compact design
  • Heavy-duty 20-gauge steel construction offer high sense of protection
  • Easy using and application process without any tools required
  • Suits most standard doors (sliding doors included)
  • Prevents scratching on hardwood or tile flooring with padded foot
  • Slips on hardwood floors
But I can’t be happier with its ability to perform on other floors. It does an excellent job as long as it’s not on a surface that allows its base to slip. In those situations, a thief will have no luck trying to get through it.

4. TOYFUL 01 Door Reinforcement Locks

Our next option, TOYFUL’s 01 Door Reinforcement Locks, has become a favorite 2-pack choice among homeowners for a simple reason. These locks have proven to have an extremely high resistance when encountering force.

In fact, these locks were designed to withstand 800 pounds of force without issue. I can’t produce this amount of pressure, but I can report it was very successful against my attempts. Its heavy-duty construction laughed at me when I was trying to get past it.

The spring-loaded design was another notable attribute offered by these locks. It makes this door security latch child-proof as I can install them higher up on my door. Therefore, my nephews and nieces can’t unlock it and sneak outside my home.

I was also pleased with the installation process for these locks. TOYFUL provides everything a person could ever need to install them, such as screws and a manual. I had both locks installed within minutes, which is a far cry from what I usually experience.

Other notable traits are their ability to fit any door thickness, easy use process, and four color choices. These inclusions further prove this option to be a somewhat attractive choice. TOYFUL did a solid job cultivating a set of locks that any homeowner could enjoy.

A few customers did note the locks have sharper edges than expected, though. It’s not a massive issue, but it’s something worth knowing before putting money down on them. Otherwise, it might catch a user off guard when installing the locks.
  • Heavy-duty 2-pack construction withstands 800 pounds of force
  • Spring-loaded design for child-proofing
  • Quick installation with included materials (screws and a manual)
  • Fits any door thickness
  • Easy to use (unlocking/locking)
  • Four color choices for easy meshing
  • The edges are sharper than expected
However, I haven’t had any issues with the sharp edges during my expectation. I remained vigilant and careful around them, which rendered it a non-issue. It allowed me to marvel at all the features and aspects that ensure high-quality door reinforcement locks.

5. Nightlock ‎14002 Security Lock Door Barricade

Front door security is the most essential in our homes. Nightlock’s ‎14002 Security Lock Door Barricade makes sure it’s covered with solid aluminum construction. It’s installed on the bottom of a front door and stops thieves from kicking them open.

In other words, this front door security lock will be there when a deadbolt fails. It’ll ensure my home remains secure and intruder-free, which is all I’m looking for from these devices. Performance-wise it doesn’t get a lot safer than this Nightlock product.

But this option doesn’t only excel when it comes to performance. I was also happy with its appearance as the device is fitted with a beautiful satin nickel anodized finish. It shouldn’t have any issues meshing into most home decor or front door designs.

Homeowners will love its ability to work with any flooring, as well. It wouldn’t scratch or cause any other issues on these delicate surfaces. I’ve even put it on my hardwood floor for weeks now without a single problem presenting itself.

More importantly, it came with a helpful set of directions and included hardware. It’s a nice touch because I didn’t have to buy any additional tools or parts. Instead, it keeps the entire process a lot more convenient and buyer-friendly.

I only wish the installation process didn’t require drilling into the floor. I’m not a massive fan of using power tools due to my clumsiness. So I’m always going to prefer to avoid them when using door security devices for apartments or homes.
  • Solid aluminum construction stops thieves from breaking the door
  • Effective security measure against kick-ins
  • Has a beautiful satin nickel anodized finish
  • Suits any type of flooring without causing scratchings
  • Helpful directions and included hardware make it more user-friendly
  • Installation requires drilling
But once I finished the installation, I couldn’t complain about its performance. This door reinforcement plate has proven on more than one occasion to be an effective security measure. I certainly feel a lot safer with it installed in my home.

6. WINONLY Home Security Door Lock

WINONLY’s Home Security Door Lock is a bit more simplified than some of these other options. But don’t hold it against this lock as it’s as effective or more secure with its straightforward design and features.

For instance, this model has a 3” metal construction fitted with four strengthen screws. It’s a setup that ensures the lock can handle a full 800 pounds of force. As a result, it’ll make any deadbolt look weak in comparison.

I was also pleased with the ease of its installation, which only requires a few minutes. I’m usually not a huge fan of using my power tools, but this time was effortless. I had the entire project done in less than five minutes.

The product’s easy-open feature was another intriguing component. It allows me to open the lock when an emergency occurs, such as someone locked behind the door. It’s nice to have a secondary method that’s there if/when an emergency happens.

As for its compatibility, the lock will work on most inward swinging doors. It should function well as a bedroom door lock, front door lock, or even a closet lock. It’s a bit more versatile and adaptable than I initially expected.

But there were a few packaging issues reported within its customer reviews. In these cases, the product arrived without certain parts like the screws or instructions. Luckily, I didn’t have these problems when mine arrived as mine was packaged perfectly.
  • Straightforward design (in fact, even more simplified than others!)
  • 3” metal construction with 800-pound force resistance
  • Simple installation (less than 5 minutes)
  • Equipped with easy opening for emergencies
  • Compatible with most inward swinging doors
  • Packaging issues sometimes occur
I wouldn’t put too much concern into the packaging issues. These problems seemed more isolated as they weren’t overly frequent. Most people found themselves excessively happy with the device’s performance like I did.

7. Buddybar ‎10311 Home Security Door Bar

Door reinforcement devices don’t get much more heavy-duty than Buddybar ‎10311 Home Security Door Bar. It has been tested to withstand 2,560 pounds of force, which should be more than enough to secure my home or hotel room.

Aside from its impressive force resistance, this option was more portable than I expected. It only weighs 8.2 pounds to ensure I can travel with it. It’s hard not to see why it has become a favorite for renters or Airbnbs.

I was a little surprised by its ability to work in various situations, as well. This model has no problem with slippage on any flooring, which ensures peak performance. I even tried on my hardwood floors, and the results were pristine.

The product’s adjustment range is another useful feature. For instance, it can easily fit most doors with its ability to extend between 36” and 51”. It’ll also install its steel locking mechanism within only a few seconds that saves me from using tools.

It’s also worth mentioning that this security bar is made from durable powder-coated steel. It doesn’t have any plastic parts like often seen on other similar devices. As a result, this product should last a long time and provide high-quality performance.

Sadly, this high level of protection comes at a steep price. This model happens to be our most costly door reinforcement device without much competition. Each buyer will have to decide whether they feel like the price tag is worth its increased security.
  • Heavy-duty door bar that can withstand 2,560 pounds of force
  • Portable 8.2-pound design, suitable for travelling
  • Effective on any flooring type, no problem with slippage
  • Fits most doors (adjusts between 36” and 51”)
  • Effortless installation that requires no tools
  • Made from durable powder-coated steel
  • A higher-price option
All in all, I found myself siding on the side of this door bar being worth it. I travel a lot into areas where hotel security isn’t excellent, so this product’s a godsend. It allows me to feel safe wherever I might be traveling.

8. Ever Plus ‎EPDL001-1 Home Security Door Lock

This next option, Ever Plus’ ‎EPDL001-1 Home Security Door Lock, isn’t the most advanced option available, but it gets the job done without any hassles. It keeps the entire process simple and prevents thieves from entering my home.

But this simplicity doesn’t stop it from lacking some mention-worthy features. A solid example would be its tamper-resistant and child-proof design. After all, multiple customers have praised its ability to keep even the most unruly children from wandering off outside.

The product’s polished finish also caught my eye. Ever Plus took their time polishing each side to ensure there weren’t any sharp edges or potentially dangerous areas. So instead, it has a smooth surface to keep everyone safe and protected.

I was thrilled to see it was equipped with a soft rubber backing, as well. It’s an often overlooked feature, but this component protects the door from getting scratched. Plus, it keeps the lock from generating too much noise when it’s locked.

Of course, the aluminum steel construction with its 800-pound force resistance is another essential trait. As with previous options, this door lock should remain intact unless an elephant decides to kick down my door.

But sadly, this option is another one hampered by coming with subpar screws. So I ended up having to use some of my own screws to finish up the installation process. Thankfully, I had a few lying around that could adapt to the process.
  • Simple, no-hassle performance
  • Child-proof, tamper-resistance design
  • Fitted with an eye-catching, polished, smooth finish
  • Soft rubber backing prevents door scratches and noise
  • Aluminum steel construction with 800-pound force resistance
  • Subpar screws
Once I replaced the screws, this lock wasn’t too difficult to install. It then provided a solid performance that allowed me to sleep without any sense of worry. But I could see how others might get overly annoyed by the lackluster screws.

9. Rishon ‎I9889 Addalock the Original Portable Door Lock

The Rishon ‎I9889 Addalock the Original Portable Door Lock is another option meant for road travel with its lightweight design. It’s easy to imagine how a person might be more comfortable with this device to help secure hotel doors.

In these situations, it offers a bit more versatility than expected from a reinforcement door lock. It can work on most hinged and swing-in doors with ease. I even tested the product on several doors within my home with solid results.

The product was more durable than I expected, as well. Most portable locks are flimsy or lacking when it comes to design materials. But this one offers a robust metal body construction that can stay locked even when facing immense pressure.

For instance, it withstood my attempts to bypass it without breaking a sweat. So it’s easy to see why many people swear by this portable door lock as a must-have travel companion. It also doesn’t hurt that installing it on any door takes minimal effort.

Rishon provides a travel pouch with each purchase a nice final touch, as well. This component allows a user to move it much easier than other similar devices. I have already made it a permanent part of my travel luggage.

One noticeable issue with this option was the clicking sound that it produced. This sound could draw the attention of nearby people during the installation process. A would-be intruder might notice and determine there’s something worth protecting behind my door.
  • Ideal for travel use with its lightweight design
  • Easily fits onto most hinged and swing-in doors
  • Durable, secure metal body construction that can withstand immense pressure
  • Quick, easy installation process that requires minimum efforts
  • Travel pouch included for easy portability
  • Produces a clicking sound during installation
But this clicking sound isn’t enough to keep me from being happy with this device. In fact, this portable lock was a lot more sturdy and reliable than I anticipated. Rishon did a great job building a decent travel security device.

10. CRANACH ‎4354093151 Door Lock Latch

Our final option, CRANACH’s ‎4354093151 Door Lock Latch, is a decent fit to use on swing-in doors. It provides sufficient security and protection in several different ways. The latch shouldn’t have much trouble keeping any intruder from entering my home.

A significant reason for its high-quality performance is the ability to work similarly to a deadbolt. In other words, it allows me to open my door a few inches when someone knocks. I can evaluate who it is without completely opening my door and letting them inside.

I was also happy with its overall construction made from solid aluminum alloy. It’s a great material as it won’t rust or corrode while providing heavy-duty security. Moreover, the latch has a swing arm and lock base that ensures it can stop 600 pounds of force.

This latch is another option capable of being child-proof, as well. I can install it high enough on the door to prevent any kid from reaching it. Likewise, the installation itself is a breeze with its high-quality screws and well-crafted directions.

CRANACH was even nice enough to provide convenient quantity options for each buyer. I had a choice between a 1-pack, 2-pack, and a 4-pack. Due to this, it becomes a lot easier to buy in bulk for people who need multiple door reinforcement locks.

I was a little annoyed by the product’s overall bulkiness, though. This lock isn’t going to blend within a home decor easily. Instead, it’s going to stick out like a sore thumb and draw the attention of everyone inside the house.
  • Deadbolt-like functionality on swing-in doors
  • Rust-resistant aluminum alloy construction
  • Holds up against 600 pounds of force
  • Child-proof installation process; high-quality screws and directions included
  • Multiple buying options for convenience (1-pack, 2-pack, or 4-pack)
  • The design seems bulkier than others
But thankfully, the lock does an excellent job offering solid protection. The bulky design ends up not mattering much when I consider what it does to keep me safe. But I could see how someone else might feel otherwise and value the design a little more.

What to Look for When Buying Door Reinforcement Locks


Buying door reinforcement locks isn’t the simplest process. You’ll need a handle on several essential considerations before making a proper final decision. I’ll discuss these factors below to ensure you can find that elusive perfect option.


Your first consideration will be thinking about the ideal size. In most cases, a standard door ranges between 30 and 36 inches wide while 80 inches tall. But you mustn’t take those measurements as gospel.

Buyers need to do their own door measurements of the door’s height, width, and thickness. It’s the only way to ensure your chosen door reinforcement kit is a suitable one.


Placement doesn’t refer to the location of your door but rather where you plan on putting the security equipment. Some security devices/reinforcement locks will work on hinged doors, and others are ideal for sliding doors.

But again, you must think about where you’re placing this security device before purchasing one. The placement will end up depending on your door, the equipment’s locations, floors, and several other considerations.

It also must mesh with the other components of your door and decor. You don’t want a reinforcement lock that becomes an eyesore within your home. There’s no reason to choose an ugly lock, as you’ll come across several well-crafted choices.


Most reinforcement locks will come with detailed manuals and installation directions. But some choices might have complicated installations that require professional help or power tools. It’s best to research these issues beforehand to ensure you know what’s necessary.

I’d recommend reading through those directions and manuals during the selection process. It’ll provide a heads up about whether you feel comfortable doing it yourself. Then, if you can, I’d choose an option that doesn’t require extra help to save a little money.


Door reinforcement locks don’t come in a distinct type or design. As a result, each buyer must be familiar with the popular models during their buying process. Here’s a quick overview of what you should expect to encounter when purchasing these locks.

  • Door Lock Reinforcers

Door lock reinforcers are installed on your door’s current lock. They act as an additional security measure against someone breaking the lock through forced entry. In most cases, these options will come with an easy installation process.

After all, these lock reinforcers will lock into place around your current door lock. But it’s also essential to note these types don’t always work with horizontal or smart locks. So please check their compatibility with your current lock before spending money on them.

  • Door Security Bars or Jammers

Door security bars or jammers aren’t the most aesthetically pleasing options available. But these choices will be an effective tool against break-ins. You’ll usually find them as either pressure mounted or hardware mounted devices that are placed across your door’s center.

Force Bearing

Your chosen equipment shouldn’t have any issues withstanding at least 350 pounds. This amount should provide enough protection against whatever thief tries to enter your home. I’d probably suggest going to about 500 pounds, but anything above 350 should do the job.

How Do I Secure My Door From Intruders


If you don’t think your door reinforcement lock is enough, there are few other ways to provide enough security for a door. Here’s a quick look at some potential options that could make a thief think twice about trying to break into your home:

  • Invest in security cameras
  • Buying a stronger, high-security strike plate
  • Building an improvised barricade
  • Using a door wedge or stopper

Are Door Jammers Effective

Door jammers happen to be some of the most effective security devices available. In fact, they might be the simplest way of keeping your home secure and safe from intruders. Many travelers and renters swear by them as a secondary safety precaution when staying in less secure hotels or Airbnbs.


I hope our discussions offered some insight into what’s your best door reinforcement lock. But it’s now time to adventure out and start doing your searching. If you use our resources, the process should end up being relatively painless.

But if any question or concern does arise, leave a post in our comment section. I’ll make sure to answer each one as soon as possible. Thanks for reading!

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