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The Best Personal Safety Devices for Students, Joggers & Women

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best personal safety devices

Personal safety devices are an excellent way to remain safe whenever we’re traveling. They’re a simple precaution against any dangerous situation that might occur, but some options are a lot more effective than others.

So how does a person find the best personal safety devices? Well, buyers will need to know what separates the top options from subpar ones. The entire process becomes much simpler with this information at hand.

An excellent starting place is to determine what features are necessary. Every option will have its signature attributes, so buyers will need to match their needs with what each can provide. Here’s a quick overview of some considerations that will help during this process:

  • Intended Usage: Buyers can’t start this process without identifying why they want a personal safety device. Do they want personal safety devices for runners, seniors, or other situations?
  • Waterproof: Some personal safety devices will require protection against outdoor elements, such as rain or snow. Choosing an option with waterproof capabilities will help a lot concerning these issues.
  • Comfort and Style: Personal safety devices come in various shapes and sizes. It’s important to choose one with a style and comfort level perfect for a buyer’s needs. Otherwise, they might not find using them to be worth it.

Furthermore, I’ve also done extensive research and gathered ten solid personal safety devices. I’ve chosen these options based on them having excellent features and reputations. You’ll learn more about what separates them from other choices within our following product reviews and buying guide.

Top Product name Dimensions Sound Level Range  
1 KOSIN Holuck  ‎7.36 x 3.94 x 1.26 inches 140 dB 606.9 ft Details
2 SABRE Personal Safety 1 x 3.6 x 1 inches 120 dB 1,280-feet Details
3 WOHOME Personal Alarm 7.56 x 5.39 x 1.46 inches 130 dB _ Details

Top 10 Personal Safety Device Reviews

1. KOSIN ‎Holuck Personal Security Alarms

Our first option, KOSIN’s ‎Holuck Personal Security Alarms, are difficult choices to overlook when purchasing personal security devices. I found myself liking several aspects about them that could make the alarms valuable tools.

For instance, each alarm can produce a 140db sound to attract attention. I was stunned by how loud the noise was when first trying them. It’s hard to imagine how it wouldn’t make attackers second-guess their targets.

I was also delighted about the number of alarms within this package. Each buyer gets six high-quality alarms for helping out multiple people in their lives. In fact, I ended up providing a couple to my nephews and cousins, so I had a little more peace of mind.

The durability level was another standout attribute provided by these alarms. It comes from their high-quality constructions consisting of durable ABS plastic. As a result, I expect these products to last a long time without much issue.

Buyers don’t have to worry about finding uses for them, either. These alarms are compact and portable to ensure a high level of versatility and easy storage. Plus, I had no issues attaching them to various items like school bags, belt loops, suitcases, backpacks, and much more.

My only complaint would be their LED lights, which are proven battery suckers. I wouldn’t recommend using these personal alarm devices as flashlights. I wasn’t the only person to have this issue, as it was mentioned in other customers’ reviews.
  • Produces a 140db sound to ward off attackers
  • Offers security to various people with a 6-pack
  • Durable constructions made with ABS plastic
  • Compact and portable for multiple uses
  • Fits onto several items (school bags, suitcases, backpacks, etc.)
  • LED lights drain the battery quickly
But honestly, the LED lights aren’t why I bought these personal protection devices anyway. I purchased them to help my family feel more secure when traveling in dangerous areas. In this regard, they hold up their end of the bargain.

2. Sabre Personal Safety Kit

The Sabre Personal Safety Kit offers two protection mechanisms to keep people safe as it comes with a pepper spray can and a personal alarm. Therefore, it should have no issues meeting whatever situation comes along the way.

I was impressed by the pepper spray canister’s longevity, as well. It’s capable of providing users with 25 protection bursts without needing a replacement. So it’s something that I won’t have to think about for a long time.

The range of its burst was another impressive trait. It can reach 10 feet without much issue to ensure a safe distance between an attacker and me. Of course, this won’t always be possible, but it’s nice to know it’s at least a possibility.

Meanwhile, the personal alarm offers its own set of eye-catching attributes. The 120db sound level should have no issues scaring attackers and alerting nearby people. In fact, it has shown to be audible from up to 1,280 feet away.

One more intriguing aspect of this kit was the inclusion of links to training videos. Many people aren’t too comfortable using pepper spray, so these videos could be a godsend for them. I found the videos to be very informative when doing my research.

This Sabre kit does have a slight reputation for providing shipping issues. A few customers reported getting their package with broken pieces. But I can’t say that I experienced any of these problems during my experience.
  • Two protection mechanisms in one kit (pepper spray and personal alarm)
  • Canister offers 25 pepper spray bursts
  • 10-foot burst range with the pepper spray canister
  • Produces a 120db sound (audible from 1,280 feet away)
  • Gives links to effective training videos
  • Shipping issues
Overall, I wouldn’t put too much thought into those shipping issues. Most buyers were delighted by their experience with this safety kit. I would put myself into this category, as well, considering its performance and various practical features.

3. Wohome ‎SA-01-8 Safesound Personal Alarms

One of the more exciting options available would have to be Wohome’s ‎SA-01-8 Safesound Personal Alarms. It provides buyers with eight personal self defense alarms for a reasonable, bargain-level price.

But an affordable price doesn’t mean much without high-quality performance. However, this option is a rare choice that manages to offer both qualities. For instance, these alarms have proven to protect users in various situations.

Multiple customers have praised their ability to work for almost anyone. There’s no reason to believe they couldn’t work as personal safety devices for college students, joggers, or women. It’s all because of their fashionable, durable design made from ABS plastic.

As for their protection capabilities, the alarms come with a powerful signal. It produces a 130db warning that can reach up to 606 feet to ensure everyone remains safe. It’s why I have complete confidence in these alarms to keep my family members protected.

I found them simple to use with their pin-based activation, as well. Users will only need to pull the pin to sound the alarm and insert it back in to stop the sound. I doubt even children will find it difficult to use.

These alarms could have better batteries, though. This issue was a source of contention among a couple of customers to the point I needed to mention it. In any case, my alarms arrived with perfectly functioning batteries, without any trouble.
  • 8-pack with a reasonable price
  • Suitable for almost any situation
  • Fashionable, durable ABS plastic design
  • Produces 130db sound with a reach of 606 feet
  • Easy to use with pin-based activation
  • Battery quality issues
In the end, this battery quality issue didn’t affect my experience at all. It was only a small number of customers for whom this ended up being a problem. Honestly, the bargain-level price and performance more than make the risk worth it.

4. Kimfly Invensdc-02-01 Keychain Alarm Siren

Kimfly’s Invensdc-02-01 Self-Defense Keychain Alarm Siren is a highly convenient way of providing people with protection. It earns this distinction with its two methods of activating its ear-piercing alarm.

For instance, users can pull the contact pin or press the switch twice. Both methods couldn’t be easier and offer simple access during times of duress. Once a method’s chosen, it unleashes a 130db sound to let everyone know what’s happening.

Honestly, this sound was shockingly loud when I was testing it, so it shouldn’t have a single issue keeping attackers at bay or alerting anyone near the incident site. Moreover, it will sound for 50 minutes if it’s not turned off to provide even more protection.

Buyers shouldn’t only pay attention to its impressive alarm capabilities, though. I also found myself loving its rechargeable lithium battery. As a result, I never have to think about changing the battery, especially with its 30-minute charge time and USB cable.

Its ability to function as a usable LED flashlight is worth noting, as well. Its LED light bulbs are much more effective than most personal safety products. Furthermore, it has a portable and lightweight design for easy attachment to many objects.

But I wasn’t a fan of the instructions. These directions weren’t very helpful regarding how to use this self protection device. I wish Kimfly had put some more effort into writing a user manual.
  • Two easy activation methods
  • 130db ear-piercing alarm will last for 50 minutes if not turned off
  • Rechargeable lithium battery with 30-minute charge time and USB cable
  • Effective LED flashlight
  • Portable, lightweight design for multiple applications
  • Subpar instructions
Thankfully, the product wasn’t too difficult to figure out without a user manual. I could see how people who’ve never used personal security products might have some trouble, though. But I was pleased with its overall quality.

5. Meemoo Personal Keychain Alarm

This next choice, Meemoo’s Personal Keychain Alarm, is a practical choice to keep buyers safe. It’s another simplified option to ensure users don’t feel overwhelmed with features when using their personal security system.

For instance, it utilizes a keychain design to offer various ways of carrying it. It allows the device to clip onto a kid’s backpack or function like any old keychain. Therefore, it provides a user with some control over how they want to use it.

I was also delighted with its ability to work as a flashlight. It offers a bright light without using a ton of this device’s energy, which allows its included batteries to last longer. I’ve had this product for months and haven’t had to change a single battery.

The using process was another pleasing attribute. It enables users to choose between two methods of alarm activation: pressing and holding a button or pulling on the keychain. In either case, it’s a speedy and convenient way of triggering an alarm.

As for its alarm capabilities, this women safety device isn’t lacking. It’s capable of producing a sound between 120db and 130db during its activation. So naturally, no attacker or animal will want anything to do with it when it’s activated.

However, I did notice this product was a bit flimsier than expected. I found myself wondering how long it would last, given it did feel a little fragile when compared with other options. So far, it hasn’t been an issue yet, but it’s still something I’m evaluating.
  • Simplified to encourage stress-free use
  • Versatile keychain design for various applications
  • Functions as a flashlight with low energy consumption
  • Two practical activation methods (press/hold button or pulling a keychain)
  • Emits a loud 120db-130db alarm
  • Durability concerns
In any case, this protection tool has held up surprisingly well even with these concerns. I’ve just remained careful to avoid dropping it and be mindful of where I store it. Otherwise, I haven’t had a single complaint with this keychain alarm.

6. Alphahom Care Go Personal Bluetooth Alarm

Effective personal safety devices for seniors aren’t easy to find on today’s market. But Alpahahom’s Care Go Personal Bluetooth Alarm offers multiple features ideal for older adults. It starts with its real-time GPS capabilities.

Given this aspect, the device can send an SOS alert to the user’s emergency contacts via the Care Go App. If a senior adult falls in the shower or while walking, this provides their location right away. As a result, help can arrive much faster and without problems.

This smartphone doesn’t only provide real-time GPS tracking, either. It can also function as a finder with a sound alert for items like bags or wallets. But, of course, the device would need to be hung onto these objects to work effectively.

I was also impressed by this product not having a monthly fee for its smartphone app. It’s common to see additional monthly fees for other similar safety devices examples. But Alphahom did everyone a favor by excluding this annoying issue.

Using the device is a lot less complicated than I expected, as well. This brand provides exact instructions within its product description that are simple to follow. Plus, it comes with a one-year warranty to offer each buyer a little more convenience.

Buyers will need to acknowledge this product’s one downside, though. It has a higher price than what I’ve come to expect from personal security equipment. It ends up being the most expensive option on our list without a real challenger.
  • Real-time GPS tracking to provide precise locations via SOS alert
  • Usable as a finder device with a sound alert (wallets, keys, etc.)
  • No monthly service fee for smartphone app
  • Easy to use with clear instructions
  • One-year warranty
  • A higher-price option
But the high price isn’t overly shocking. It offers unique attributes to provide a higher level of security that other options can’t match. I’m more than willing to pay extra if it means I and my family members are safer.

7. Thopeb Self-Defense Personal Keychain Alarm

The Thopeb Self-Defense Personal Keychain Alarm is another option known for its ability to help senior citizens. It has a reputation for providing help to seniors who find themselves on the wrong end of a harmful fall.

In these situations, a senior citizen would simply need to pull the device’s pin. A loud 125db siren and flashing strobe light then activate to alert everyone nearby about the issue. It should have no problems ensuring the hurt senior finds the required help.

But this model isn’t only for older people, as multiple customers have noted its usefulness for college students, children, and runners. As a result, it becomes a valuable device within almost any situation with its impressive protection tactics.

I was also delighted by its solid weatherproof construction made with military-grade hardware. It won’t have any trouble with external issues affecting its overall durability. In other words, it should work perfectly within rainy areas like the UK or prevent concerns caused by UV exposure.

Users will love its included hook attachment, which allows for exceptional versatility. I’ve had no issues placing it on jackets, belts, bags, or a keychain. Due to this, finding a comfortable place for it has never been an issue.

But I did find changing the batteries more difficult than expected. It was more involved than what I’ve come to expect from other models with regular batteries. I could see other people who own this option having similar struggles.
  • Pin-based activation for easy usage
  • Offers protection with loud 125db siren and flashing strobe light
  • Usable in various situations (college students, runners, children, etc.)
  • Solid weatherproof construction made with military-grade hardware
  • Versatile hook attachment suitable for bags, belts, keychains, etc.
  • Difficult battery changing process
This issue isn’t a massive deal because it’s only a problem every few months. Meanwhile, the other features ended up making this slight nuisance worth it.

8. WETEN Self Defense Personal Alarm Keychain

WETEN’s Self Defense Personal Alarm Keychain doesn’t have any shocking features to separate itself from other models. But what it does offer is a straightforward construction known for giving effective results.

As a result, it keeps everything about its usage process simple. It makes using this device much easier for a person like me who isn’t an electronic genius. Furthermore, it does have some standard features that ensure its ideal performance.

One example of these standard aspects would be its pin-based activation and flash mode. Both these functions are easy to access while being practical protection tools. I feel very safe knowing that my family members or I can use them when traveling.

The product’s 130db alarm is an impressive attribute, as well. I was pleased with its sound level, which was loud enough to deter someone and didn’t destroy my eardrums. In addition, it’ll provide five hours of continuous sound if left unchecked to ensure added security.

WETEN was even nice enough to include two AAA batteries with each purchase. Therefore, I don’t have to worry about an extra expense like with other choices. Each buyer will also get four colors to choose from, too, which provides a broader customer appeal.

Unfortunately, this model is hampered by a larger-than-expected design. It’s a bit harder to store and move around comfortably than other wearable personal safety devices. However, it still beats carrying around an entire pepper spray canister.
  • Straightforward construction for easy usage
  • Easy-to-use pin activation and flash mode
  • 130db alarm with five hours of continuous sound
  • Two included AAA batteries for convenience
  • Four available colors
  • Larger than expected
All in all, the larger design shouldn’t keep this product from being considered. It’s almost a non-factor as the device remains portable and functions with solid performance. I certainly haven’t had any other issues with its performance.

9. She’s Birdie Original Personal Safety Alarm

Our final option, She’s Birdie Original Personal Safety Alarm, is billed among the top-rated safety devices for women. It certainly lives up to this reputation with a vast and extensive list of solid, upper-echelon features.

An excellent example would be its loud 130db siren and flashing strobe light. These tools should provide an effective diversion and strategy against a would-be attacker. Moreover, I find it hard to imagine someone nearby wouldn’t at least notice the incident.

Buyers don’t have to worry about a complicated using process, either. Birdie did its best to keep it as simple as humanly possible. It’s a simple matter of removing the top pin to activate it and replacing it when deactivating.

This brand did an excellent job crafting a durable construction, as well. It was truly meant to last when placed within the right situations. I even dropped it a few times and didn’t see a single sign of wear or tear.

I should also mention that this model provides five adaptable color choices. Each buyer will have a selection between aqua, charcoal, coral, indigo, and lemon. I found it difficult to choose anything but aqua as it meshes perfectly with my preference.

But I was a little discouraged to see that this personal protection for women didn’t have waterproof capabilities. Birdie would’ve only made it more appealing with this attribute. In any case, it doesn’t make much difference because I don’t put this device in water.
  • Loud 130db siren deterrent
  • Effective flashing strobe light diversion
  • Simple using process (remove top piece)
  • Built to last with durable, tough construction
  • Five adaptable color choices (aqua, charcoal, coral, indigo, and lemon)
  • Not waterproof
In the end, I just managed to place the device where water won’t ever be an issue. My favorite location is within a pocket or having it tucked away in a backpack. Both choices sideline its one flaw while providing access to its various other solid, crucial features.

10. EIOUMAX Self-Defence Keychain Devices

EIOUMAX’s Self-Defence Keychain Devices are one of the more simplified choices on our list. These self-protection tools provide a way to fight back against an attacker. I wouldn’t want to find myself on the other end of one.

After all, these devices are made from solid aviation aluminum. It offers a durable, rugged construction, made to last a long time. They’re also fitted with a sharp attack head meant for delivering a sizable blow.

It’ll just be enough of a blow to make an attacker stagger and second guess their decision. In other words, it produces a non-lethal blow capable of hurting whoever tries to mess with a family member or me. It offers a lot of comfort when in unfamiliar terrain.

Aside from the effectiveness, I was also happy with their comfortable grip. Each tool features a thread design that’s more than suitable for my hands. I didn’t experience discomfort or any other issues when testing it.

These devices aren’t slouching when it comes to convenience, either. Each tool has a key ring to attach to a woman’s bag or daily keys with ease. Furthermore, this option comes with five of these devices for an affordable price.

Some customers did mention that these safety gadgets were bulkier than expected, though. For instance, I wouldn’t expect people to add all their keys to these tools. They would be too unwieldy for a comfortable running session.
  • Durable, rugged constructions made with solid aviation aluminum
  • Effectively fends off attackers with sharp attack head
  • Comfortable grip for easy use
  • Equipped with key rings for attaching onto items (purses, keys)
  • A more affordable 5-pack option
  • Bulky design
However, these personal safety tools have shown effectiveness in dealing with various dangerous situations. I feel a lot more comfortable when a family member’s traveling in less than ideal areas with these devices.

What to Look for When Buying Personal Safety Devices


Personal security gadgets are a lot more varied than buyers assume. There’re various factors to consider when making a final buying decision. But this section will dive into the essential ones with extensive detail to make your buying process simpler.

Intended Usage

It’s always necessary to understand why you want a personal safety device. Otherwise, you could end up selecting one that doesn’t quite work well for your situation. Many of these devices happen to have unique features suited for particular conditions and are redundant in others.

Therefore, buyers with a grasp of their needs/wants have a better chance at selecting the right option. It might seem like common sense, but you’d be surprised by how many people get sucked into other components, such as lower prices.

Long Battery Life

You’re going to want a personal safety device with an extended battery life. In other words, these devices aren’t something that you want to charge constantly. It’s much better to have a safety device with a long battery lifespan for convenience purposes.

After all, you don’t want to be in a dangerous situation where the device isn’t charged. It’ll end up being a useless safety device that doesn’t provide anything helpful.

Real-time GPS Tracking

Most personal safety devices can provide locations. It’s an essential component because it can send your whereabouts to the authorities or family members. But some options take it a step further with real-time GPS tracking capabilities.

This feature offers real-time tracking data to provide more precise info when dangerous situations present themselves. In fact, it becomes a simple act of pressing the emergency button, and the authorities or family members can track you in real-time.


Safety devices will need protection against outdoor exposure issues. Therefore, buyers should look at getting ones with waterproof capabilities. These protected options won’t need to be taken off when you’re running in the rain or taking a shower.

As a result, you won’t come across a situation where the device isn’t usable. It’s a truly essential aspect for older adults who are prone to slipping in the shower. These waterproof devices will ensure they can send emergency alerts without issue.

Comfort and Style

High-quality personal safety devices are usually quite fashionable. These choices won’t have issues blending with other accessories, such as rings, necklaces, or belt hooks. It’ll allow users to wear them daily without worrying about them being an eyesore or bulky.


Safety devices will often come with their signature features and approach their emergency alerts differently. In some cases, they’ll send discrete alerts while others provide loud noises to scare off threats.

Both types work effectively within specific environments. For instance, silent alerts are better suited for circumstances where you can’t flee from attackers. But loud alerts are much more effective in crowded or public areas.

Overall, I always feel comfortable buying options that can offer both silent and loud alerts. It allows me to cover all the bases of a potential attack.


As with any buying process, the price will have an impact on your perfect safety device. I’d recommend constructing a budget based on your desired features. You can then lower the number of choices to a more manageable number without much issue. It allows for a much more accessible buying experience for everyone involved.

What Should I Do if Someone Attacks Me on the Street


The first move will be keeping your cool and not panicking. It’s easier said than done, but do your best. If you’re in public, make a ton of noise. Yelling “stop” or “no” repeatedly can help draw the attention necessary to stop an attack.

If these actions don’t work, your safety alarm is always a good backup option. It’ll send those alerts, scaring off attackers and signaling for help. If you’re alone, do your best to defend yourself and run away as fast as possible.

What Should I Carry for Safety

One of these personal safety devices can do a lot for anyone looking to feel safe. I’d also recommend carrying mace or pepper spray for additional protection. After all, you want a secondary protection resource when the device doesn’t deter the dangerous situation.

Do Personal Alarms Really Work

Yes, personal alarms do work. Their effectiveness often becomes a lot more useful when they’re connected to a reputable company. In these situations, those devices are highly likely to alert the right people when an emergency occurs.

If you are interested in personal safety services, do not forget to check out the types of locks that protect your asset, such as the trusted laptop locks,  scooter locks and the top-rated locks for gym lockers.


I hope our discussions about the best personal safety devices answered all your questions. From here, it’s a simple matter of using these resources during the search. Your perfect option should become apparent quickly.

However, if a question or two does remain, let us know in our comment section. I’ll make sure to answer each post as soon as possible. Thanks for reading!

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