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The Best Pocket Door Locks to Make Sure the Doors Secure & Protected

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best pocket door lock

Pocket doors are an excellent addition to any home with their endless versatility. These doors look great everywhere, from bathrooms to bedrooms. But keeping them locked can be a real headache for homeowners without a suitable lock.

As a result, finding the best pocket door lock can become a necessity. It’ll make sure the doors remain secure and protected whenever the need arises. But locating the perfect one isn’t as easy as selecting the first commercial pocket door lock at Lowe’s.

Several factors will play a role in determining a suitable option. Here’s a small overview of some necessary considerations when choosing a pocket door lock:

  • Type: Pocket door locks come in two basic types, round or square. You’ll need to decide which one works best for your situation before making a final choice. Your taste and the door’s overall construction will be a significant factor in this decision.
  • Finish: Most pocket door locks will come in several types of finishes. Each buyer needs to decide what finish meshes with their interior or exterior decor. Otherwise, these locks could become a burdensome eyesore.
  • Ease of Installation: Don’t make the mistake of buying a pocket door lock with a complicated installation. Research each option’s step-by-step process and find one that doesn’t make you feel uncomfortable.

We’ve also built a list of the 13 most pocket door locks with reviews for each one. These discussions and our detailed buying guide will help make this search less strenuous. Let’s now dive into the task and find a suitable option for yourself!


Top Product name Dimensions Weight Exterior Finish  
1 Kwikset ‎93350-003 14.8″L x 8.1″W ‎8 ounces Satin Nickel Details
2  PRIME-LINE N 7239 2.75″L x 2.5″W ‎0.3 Pounds Brass, Nickel Details
3 HOMOTEK Sliding Pocket ‎5.74″L x 5.43″W ‎6.2 ounces Brushed Nickel Details

Best Pocket Door Lock Reviews

1. Kwikset ‎93350-003 Round Pocket Door Lock

Kwikset’s ‎93350-003 Round Pocket Door Lock is a nice way to start our list with its relatively solid set of features. Its flexible, round design is one of them as it can fit any standard 2 ⅛” drilled door.

In other words, it’ll fit into any interior door with a standard level thickness. It made retrofitting the lock into older doors and installing it onto new doors rather easy. I was able to set it up on my pocket bedroom or bathroom doors with only a screwdriver.

Kwikset also made this process simple by providing useful and readable instructions. Most brands don’t focus enough on this aspect of their pocket door bedroom or pocket door bathroom lock. But thankfully, Kwikset made theirs easy-to-follow and a valuable resource.

Once installed, the lock’s clean, satin nickel finish was a solid addition. It provided a nice modern feel and didn’t become a detriment anywhere I used the lock. I don’t see many situations where I’d feel uncomfortable by its appearance in my home.

Its protection ability was halfway decent, too, as I tried getting through it a couple of times. The lock won’t keep out a determined thief, but it’ll be a valuable deterrent. Meanwhile, the price tag wasn’t half bad, either, since it falls right into what I consider affordable.

But I did find unlocking this option was a bit more difficult than expected. It’s an issue that arises from the turn piece being hard to grip and shallow.
  • Round design fits any standard 2 ⅛-inch door
  • Easily retrofits old doors or installs onto new ones
  • Simple-to-follow instructions
  • Clean, satin nickel finish
  • Offers decent protection
  • A fair price
  • Hard to grip turn piece
Aside from the turn piece issue, I didn’t have any problem with this pocket door lock. It did the job at hand and provided a nice look while doing it.

2. PRIME-LINE N 7239 Nickel Pocket Door Privacy Lock

The PRIME-LINE N 7239 Nickel Pocket Door Privacy Lock represents a simple way of providing security for an interior sliding door. Its diecast metal construction gives it enough durability, which can withstand a break-in attempt or two.

I was pleased with how well it remained intact, even with my friend trying to break through it. He tried numerous methods of bypassing it but couldn’t seem to beat it. It gave me confidence that this lock could provide adequate security for my sliding pocket door.

The lock’s adjustability was impressive, too, with it fitting panels between 1 ⅜ inch to 1 ¾ inch. It’s a broader range than a buyer might think and can accommodate most pocket doors with ease. I was surprised by its ability to work on each one inside my home.

Installing the lock wasn’t overly complicated, as well. PRIME-LINE provides every piece of locking pocket door hardware for mounting it. It didn’t take me much effort or thought to get this lock situated on the various doors that I attempted.

Moreover, the product’s satin nickel brass finish could mesh into almost any setting. I wouldn’t be worried about it blending into my bathroom or bedroom decor. It should be fine in any home with a more modern feel.

I did find myself wishing the included screws were a little more durable, though. These components were prone to breaking rather easily. Other customers noted similar issues within their reviews.
  • Durable, diecast metal construction
  • Provides adequate security against break-ins
  • Fits panels between 1 ⅜ inch to 1 ¾ inch
  • Easy installation with mounting hardware included
  • Meshable satin nickel brass finish
  • Included screws are prone to breaking
Overall, these screws being low-quality aren’t a massive deal. I found replacement ones relatively quickly lying around my home or at the local hardware store. Thus, the product ended up being quite low-maintenance and practical.

3. HOMOTEK Privacy Sliding Pocket Door Lock

Adaptability is the main appeal of HOMOTEK’s Privacy Sliding Pocket Door Lock. Its three available finishes (black, oil-rubbed brass, and satin nickel) are what provide it. I could see each one being a good fit for completely different environments.

For instance, the satin nickel will provide a more exotic look for a vibrant interior space. The oil-rubbed brass would suit a laid-back modern household. Meanwhile, the black option works decently as a lock that’ll blend in anywhere without being noticed.

The product’s mortise installation further showcases this adaptable nature. It provides me with the ability to use the lock with both left and right-handed doors. It becomes a reversible lock that’s a bit more convenient than I experienced with my prior pocket door security locks.

I was also intrigued by its easy-to-use locking system, which I could lock inside the room. It’s not an exterior locking device that can cause frustration for people who want privacy. Due to this, this product could work well as a bathroom or bedroom pocket door lock.

This lock’s stainless steel construction was another notable trait. It offers a likable appearance and doesn’t look cheap. Plus, it provides an ability to withstand regular use without wearing down quickly.

HOMOTEK offers a return policy to each buyer, as well. It’s another nice touch to ensure all customers end up happy with their decision.

My only complaint would be its confusing installation instructions. These directions made the entire installation trickier than I anticipated. HOMOTEK certainly could’ve spent a little more time making them a better resource.
  • 3 adaptable finishes for multiple uses (black, oil-rubbed brass, and satin nickel)
  • Moriste installation; suitable for right or left-handed doors
  • Easy-to-use locking system
  • Lockable from inside the room
  • Attractive stainless steel construction
  • Return policy available
  • Confusing instructions for installation
Luckily, I’ve had experience with pocket door locks and did the installation without needing directions. But it would’ve been difficult for me if I had never installed one. Newbies should probably look at another option with better instructions.

4. PRIME-LINE N 7367 Pocket Door Lock

PRIME-LINE’s N 7367 Pocket Door Lock is one of the more durable available options. Its solid brass construction has proven to remain effective and lasts several years. I can’t do anything but only confirm these findings based on my experiences.

Its durability isn’t the only reason for its placement on our list, though. I was pleased with its ability to work for a right or left-handed pocket door system. It provides the product with more flexibility than some other options.

The lock also offers versatility as it can work on doors with 1 ⅜ inch and 1 ¾ inch thickness. It allows usage in more situations than people might imagine. After all, these thicknesses are the common standard among pocket doors.

The included template and instructions were other decent additions. Both made the installation process a lot smoother and simple to follow. I wasn’t the only one to note these aspects, either, as they were pointed out in the customer reviews a few times.

After installation, the satin nickel finish only added to my home’s interior setup. It should do well in most settings and mesh without becoming an unwanted blemish.

I was intrigued by the easy-grip thumb turn, as well. I didn’t have any issues operating it and turning it for locking or unlocking. I can’t envision any person having many problems getting it to work or accessing it comfortably.

But the packaging was a little flimsy. I wish the manufacturer had used bubble wrap instead of plastic wrap.
  • Durable, solid brass construction
  • Right or left-handed application
  • Fits doors with 1 ⅜ inch and 1 ¾ inch thickness
  • Simple installation kit and directions
  • Meshable satin nickel finish
  • Easy-grip thumb turn for unlocking/locking
  • Flimsy plastic wrap
The packaging’s a minor inconvenience that I find more than worth dealing with as a buyer. But I could see others feeling different and opting for another choice.

5. Designers Impressions 53843 Pocket Door Lock

Our next option, Designers Impressions’ 53843 Pocket Door Lock, could be a smooth fit into traditional or rustic settings with its attractive oil-rubbed bronze finish. I found it did well blending into my older RV’s pocket door that needed a more old-timey feel.

As for installation, the process wasn’t overly burdensome. It ended up being easier than most options that I’ve encountered in the past. This easiness came from the included hardware and matching strike plate being effortless to use.

Honestly, the entire task only took a few minutes as I replaced the existing hardware and it slid right into the door. It just became a matter of tightening the four screws. There isn’t anything more to it, making the lock a suitable option for people with little experience installing locks.

I found myself liking its simple operation process, as well. It has a center lever that’s well recessed and easy to turn for locking/unlocking. My clumsy sausage fingers were even able to operate it without any real issues.

Designers Impressions also managed to keep this product’s price affordable. I didn’t have to break into my savings when buying, which is always a plus. It became a cost-effective and practical option for usage on my RV’s pocket sliding door.

But it was a little surprising to see a few customers mention shipping issues. In these situations, the lock arrived slightly damaged in less than stellar packaging. It’s not an ideal look for a high-quality brand like Designers Impressions.
  • Attractive oil-rubbed bronze finish
  • Suitable fit for rustic or traditional settings
  • Easy install with hardware and matching strike plate included
  • Simple operation process
  • Well-recessed, center level for easy locking/unlocking
  • Cost-effective and practical price
  • Some shipping issues
However, these shipping issues weren’t frequent, and I didn’t encounter them myself. They seem more like isolated incidents rather than anything serious. Overall, the lock did what I wanted and met my expectations without any problems.

6. Deltana SDLA325U15 Privacy HD Pocket Locks

Finding an effective lock explicitly made for pocket door applications can be difficult. But Deltana’s SDLA325U15 Privacy HD Pocket Locks happens to be one of these elusive products. Its manufacturer ensured its design was able to fulfill this role effortlessly.

For instance, this lock can fit doors between 1 ⅜-inch and 1 ¾-inch thick. It’s a range where most pocket doors find themselves placed. Due to this, the product becomes rather convenient to use and doesn’t usually require modifications.

I found myself liking the installation process, as well. It was smooth and less time-consuming than many other choices on today’s market. One of the main reasons for this smooth process was the included mounting hardware.

As with some prior options, this model was another with right and left-hand compatibility. It quickly adapted to both situations when I attempted to install it on different pocket doors. I could certainly do worse and have experienced worse when trying out these products.

Some other notable features include fast shipping, a 3-year warranty, and 20 available buying quantities with different finishes. Each only made my life easier as a potential consumer. As a result, Deltana did a decent job building a lock suitable for pocket doors.

I was a little surprised by the product’s higher price, though. It’s among our most expensive options on this entire list. Buyers will need to determine whether they feel its quality features are worth the extra cost.
  • Built for pocket door applications
  • Fits doors between 1 ⅜-inch and 1 ¾-inch thick
  • Easy installation with included mounting hardware
  • Suitable for right and left-handed doors
  • Fast shipping and 3-year warranty
  • Available in 21 buying quantities with different finishes
  • An expensive option
Overall, it’s a good pocket door lock and works well as a privacy lock. It does make the extra money worth paying with its solid features like the easy installation and 21 buying options.

7. Schlage SC991B-619 Sliding Door Lock

The Schlage SC991B-619 Sliding Door Lock is another option with a heightened focus on providing privacy. In fact, it contains several features that are more than suitable for private areas in my home.

One example would be the lock’s intriguing privacy function. It allowed me to lock the door from a room’s interior rather than only having an exterior locking mechanism. Therefore, this Schlage lock becomes much more valuable in pocket doors located in bathroom or bedroom areas.

This Schlage lock has a solid brass construction as another worthwhile trait. It’ll help secure privacy by being sturdy, durable, and providing decent performance. I had multiple people try to break through this pocket door lock and each person failed without much success. It shouldn’t have much issue keeping out toddlers and pets.

I should also mention this product matches with Schlage Merano door handles. Both pieces of equipment have a satin nickel finish, offering a very meshable situation. Moreover, the lock’s satin nickel doesn’t show fingerprints, even after regular usage.

The product’s price wasn’t overly outrageous, either. It falls right into the range of what I consider affordable for these pocket door locks. Due to this, some buyers might end up viewing it as an acceptable bargain item.

However, some older customers with hand-related issues have noted the lock as being hard to turn. I didn’t have any problems with it, but I could see how someone with arthritis could find it irritating. It’s something worth considering before putting any money into this option.
  • Privacy function allows interior room locking
  • Sturdy, durable solid brass construction
  • Matches perfectly with Schlage Merano door handles
  • Satin finish doesn’t show fingerprints
  • Available at an affordable price
  • Difficult to turn for older people
All in all, it worked well for my particular needs for a pocket door lock. But if I had an older family member around, I’d likely look at another choice before selecting this one.

8. QCAA ‎P12-001 Sliding Door Pull Pocket Lock

Installing locks into pocket sliding doors can often be tricky. But QCAA’s ‎P12-001 Sliding Door Pull Pocket Lock made the entire process only take a few minutes. I was able to set it up on my sliding closet doors without breaking a sweat.

Honestly, I don’t think even people with little experience would have difficulty. It has some of the best pocket door hardware and instructions among available options. QCAA puts some serious effort into making a user-friendly product.

Its performance wasn’t too shabby, either. It has a durable construction known for its ability to withstand constant, long-term use. I can’t see why it wouldn’t last several years unless an owner’s overly aggressive with it.

The product’s low-profile design doesn’t draw attention to itself, which is always a plus. I don’t want the first thing a guest notices inside my house to be a pocket door lock. In other words, this option stays off the radar until it’s needed.

Owners also shouldn’t have any issues finding a meshable finish for interior or exterior doors. It’s available in 12 distinct styles that should work fine in the right environment. Plus, buyers can choose a 2-pack rather than a 1-pack option for multiple pocket lock applications.

But I did find the lock has a habit of getting stuck when it jolted, such as when closing too hard or quickly. The lock portion would slide down and won’t fully close my door until fixed. I should note that this only happens when I slam the door much harder than usual.
  • Easy installation (mounting hardware and instructions included)
  • Durable, long-lasting construction
  • Low-profile design
  • Available in 12 finishes
  • Two buying quantities
  • Prone to getting stuck
If I didn’t slam my pocket door, the lock remained in place and worked effectively. I just need to slide the pocket door pull carefully, and it’ll be a fine addition to my home.

9. Lockwood ‎7444SPDP Keyed Pocket Sliding Dr Lock

Lockwood’s ‎7444SPDP Keyed Pocket Sliding Dr Lock is a bit different from our previous options. Its sturdy rounded design incorporates pocket door key locks to lock or unlock from the exterior and interior.

For instance, a user could unlock pocket bathroom doors with a key from the outside when the door’s locked inside. It’s a handy feature when an emergency happens within the bathroom. After all, I won’t need to break down the door if such a scenario does occur.

The turn-plate internal locking mechanism also works well. I found its grip rather appealing when compared with other available options. In addition, I didn’t find the unlocking and locking procedure uncomfortable or difficult.

Its innovative retractable door pull was another standout trait. This aspect made pulling sliding pocket doors relatively straightforward. Plus, its retractable ability ensures the edge pull is never sticking out unnecessarily.

This product has a solid, satin pearl finish, too, which can spruce up a home’s interior. Its finish looks very modern and fits well onto a new pocket door. But I also don’t see this round pocket door lock having a problem blending with old-fashioned doors.

It’s rather a versatile choice that isn’t only suitable for a specific type of pocket door. In most cases, finding keyed pocket sliding door locks capable of blending with various tastes and decorations isn’t easy.

As for its flaws, I did find the included screws hard to work with when installing this keyed pocket door lock. Luckily, I had some alternative ones lying around my home. I would’ve had to spend money on new ones if I didn’t.
  • Sturdy, rounded design
  • Exterior locking/unlocking
  • Turn-plate interior locking mechanism works well
  • Simple to use, retractable door pull
  • Versatile, satin pearl finish
  • Subpar installation screws
Once I had solid screws, there wasn’t anything left to cause problems. The lock went on rather quickly and provided reliable performance, making the hassle worth it. 

10. Stone Harbor Hardware ‎811-11P Pocket Door Lock

This next option, Stone Harbor Hardware’s ‎811-11P Pocket Door Lock, specializes in keeping things simple. It doesn’t have any outlandish features or advanced technology, but this privacy pocket door latch does get the job done.

A good example of this simplicity would be its latch face. For instance, I only have to push with my finger for the latch face to open. I can then use it as a pull handle and close the door without using much effort.

Stone Harbor Hardware made sure their simple product was adaptable, as well. I was able to use this adjustable latch on any standard pocket door’s thickness. In fact, it could have been fitted to any pocket door within my house with ease.

The lock’s large interface for unlocking and locking was another decent attribute. It contains an easy-to-use thumb turn that won’t cause anyone to hurt their fingers. Honestly, I didn’t even have issues with my overly large fingers as I do with most options.

Aside from these features, it has a few other notable ones worth mentioning. Some of them include seven available finishes, two backset sizes, and an easy installation process. Each of these inclusions helps it become a solid choice for most homeowners.

But there was a notable color difference between the ad picture and product. In my case, the lock ended up being lighter in shade than expected. I wasn’t the only one to note this issue, as it was featured within a few other customer reviews.
  • Simple latch face design with pull handle capabilities
  • Fits the standard door thicknesses
  • Comfortable thumb turn
  • Seven available finishes
  • Two backset sizes
  • Easy installation process
  • Color difference between picture and product
Thankfully, the lighter shade still managed to accommodate my home’s interior. But this issue could be a problem for a person who needs a precise shade. As a result, it’s something to keep in mind before making a final decision.

11. Emtek Pocket Door Lock Set

One of the more convenient choices would be Emtek’s Pocket Door Lock Set. Its design comes with two surface pulls and an edge pull inside a single unit. It provides a more comfortable using process for anyone who ends up utilizing the lock.

I was also happy with this device’s reversible feature. In other words, homeowners can use it for left or right-handed doors with ease like some other products on this list. It’s another convenient addition placed into this product’s overall construction.

Speaking of its construction, I need to mention it’s made from durable brass. It shouldn’t have any issues dealing with the wear and tear of extensive use. I placed it on a bedroom pocket door and don’t expect to be replacing it anytime soon.

Moreover, the product offers a modern feel that should work in most homes. It was even able to adapt to the most outrageous style choices inside my home’s bedroom. I often have difficulty finding locks and other related devices which don’t clash in those settings.

Installing the lock wasn’t too bad, either, especially with the included strike plate. It ended up being a seamless process of setting it up onto my bedroom pocket door.

However, the lock is a little expensive. If I was trying to save money, I would think twice before spending cash on this.
  • Equipped with two surface pulls and one edge pull
  • Usable on right or left-handed doors
  • Durable brass construction
  • Provides a modern feel
  • Easy installation with included strike plate
  • Not very budget-friendly
In the end, the price is justifiable, given the convenience and durability this lock offers. It’s not hard to understand why many customers like this device.

12. Kwikset 93350-005 Pocket Door Lock

The Kwikset 93350-005 Pocket Door Lock makes our list with its ultra-adaptable rounded design. It’s a crucial feature because it frees homeowners from cutting a new notch in their doors during installation.

As someone who despises extra work, this aspect was one to catch my attention. The entire installation process only requiring a screwdriver didn’t hurt its case, either. I didn’t have any issues getting it set up where I needed it inside my home.

It also helps that this product comes with an adjustable latch. This aspect allows the device to fit all standard door preparations to lessen the maintenance load further. Therefore, it should be suitable as a bed/bath pocket door lock inside most people’s homes.

The antique nickel finish was another charming attribute. It provides a lovely, sleek look that combines well with any of my pocket doors. As a result, I had a hard decision about whether to use it as a bedroom, swinging or bath pocket door lock.

Kwikset didn’t overcomplicate things with the operation process, either. It uses a turn-piece locking mechanism on its interior for easy usage. I only needed to grip the turn piece, turn, and my pocket door was locked/unlocked.

Sadly, this lock was another one that doesn’t turn very easily for people I know. I didn’t have any problems with it, but my family members and guests had their issues. It seems the turn piece isn’t ideal for anyone who has weak fingers or hand-related conditions, such as arthritis.
  • Adaptable rounded design
  • Installation only requires a screwdriver
  • Equipped with adjustable latch
  • Lovely antique nickel finish
  • Simple operation process
  • It doesn’t turn easily for people with hand conditions
Although the turn piece issue will cause people to look elsewhere, the other features made this inconvenience worth it. Its antique nickel finish and easy installation alone were enough to overlook the minor hiccup for me.

13. Emtek ‎2105-138-US15 Privacy Pocket Door Mortise Lock

Our final option, Emtek’s ‎2105-138-US15 Privacy Pocket Door Mortise Lock, isn’t going to end this list on a whimper. It has one of the most extensive feature sets among any available pocket door lock.

I have to start with its attractive construction with an elegant satin nickel finish before getting to anything else. This lock ends up looking like an art piece and mixes well into my home’s interior. I’ve had a few guests even compliment it when they were visiting.

The lock’s sleek thumb turn was another pleasing attribute. It adds to the product’s modern, elegant look while ensuring an easy operation. I don’t think anyone will have difficulty using it to unlock and lock this extravagant pocket door device.

I didn’t have much issue sliding my pocket door, either, with the built-in handle. It made the task comfortable and effortless without any complaints from me. It’s another aspect that allows for a more convenient and user-friendly operation process.

Lastly, I found the included privacy function more than adequate. It kept my dog out, who kept trying to get into the bathroom when I locked it. As a result, it saved my home from being overrun by ripped-up toilet paper, which would’ve been an absolute nightmare.

But obtaining this well-constructed pocket door lock will require diving deep into your checkbook. It’s easily the most expensive option on our list. Buyers will need to decide whether its included features merit spending their hard-earned extra cash.
  • Attractive construction that fits home interior
  • Elegant satin nickel finish
  • Easy-to-use, sleek thumb turn
  • Built-in handle for easy sliding
  • Effective privacy function
  • A higher-priced option
In my case, its elegant design certainly makes the extra money justifiable. It’s mainly because the pocket door lock fits well into my home. Otherwise, I might fall onto the other side of this argument.

What to Look for When Buying Pocket Door Locks


Several crucial elements will go into choosing the best pocket door locks. This section will discuss some of the most important to provide an idea of what needs consideration. It’ll offer a valuable resource to ensure you aren’t starting this search without any guidance.

Pocket Door Lock Types

Each buyer will need to understand pocket door locks come in two types, round or square. Both options will differ drastically when it comes to design and installation. You’ll need to decide whether you’re a square or round type of person before finding a perfect fit.

But it’s worth noting that homeowners retrofitting a new lock onto an old door will need to match the current lock. Otherwise, it’s time to look deeper into the types and see where your taste falls.

  • Round Pocket Door Locks

As you might expect, these pocket door locks have circular designs. It’s not the most shocking piece of information but remains an essential one. Users can expect these locks to install into a round hole within a door, usually 2 ⅛ inches in diameter.

The lock’s latches will then slide into a separate hole that’s around 1-inch in diameter. It closely resembles what you’d expect from a traditional lockset installation.

In most cases, a round pocket door lock will use 2 ⅜-inch backsets. This measurement dictates the distance from a door’s edge to the hole’s center. It’s another aspect about these locks that’s vastly similar to traditional door locks.

But some pocket door locks will come with adjustable backsets. These inclusions would be a helpful addition for anyone who wants them to be a little more flexible. Honestly, it’ll make the entire installation a lot less time-consuming and stressful.

  • Square Pocket Door Locks

As I mentioned earlier, square pocket door locks will feature a different design than round types. These locks will instead require cutting a square out of the door. Once the square section’s removed, the lock will slide into place in a single piece and screw to the door’s body.

Some square locks can also match round holes. But it doesn’t work the opposite way as round locksets can’t fit into a door with an original square lock.


In most cases, interior doors will be thinner than doors placed in exterior walls. Some pocket doors are even thinner than other standard interior doors. It’s the main reason why it’s essential to choose the best pocket door lock based on your pocket door’s thickness.

Otherwise, a buyer might buy an option that’s too thin or thick for their pocket door. It ends up being a waste of money, which isn’t what anyone wants.

But there’s some good news when it comes to finding compatible locks and pocket doors. Most round pocket door locks are flexible enough to fit almost every interior door with ease. It’s just a simple action of tightening the bolts until your chosen lockset squeezes against the door tightly.

Square pocket door lock lovers aren’t left out in the cold, either. This method works for these pocket locks as they often have oversized edges that slide over a door’s latch side. It’ll end up creating an attractive look and hiding any unwanted blemishes.

Door’s Age

Believe it or not, a door’s age will impact what pocket door locks are ideal. It could even make this entire process much less involved. For instance, an older door will likely need a lockset type that fits its original opening.

Retrofitting a round lock into a square hole isn’t possible. After all, the pocket door hardware lockset materials required for it to mount and latch won’t be there. But there might be a chance to get away with retrofitting a square one into a round hole pocket door. It’ll just take a little extra effort.

If you’re looking for a new door lock, it’s ultimately your decision. Round or square door locks will fit your needs without issues. It’ll come down to determining what type best meshes with your particular taste and style.


High-quality pocket door locks will be durable and remain stable for a long time. You don’t want to be replacing these locks after only a couple of months or years. Look for options with pocket door hardware made from heavy-duty materials, such as stainless steel or titanium door locks.

In other words, please don’t settle for a cheap option because of its lower price. It’s better to spend a little extra on stainless steel hardware or a similar construction material. It’ll end up more cost-effective down the road anyway as you won’t need to replace it frequently.

Pocket Door’s Finish

The right pocket door can bring a home’s aesthetic to a whole new level. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a recent renovation or an old feature: these doors make an enormous impact. As a result, choosing the perfect finish for a pocket door’s lock becomes essential.

Most of the best pocket door locks come in various finishes. It’s an easy way for brands to ensure they can match the space and taste of almost every customer. Some examples of a good match would be a stainless steel or satin chrome within a modern home.

In this situation, the stainless steel pocket door lock would mesh better than an aged finish. But an aged finish will be a better fit for an older pocket door to keep its originality. A stainless steel finish might not look right on those older-style or swinging doors.

You’ll also come across vintage or antique brass locks that can work in both situations. Overall, it’s about finding a finish that best fits into what’s going on inside your home.

Ease of Installation

Buyers will want to research each pocket door lock installation process. Most brands will make it easy by laying out the steps within their product’s description. You can then read them and determine whether it’s something that you feel comfortable doing.

Other customers’ experiences will help with this issue, as well. Read a few reviews and see how those people feel about the installation process. These resources should provide a clear idea about its overall difficulty.

Closing Mechanism

The best pocket door locks often have a latching mechanism rather than a locking one. Latching locksets come with hooks that’ll flip out from the mechanism and latch on the strike within the door jamb.

Other pocket door locks will have latches that remind buyers of traditional deadbolts. But these options will use spring-loaded hooks to pop and secure their door. Another popular option is sets with keyless locks, which resembles what’s found in bathrooms or bedrooms.

It’s important to realize that there are available pocket door lock with key models. But locking mechanisms for locking pocket doors are a little more uncommon than standard latching options. It’s because these doors don’t often cover areas that require top-flight security, such as a front door.


Buying a pocket door lock from a trusted brand is a massive part of this process. If you don’t, the product might not meet your expectations or be faulty. You can easily avoid these outcomes by researching each option.

I’ve already provided a head start with the brands mentioned in our product reviews. Each of them has a stellar reputation among homeowners for producing high-quality locks. If homeowners stick with them, I don’t envision any issue arising with their purchase.


Price will always be a consideration when shopping for specific products. Pocket door locks aren’t any different as the cost can vary greatly. Therefore, it’s essential to build a budget based on your particular needs as a customer.

For instance, a buyer who wants a magnetic pocket door lock will need a much higher budget. But people okay with an aged finish could get away with a lower one. These little details will go a long way in determining your final budgetary ranges.

Frequently Asked Questions


Our product reviews and buying guide should’ve provided a good idea about what’s available. But the following few questions will offer a bit more context to this entire search. Each answer should help focus this process on a more definitive pocket door lock.

What Is The Best Material for Pocket Door Locks?

Most experts agree that stainless steel is the best bet for a pocket door latch or lock. It earns this praise by being reliable, sturdy, and offering an attractive look. Other materials can’t seem to match what stainless steel pocket door lock can provide a homeowner.

Can You Put A Lock on A Pocket Door?

If you couldn’t put a lock on a pocket door, this article wouldn’t make much sense. Pocket door locks indeed exist and offer effective results when used correctly. The actual install process will differ based on the lock’s particular type:

Round Pocket Door Locks:

  • Use the included template to make the required marks on your door.
  • Start drilling according to the template using a 2 ⅛-inch hole saw.
  • Use a 1-inch hole saw to drill from the door’s latch side.
  • Slide the lockset’s latch into its proper spot.
  • Set both sides of the lock onto the door, lining them up with the latch.
  • Tighten the screws connecting the lockset to your door.

Square Pocket Door Locks:

  • Utilize the included template to make the proper cut marks on your doors.
  • Take a handsaw or jigsaw and cut the door based on those marks.
  • Drill holes into your door for the mounting screws.
  • Slide your new lock into the cutout.
  • Screw the lock into the door on both sides.

How Do You Put A Lock on A Sliding Pocket Door?

Purchase a lock with equipped pull or pocket door handles meant for sliding doors and follow the included instructions. It shouldn’t be overly tricky, but I’d recommend searching YouTube if you run into trouble. There should be a solid video depicting how to install your lock.

How to Lock A Pocket Door From Both Sides?

Locking a pocket door lock both sides will require installing a lockable pocket door lock with keyways on each side. From there, it’s a simple matter of inserting the key and turning it.

How to Unlock A Pocket Door lock From Outside?

If you’re looking to unlock a pocket door lock from outside, it’ll require a screwdriver. You’ll then remove the screw in the lock’s center. Next, remove the metal plate and use your screwdriver to retract the latch entirely. It should then open without any issue.

How to Lock A Pocket Door Without A Lock?

A simple answer to how to lock a pocket door without lock would be using a door security bar. It’ll act as a visual and physical deterrent for an unwanted person or pet who wants to get through your pocket door.


Our article should’ve provided enough information to select the best pocket door lock. Once you’ve chosen this ideal option, it’ll offer protection and keep your door secure. But these processes don’t always go as smoothly as we’d like them.

If an issue does occur, please don’t hesitate to use our comment section. I’ll make sure to answer each post as quickly as possible. After all, I want to ensure this process gets back on track and the right choice gets made. Thanks for reading!

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