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How to Open a 3 Digit Combination Lock Box in a Minute

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how to open a 3 digit combination lock box

Want to figure out how to open a 3 digit combination lock box? If it’s a new lock box, set the code 0-0-0 by centering the digits in the lock. If you already have your new combination, set your current code in the center of the lock box. Move the locking lever from A to B.

Having a lock box for the first time may be exciting; however, opening it may cause confusion. With this tutorial, you don’t have to guess how to unlock a 3 dial combination lock. You can finish the task immediately if you follow the steps correctly.

What You Need

A 3 number combination lock is easy to open as long as you have the right kind of items. Fortunately, you will only need one item for this tutorial. However, this item is very necessary for you to open your lock.

Combination Code

If you haven’t set your code yet, you will need your factory code to unlock a 3 digit lock. Most of the factory codes for the new locks are 0-0-0. However, if this is not the case for you, you have to look for your factory code in the manual of the lock or on the side of its box.

In case you already have set a new code, use it to open the lock box. If you have forgotten your new code, you have to open the lock box by picking it. It is very important to secure the code of your lock box, especially if it’s resettable since the manufacturer cannot provide you with your new code.

What to do


Set your factory code or current combination number

If you haven’t set your new code, your factory code is what you need. The common factory code for most locks is 0-0-0. If this is not the case for your lock, look for your factory code. Set your code by rotating the dials into three 0s or pressing them if the lock box is a keypad.

In case you already set your new code, dial your current combination code by rotating the three dials corresponding to the numbers of your code. They must be correctly aligned for the lock to open.

Move the locking lever from A to B

To successfully open a combination lock box, you have to locate the locking lever. It is usually at the bottom of the lock box. Just push it from point A to point B. Once done, the lock box will automatically open. If you want to learn more, you can also check this video on opening & closing the MasterLock Lockbox.

How Will I Open My Lock Box if I Forgot the Code

You can crack a 3 wheel combination lock box by using two paper clips where one acts as the lock pick while the other one is the tension tool. Just move the pins using the picking tools until you have successfully pushed them upward. The lock will automatically open once the pins are in the unlocked position.

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There are possibly 1,000 combinations on a 3-digit combination lock. This kind of lock is secure to use because the codes are not easy to figure out. The more digit a combination lock has, the higher the possible combinations are.


Have you figured out how to open a 3 digit combination lock box through this tutorial? It is a breeze to unlock a 3 dial combination lock if you have a clear guide on how to do it. This tutorial is easy to follow, and you won’t have to ask anyone to help you out.

If you have friends who are new to using a lock box, why don’t you share this tutorial with them? We also want to know your suggestions and ideas on how to open a 3 digit combination lock on luggage. Just leave a comment below.

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