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The Best Spy Camera Clocks in 2023 – Discover Them Here!

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best spy camera clock

Using spy camera clocks is an easy way to provide homeowners with peace of mind. These devices allow them to see what’s happening inside their homes when they aren’t there. It’s an effective method of stopping issues like theft or partying teenagers.

But it does bring up the question of how someone picks out the best spy camera clock? After all, these devices aren’t simple pieces of technology. There are many bells and whistles to them, which makes knowing what’s important crucial.

However, there’s no need to stress or worry about it. This article was designed to help buyers out with determining the essential aspects. As an example, here’s a little taste of the discussions that we’ll have within our buying guide:

  • Video Resolution: Spy cameras that don’t provide high-quality video footage aren’t going to do a user much good. Buyers would be much better off spending extra on an option with high-definition visuals.
  • Ease of Use: Many spy camera clocks make life difficult for the person using them. It’s essential to do research beforehand to avoid this outcome. For instance, taking some time to read through each option’s customer reviews and manuals can do wonders.
  • Internet Connectivity: The best hidden camera clock will provide internet connectivity capabilities via Wi-Fi or an ethernet port. If buyers see this quality as necessary, they’ll need to think about whether Wi-Fi or an ethernet port works best for their situation.

But before we dive further into these aspects, I’ve also gathered and reviewed 11 of my favorite hidden camera clocks. These discussions and our in-depth buying guide will ensure everyone can find their perfect spy clock cameras.


Top Product name Dimensions Resolution  Backup supports  
1 WAYMOON 4K 5 x 2 x 2 inches 4K 128GB Details
2 Miota IPC500 3.3 x 2.2 x 2.2 inches 1080P 64GB Details
3 Igzyz 1080P HD 6.14 x 3.86 x 2.05 inches 1080P or 4K 128GB Details

Top 11 Spy Camera Clock Reviews

1. WAYMOON 4K Hidden Spy Camera

WAYMOON’s 4K Hidden Spy Camera starts our list with a bang, considering its impressive 4K video resolution. Honestly, I was surprised when seeing the crystal clear video footage provided by this alarm clock camera.

It also offers live streaming of this captured video using an Android or Apple smartphone app. As a result, this hidden clock camera becomes very convenient for users. Not to mention, the device supports micro SD cards up to 128GB for ample video storage.

This option’s WiFi connectivity was rather impressive, too, as I never had an issue with it. Some other options tend to be a little iffy regarding WiFi connectivity. But this one has seemed to beat the odds based on my experience.

Another highlight was the product’s ability to record in dark or low-light conditions. It’s all made possible by its usage of four infrared LEDs, which provide night vision up to 30 feet. Unfortunately, other hidden camera clocks don’t often match these abilities.

I found myself delighted with its motion detection technology, as well. It had no issues detecting movement within my bedroom and sending me notifications. From there, I simply pulled out my phone, pulled up the Waymoon clock camera app, and viewed what was causing the problem.

My only complaint was this product’s included instructions. I believe I was not the only one who found them unhelpful when setting up this camera clock. Luckily, the process is not that complicated.
  • Clear picture quality via 4K video resolution
  • Live streaming using an app on Android or Apple smartphones
  • Supports a 128GB micro SD card
  • Solid WiFi connectivity for smooth use
  • Night vision up to 30 feet with four infrared LEDs
  • Equipped with excellent motion detection
  • Unhelpful instructions for setting up
This spy camera clock did its job without causing me too many issues. It allowed me to record videos as an effective security measure, which is all I’m looking for from these devices.

2. Miota IPC500 Wireless Nanny Cam Alarm Clock

The Miota IPC500 Wireless Nanny Cam Alarm Clock manages to keep things discrete effectively with its small alarm clock design. It’s hard to imagine anyone knowing it’s a clock hidden spy camera without prior knowledge.

More importantly, it provides clear visuals with its 1080P HD video resolution. I haven’t had a single issue with its visuals as I’ve used it to spy on my pets. It even does well at dark or low-light conditions thanks to its adequate night vision with a 32-feet range.

I was also impressed by its other secondary capabilities. For instance, this product can function as a speaker via Bluetooth to play music throughout my home. I can either use my streaming services on my phone or utilize the device’s built-in FM radio stations.

The device offers excellent Wi-FI connectivity via its app, as well. In other words, I can live stream its visuals using my iPhone without any difficulty. It has made my life much easier when I miss my pets at work and want to check on them.

But I can’t go any further without mentioning this product’s practical motion detection. It does a solid job detecting motion and sending notifications to my phone. Plus, I can use its SD card video record feature to record the detected movement.

This product’s included power cord was shorter than I expected, though. It would be a little burdensome to use if my nightstand wasn’t close to an electrical outlet.
  • Alarm clock design with a hidden camera
  • 1080P HD video resolution
  • Effective night vision up to 32 feet
  • Functional speaker with Bluetooth and built-in FM radio
  • Wi-Fi connectivity via an app for live streaming
  • Practical motion detection with SD card video record feature
  • Short power cord
Thankfully, I have numerous electrical outlets to make the short power cord a non-issue. But it’s still something for buyers to know before purchase. Otherwise, I don’t see why people wouldn’t love this alarm clock hidden camera.

3. Igzyz 1080P HD Mini Spy Camera

One of the more straightforward available choices is Igzyz’s 1080P HD Mini Spy Camera. It offers a simple design with an embedded small, invisible 2mm camera lens. I’ve tried everything to try and see this lens from a distance without any luck.

As for its picture quality, this lens has infrared LED lights to ensure high-quality visuals. I have placed it inside every room in my home without any issues. It has proven versatile enough to work in almost any situation, from an office to a household.

The product’s built-in Wi-Fi hotspot also offers dependable remote live streaming. It made viewing the footage a breeze on the app with my phone or other devices. Plus, I can share these videos with up to 7 users without any difficulty.

It also supports 1080P, 720P, 640P, and 480P video resolution to offer more adaptability. I can even enable active motion detection in the app by using an SD memory card. This feature will then trigger real-time notifications and real-time archive recordings.

But none of these is my favorite feature provided by this option. Instead, I must give this title to its 3000mAH battery that offers 8-hour of continuous wireless monitoring. It has come in handy on several occasions when I’ve failed to plug it in.

I do wish the clockface’s brightness was adjustable, though. It could help create a more friendly user experience, especially when placing this device inside a bedroom.
  • Small, invisible 2mm camera lens with infrared LED lights
  • Remote live streaming via built-in Wi-Fi hotspot and phone app
  • Online videos shareable with up to seven users
  • Supports 1080P, 720P, 640P, and 480P video resolution
  • Active motion detection to offer real-time notifications and archive recordings
  • 3000mAh camera battery with 8-hour wireless runtime
  • Clock face brightness isn’t adjustable
Luckily, I haven’t had trouble sleeping with this clock on my bedside table. So it ended up being suited for my needs, especially with its impressive camera battery.

4. FTDLCD Upgraded Hidden Clock Camera

It’s hard to talk about FTDLCD’s Upgraded Hidden Clock Camera without first discussing the device’s advanced night vision. Buyers won’t often come across hidden clock cameras with 33 feet of night vision range. Given this info, it shouldn’t have an issue working in situations other options can’t.

The quality will only be more impressive when factoring in its 1080P full HD resolution. Initially, I was a bit taken aback about how good it looked compared to other models. It was able to capture dark or low-light visuals that my previous hidden cameras would’ve missed.

Another notable aspect was this product’s three modes of motion detection. Based on my preferences, I can change it from low to medium to high sensitivity levels. It’s an additional layer of user control that helps provide me with peace of mind.

It’s a rather versatile choice concerning remote capabilities, as well. Buyers can control the device using an app found in the Apple Store and Google Play (Android). Therefore, it should cover whoever intends to view the video footage remotely.

The product offers 24/7 surveillance, too, when plugged into an electrical outlet. But it becomes even more convenient with its 3000mAh backup battery. After all, this aspect can offer 6 hours of continuous recording when fully charged.

I did notice sliding issues with this product’s lightweight construction, though. For example, we can accidentally knock the device off the table.
  • Long-distance night vision up to 33 feet
  • 1080P full HD video resolution
  • Equipped with three modes of motion detection
  • Suitable for IOS and Android use via app
  • 24/7 surveillance with included USB cable and charging adapter
  • 3000mAh backup battery offers six hours of wireless continuous recording
  • Sliding issues with its lightweight construction
Thankfully, the incident didn’t do any damage to the product. I’ve also remained careful to ensure another sliding incident didn’t occur. The product rewarded me by functioning well as a clock and security measure.

5. LIERONT HD 1080P Wi-Fi Hidden Camera Clock

One of the more practical available options is LIERONT’s HD 1080P Wi-Fi Hidden Camera Clock. It earns this distinction by providing users with three essential recording modes, full-time, motion detection, and timing. As a result, I’ve managed to use this option in many different ways.

I was also pleased with its ability to function as a surround stereo Bluetooth speaker. It allows me to use the device for blasting my favorite tunes. I could even use a micro SD card to play songs as another source.

It doesn’t hurt that this clock comes with a high-quality 1080P HD lens to offer pristine video quality, either. It was a bit jarring to see my dog in high-definition when viewing the footage, as I’m so used to fuzzy quality.

The night vision capabilities aren’t anything to overlook, as well, given its 10-foot range. This aspect is made possible by the built-in infrared lights. Plus, it’s not difficult to turn on as it’s manually done through the app.

Furthermore, buyers can rely on this product’s loop recording scheme to save storage space on these SD cards. Doing so will overwrite old videos to create room for new recordings.

But even with these excellent attributes, I did find this product’s 90-degree viewing angle a little underwhelming. It provided one or two blind spots when testing it out and viewing its captured footage.
  • Fitted with three recording modes (full-time, motion detection, and timing)
  • Surround stereo Bluetooth speaker for music via Bluetooth or micro SD card
  • 1080P HD lens for pristine video quality
  • Excellent night vision up to 10 feet
  • Loop recording scheme saves storage memory space
  • 90-degree viewing angle
I’m not going to dismiss this option over this 90-degree viewing angle, though. The three recording modes and Bluetooth aspects are way too appealing. I’ve made it work by finding the perfect spot where its viewing angle won’t have a single-blind spot.

6. MAGHO 1080P Hidden Spy Camera Wall Clock

MAGHO’s 1080P Hidden Spy Camera Wall Clock stands out by keeping its design traditional, providing a more retro aesthetic. Therefore, it ends up being a lot more unremarkable to someone who isn’t looking for hidden cameras or spy cameras.

The device will catch them doing questionable behaviors with its 1080P resolution six-layer lens. It’ll provide an undisputable document and proof of whatever is happening. Truthfully, it offers a lot better footage quality than I expected from a camera wall clock.

I found this product’s two modes simple to operate, as well. Continuous recording and motion detection are controlled via knobs that couldn’t be easier to use. It made setting up the device a lot less stressful than I’ve seen with more advanced options.

The wall clock’s built-in lithium battery needs some praise, as well. It offers eight hours of continuous video without needing a charge. Due to this, it shouldn’t have any issues protecting my home even when there’s a power outage.

One last impressive aspect was the wall clock’s ability to support a 128GB SD card. This memory card can save up to 16 hours of captured video by the device without any issue.

However, two issues bring this wall clock down a peg for my situation: it doesn’t have an infrared light source for night vision or Wi-Fi connectivity. These aspects are crucial for my needs as a wall clock buyer.
  • Traditional wall clock design with retro aesthetic for easy blending
  • Superb video quality from a six-layer lens with 1080P resolution
  • Easy to use modes via knob controls (continuous or motion detection)
  • Built-in lithium battery offers 8 hours of continuous video
  • Supports micro SD cards up to 128GB
  • Doesn’t have an infrared light source for night vision
  • No Wi-Fi connectivity
But if I only needed a traditional wall clock with a hidden camera, this one would be more than suitable. Its retro design and excellent storage capabilities certainly meet those expectations.

7. FULAO Hidden Camera Clock

FULAO’s Hidden Camera Clock is one of the more durable options with its zinc alloy construction. It shouldn’t have any issues being a high-quality home surveillance camera for several years.

Moreover, it provides an unobstructed 150-degree field of view. This aspect allows it to show areas of my room that my past hidden cameras never captured. Therefore, it offers buyers a more advanced level of protection and surveillance.

Its Sony IMX 323 lens and the infrared cut filter will also offer top-level performance. In simpler terms, these qualities allow the device to capture clear 1080P HD images in any situation. A room could even be pitch black, and the camera would record videos clearly.

The device’s smartphone app couldn’t have been easier to use, either. It made live streaming, deleting videos, or downloading video files effortless. My partner didn’t even have trouble with it, and she’s usually terrible with these types of smartphone apps.

I should also note that this product allows me to record videos directly to an SD memory card. In other words, it doesn’t need an internet connection to store them on SD memory cards. It’s another reason many buyers consider this device a practical choice.

Sadly, I can’t say this option is a perfect spy clock hidden camera. I noticed a few customers pointing out that this product’s camera wasn’t entirely invisible. In these cases, they could see it when using an overhead light.
  • Durable construction made with zinc alloy
  • Unobstructed 150-degree field of view
  • 1080P HD images via Sony IMX 323 lens and infrared cut filter
  • Effortlessly live stream, download, or delete videos using the smartphone app
  • Records video to SD memory card without needing an internet connection
  • Camera visible with an overhead light
Despite the overhead light concern, I still feel confident in this spy gear. I’d recommend placing the device in a space away from overhead lights. From there, it should more than meet a buyer’s expectations as it has with me.

8. ESROVER Mini Spy Clock Camera

The ESROVER’s Mini Spy Clock Camera manages to keep me informed about what’s happening inside my home with its incredible 4K/1080P micro camera. It offers clean, crisp recording footage despite its compact size.

Of course, the infrared lights within this camera need some praise. These parts keep the device hidden while offering a good night vision feature. It creates a combo that even the other best hidden camera clocks have trouble topping.

I’ve also been delighted with this option’s 130-degree wide view angle. It offers an optimal viewing experience, especially for my room. There isn’t a single place where my cat can hide in that area without being caught on camera.

Moreover, ESROVER offers a free iOS/Android app to view the footage remotely. I was also surprised by its lack of clunkiness, which haunts similar apps. Obviously, this brand took time to ensure it was simple to use.

Another notable aspect is the 12-month warranty, as it never hurts to have some additional protection. Honestly, I always advise choosing electronics with these policies to help avoid any buyer’s remorse.

As for its flaws, the only problem with this hidden security camera was its manual’s included directions. I found them very unhelpful when setting up this device. Therefore, I relied on past experiences using these devices, which was somewhat stressful.
  • Fitted with 4K/1080P resolution micro camera for crisp recording footage
  • Infrared lights for discretion and night vision
  • Optimal 130-degree wide viewing angle
  • Free iOS/Android app with simple remote viewing
  • 12-month warranty for buyer security
  • Unhelpful directions within its manual
ESROVER did a solid job creating an effective, hidden camera for homeowners. So it’s easy to see its increasing popularity among buyers. What more could a buyer ask from a mini spy camera than what’s provided by this one?

9. HOEUJIA 4K Hidden Camera Clock

Our final product, HOEUJIA’s 4K Hidden Camera Clock, is convenient for traveling on the road with its compact and portable design. So it’s no wonder why the customer reviews are filled with praise for using this HD camera in offices, hotel rooms, and other similar means.

I was also pleased with its sizable readable display numbers. It makes reading the time from across the room a lot easier than with other clock cameras. It’s a godsend for me as my eyesight is terrible and requires a hidden alarm clock or hidden camera like this one.

This product does a solid job with its picture quality, as well. It’s not a surprise because it has a built-in 1080P micro camera and IR lights with night vision abilities. In other words, precisely what a person is looking for in the best hidden camera clocks.

Also, the impressive 120-degree viewing angle provides optimal video footage. Given these attributes, I’d be hard-pressed to find a more capable hidden camera for taking on the road. It should have no issues being a solid security measure wherever I travel.

Lastly, it’s essential to note this product works with both Android and Apple devices. It’ll offer solid remote viewing and active motion detection like other devices on our list.

On the downside, this product’s app is pretty slow. It’s nothing outrageous or unusable, but it’s noticeable to anyone using other hidden camera apps. I wish HOEUJIA took a little more to ensure it’s a bit more user-friendly.
  • Ideal for traveling with a portable, compact design
  • Convenient, readable display numbers
  • Built-in hidden 1080P micro camera
  • Equipped with IR lights for night vision and 120-degree viewing angle
  • Compatible with Android and Apple devices for remote viewing
  • The app is a bit slow
In any case, subpar app quality won’t stop me from liking this product. Its other features make dealing with the app worth it for me.

10. NinjaPro 2-in-1 Wireless Hidden Camera Clock

The picture quality on these devices doesn’t get much better than NinjaPro’s 2-in-1 Wireless Hidden Camera Clock. For instance, its 4k camera offers great image clarity while incorporating a viewing angle of 110 degrees that removes blind spots.

Its excellent camera quality isn’t the only impressive aspect about it, either. I adore this product’s remote access via Wi-Fi and smartphone app. In fact, the clock spy camera app offers a user-friendly interface that even I didn’t have trouble using on my phone.

The product’s convenient motion detection sensor technology was another highlight. It’ll start recording whenever it detects movement to ensure I have it on record. As a result, accessing footage is a lot easier with this device.

This spy camera clock with motion detection even offers a useful smart loop feature that erases old SD cards footage when needed. Therefore, I never have to worry about missing something because my SD card lacks storage space.

One last notable feature is its rechargeable battery. It offers six hours of wireless runtime to ensure ultimate convenience. It’ll come in handy when there’s a blackout, and it can utilize its battery to provide me with peace of mind.

I noticed that the minute hand has a habit of blocking the camera, though. It happens whenever it’s right on the “6”, which could impact the video quality of this hidden camera wall clock.
  • Great clarity with 4K camera
  • 110-degree viewing angle removes blind spots
  • Remote access with Wi-Fi and app
  • Convenient motion detection auto records
  • Smart loop feature erases old footage on SD cards
  • Rechargeable battery with up to 6 hours of runtime
  • Minute hand blocks camera at times
But this slight issue doesn’t outweigh its other great traits for me. I am more than pleased with its image quality and other handy aspects. Thus, the minute hand problem is worth dealing with for me.

11. HJSHI Hidden Spy Camera Clock

Among other products I have tested, the HJSHI’s Hidden Spy Camera Alarm Clock has a unique ability to blend right into most home decors without gaining any attention.

Buyers can attribute this benefit to its small, concealed dual alarm clock design that puts its camera behind a glossy screen.

I can then rely on its wide-angled viewing lens to prove excellent picture quality. It provides me with an unobstructed monitoring range. Therefore, I can easily place this hidden camera inside my room without a single-blind spot.

This model’s also known for its impressive image quality within dark or low-light settings. HJSHI focused on this aspect based on the model’s 5M infrared night vision. I can’t thank them enough as I haven’t had a single problem using it at night.

Of course, my pet monitoring wouldn’t be possible with its excellent Wi-Fi remote access. It makes accessing my hidden camera from outside the house a lot easier. I simply pull up the app on my phone or tablet and gain immediate access without any issue.

I should mention that this remote access isn’t only limited to one user or device. It can support multiple to add another level of convenience. Furthermore, I can enable its active motion detection to get real-time footage and archive it when break-ins occur.

However, this alarm clock with hidden camera does come with one downside. It’s one of the more costly options on this entire list. So each buyer will need to think about whether this product’s impressive features are worth its increased price.
  • Concealed, small design with dual alarm capabilities
  • Wide angled viewing lens with a wide monitoring range
  • Ideal for dark or low-light conditions with 5M infrared night vision
  • Excellent Wi-Fi remote access via a smartphone app
  • Supports multiple users and devices at once
  • Archives real-time footage of break-ins with active motion detection
  • A higher price option compared to others
I feel comfortable spending a few extra dollars on this alarm clock with camera device. It manages to fit everything I want in spy cameras without causing me stress.

What to Look for When Buying Spy Camera Clocks


Several factors will impact what clocks with spy cameras will suit your situation. It’s essential to have a handle on all of them to make a responsible buying decision. The following discussions will make this entire process a lot more straightforward.

Video Resolution

Video resolution needs to be at the top of everyone’s list when buying these devices. In other words, your chosen model has to provide excellent visuals. Otherwise, it becomes difficult to tell what’s happening remotely in the captured video.

Buyers can prevent any visual issue by purchasing a high-definition spy camera clock. These options will offer realistic, clear HD video to ensure you can tell what’s happening. If you’re unsure about an option’s ability to provide these HD video visuals, check its customer reviews.

Your fellow customers will offer all the insight needed into the quality. After all, nothing gets a buyer more upset and willing to write a review than a choppy video recording.

Night Vision

Any worthwhile spy camera clock or hidden camera alarm clock will provide night vision. Therefore, these devices will have no issues capturing surveillance camera video at night or in low-light conditions.

A simple way to identify these types of hidden camera clocks is to determine whether they have IR (infrared light) technology and image sensors. These aspects are what set them apart from other available options. So look for those parts within the ad description if they’re necessary for your ideal device.

Ease of Use

Some more advanced options, such as an alarm clock spy camera with audio capabilities, will be a lot more complex than buyers would expect. They’ll have various steps to set them up or have detailed manuals. It’s not something a buyer with minimal experience wants to undergo.

I’d recommend reading through the manuals to avoid these issues. It’ll provide an idea of whether you feel comfortable using or setting up the clock spy camera. I can’t tell you how many times reading manuals before buying has prevented me from making mistakes.

Motion Detection

You’ll want to buy a camera wall clock with activated motion detection. For instance, it’ll help detect unwanted people or objects within an area and start a video recording. Most motion detection clocks with hidden cameras will send you pictures and alarm notifications during those moments.

Users will also benefit from these devices saving footage into a micro SD card. This attribute allows for easy video playback of the HD video recording.

Internet Connectivity

Most spy cameras will offer internet connection capabilities via an ethernet port or Wi-Fi. Once connected, these camera clocks will even work together with a mobile phone and other devices to monitor your home.

You can then live stream the video using those devices outside your home. It ends up being a valuable aspect, especially when you’re on vacation.

Power Souce

A hidden camera clock will function using some power source. Each buyer will have a choice between three options: AC electric power, chargeable battery, or both. You’ll need to think about what power source best works with your particular setup.

For instance, spy camera clocks within a bedroom would work best with an AC electric power source. But it’s not going to work in a remote cabin without a traditional power outlet. Instead, you’ll need to rely on a battery-powered option.

Is It Illegal to Have a Spy Camera Clock


Laws about spy camera clocks vary based on where a person lives. But in most cases, it’s legal to use a spy camera as a nanny camera or for monitoring your house while on vacation.

The issue comes when you install one that violates a person’s privacy. For instance, it’s illegal to use a wall clock spy camera with audio in someone’s locker room, bathroom, or private property. So I’d recommend checking the local laws and regulations before using one.

Can You Use a Spy Camera Clock Without Wi-fi

You can use some spy camera clocks without Wi-Fi. In these cases, the spy clock camera no WiFi device will use 3G, 4G, 5G, or LTE mobile data plan to record footage. So if you’re looking for his capability, make sure to read the product descriptions thoroughly.

How Long Does a Spy Camera Clock Last

In most cases, hidden spy cameras can last ten days on standby mode without issue. But this timeframe is only possible if the camera isn’t used at all. So each camera usage will drain the device’s battery more and more.

However, some users won’t have to worry about this issue. Many spy camera clocks come with a power cord plugged into AC power. This configuration will provide 24/7 power for your camera clock.


After reading our article, choosing the best spy camera clock shouldn’t be difficult. Using these resources will keep the entire process straightforward and uncomplicated. From there, the right choice should become easy to identify.

But if you do have more difficulties, don’t hesitate to contact us. You can use our comment section, and I’ll make sure to answer each one quickly. Thanks for reading!

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