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The Best Car Alarms for Vandalism and Theft

Fact checked by Teddy B.Miller

best car alarm for vandalism

Car vandalism has been a problem for as long as these vehicles have existed. They’re easy targets for thieves to get away with our valuables. But there are measures car owners can take to ensure their vehicle’s security.

One of them is buying the best car alarm for vandalism prevention. These devices will ensure a car remains protected and alert an owner about any break-in attempt. Some can even provide accurate locations after the vehicle has been stolen.

But how does a person find the perfect car alarm for their particular situation? It has become a bit difficult as there are many different variations. However, the process can be a lot more straightforward with an understanding of certain key factors, such as these:

  • Type of Car Alarm System: Several car alarm types, such as passive and active systems, are available for buyers. Shoppers will need to understand which one best suits their needs as a car owner. Otherwise, this entire process will likely end with a misguided purchase.
  • Your Buying Purpose: It’s essential to know why you need a car alarm for vandalism prevention before buying one. Is it because you’re in a high-crime area and want additional protection or some other reason? Answering these types of questions can go a long way in helping buyers find the right car alarms.
  • Cost: The cost of car alarms for vandalism can deviate greatly based on specific features or aspects. Each buyer will need to determine what they value in these devices and build a realistic budget around those preferences.

You’ll learn more about these factors and other crucial aspects in our buying guide. I’ve also gathered 12 high-quality options to provide a solid starting point for your search. Each one will have a detailed review discussing what makes them top-tier car alarms for vandalism prevention.


Top Product name Dimensions Display Number of buttons  
1 Viper 5706V 2-Way 4.7 x 3.8 x 1.2 inches LCD 5 Details
2 Avital 4103LX 8 x 6 x 3 inches LED light unit  4 Details
3 Winner International SA110 7.7 x 5.3 x 1 inches LED light unit  No Details

Top Most Trusted Car Alarm for Vandalism Reviews

1. Viper 5706V 2-Way Car Alarm System

Viper’s 5706V Car Alarm System is one of the most advanced and top rated car alarms available for car owners. It earns these distinctions with its vast and impressive list of car alarm features.

I’d have to begin with this model being a complete car security system. Honestly, my vehicle has never been more protected than after this alarm system was installed. It even has a one-mile range to ensure I’m notified whenever an issue arises with my car.

If someone does attempt a break-in, it’ll then alert me with reliable siren tones. These notifications will come through the remote control lying within my pocket. Therefore, I can address the situation from a distance without waiting until I reach the vehicle.

I also must mention that this model comes with remote system start. It’s an essential aspect because this feature allows me to start the car with my remote control. Due to this, I can start up my vehicle before going outside, so it’s warm when I get there.

The remote control’s design was another impressive aspect. It doesn’t have an overly thick construction and fits right into my pocket without issue. Plus, it has an LCD display and five easy-to-use buttons, which control 24 convenient functions.

One of my favorite functions would be Active Temp Check. It allows me to see what my car’s temperature is when using the remote start feature. It’s an ideal aspect to have during the winter months.

But this car alarm is easily among our most costly options. Honestly, it’s one of the most expensive models that I’ve come across. Each buyer will need to decide whether they feel comfortable paying for it.
  • Complete security system with one mile remote range
  • Notifies users with reliable siren tones
  • Equipped with remote system start for additional convenience
  • 5-button remote with slim design and LCD display (controls 24 functions)
  • Active Temp Check feature to view a car’s temperature
  • A higher-priced option
In my case, I’m never going to put a price on personal security or car security. This product certainly ended up meeting my expectations.

2. Avital 4103LX Remote Start System

The Avital 4103LX Remote Start System has made my life a lot easier as weather conditions have gotten colder. After all, this remote start system couldn’t be easier to use as it allows me to run my car remotely without going outside. I no longer have to enter my car and experience freezer-level temperatures.

More importantly, this system can also function as a practical car alarm. It comes with a panic mode that sounds a loud alarm and flashes my parking lights whenever an emergency occurs. I managed to stop a burglar the other day by utilizing this amazing feature.

Switching the system to panic mode wasn’t difficult, either. This model comes with two four-button transmitters with easy-to-use designs. I can’t imagine anyone having issues figuring it out, as the included instructions are perfect.

Moreover, the two transmitters helped with my inability to keep track of things. It ensures I have a backup when I eventually lose one. Plus, I can’t get enough of these transmitters providing me with remote keyless entry.

Another appealing feature is the convenient valet mode. It allows me to disarm the security system quickly, so the vehicle can remain running when my car keys are removed. It has been beneficial when I’ve gone to restaurants with valet parking.

However, this system will require a professional installation. I wouldn’t recommend anyone who isn’t a car mechanic or has profound experience to attempt it. It just isn’t worth the hassle of frustration if something goes wrong.
  • Convenient, easy-to-use remote start system
  • Ideal for cold-weather areas with remote start features
  • Equipped with panic mode to work as an effective alarm and flash parking lights
  • Two four-button remote transmitters for straightforward usage
  • Convenient, quick disarming with valet mode
  • Requires a professional installation
Overall, the need for a professional installation is a little annoying. But it does make me feel a lot more comfortable with how it’ll perform when the time comes. I can feel confident in its abilities without worrying about something malfunctioning because of my subpar installation.

3. Winner International SA110 Alert Signal Combo Set

Spending loads of money on buying a car alert system isn’t always in the cards. In some cases, a buyer might be looking for an alternative option like Winner International’s SA110 Alert Signal and Decal Combo Set.

Its effectiveness comes from being a deterrent that looks like an alarm or siren system. As a result, it stops car thieves in their tracks and warns them of my vehicle being protected. It has shown to be a valuable and simple way of preventing automotive theft.

Users will also benefit from this model’s included easy-to-install LED flashing light unit. It requires almost zero effort to set this device up inside my car. It’s hard to envision even newbies to car installation tasks having many issues.

The product’s self-adhesive warning decals aren’t any more complicated, either. I had no trouble setting them up on my car’s interior windows. From there, they functioned as a massive warning sign to all burglars not to mess with my vehicle.

Other notable benefits include a lightweight/space-saving construction and an affordable price. Both traits further prove this device to be a worthwhile alternative.

But again, this option offers nothing when it comes to actual security or alarms. It’s a visual deterrent to keep a thief away from my car in the first place. In other words, it can trick a potential burglar but can’t stop them when they’re committing a theft.
  • Effective visual deterrent for car thieves
  • LED flashing light unit with the easy installation process
  • Two self-adhesive warning decals for simple attachment
  • Lightweight, space-saving construction
  • An affordable alternative option
  • Not a traditional security system or alarm
However, the results it provides are hard to overlook as multiple customers have sung its praises. It’s not surprising as it does look like a traditional security or aftermarket car alarm without any of the wiring. It ends up being a way of improving my vehicle’s security and keeping my savings.

4. Wsdcam ‎4331021098 Wireless Vibration Alarm

Simplicity isn’t often a trait associated with high-quality auto alarm systems, but Wsdcam’s ‎4331021098 Wireless Vibration Alarm breaks the mold. It keeps things easier for users with a simple, versatile design that can work in several situations.

Buyers can expect this vibration alarm to work on cars, bikes, motorcycles, and other vehicles. I even considered buying multiple to increase security in several aspects of my life. Plus, it’s hard not to think of getting a couple as its loud 110dB alarm is an ultra-effective deterrent.

I was pleased with the included 4-mode remote transmitter, as well. It made switching between arm, disarm, panic, and doorbell a breeze. It’s another reason why this product has broad appeal among various customers.

Wsdcam managed to offer even more user control by providing ten adjustable sensitivity levels. So it can be anywhere between being a touch sensitive car alarm to one that needs shaking. It shouldn’t be difficult for buyers to find a level perfect for themselves.

Furthermore, I love how easy this option was to install with the provided directions. I couldn’t ask for much more from a feature standpoint with this option.

The only problem I ran into was the double-sided tape being less durable than expected. It started coming off after a few months, but I managed to replace it quickly. I doubt it’ll be much of an issue for whoever buys this device.
  • Versatile, simple design used for multiple applications
  • Loud 110dB siren to deter thieves
  • Equipped with remote control (4 modes)
  • Ten adjustable sensitivity levels for user convenience
  • Easy to install with provided instructions
  • Durability issues with double-sided tape
All in all, this simple option managed to provide me with solid protection. I wasn’t expecting top-level security, but it did an adequate job and didn’t offer any hassle. Buyers could undoubtedly do much worse.

5. Sunnytech ‎COMINU019423 Solar Car Burglar Alarm

The Sunnytech ‎COMINU019423 Solar Car Burglar Alarm does a solid job mimicking the lights on expensive car alarm systems. Given this information, it’s not shocking to learn that this model has become a favorite among people looking at dummy alarms.

It’s easy to see why thieves would get confused by this option. After all, the device’s equipped with six LED lights with a durable construction that stands out in dark parking areas. Multiple customers have even reported witnessing it stopping a thief from breaking into their cars.

The product’s built-in vibration sensor should also get a lot of praise. It has a practical sensitivity that detects when someone might be trying to break into my car. From there, it’ll make sure the lights turn on to scare the thief into picking another target.

I should mention this model’s convenience when it comes to charging. Users can use solar power or the included USB port to recharge it. Due to this, I’ll never enter a situation where I won’t have a way to charge this helpful device.

If those features weren’t enough, the product has an effortless installation. I didn’t need to do any wiring or other complicated tasks. Instead, it was a simple matter of attaching the double-sided adhesive tape to my car’s interior.

A few customers did mention shipping issues with this option, though. It seems this option has a habit of arriving later than expected for certain customers. Thankfully, it wasn’t an issue when I got mine from Sunnytech.
  • Reliably mimics lights in top-tier alarm systems
  • Equipped with six durable LED lights
  • Built-in vibration sensor with adequate sensitivity
  • Two charging methods (solar power or USB)
  • Effortless installation without any wiring
  • Shipping issues
Honestly, this product’s shipping issues shouldn’t prevent buyers from considering it. The complaints were very few among a majority of happy customers. I’m fully confident most people will find themselves delighted with this option.

6. Pyle ‎PWD701 Car Alarm Security System

One of the first things to stand out about Pyle’s ‎PWD701 Car Alarm Security System is the piercing 120dB two-tone siren. I doubt any burglar will want to deal with it as the sound was deafening when testing it out.

But its effective siren isn’t the only reason for its placement on our list. I was also intrigued by its ignition controlled locks. It helps prevent lockouts by automatically unlocking after the car engine turns off. Plus, it adds additional protection when driving by locking the vehicle once the ignition is turned on.

Car owners will get two remote transmitters with this option, as well. Each one will have a simple four-button design that couldn’t be easier to use. I didn’t even have issues figuring out how to arm, disarm, and turn on certain functions with it.

It isn’t an issue if I happen to lose the remotes, either. This security system comes with an emergency override/kill switch to disarm it without the transmitters. As someone who constantly misplaces things, I can’t express how helpful this aspect has been for my needs.

Buyers can get even more protection by enabling the anti-carjacking feature, as well. It’ll monitor the car doors while the ignition is on and trigger when the car doors open. A thief won’t know what hit them as the alert will only get higher and higher once activated.

My only issue with this option was the subpar installation instructions. I didn’t have any luck following them, and I wasn’t alone. It was mentioned more than once in this car alarm review section by other customers.
  • Built-in, loud 120dB two-tone siren
  • Equipped with ignition controlled locks to prevent lockouts
  • Two remote transmitters with simple four-button designs
  • Emergency override/kill switch feature disarms the system
  • Optional anti-carjacking feature for additional protection
  • Subpar installation instructions
But there’s a simple solution to dealing with subpar installation directions. I paid someone else to do the job for me and found it worth the additional money. It allowed me to enjoy everything this siren system could offer without a single issue.

7. Viper 5305V 2 Way LCD Vehicle Car Alarm

Viper’s 5305V 2 Way LCD Vehicle Car Alarm is another fabulous option from this top-tier brand. I would have to start with its appealing remote start system. It allows me to start my car from ¼ mile away without any hassles via its included two-way remote.

Aside from this capability, I also love that the remote start system provides me with keyless entry. It keeps me from having to find my key or key fob constantly. I no longer have to search my entire home every morning for them frantically.

Viper makes this alarm even more convenient for users by making this system SmartStart compatible. In other words, users can set up the system to work through their smartphones. I can do anything the two-way remote can via my phone, so it’s a car alarm that alerts your phone.

The protection quality offered by this system isn’t too shabby, either. It’s fitted with a Double Guard Shock Sensor to ensure it can detect vibrations. As a result, this built-in shock sensor will let me know when somebody’s trying to smash my car windows or car doors.

It’ll then alert using its practical six-tone siren alert system. This process gives me more than enough notice and time to deal with whatever problem arises.

The two-way remote has received a few complaints among other buyers, though. In these cases, it happened to be a little more finicky than expected. But I haven’t experienced any issues with mine so far.
  • Remote start system with a ¼ mile range
  • Convenient keyless entry
  • SmartSmart technology, compatible with smartphone to control vehicles
  • Detects vibrations with effective Double Guard Shock Sensor
  • Reliable six-tone siren alert system
  • Finicky two-way LCD remote
Overall, there isn’t much I can say about this model that’s negative. It manages to check off most of my desired attributes without breaking a sweat. It’s a solid option to keep a car protected from any burglar.

8. PerfecTech Solar Power Simulated Dummy Car Alarm

Our next option, PerfecTech’s Solar Power Simulated Dummy Car Alarm, does a decent job keeping my car protected from burglars. It might not have an alert system, but this option still makes thieves think twice.

After all, this model has an impressive flashing LED light to keep them at bay. It’ll make them think there’s an in-depth alarm system within my vehicle. As with our previous dummy options, this one comes with a stellar reputation for fooling criminals.

I was also delighted with its ability to remove the need for an installed battery. This product can run on solar power for peak efficiency. It’s just another way this dummy car alarm makes my life easier while protecting my valuables.

It’s worth noting that this product does have a built-in USB port. So if a buyer doesn’t want to rely on solar power, they can use this port as a power source. I also didn’t have to worry much about the installation process. It comes with included glue that makes the setup effortless.

Lastly, the product is relatively affordable when compared to similar options. I might even call it a bargain based on its impressive combination of performance and low cost.

I was surprised by how small the on/off switch was as compared to other car alarms. I’d imagine anyone with large fingers could have issues with it. It was even mentioned more than once in this option’s customer reviews.
  • Useful dummy alarm device with flashing LED light
  • Removes the need for a battery with solar power
  • USB port included for charging
  • Simple installation with included glue
  • A less costly option
  • Small on/off switch
However, I’m not going to complain too much about a small on/off switch. It’s a minor inconvenience that doesn’t affect its performance as a dummy alarm. As a result, it’s more than capable of providing a car owner with some peace of mind.

9. Technaxx 4743 Motion Sensor Car Alarm

One of the more convenient choices available would be Technaxx’s 4743 Motion Sensor Car Alarm. It earns this distinction by having a design fitted with two USB charging ports. I can use these ports to charge other devices, such as a smartphone or tablet.

But users shouldn’t sleep on this product’s performance quality, either. This car alarm offers excellent protection with its PIR motion sensor and loud 110dB alarm. I’ve tested these aspects out multiple times and found them more than adequate with their detection abilities.

I was pleased with this product’s rechargeable 450mAh battery, as well. It stops me from having to buy an absurd number of batteries like with other similar car alarms. More importantly, it has a 6-day standby period for added convenience.

The product’s design also earns a special place in my heart. After all, it’s slim and compact enough to move from place to place without any storage issues. This ability allows it to be a suitable alarm for various vehicles like boats, cars, trucks, and RVs.

Meanwhile, the included remote control only adds to this versatility. I can use it to activate or deactivate the device remotely from a distance of up to 8 meters.

But I do wish Technaxx took a little more time building the remote. It feels a bit more flimsy than I’ve come to expect with these devices. I’d recommend being careful to avoid dropping when utilizing it.
  • Two USB ports for charging other devices
  • Effective security system with PIR motion sensor and 110dB alarm
  • Rechargeable internal 450mAh battery with 6-day standby
  • Compact, slim design for easy traveling
  • Suitable for multiple applications (cars, trucks, RVs, and boats)
  • Remote activation/deactivation up to 8m
  • Durability issues with remote
Thankfully, my remote hasn’t gotten damaged yet as I’ve been very careful. Every other part of this device has lived up to its name as a security device. I just need to remain cautious when using the device moving forward.

10. Mengshen Wireless Anti-Theft Vibration Alarm

Mengshen’s Wireless Anti-Theft Vibration Alarm is another smaller option capable of adapting to most situations with ease. After all, it has a small, compact design that’s ideal for installation inside a car or truck.

Aside from its appealing design, I was also impressed by its on/off switch. It was a lot more comfortable to use than I’m used to with other devices. Normally, my large fingers make turning these alarms on or off almost impossible.

Installing this car alarm didn’t take much effort on my part. Mengshen did a solid job writing up helpful instructions that allowed for a painless process. Once installed, I was protected by its noisy 105dB alarm siren that thieves never want to encounter.

This brand made carrying around the infra-red remote a breeze, as well. It comes with a key chain to ensure a level of practicality that makes my life much easier. Honestly, it makes using the device a delight.

More importantly, this remote allows me to switch between four modes. I can set the device in alarm, disarm, doorbell, or emergency mode. Therefore, I’m never caught off guard by a potentially problematic situation.

However, this wireless option does drain its battery rather quickly. It was noted a few times among other customers’ reviews, which I noticed during my usage. So buyers would be wise to invest in a bulk number of AAA batteries.
  • Small, compact design for easy storage and adaptability
  • Comfortable on/off switch
  • Straightforward installation
  • Noisy 105dB alarm siren
  • Easy-to-carry Infra-red remote with included keychain
  • Four modes for multiple applications
  • Quick battery drainage
Aside from the battery issue, I didn’t find anything egregious with this option. It did exactly what its product description described without any real issues. It’s hard to complain about a product that meets its brand’s expectations.

11. Scytek 8542136448 Keyless Entry Car Alarm System

I haven’t come across many complete security alarm systems that can compete with the Scytek Keyless Entry Car Alarm Security System’s price tag. It manages to be among our least costly choices while offering some truly appealing features.

An obvious starting point would be its remote trunk and keyless entry features. Honesty, I can’t stress enough how much easier storing items in the trunk has become with this aspect. I’m also never going to pass up keyless entry as a person who’s known for being lazy.

These two qualities are all made possible by this model’s two 5-button key fobs. I should also point out these fobs felt a lot more comfortable in my hand than most other included remote controls. It makes for a much more user-friendly experience.

As for its protection qualities, this model is top-tier with a built-in dual zone impact sensor. It has no issues detecting shocks/blows to my car’s exterior. It then relays the info to my key fob or smartphone.

My only gripe with this complete system is its inability to offer remote start. I feel like this model would become almost unbeatable among these devices with this attribute included.
  • A more affordable complete security system
  • Keyless entry and trunk release via two 5-button key fobs
  • Comfortable design on the key fobs
  • Detects exterior shocks or blows with built-in dual zone impact sensor
  • Works with smartphones
  • No remote start feature
But I won’t complain too much when the device has such an affordable price for a complete system. Plus, it manages to check off all the other attributes on my list with ease. I can learn to live without remote start, especially with features like these.

12. BANVIE ‎8542136625 Car Security Alarm System

Our final option, BANVIE’s ‎8542136625 Car Security Alarm System, might be the most versatile car alarm on this list. It’s fitted with a universal wire connection design that can fit onto almost any car model with ease.

After installation, users will then benefit greatly from its two 5-button remote controls. Both have a comfortable design to make my job easier when controlling the alarm system. I couldn’t ask for much else when it comes to using this product.

I was pleased with its six-tone siren alert system, as well. It provided a noticeable alarm to ensure I knew when something was going wrong with my car. I even tested the device out a few times to make sure it worked effectively.

The thief detection is also helped by this product’s built-in microwave and shock sensors. Both these attributes will help detect whenever an unwanted person gets near my vehicle. It should have no issues alerting me about any potential car thieves.

Buyers shouldn’t sleep on the product’s remote keyless entry and trunk release features, either. It’s nice to know that I can utilize the remote control for these functions. Therefore, I don’t have to rely on keys, which is always a pain.

But one unexpected flaw with this model was the lack of instructions. It seems like a slight oversight by BANVIE that could’ve made their product even more practical. It doesn’t seem like a good option for newbie car owners to try and install.
  • Universal design fits almost all cars
  • Two 5-button remote controls with user-friendly designs
  • Noticeable six-tone siren alert system
  • Excellent thief detection with microwave and shock sensors
  • Remote trunk release and keyless entry
  • No included instructions
The lack of instructions wasn’t a massive deal for me, as I hired a professional to install it. It only cost a little extra and still was less costly than similar available models. In the end, I was able to save money and get access to this alarm’s impressive features.

What to Look for When Buying Car Alarms for Vandalism


Our product reviews provided an idea of what makes up a high-quality car alarm for vandalism. The following discussions will help streamline this buying process even further. In other words, they’ll make sure you can choose the best car security system for your specific needs.

Type of Car Alarm System

Each buyer will need a handle on all the available types of car alarms. After all, every car alarm is built for specific purposes. Let’s dive into them to figure out which kind best fits what you need:

  • Passive Car Alarms: These car security systems are favorable options because you don’t need to set or press any button to activate them. Once a vehicle’s locked, the alarm system will automatically start working. But this benefit offers one downside—lack of user control, as you don’t have customizable features like other car alarms.
  • Active Car Alarm: Buyers looking to have complete control over their car’s security system should consider active car alarms. They allow users to use an alarm remote button to deactivate or activate the system. But obviously, these types might not be excellent choices for forgetful drivers.
  • If you’re anything like me, there’s a high probability that you’ll forget to activate the system. You can avoid this disaster by choosing an alarm with a passive feature. It’ll make sure your car alarm becomes active automatically within 20 seconds or less, even when you forget.
  • Two-Way Paging Car Alarm: This type of alarm system works by establishing a connection between the alarm and a key ring’s hook. In most cases, buyers can expect them to come with an LCD remote display. It’s a car alarm that notifies you about whether the system’s activated or a break-in attempt has occurred, with a range up to a mile.
  • Remote Start Car Alarm: You can expect these systems to activate via an included remote control and offer remote keyless entry. Most of them are usually regarded as active car security systems, but there is a slight difference. Car alarms with the remote start system can bypass any start-up lockout and work via a vehicle’s ignition.
  • Audible Car Alarm: Audible car alarms are known for their simple designs that combine with sensors installed on various parts of your vehicle. A loud alarm siren will sound when those sensors are disturbed. If you’re looking for something straightforward, these models would be a solid choice.
  • Silent Car Alarms: Buyers who aren’t too fond of having a car alarm for vandalism with a loud siren should look at silent car alarm systems. These provide a noiseless notification to an owner whenever an issue occurs.
  • Car Alarm with GPS Tracking: Our last type is a bit more advanced than most of these other choices. It can notify the owners with an accurate location of their vehicle when it’s been stolen. Many car owners prefer this option because of its higher protection level.

Your Buying Purpose

Buyers must understand the reason behind them wanting a car alarm for vandalism, as well. Car owners who simply want additional protection for peace of mind might be better off with a one-way security system: audible car alarms, for example.

However, anyone living in high-crime areas may consider those choices lacking in protection. Those buyers would probably prefer more advanced models with a long list of security features, such as GPS tracking.


Car owners would be doing themselves a disservice not to consider a car alarm’s sensors. It’s not enough that sensors alert when someone attempts to open your vehicle. You’ll need glass break sensors, so they can alert you when someone shatters your windows.


The best car alarm for vandalism won’t be thcar alarm for vandalisme cheapest device out there. Buyers can expect to spend a sizable chunk of cash on these protection tools. I’d recommend building a budget based on your needs to see how much money is needed for the perfect choice.

For instance, your budget will need to account for whether you’re looking for a talking car alarm with proximity sensor or a car alarm for catalytic converter theft. Both these examples would raise your budget ranges higher than normal.

You then use this budget to reduce the number of choices to a more manageable level. Trust me; it makes the entire process much easier for everyone involved.

What Is the Most Effective Type of Car Alarm for Vandalism


Honestly, it depends on what the buyer is looking for in their car alarm for vandalism. Some might see the silent alarm as the most effective type as they don’t have a loud and obnoxious system. Meanwhile, other people might prefer the GPS alarm for a broad level of protection. Furthermore, if you are finding car lock alarms, may also you be interested in other alarm, and security devices for your home, such as the top-rated dual alarm clock, barking dog alarm, and spy camera clock articles.

How Do I Install a Car Alarm for Vandalism

The process of installing a car alarm for vandalism will differ from product to product. You’ll need to read the manual and directions to get a genuine handle on its installation process. Thankfully, most manufacturers put a lot of time into crafting these instructions to keep it simple.

What Is the Difference Between a One-way and Two-way Car Alarm

One-way car alarm systems work by sending a signal from the key fob to the alarms. As a result, it’s a relatively simple way of arming or disarming the remote. But two-way systems work by sending that signal and other data from the vehicle to the owner.

How Much Does It Cost to Install a Car Alarm System for Vandalism

Most buyers can expect a car alarm system installation to cost between $150 and $250. It’s pretty pricey, especially when adding it to the price of the device itself.


I hope these discussions helped answer all your questions about what’s the best car alarm for vandalism. If they did, the buying process should become a lot more manageable and straightforward.

But if you still have a question or two, please use our comment section. I’d love to help out in any way possible. Thanks for reading!

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