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The Best Silent Alarm Clocks to Avoid Disturbing Each Other

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best silent alarm clock

At first, the idea of silent alarm clocks can sound a little weird. But they’ve proven to be a godsend for people who don’t want to wake their entire household or enjoy a distraction-free sleep environment.

These benefits have made silent alarm clocks rather popular among consumers. As a result, there are many available choices to select within today’s marketplace. It has become challenging to find the best silent alarm clock if a buyer doesn’t know what to look for when buying one.

I’ll help you avoid this issue with a detailed buying guide going over the crucial factors. It’ll make the entire buying process less complicated and stressful. Here’s a little preview to provide an idea of what to expect from these discussions:

  • Style: Buyers will need to decide what type of silent alarm clock fits their needs. Do they want a light-based model, a silent vibrating alarm clock, or a non-ticking analog alarm? It comes down to preference about how they want to wake up in the morning.
  • Durability: Any worthwhile soundless alarm clocks will have durable designs of high-quality materials. If they don’t, these products won’t be able to withstand those instances where they’re knocked off a nightstand.
  • Ease of Use: It’s never a smart idea to buy a silent alarm clock without looking into its use and setup processes. Instead, buyers are much better off doing a lot of research into those areas to ensure their chosen model isn’t overly complicated.

But this buying guide won’t be your only resource. I’ll also provide 10 product reviews of the widely-used silent alarm clocks available to show what high-quality options offer. So let’s not waste any more time and dive right into them before going further into the buying guide.


Top Product name Material Theme Shape  
1 Analog Alarm Clock Metal Classic Round Details
2 Peakeep Alarm Clock Plastic Classic Square Details
3 TooTa Vintage Metal Retro,Vintage Round Details

Top 10 Silent Alarm Clock Reviews

1. JALL Silent Non-Ticking Analog Alarm Clock

JALL’s Silent Non-Ticking Analog Alarm Clock is one of the more straightforward noiseless alarm clock products available. After all, it’s a traditional analog alarm clock that uses a second-hand sweep design to ensure a soundless operation.

I’ve found this product to more than meet those expectations. Honestly, I haven’t heard any ticking or other noises coming from this device when using it. This no sound alarm clock has become a key component within my distraction-free sleeping environment.

As for its alarm capabilities, it can mask noise and wake me up without overwhelming me with loud volume. Plus, I had no problem setting it up as the device has a straightforward alarm process.

I don’t have to worry about this alarm clock becoming unusable anytime soon, either. JALL did an excellent job making this durable, silent analog alarm clock with high-quality materials. It managed to survive multiple falls from my nightstands without getting a single scratch.

Furthermore, there are no bells and whistles to make it unnecessarily complex. It’s a no-wired alarm clock that requires 1 AA battery to function, which is perfect for me. It even has a night light button to help me out whenever I need a little more light at night.

But I found this no sound alarm clock impractical with its on/off switch placement. It’s located on the product’s backside, making it difficult to find at night.
  • Sweep second-hand design eliminates ticking sounds
  • Effective alarm capabilities with a simple setup
  • Built from high-quality materials for excellent durability
  • No wired operation with its battery-operated design (1 AA battery)
  • Equipped with a practical night light button
  • The on/off switch is located in the back
In any case, this odd placement of the on/off switch isn’t a massive deal. I can turn the alarm clock around when I fall asleep, so it’s in the front. From there, this product has no problem being more than I could hope from any analog alarm clock.

2. Peakeep Silent Analog Travel Alarm Clock

The Peakeep Silent Analog Travel Alarm Clock has made our list with its straightforward alarm capabilities. I don’t have to worry about an overcomplicated setup process or selecting through an extensive library of wakeup alarm sounds.

Instead, this analog clock uses a traditional beep sound with a four-stage process. If I don’t wake up right away, the alarm volume will get louder and louder over an hour. But I’ve never slept through the first beep, so it’s been a perfect addition to my nightstand.

It doesn’t take up much space on this nightstand on a similar note. This alarm clock offers a compact, lightweight construction that’s perfect for moving or storage. In other words, it’s easy to maneuver around when I need to place something around or near it.

I don’t have to worry about it affecting me getting a good night’s sleep, either. Peakeep did an excellent job crafting this device to achieve complete silence with its non-ticking, silent design. They managed to accomplish this by utilizing quartz movement to eliminate the ticking sound.

If I ever needed a few extra minutes of sleep, this alarm clock also offers a convenient large snooze button with night light capabilities. It does a solid job keeping accurate, precise time, too, as I’ve had this device for months and haven’t had to adjust it once.

Honestly, it was disappointing to see this option doesn’t come with a battery included. I thought it’d be a no-brainer way of making this quiet alarm clock more convenient. But it seems Peakeep felt differently.
  • Traditional beep sound with the four-stage alarm process
  • A lightweight and compact construction for easy storage and moving
  • Effective non-ticking, silent design with high-quality quartz movement
  • Proven to offer accurate, precise clock time
  • Equipped with a convenient, large snooze/night light button
  • Battery isn’t included
But the lack of an included battery doesn’t impact this product’s performance. Furthermore, its other features are too impressive to pass up, especially compared to other analog silent alarms.

3. TooTa Vintage Retro Analog Alarm Clock

Every consumer is looking to avoid an overly complicated product. When building their TooTa’s Vintage Retro Analog Alarm Clock, this brand took the belief to heart. After all, its most impressive trait it’s simple, minimalist design, which keeps everything convenient.

I couldn’t be happier about this simplistic approach as its meshes with what I want from a silent alarm clock. But, more importantly, TooTa did a great job with the primary purpose by ensuring it had non-ticking clock hands.

The product’s setup process was another massive winning trait. In fact, I can customize this alarm to my preferences without breaking a sweat with its easy-to-use clock dial. I’d imagine this process wouldn’t even be too complex for seniors or kids to do independently.

Buyers will also adore this clock’s alarm system. It’s a relatively gentle wake-up process with a moderately audible alarm that doesn’t wake up partner from sleep or other family members. Plus, it lets me get a bit of extra shuteye when needed with its snooze/night light button.

One final benefit to note about this device would be its two appealing style choices. I had a lot of trouble picking between the Arabic and Roman styles as both meshed well with the decor. But I end up going with Arabic as it’s more my speed.

As for the device’s flaws, I did find its construction to be a little top-heavy. It ended up falling over on more than one occasion without much pressure put onto it.
  • Simple, minimalist design with non-ticking clock hands
  • Easy to set up with convenient clock dial
  • Audible alarm with a gentle wake up process
  • Practical snooze/nightlight button to promote better sleep quality
  • Two appealing style choices (Arabic or Roman)
  • Prone to falling over with top-heavy construction
But honestly, I’m not overly worried about the top-heavy construction. If I remain careful, it shouldn’t be much of an issue. Furthermore, its other benefits have made dealing with this one issue more than worth the hassle.

4. Tinload BM12401 Silent Analog Alarm Clock

Personal alarm clocks don’t get much more user-friendly than Tinload’s BM12401 Silent Analog Alarm Clock. For instance, it provides users with an easy-to-read clock face with bold digits to ensure anyone can see the time.

The clock’s convenience only continues when looking at its overall construction. Tinload put some serious effort into ensuring this product never makes that awful ticking sound. Due to this, it allows for a distraction-free and peaceful sleep session.

I was also pleased by this device’s 5-minute snooze button placement. It’s located at the top of this alarm clock to offer easy access when I’m half asleep. Many other alarm clock alternatives fail within this area and place the controls inconveniently on the device.

Similarly, this silent alarm uses a gradually increasing beep alarm. It’ll keep rising until someone turns it off or it reaches an hour uninterrupted. But it never becomes too overwhelming where the alarm sounds are overly jarring or I’m startled awake.

Another valuable feature to talk about is its battery-operated, no-wire construction. It keeps me from wasting an outlet on this alarm, which is always a win.

However, this product’s large design isn’t suitable for traveling alarm clock. It’ll end up taking up too much space in my luggage or suitcase. Anyone who intends on considering this option needs to think about its size before spending any money.
  • Easy to read, large clock face with bold digits
  • Completely silent, precise construction for light sleepers
  • Convenience, top placed 5-minute snooze button
  • Gentle, gradually increasing beeping alarm (last 1 hour uninterrupted)
  • Battery operated, no-wire design (1 AA battery)
  • 1-year warranty for buyer protection
  • Not ideal for traveling with large design
In my case, the product’s size isn’t a deal-breaker because I want it for my bedroom. There’s nothing about it that isn’t ideally suited for this role. So the alarm clock has met my expectations and helped improve my sleeping by a significant margin.

5. Peakeep Silent Alarm Clock

Peakeep’s Silent Alarm Clock is one of the more versatile options available. Its non-ticking design features an adjustable volume control via a dial. Due to this, it ends up being a valuable tool for both heavy sleepers and lighter sleepers.

I was also delighted by the easy-to-use battery-powered operation. It’s just a simple matter of finding the battery compartment and placing 3 AA batteries in it to run effectively. From there, it’ll be usable in every situation where an alarm clock is needed, including a power outage.

This product’s alarm system is rather extensive, as well. Each user can select between seven alarm sounds to ensure their sleep sessions are tailored to their needs. I can’t imagine anyone not finding an acceptable option within this library of silent alarm wake up sounds.

Peakeep separated the on/off switch from the rest of this product’s control. It makes the device more convenient to use than most available choices. Honestly, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve managed to hit the wrong control on alarm clocks with bunched-up buttons.

Another key benefit provided by this option is its lightweight, compact design. It makes the alarm clock an excellent fit for traveling from place to place. I even tested out packing it into a fully-packed suitcase and had no issues.

One of its more surprising aspects was that I couldn’t adjust the length of its snooze. I found this a little disappointing, especially since it has adjustable alarm volume and sounds.
  • Versatile non-ticking design with adjustable volume via a control dial
  • Ease to use with its battery-powered operation (3 AA batteries)
  • Promotes better sleeping sessions with seven selectable alarm sounds
  • Built-in separate on and off switch for convenience
  • Ideal for traveling with a lightweight, compact design
  • Snooze function length isn’t adjustable
All in all, the adjustable snooze feature would be a great addition. But it’s not something that I’m losing sleep over as this model has many other worthwhile benefits. I can keep hitting the button if I need extra rest.

6. MEKO Tickless Travel Alarm Clock

Bargain buyers would love to check out this MEKO Tickless Travel Alarm Clock. It’s easy to see why with its affordable price and effective performance. I don’t often find many silent alarms capable of balancing those qualities like this one.

One of the reasons for this device’s effective performance is its portable design. Therefore, it has no issues working in various situations, from a bedside alarm clock to a travel one. I even found it helpful to take into the kitchen as an alternative to an egg timer.

The product’s built-in nightlight is another exciting attribute. It’s been a blessing for my partner and me as it allows us to read at night without disturbing each other. Activating the nightlight isn’t difficult, either, as I only need to press the device’s top button.

Users will also love the device’s overall efficiency as it only requires one AA battery. In comparison, most other analog options need two or three batteries. It’s qualities like this one that I find hard not to be impressed by what MEKO managed to do with this travel alarm clock.

I didn’t even bring up its four-stage gradual increasing alarm process or two vibrant color choices. These aspects only further prove the device’s overall value as a bargain.

MEKO didn’t include any instructions with this device, which I thought was a bit odd. I wasn’t the only one to notice, either, as multiple other buyers mentioned it within their reviews.
  • A more affordable choice
  • Portable design suitable for various situations (bedside table, desk, travel, etc.)
  • Excellent nighttime viewing with a built-in nightlight
  • Requires only 1 AA battery to run effectively
  • Gradual, increasing alarm with a four-stage process
  • Two vibrant color options (blue or pink)
  • No instructions
In the end, this travel alarm clock is a perfect companion on any trip. It snugly fits into a suitcase or luggage without taking much space from other valuable items. It’ll then ensure that users wake up whenever necessary and wherever they travel.

7. MARATHON CL030053SV Silent Alarm Clock

The MARATHON’s CL030053SV Classic Silent Sweep Alarm Clock does an excellent job at saving space on my nightstand with its rectangular design. I can quickly move it around or place things over with ease.

Of course, this space-saving design wouldn’t matter much without high-quality performance. But there’s no need to worry as this product is one of the best noiseless alarm clocks. It distinguishes itself with its entirely silent operation via its second-hand quartz movement.

I found myself also adoring this product’s built-in ambient light sensor. It allows the device to function as an automatic night light, perfect for reading. Honestly, I have become a much more effective reader since bringing this clock into my home.

MARATHON was kind enough to include two batteries with each purchase, as well. It allows users to use this clock out of the box immediately. Furthermore, I won’t have to search every cabinet or drawer in my home for an extra AA battery or two.

The product’s alarm and snooze buttons setup were other highlight attributes. Both tasks were effortless compared to what I usually expect from more advanced choices like a digital alarm clock.

Some customers did mention shipping issues with this option, though. For example, the product arrived in a damaged clock face or messed up clock hands in these cases. But it’s worth noting that I didn’t encounter these problems when mine came.
  • Space-saving rectangular design
  • Entirely silent operation with continuous-sweep second-hand quartz movement
  • Built-in ambient light sensor functions as an automatic night light
  • Promotes immediate usage with two included AA batteries
  • Effortless alarm setup and snooze via well-placed on/off switch
  • Some encountered minor shipping issues
Overall, I wouldn’t fret too much over these shipping concerns. Most of the customers ended up delighted with their product from MARATHON. Moreover, the provided benefits and excellent performance make it a worthwhile risk.

8. Philips SmartSleep Wake-up Light

I can’t imagine a more relaxing, natural experience than getting my daily wake-up call from the sunrise. Philips’s SmartSleep Wake-up Light makes it possible by simulating both sunrise and sunset to encourage a less jarring way of getting a person’s day started.

In other words, it’ll gradually increase its produced light over a 30-minute window. It’ll do this process until my entire room is filled with what seems like beautiful sunlight. It’s a wonderful way to start a day.

I can even make it seem more natural by selecting a wake-up sound to accompany the sunlight. It provides a library of five selections, including birds chirping and waves. My partner and I ended up choosing the waves option as we both love the beach.

Another intriguing attribute provided by this product is its built-in FM radio. Users can use it as entertainment or as part of their sleep regime. For instance, a person could use their favorite radio station as their wake-up sound.

I was also pleased with this product’s ability to function as a nighttime reading lamp. It comes with ten brightness settings, so finding the right one isn’t overly complex. Furthermore, I love the tap-to-snooze function to ensure I can always maximize my sleep.

However, this Philips wake-up light alarm clock has a bulky design. It’ll end up taking a lot of space on a nightstand or bedside table. So buyers will need to consider this attribute before spending money on this sunrise alarm.
  • Simulates sunrise and sunset for a more natural waking up/sleeping processes
  • Five selectable natural wake-up sounds
  • Built-in FM radio for entertainment or improving sleep
  • Excellent nighttime reading lamp with ten brightness settings
  • Simple tap-to-snooze function
  • A bit bulky design
I’m usually quite conscious of my nightstand’s available space. But this Philips wake-up light managed to make me not think twice. Honestly, it’s hard to complain when this one device can be my lamp, an alarm, and FM radio.

9. LittleHippo Mella Ready to Rise Children’s Sleep Trainer

Every parent knows the difficulty of sleep training a kid. But LittleHippo’s Mella Ready to Rise Children’s Sleep Trainer has proven to make this task much easier. It’s a 3-in-1 device (nightlight, alarm, and noise machine )capable of meeting all a child’s needs.

At first, its night light capabilities grabbed my attention. It offers five colors to help a parent choose one that could soothe their child. But, more importantly, it lets them customize the device based on their child’s personality.

I was also thrilled with this product’s three-alarm sounds. Each of them was more than effective at waking me up when trying them. It can even work as a silent alarm to further encourage better sleep sessions without a loud alarm sound.

The product’s usability as a noise machine shouldn’t go overlooked, either. Buyers will have a choice between white noise, ocean, and lullaby to help cultivate a better sleep climate. I found the ocean particularly impressive, considering its sound quality and effectiveness.

Other notable aspects include durable construction made from ABS/silicone materials and a 4ft detached USB cable adapter. I’ve found such dual USB ports super convenient in keeping this product functional.

I’m not a massive fan of this product’s button placement, though. LittleHippo placed all of them at the bottom to discourage little kids from messing up the settings. But it’s also an inconvenience for the adults who have to set them.
  • 3-in-1 device for sleep training children (nightlight, alarm & noise machine)
  • Five selectable nightlight colors
  • Three suitable alarm sounds
  • Effective noise machine with three sleep sounds
  • Durable construction made from silicone and ABS materials
  • Powered with a 4 ft convenient USB charging cable
  • All control buttons are located on the bottom.
Despite the button placement issue, I still thoroughly enjoy using this device. Over these last few months, it has helped immensely with sleep training my nephew.

10. Pavlok Wearable Wrist Vibrating Alarm Shock Clock 2

Our final option, Pavlok’s Wearable Wrist Vibrating Alarm Shock Clock 2, is a bit more advanced than these other choices. It features a compact, convenient alarm clock bracket design that wraps around a person’s wrist.

As a result, I didn’t have to think about how it meshes with my bedroom decor. It simply sits on my wrist as I try to catch some z’s. I’m also pleased with its six wake-up modes of zap, vibration, beep, or three combo alarm settings.

The vibration mode is perfect for anyone who wants a complete silent wake-up process. My partner was lying next to me and didn’t move a muscle. Meanwhile, the zapping mode makes this a perfect wearable alarm clock for heavy slappers.

I was delighted with the jumping jack mode provided by this silent alarm clock wristband. It makes people have to do jumping jacks before the alarm setting turns off. Therefore, preventing a person from falling asleep right after hearing their alarm clock.

Lastly, it has helped me significantly improve my sleeping with its innovative sleep cycle analysis. It ensures I end up falling asleep and wake up in the correct sleep stage.

But there’s one downside to buying this wristband vibrate alarm device. It’s easily among the most expensive choices available for people who need a silent alarm clock. So buyers will need to decide whether its impressive features are worth the extra money.
  • Six selectable wake-up modes (zap, vibration, beep, and three combo choices)
  • Vibration mode offers a completely silent wake up process
  • Equipped with jumping jack mode to prevent falling back asleep
  • Provides smart sleep cycle analysis to improve sleep quality
  • Compact, convenient alarm clock bracket design
  • A higher-priced option
I have no problem paying a little extra for this silent alarm wristband. Bedies, the model is versatile enough to work as a vibrating alarm watch for heavy sleepers or light ones.

What to Look for When Buying Silent Alarm Clocks


Since you now know, alarm clocks don’t have to be loud alarm siren-based devices. It’s time to discuss how a person finds the perfect silent one for them. Let’s look at the crucial buying factors and make this process simple.


In most cases, silent alarms use vibration, light, or a gentle alarm sound. Some will also incorporate a nature sound option that can play with the other waking-up methods. So buyers have a little choice when selecting their silent alarm’s style or type.

Selecting between these styles requires an understanding of how they work. In the case of light options, those alarm clocks will mimic a rising and setting sun. It provides a comfortable and natural environment to wake up users gently.

Meanwhile, a vibrating alarm bracelet or silence alarm bracelet and clocks are a bit more forceful in their approach. Have you ever woken up to someone shaking your entire body? These options use a similar method to ensure a user gets up on time.

It’s also essential to mention vibrating alarms are adjustable. So, when using wearable alarm clock for heavy sleepers, it’s not difficult to find a suitable strength level. If you’re a traditional person, an analog alarm with a gentle alarm sound is another choice.

But I’d make sure these are non-ticking options before spending money on them. The ticking will drive any light sleepers insane when they’re trying to get some rest.

Other more advanced options include a silence alarm clock ring or an in ear alarm clock. Their names pretty much spell out how these choices work. But if these types of options sound intriguing, it’s worth noting that they’ll cost you a lot more money.


The silent alarm clocks will have a solid, robust construction of high-quality materials. It’s the only way to ensure your chosen device will last a long time. I’d recommend looking for options with an exterior made with robust plastic or more substantial materials.

If you stick with those options, they shouldn’t have any issues withstanding regular use. It won’t be a nightmare if they manage to fall off the nightstand. You can research a clock’s durability by looking at the customer reviews for each option.

Power Source

Buyers will come across silent alarm clocks with a few different power sources. Some options have a tethered power supply, and others run off rechargeable batteries. You’ll also see electric models with built-in backup AA or AAA batteries.

These built-in components are an advantage when encountering a power outage or blackout.

After all, they’ll make sure the alarm can still wake you up in these situations. I can’t tell you how many times this aspect saved me.

Some models come with a USB port that allows recharging while on the go. Such a device suits traveling life better.

In any case, choose a power source that best suits your needs. It might even be worth it to pick a silent alarm clock with multiple power options for more convenience.

Ease of Use

Never choose a silent alarm that makes their setup or using processes complicated. Instead, you want easy-to-use options with intuitive controls and buttons. It’ll keep you from getting overly frustrated with it and wanting to throw it through a wall.

Most manufacturers will find these options relatively straightforward. For instance, they’ll put the directions to use the alarm clock right in the product descriptions. So it doesn’t become too difficult to figure out what choices are suitable.

Customer reviews will also help separate complicated options from simple ones. Other buyers will let you know right away where they felt each device was a burden. Honestly, nothing gets a customer review section more fired up than an unnecessarily complex device.


The cost will be crucial to selecting a suitable silent alarm clock. Therefore, I’d recommend constructing a budget based on what you deem necessary features. For instance, anyone who wants a backup battery or one with a silent alarm clock app will need to pay extra.

Your budget needs to reflect these increased prices. It’ll then be a realistic resource capable of limiting your choices to a more manageable number. From there, this entire process becomes a lot more streamlined and less frustrating.

How Can I Use an Alarm Without Disturbing Others


Buying a silent alarm is an easy way of using an alarm without disturbing others. It’ll wake you up using vibration, wake-up light therapy techniques, or a gentle alarm rather than a loud alarm siren sound. If you go this route, everyone within your home will be much happier.

How Can I Make My Alarm Clock Quieter

Most alarms come with adjustable volume buttons or dials. Use them to turn it down or up based on your preferences. If you have a vibrating silent alarm, it should be the same setup with an adjustable setting for its strength level.

Where Can I Buy a Silent Alarm Clock

Silent alarm clocks are available anywhere other similar devices are sold. Most people like using Amazon or eBay for lower prices and other benefits. You also shouldn’t have issues finding a silence alarm bracelet, wrist alarm clock, or vibration alarm band at your local Best Buy or Target.


After reading this article, finding the best silent alarm clock shouldn’t be much trouble. It should’ve offered a clear idea of what one would suit your needs. So trust your judgment from here and select an option that works for you.

If you have any questions, please leave a post in our comment section. I’ll make sure to answer each one as quickly as possible. Thanks for reading!

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