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How to Unlock a Bedroom Door Without a Key? – 4 Methods

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how to unlock a bedroom door without a key

We bet that you have, at least once, encountered a blocked interior door. It is extra annoying if that door is the bedroom entrance. How to unlock a bedroom door without a key?

Most people would consider breaking the door, but the good news is there are many methods available to help you open a bedroom door without the need for its key. Following our good tips in the article will get you inside the room without having to destroy the entire door.

What You Need to Follow This Tutorial

We understand that people can panic easily when being locked out of their bedrooms. Our methods guarantee that you can get into a locked bedroom door with so little effort you will be grateful you did not choose to destroy the door. To complete the steps below, prepare these items:

  • Credit card
  • Small screwdriver
  • Allen key & paperclip/another house key

Step by Step Instructions


The following methods are what we managed to collect over time to help others open a locked bedroom door from the outside. They are not difficult at all, so do not worry about having little experience — our clear instructions will guide you.

Method 1: Use credit card


A credit card would be useful in accessing a spring lock inside your bedroom. Although this card does not open a deadbolt, rest assured that it opens a spring lock. Based on our experience, laminated credit cards work best in this case.

Place your card between the door frame and its lock. Bring this card up against the door frame, then bend it backwards. This action helps you force the lock back into your bedroom door and open it.


If you cannot find enough space between these parts, try to push your card between your door and its frame above the bedroom door lock. Next, tilt your card towards this frame and swipe it down swiftly. You might want to use a sturdier and thicker card for this.

Method 2: Use small screwdriver


A small screwdriver performs well on any bedroom door that has a privacy handle. These doors are often locked by pressing a door handle’s button.

When you are accidentally locked out of the bedroom with no access to your key, find a small hole inside the doorknob. Put a tiny screwdriver as far as possible into the hole. Following that, turn and twist your tool until it manages to catch a groove and unlock the door lock.

Read more details about this method here!

Method 3: Pick the lock

Picking a lock requires more time and skill than the first 2 ways to unlock door without key above. In order to pick a door lock, you will need to have an Allen key. Insert the shorter end of this key into the bottom edge of your keyhole.

Add a bit of pressure to your lock. Slightly spin it in the turning direction of the key. Keep constant pressure for a while. Then you can start to pick this lock with an unbent paper clip.

There are 2 popular ways for you to pick a lock. The pin-by-pin is the first approach, then there is the scrubbing method.

  • When you choose the latter solution, insert the clip into the keyhole’s bottom carefully. Raise the clip backwards then upwards. Repeat this process in a circular motion, and do not forget to increase pressure on your Allen key.

You might see your lock shifting after a while. But if you cannot succeed with the scrubbing approach, try the pin-by-pin option.

  • For the pin-by-pin technique, gradually push the clip in while you maintain gentle pressure on the Allen key. As the paper clip touches the pin, hold its curve and raise it until a clicking sound comes up, indicating the pin has moved into position. Repeat this with other pins until your lock opens.

We also suggest you try using another household key. If your chosen key gets into the door lock, it will qualify for this method: Apply lubrication on your keyway. Turn the key with gentle pressure, as well as slide it in and out, raking the item back and forth.

Make sure not to draw it out during the procedure.

Check out this video for more information on how to open a locked bedroom door without a key:

Method 4: Call a locksmith


The truth is no tips in this world can beat your call to hire a professional. It is highly likely that you might damage a bedroom door trying to unlock it. If there’s a possibility of damaging the door, you should get a locksmith.

Frequently Asked Questions


These are the most frequently asked questions related to unlocking a bedroom door with no key.

1. In which way can you unlock a room door without a key?

With a simple doorknob that has a push button, enter a paper clip’s flat end inside its hole. Keep on pressing until the clip hits the locking mechanism. Eventually, you will push the locking mechanism aside and open the bedroom door.

2. How to open a locked interior door?

If it is a door with a privacy handle, you can use a thin or small screwdriver. Insert this tool into the hole as far as it can go. Twist or turn it until your door lock opens.


It is possible that you will run into difficult situations in daily life, for instance, misplacing the bedroom key and accidentally locking yourself out of this room. The most important thing is to stay calm and follow our described instructions.

What is your opinion on this article about how to unlock a bedroom door without a key? Leave us a comment below and share your tips on how to open a locked bedroom door without keyhole. Do not hesitate to share this guide with friends and family via social media as well.

Thank you for reading.

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