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How to Cut a Lock with Bolt Cutters in Seconds?

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how to cut a lock with bolt cutters

Want to learn how to cut a lock with bolt cutters? Look for appropriate bolt cutters that could cut the lock. Place the blades in the shackle of the lock and position the bolt near your waist. Hold tightly on the grips of the cutters and squeeze the handles until you successfully cut the shackle.

It is easy to cut a padlock with bolt cutters if you know the right steps to execute. This tutorial will help you out in case you lost your key or forgot your code. You don’t need to call a locksmith to pay for services.

What You Need


Before you proceed in cutting a lock with bolt cutters, you need to have the right items. You don’t have to worry since the items required in the tutorial are easy to find and they are also affordable. You can also borrow from your neighbors.

1. Bolt cutters


A bolt cutter is a tool that removes a bolt by cutting off the shank. It is used for shipping, building and electrical trades, and construction. Usually, long-handled levers prevent the need for bending so it is ideal in cutting thick steel.

The available sizes of bolt cutters are 8, 10, 12 14, 18, 24, 30, 36, and 42. In this tutorial, you will need 24 inches bolt cutters. A medium-size bolt cutter includes a long handle that is ideal for cutting padlocks and bolts because of the greater leverage it provides. If the diameter of the lock is wide, you can use larger bolt cutters.

2. Pair of gloves and safety goggles


Since you will be dealing with bolt cutters, you need to wear a pair of gloves and safety goggles. A pair of heavy-duty gloves are recommended to protect your hands against any accidental cut. It can also provide you with a firm grip while preventing your hands from slipping.

You need to wear safety glasses to protect your eyes from tiny fragments of metal that could be flying while you are cutting. As much as possible, choose safety goggles that have enough ventilation so that you can breathe easy as you are doing the tutorial.

What to Do


Step 1: Look for appropriate bolt cutters


To ensure safety, wear a pair of gloves as a precautionary measure. Once done, prepare the bolt cutters that you will use to cut the lock. The wider the diameter between the shackle is, the larger the bolt cutters should be. A longer handle will also provide you with better leverage.

Step 2: Place the blades in the shackle of the lock


Incline the side of the shackle in order to cut it easily. Aside from that, you can place the bolt cutter near your waist for a comfortable position. Once you are done with this, make sure that the blades are open by simply pulling the handles apart. Put the bolt cutter to one side of the shackle.

You can use a vise to prevent the lock from moving as you are trying to cut it. Simply close the vise around the lock by spinning the handle. This can be done if nothing is attached to the lock.

Step 3: Squeeze the handles until you successfully cut the shackle


Exert the right amount of force as you hold tightly on the grips of the chatter. Squeeze the handles until you successfully cut the shackle. If you are having difficulty cutting the shackle, you can ask a friend to help you. You may also use other techniques if the lock is made of hardened steel.


Do you enjoy our tutorial on how to cut a lock with bolt cutters? You can use this life hack in case you lost your key or you forgot your code. This will help you to go inside your home without the need for a locksmith.

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If you find this article useful, you can share this post with your friends so they will know how to cut off a lock. You can also share with us your thoughts and experiences as you are executing the tutorial. Just leave a comment below.

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