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How to Bump a Lock Without a Bump Key? – A Detailed Guide

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how to bump a lock without a bump key

Do you want to know how to bump a lock without a bump key? If you don’t have a bump key, you can use a plug spinner instead. Lock bumping works by applying a quick force that will push the pins above the shear line. In using a plug spinner, kinetic energy is released to open the lock.

We will teach you how to use a plug spinner to bump a lock. Compared to raking and picking, bumping a lock is a lot easier and faster. You only have to follow the steps carefully.

What You Need

Since you don’t have a bump key, you will need to use an alternative bump lock pick. Fortunately, there is a tool that you can use to open the lock easily.

Plug Spinner – The most convenient style to use is the A1 Spinnakur. It looks like a pen that you can put in your pocket and carry wherever you are.

But if you want a larger spinner for more heavy-duty locks, you can use the Gun Type Plug Spinner. It includes various tips that you can use depending on the locks that you are dealing with.

Step-by-step Guide


Step 1: Set the plug spinner

Before you bump the lock, you must first set the plug spinner. Since the tool is spring-loaded, you must rotate the core in the direction where you usually turn to open your lock.

For most locks, it is in a clockwise direction. If you are not sure, you can check your lock first. Keep turning the tool until you cannot move it anymore.

Step 2: Insert the plug spinner inside the keyhole and press the button

After you have set the plug spinner, insert it into the keyhole of the lock. Press the tension release button.

The plug spinner will quickly turn the lock and open it. If you want to see how it is done, you can watch this video.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I execute lock bumping with any key?

No, you cannot execute lock bumping with any key. Bump keys are special keys designed to open a lock. Unlike other ordinary keys, their edges have the maximum depth to set the pins into the shear line. Although you cannot use any key to bump a lock, you can use a blank key to make a bump key.

Does bump key work on deadbolt?

Bump keys can work on any lock where they can fit, even on a deadbolt. A bump key deadbolt is very convenient to have, especially if you tend to lose your house keys often.

Is it legal to buy a bump key?

Yes, it is legal to buy a bump key. In some cases, the authorities may maintain a record of buyers for this device.

How does a plug spinner work?

By rotating the plug spinner, kinetic energy is stored in the spring-loaded device. Once you have pushed the button, the energy will be released.

The tool will spin quickly together with the core of the lock while preventing the pins from moving into the locking position.

How much does a plug spinner cost?

The price of a plug spinner may range from $13 to $100. Compact plug spinners are less costly compared to larger ones. A gun-type plug spinner can reach up to $99 to $100. But an A1-Spinnakur may only cost you about $30 to $40.


Have we helped you with our tutorial on how to bump a lock without a bump key? In a matter of seconds, you can open your lock, even those heavy-duty ones.

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