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How to Secure a Window With an Air Conditioner Unit? – 4 Ways

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how to secure a window with an air conditioner unit

Living inside a house that is humid and hot is not good, as not only will your home develop mold but you may also experience headaches and dehydration. That is why having an air conditioner unit is one of the surefire ways to beat the heat, especially in the summer.

However, some air conditioners are installed on windows, making them vulnerable to falling out of the building or being stolen by robbers. In this article, I will show you how to secure a window with an air conditioner unit in quick and easy steps.

Ways to Secure a Window With an Air Conditioner Unit

Depending on the type of window you have, the weight and size of your AC unit, and the materials available to you, you can choose the best option to secure an air conditioner in a window.

Here are four ways to secure a window AC unit:

</p> <h3><strong>Method 1. Secure with a piece of wood</strong></h3> <p>


Although it is a bit unconventional, using a piece of wood to build a window air conditioner support has proven to be effective, especially for temporary setups without screws.

However, you might not want to use a piece of wood for a long time as it may rot and damage your air conditioner unit.

For this tutorial, choose any piece of wood that you have lying around that is no longer useful. It can be a used broom, an old hockey stick, or even a piece of wood from a fence. It can be used as long as it’s flat and can fit the space in the window.

Prepare a pencil, measuring tape, and saw as well.

To keep an air conditioner from falling out the window with a piece of wood, follow these steps:

  1. Take your measuring tape and measure the width or length of space between the window and air conditioner unit.
  2. Take a pencil and mark the measurement on the wood.
  3. Get your trusty saw and saw off the excess parts of the wood until you get the right timber size.

To make the wood fit snugly inside the space, make sure you do not go under the measurement.

  1. Fit the wood onto the window.
  2. Try to budge the air conditioner unit and see if it’s secure.
  • Cheap or free
  • Can be done by yourself
  • For temporary purpose
  • Not very pleasing to look at
  • Can be easily tampered by burglars
  • Requires materials and tools
</p> <h3><strong>Method 2. Install a window alarm</strong></h3> <p>


If you worry more about burglars breaking in through the window than having your AC unit fall off it, opting for a window alarm might be the best way to improve safety.

With this device, you will secure a window AC from burglars and be alerted as soon as someone tries to break your window.

To burglar proof a window air conditioner using a window alarm, follow these steps:

  1. Locate the arrows or marks on the sensor and magnet to match them up.
  2. Glue or tape the magnet piece on the window frame.
  3. Take the sensor piece and glue or tape it on the window itself.

Note: Make sure that the space between the two pieces does not exceed manufacturer stipulations. Often, the maximum distance is under one inch.

  1. Try to open and close the window to make sure not one of the pieces will fall off.
  2. The sensor will make a noise if both the sensor and the magnet are not aligned.
  • Will scare off the burglar
  • Cheap
  • Easy to install
  • Doesn’t secure AC unit from theft
  • Doesn’t secure AC unit from falling off
</p> <h3><strong>Method 3. Install a sliding window lock</strong></h3> <p>


To effectively lock a window with an AC unit, sliding window locks might be the best option. These products do not require any tools for installation, and they come at a cheap price.

They work by holding onto the track of the sliding window, and they come in different sizes, shapes, colors, and designs. This will ensure that whatever sliding door you have, there will always be a perfect lock for you.

Prepare pliers to set up a window lock for AC unit, and follow these quick and easy steps:

  1. Locate the gap on the window lock.
  2. Insert the window lock onto the window frame.
  3. Tighten the window lock by turning the knob.
  4. Try to open and close the sliding window to make sure the lock doesn’t budge or fall off.
  • Cheap
  • Very effective
  • Easy to install
  • Available in most hardware stores
  • May not be easy to remove during an emergency
</p> <h3><strong>Method 4. Secure with a window lock wedge</strong></h3> <p>


Although lock wedges have the same purpose and function as a sliding lock, they can just be jammed on to the edge of your window, making them easy to remove during an emergency.

However, this convenient installation and removal also comes with a cost. The wedge can be easily detached by burglars just by wiggling the window. It can also fall out of place, making the air conditioner unit budge.

  • No installation process
  • Easy to remove during emergency
  • Can easily fall off
  • Needs manual adjustment after window is opened or closed
</p> <h3><strong>Method 5. Install a window security bar</strong></h3> <p>


You want something that secures the air conditioner unit from falling off and also prevents burglars from entering. That is where window air conditioner security bars come in.

These security bars act as locks for air conditioners since they will not easily budge due to their mechanism. Some have an auto-lock feature that’s very effective against break-ins.

To install a security bar, you may only need to place it onto the track of the window with adhesives, then remove the device by taking it off the frame. Not all products are like this, however.

Some designs consist of a system of bars instead of one piece of metal, and will require mounting instead of being portable like the previous type.

For such bars, you’ll need a drill, drill bit, marker, measuring tape, screwdriver, a spirit level, and one-way screws.

  1. With all tools prepared, measure the length and width of the window frame.
  2. Position the bars on the window, ensuring they are straight before marking the screw positions on the frame.
  3. Pre-drill the holes on the wooden frame and put the bars into place, making sure the bars align with the holes before putting the screws in.
  4. Tighten the screws with a screwdriver to finish.
  • Easy to install
  • Locks air conditioners
  • Anti-theft feature
  • May be difficult to remove during emergencies if you don’t use the portable type


Security should be present not just on doors, but also on windows with air conditioner units installed. Having those appliances and space unsecured can prove to be hazardous to the people outside and to your family.

Knowing how to secure a window with an air conditioner unit will help your home become safer. Do you know anyone who might be interested in this article? Share these tips and tricks with them!

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