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The Best Sliding Glass Door Locks

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best sliding glass door lock

Security isn’t something that a homeowner should ever overlook. Purchasing the best sliding glass door lock is a simple way to provide more protection around your home. It could be the very thing to stop a would-be thief.

But how does a person find the best lock for sliding glass doors? Our detailed buying guide will offer a straightforward answer with several detailed discussions about these products.

You’ll also have access to 12 product reviews of my favorite sliding glass door locks. These reviews will offer a picture of high-quality options and their features. Picking out the perfect choice will soon become an absolute breeze!


Top Product name Dimensions Weight Material  
1 Rishon Enterprises RE 1015 3 x 2 x 1.38 inches ‎0.634 ounces Plastic Details
2 Ashtonbee 1234 9 x 3 x 0.05 inches 0.8 ounces Plastic Details
3 Ideal Security BK110W 30.25 x 5.4 x 4.16 inches ‎1.03 pounds Plastic, Aluminum Details

Best Sliding Glass Door Lock Reviews

1. Rishon Enterprises RE 1015 Sliding Door Locks

The Rishon Enterprises RE 1015 Burglabar Sliding Patio Door Locks is a worthwhile choice as a simple solution. Honestly, I found installing them to be a piece of cake and didn’t even require a single use of a tool.

As someone who isn’t the best at these tasks, I can’t express how happy this easy installation made me. I also liked their unique self-locking hinge design that makes them more effective than a lot of subpar security locks for sliding glass doors.

Rishon Enterprises’ usage of this design gave the locks reliable strength. Each one can withstand an impressive 300 to 450 pounds of force. Plus, this option comes with two locks rather than one to provide more convenience and home security.

As a result, their placement on my patio door and sliding windows gave me peace of mind. I didn’t have to worry about my pets or smaller nephews going anywhere they didn’t belong.

Each lock has a translucent appearance that’ll blend into any glass surface. It makes them practical fits as a sliding glass window lock or sliding glass door lock.

However, the lock’s adhesive becomes compromised during shipping. It might make the lock ineffective and unusable for its intended purposes.
  • Doesn’t require tools for installation
  • Self-locking hinge design resist 300 to 450 pounds of force
  • Translucent appearance for easy glass applications
  • Packing concerns (adhesive can become compromised)
Though I didn’t experience any issues with the locks from Rishon Enterprises, it’s something to keep an eye on when considering these locks.

2. Ashtonbee 1234 Sliding Door Lock

Ashtonbee’s 1234 Sliding Door Lock will have no issues keeping our kids out of off-limits areas with ease. I simply peeled its tape off and stuck them onto any needed surface for protection purposes. It doesn’t get much easier when it comes to sliding glass door safety locks.

I was pleased by the durability and reliability of this lock’s construction. My nephews didn’t manage to open up the sliding door leading out to our pool with it intact.

Its versatility was rather impressive, too, because these locks can do more than ensure we have child proof sliding glass doors. I found them helpful on cabinets, windows, closets, and many other surfaces around my home.

Moreover, they meshed right into my home’s interior.

Ashtonbee was also kind enough to offer two buying quantities for each customer. I found myself choosing the 4-pack rather than the 2-pack because I have a lot of problematic areas.

But for people who have an older child, they might be able to get through it with enough force. It seems very determined older children, around 8 or 9, can bypass it by pulling the lock of its hinge.
  • Effortless installation with simple to use tape
  • Proven to be both reliable and durable
  • Fit sliding glass doors, cabinets, windows, closets, and much more
  • Meshes well into almost any home’s decor
  • Two buying options (2-pack or 4-pack)
  • Older children might bypass it
Overall, it’s a solid option for people with toddlers but won’t be as effective as your child grows.

3. Ideal Security BK110W Sliding Glass Door Security Bar

One of the most adaptable available would be Ideal Security’s BK110W Sliding Glass Door Security Bar. Due to the adjustable design that slides between 25″ and 47″ with ease, it ends up fitting most patio doors.

I was also thrilled with this product’s screw-in base design. It becomes a permanent fixture in any door it’s screwed into rather than having any reliability concerns. I’ve had issues with pressure-mounted bars in the past, which fall off and shake loose.

Once installing this security bar, I knew these issues weren’t going to be a problem. It’ll instead provide sufficient protection and reliable child proofing without being overly burdensome. I can expect these benefits to be long-lasting, too, as it’s made from corrosion-resistant aluminum.

The bar doesn’t make opening the door when needed difficult, either. This one mounts in the middle of my door to ensure I don’t have to be uncomfortable opening it.

It does a solid job when it comes to offering security, as well. People will be able to see it clearly through a glass door, which provides some deterrent.

I was a little annoyed by the bar’s screws being offset (not right above one another). I ended up drilling a new hole because it wasn’t a perfect replacement for my old bar. This issue wouldn’t be a problem for someone installing one in for the first time.
  • Fits most patio doors with 25” to 47” adjustment range
  • Screw-in base design for permanent installation
  • Rust-proof, corrosion-resistant aluminum construction
  • Easy opening and closing of doors
  • Acts as a visual deterrent
  • Included screws are offset
However, this slight annoyance isn’t a severe problem, given it was easy to fix. I doubt anyone reading this article will have any trouble getting it appropriately situated.

4. Prime-Line U 9847 Sliding Door Loop Lock

Prime-Line’s U 9847 Sliding Door Loop Lock works well as my secondary sliding glass door security lock. It’s quality construction shouldn’t have much trouble offering years of protection and performance.

This door loop lock comes with a steel locking bar that has a diecast constructed mounting place. It’s a fancy way of saying this product won’t have issues lasting more than a few years. Plus, it’ll represent a challenge for a burglar to break through it.

I was pleased to see Prime-Line included everything needed for the installation, as well.

More importantly, I installed this lock high up on the door to keep it away from children and pets. It’s a simple way of offering effective childproofing without any extra bells and whistles. Honestly, a kid would need to form a human pyramid or ask an adult to unlock it.

Prime-Line was able to make this product relatively user-friendly, too, with its various buying options. Each buyer will have a selection of five choices to meet their specific needs. I found myself gravitating to the 3-pack as I could use one of these locks in a few places.

I do wish its appearance was a little less bulky and noticeable, though. Its chrome-plated finish and hardened steel design don’t blend too well.
  • Quality, durable construction
  • Well-constructed steel locking bar and diecast mounting plate
  • Comes with everything needed for installation
  • Installs at a height children can’t reach
  • Five buying options
  • Bulky, noticeable appearance
It does get the job done and could improve a home’s security by quite a bit.

5. OKEFAN Sliding Glass Door Child Lock

A child proof lock for sliding glass door products need to be reliable and effective at driving children nuts. OKEFAN’s Sliding Glass Door Child Lock fits this description as it has proven to be a deterrent for many determined kids.

One of the main reasons for its effectiveness is the lock’s unique design. OKEFAN built it with a TPR bar, which requires two buttons to be pressed simultaneously to open. It’s a method that baffled my pets and nephews and ensured the off-limits areas stayed unbothered.

I was pleased with its installation process, as well. The task took less than a minute and didn’t result in me breaking the product. After all, the included 3M adhesive tape provided a high-quality stickiness to ensure simple appliance.

Homeowners could stick it onto a cabinet, sliding door, closet, and sliding window without issue. I tried the lock in all these locations and didn’t have trouble. It has proven so far to stay attached and usable over the period that I’d had it.

I was happy to see this lock came in pink, blue, and coffee, making it a bit more stylish. In fact, the blue option would mesh well inside my home’s interior decor.

Given these features, it shouldn’t be shocking to learn that it’s pretty expensive. I could find a 4-pack of child proof locks for the same price. But the durability and proven effectiveness make this product still a solid fit for families who require a child proof lock.
  • TPR bar baffles kids and pets for top-tier effectiveness
  • Installs in under a minute with sticky 3M adhesive
  • Suitable for cabinets, sliding doors, sliding windows, and closets
  • Three stylish color options (pink, blue, and coffee)
  • Expensive for a single lock
I would find myself more than comfortable with spending extra for an excellent option like this one.

6. HauSun Sliding Door Security Foot Lock

My liking of the HauSun’s Sliding Door Security Foot Lock comes from its ability to provide excellent protection even when it’s open.

For instance, I can leave my patio door locked in “B” position and still get a nice breeze. This balcony door lock allows your door to remain partially open and still locks in place.

Its sliding patio door lock mechanism doesn’t have many fans among children, either. It’s another option that allows homeowners to install it on a door’s top rail to keep it out of a child’s reach.

I was intrigued by the product’s ability to work on left-handed and right-handed sliding doors. It provides it with a bit more versatility than usually seen with these types of locks. As a result, it has a much broader audience base than options like a Toledo sliding door lock.

The lock’s known for its durable aluminum/ABS plastic construction, as well. This ideal combination ensures the product has longevity. It would have no problem protecting my home and keeping things safe for many years.

I did find the included screws to be a little less quality than expected. The screws’ head had a habit of twisting off, which is far from ideal. But it was an easy remedy as I found usable replacement screws laying around my home.
  • “B” Position provides protection and a nice breeze
  • Promotes child proof capabilities with top rail installation
  • Suitable for right-handed and left-handed sliding doors
  • Durable aluminum/ABS plastic construction
  • Screw quality is a little suspect
The product’s overall quality more than makes fixing it worth it for my purposes.

7. Securityman Sliding Door Lock Bar

Our next option, Securityman’s Sliding Door Lock Bar, stands out as being made from high-quality iron. It has proven to protect and secure almost any type of patio sliding door with ease. After all, it can withstand 350 pounds of force to ensure it’s a quality home protector.

I also liked to see that this security bar can be a visual deterrent. People looking into a house will see it through the glass door.

This lock bar’s adjustability was another highlight. It can adjust from 19” to 51”, which provides the user with the ability to serve multiple roles. Therefore, it can protect our window or patio door whenever we want a bit more security.

It’s a child proof lock and installed at waist height to keep out of a toddler’s reach. Due to this, it’s a solid choice for families with curious small children. It’ll prevent them from accessing certain things in two different ways.

The product will get drilled into a door frame to provide solid reliability, as well. I was more than pleased at how well it avoided falling over or coming loose. Overall, it just ends up being a quality, effective sliding door security lock bar.

But this option is hampered by lousy installation instructions. But I think anyone who has any skills to use tools can get it done without following them.
  • Durable iron construction can withstand 350 pounds of force
  • Acts as a visual deterrent for intruders
  • Multi-purpose design with 19” to 51” adjustment range
  • Child proof lock installed at waist height
  • Drilled into door frame to promote reliability
  • Lousy installation construction
Nonetheless, Securityman meets their end of the bargain when creating this top-tier security door bar. Its heavy-duty construction and solid performance could make it a usable choice in a variety of homes.

8. Sure Basics SB33 Clear Child Safety Locks

Sure Basics’s SB33 Clear Child Safety Locks are stable, reliable options for child proofing sliding doors. Their high-quality plastic construction and top-tier adhesive made my life much easier when placing these around the house.

I also found a few places to put them around my RV, which shows their versatility. The adhesive was impressive because it allows the lock to work on most surfaces. I placed it onto aluminum, wood, plastic, and glass without a single problem.

Moreover, the lock’s adhesive wasn’t challenging to remove from those surfaces. These locks end up providing the best of both worlds and ensure installing them is a walk in the park. Plus, the entire process doesn’t require any tools.

Unlocking these locks isn’t a picnic for children or pets, either. My rambunctious cat kept trying to make its way into a cabinet with this lock on it. I’m happy to report that he never figured it out, and it’s a rarity when he doesn’t get his way.

Some other notable features worth mentioning are its 4-pack option, a translucent design, its affordable price, and a 90-day warranty. Each of these aspects only furthered my appreciation for these Sur Basics’ locks.

However, I did notice that these locks are a bit annoying to unlatch. They have a habit of sticking and not opening from time to time.
  • High-quality, durable plastic construction
  • Easy to use and remove top-tier adhesive
  • 4-pack at an affordable price and 90-day warranty
  • Translucent design for easy meshing
  • Locks can be difficult to unlatch
But this issue wouldn’t stop me from considering these security locks for sliding glass doors. I don’t often find quality options for this price. It could represent a nice bargain for families with smaller children.

9. Cal Security Enterprises Double Bolt Sliding Door Lock

Families located in rougher neighborhoods could benefit from Cal Security Enterprises’s Double Bolt Sliding Door Lock. This lock is considered almost burglar proof with its double locking action method.

This aspect makes lifting a door off its track difficult. It’d provide some peace of mind whenever I’m going to sleep or traveling somewhere for an extended trip.

I also found myself liking the lock’s low profile, sleek design. It had no problem fitting in between my sliding glass door’s frame and door panel. Honestly, I didn’t have trouble installing, as the lock came with usable instructions.

The product’s 100% money guarantee was another appealing attribute. It always a good thing to have insurance and a refund policy to use when a product doesn’t meet certain needs. If the need does arise, this brand has a reputation for honoring the agreement and providing a full refund.

Some other worthwhile features include two color choices (white or black), child proofing capabilities, 1000 pounds of forced entry load tension, and a stylish design. I don’t think that this brand managed to miss a single box when it comes to my needs in these locks.

But this model does cost a lot of money for a single lock. I’d have to weigh whether its aspects and features are worth this increased price tag.
  • Burglar proof, double locking action method
  • Lightweight, low-profile, stylish design with two color choices
  • 100% money back guarantee
  • Excellent childproof capabilities
  • 1000 pounds of forced entry load tension
  • Expensive for a single lock
In the end, I’d likely decide it’s more than worth the extra cost. It’s not like it costs a fortune, and the lock does offer respectable performance quality.

10. Sure Basics Safetynex NX50 Sliding Door Lock

Sure Basics’ Safetynex NX50 Sliding Door Lock was made with BPA-free plastic that works on all surfaces ranging from glass to wood.

This versatility comes from the lock having double-sided adhesive. More importantly, this adhesive has received a good amount of praise from other customers. I’d have to agree with them as it met my expectations with its overall quality.

It wasn’t difficult to find a use for all four of the included locks in my home and RV. The locks worked well on my cabinets, closets, patio door, and windows.

I also liked this lock’s one-hand operation method, which makes the entire process simple. It becomes a matter of lifting both side wings when locking is needed. The unlocking process isn’t any more problematic as it requires folding the wings back down.

As for its child proofing abilities, homeowners have found this lock reliable. Some have even reported stopping their determined kids who have damaged previous models. Moreover, it stood up well against my pets.

It’s also seen as reasonably cost-effective because it offers four locks for an affordable price. I could see a bargain buyer favoring this option over others for this exact reason.

But the design is a bit less durable than I’d like in my lock. I usually prefer my locks to be either aluminum or steel-based rather than plastic.
  • Made with safe, BPA-free plastic
  • Double-sided adhesive allows for versatile usage
  • Practical one-hand operation method
  • Proven to hold up against determined kids or pets
  • Cost-effective
  • Plastic construction could have durability concerns
I think the lack of durability would end up being less problematic than expected.

11. WOOCH Sliding Glass Door Ratchet Lock

Beefing up protection around a trophy case or retail case by getting a sliding glass door lock with key is always smart for cautious families. WOOCH Sliding Glass Door Ratchet Lock would be a solid, worthwhile choice for these purposes.

An example of why would be its zinc alloy housing construction that contains a chrome finish. It’s an pivotal attribute because it offers durability and rust resistance. I was a little thrown back by its overall quality based on what I’ve experienced with similar locks.

Moreover, installing the lock didn’t take much effort. It slips onto a glass door’s edge at any location without any complicated steps or actions needed.

I found its appearance rather appealing, as well. It doesn’t look as bulky or noticeable as other metal locks do and blends well into its surrounding environment.

This option comes as a 2-pack, which is a nice touch. It’ll provide multiple opportunities to use this option’s rather useful features. It also helps that the price won’t break open my bank account as I’m not looking to spend a lot of cash on these locks.

But sadly, I did see some customers have issues with this lock working on cabinet doors with raised curved surfaces. It seems the product won’t slide onto these types of doors correctly.
  • Durable zinc alloy construction with chrome finish
  • Perfect fit for smaller glass cases
  • Slips on a glass door’s edge for stress-free install
  • Low-profile design blends well into home decor
  • Issues working with raised, curved cabinet doors
This model provides security and ensures nobody accesses my stuff unless I allow them.

12. Defender Security S 4003 Twist-in Sliding Door Lock

Defender Security’s S 4003 Twist-in Sliding Door Lock does the job of protecting our home from burglars quite well without making our life complicated.

Its simplistic nature comes from the straightforward, rudimentary design. This option consists of an aluminum bolt that’ll securely lock a shatterproof sliding glass door closed. It can also keep the same door locked in a ventilating position, allowing a nice breeze inside the house.

In either case, this twist-in sliding door lock helps prevent the lifting or prying of the door. It should keep out intruders that might try to steal my stuff.

The device offers these benefits without taking up much room, as well. It’s a lightweight, low-profile solution to sliding door protection. It’ll blend right into the background while keeping our home safer and free of intruders.

I should also mention that its aluminum bolt is constructed inside a diecast Zamac housing to protect the lock from issues like wear and tear or rust.

But I was a little disappointed to see it manufactured outside the USA. As a result, the shipping will take longer than I would typically expect. It ends up being more of a preference issue rather than anything seriously wrong with the lock itself.
  • Straightforward, aluminum design
  • Ventilated position offers protection and a breeze
  • Twist-in construction stops lifting or prying
  • Lightweight, low-profile design doesn’t take up much room
  • Diecast Zamac housing prevents rust and wear/tear
  • Manufactured outside the USA
In any case, I’m more than willing to wait a little longer for a product when it’s a bargain like this one.

What to Look for When Buying Sliding Glass Door Locks


If you want the best door lock for sliding glass door, there are some necessary factors to consider. This section will discuss them at length to ensure your search goes smoothly.

Intended Usage

In most cases, homeowners want a sliding glass door lock for two reasons. The first one is for keeping their children from getting into off-limit areas. The second reason is providing security and stopping would-be burglars.

A 100% child proof door lock will get the job done to keep children at bay. It’ll make sure your kid doesn’t find their way into an off-limit area with ease. Many people find them endlessly helpful in closets to keep harmful objects out of reach.

But homeowners looking more toward the second reason would need a burglar-proof door lock. Please choose one that can stop burglars from lifting the door off its original track. Otherwise, it’ll end up being easy pickings for a thief.

They’re also sliding glass door locks that fit into both roles. These options will have no problem offering additional security and keeping kids out. In the end, you’ll need to choose an option that meshes with what you’re looking for in a sliding glass door lock.

Easy Installation

You don’t want to purchase an option that requires a professional install. It’s just a massive waste of your hard-earned money. There are plenty of high-quality options available that are effortless to install.

In fact, you can set up most child proof sliding glass door locks in under a minute. It consists of opening the adhesive surface’s seal and placing it in your desired location. What’s the point of spending extra cash on a profession when top-tier options are installed so easily?

Durable Design

The biggest issue for locks is corrosion and rust. If left unchecked, these issues can affect the lock’s appearance and effectiveness significantly. You’d be wise to consider only getting all-metal door locks when they’ve proven to be corrosion-resistant.

Customer reviews can be incredibly helpful in determining a lock’s durability. These resources will make it clear whether the sliding glass door lock held up well.

Your Type of Sliding Glass Door

Sliding glass doors often consist of vinyl, wooden, or aluminum material. As a result, you’ll need to find the types of sliding glass door locks that work with yours. It might seem obvious, but it’s alarming how many homeowners fail to consider this aspect.

Most options will work with all three materials, but some don’t. It’s also worth noting that many of these locks won’t work with screen doors.

Easy to Use

Sliding glass door locks are a little bit different than most products when it comes to usability. You want an option that’s easy to use but difficult for children and burgers to bypass. It’s a difficult balance to find within this marketplace.

I’d also suggest thinking about the needs of everyone in your home. It shouldn’t only be easy to operate only for you; your family members will also need to use it without any issue.

Are There Smart Locks for Sliding Glass Doors


There isn’t any commercial smart lock solution for sliding glass doors. This issue arises because of a large number of sliding door designs. As a result, each option ends up locking and unlocking differently.

How Can I Make my Sliding Glass Door More Secure

There are several methods of making your sliding glass door more secure. But here’s a quick list of my favorite choices to provide your home with a bit more security:

  1. Installing a security system
  2. Upgrading the locking system
  3. Slip in a sliding glass door lock bar
  4. Close your curtains
  5. Install a sliding glass door deadbolt lock

If you stick with these methods, your sliding glass door should become a lot more secure in no time. You’ll soon feel a lot safer inside your home.

How Do You Lock the Sliding Glass Door from Outside

If you want to lock your door from outside, an installation of a lock and key will be necessary. It might seem a little inconvenient at first. But these additions will provide better security and help prevent intruders.

How to Fix the Sliding Glass Door Lock

The process of sliding glass door lock repair isn’t overly complicated. The following five steps will make sure the job becomes straightforward.

  1. Remove the screws attaching your broken door lock to the door. Take the old door lock down to a local hardware store and use it as a reference point for your sliding glass door lock replacement. It’ll save you a ton of time and prevent multiple trips to the hardware store.
  2. Please take out the new sliding glass door lock of its packaging and look over all the parts. It’s an essential step because these products tend to vary significantly from one another.
  3. Install its locking cylinder into the door’s lock frame. Proceed to place the key into this cylinder and see if the lock turns correctly.
  4. Place the locking (exterior) side of your lock’s frame into the door. You then set the interior side into the door. Place the door’s handle over the screw holes on the door frame’s interior side. Next, install the screws into the holes and hand tighten them. I’d recommend using a Phillips head screwdriver.
  5. Slide your glass door closed and use the lock. Test and make sure it works properly.


The best sliding glass door lock should now be well within your reach. It’s a simple matter of using what you’ve learned and applying it to your search. From there, the entire process will become a straightforward and easy task.

But if you do have more questions, let me know in our comment section. I’ll make sure to answer each post as quickly as possible. Thanks for reading!

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