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How to Change Code on Kwikset SmartCode 909?

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how to change code on kwikset smartcode 909

It’s important that you know how to change code on Kwikset SmartCode 909 in case it is revealed to unwanted guests. We’ll walk you through each step to help you change codes, troubleshoot common issues, and how you can customize it.

Be sure to read the entire article for tips on avoiding common issues and keeping your code secure.

Changing Code on Kwikset SmartCode 909


Before we dive into the steps on the Kwikset Smart Lock Code change, it’s best that you familiarize yourself with the keypad layout, functions, and LED status colors.

This will help you better understand how to change Kwikset lock code even without a copy of the Kwikset Keyless Entry manual.

1. Keypad layout and functions

Keypad layout:




2. How to modify user code/access without a master code


  1. Open the door.
  2. Keep on pressing the “Program” button until you reach the user code position you wish to change. Like, if you need to modify the 5th user code, press Program 5 times.
  3. Once you’re in the correct user code position, key in the new code and press Lock.

3. Changing the user code with a master code


  1. Open the door.
  2. Press Program and wait to hear 3 beeping sounds and a flashing green light.
  3. Input the Master Code that you’ve previously set then press Lock.
  4. Press Program again until you reach the user code position you need to change.
  5. Key in the new user code and press Lock again.

4. How to change the master code


  1. Open the door and hold the Program button for at least 5 seconds or until you see green flashes.
  2. Key in the new Master Code and press Lock.
  3. Repeat step 2.

To learn more about Kwikset SmartCode 909, you can check out their manual PDF for more instructions on how to install it on your own.

What is Kwikset SmartLock and Why You Need to Change Your Code


Kwikset SmartLock is one of Kwikset’s more innovative product lines. Their smart locks allow users to secure their homes with a keyless option by using fingerprint recognition or a code.

Their smart locks can be connected through Bluetooth and Wi-Fi and homeowners can easily access and manage it through their mobile phones.

While smart locks can provide better security than traditional locks, users must still be smart enough to change their codes regularly.

Of course, the main reason why you need to change door lock code on a regular basis is for security reasons. You don’t want other people to gain entry to your home without your permission.

This is especially true if:

  • You rent your homes to strangers. For instance, you listed your home on Airbnb. You should change the code after every rental to ensure previous guests won’t have access to your home after their stay.
  • You did some renovations or repairs. You’ll never know if one of the workers had been spying on you while you locked and unlocked your doors.
  • You just moved to a new house. You don’t want your home’s previous owners to still get into your house. Plus, you don’t even know who else has prior access to your new home.

Kwikset SmartLock Customization and Additional Features

One of Kwikset SmartCode 909’s advantages is you can easily customize it. You can delete all access, add user codes, enable and disable master code and more.

Here’s how to:

1. Remove all codes on Kwikset SmartCode 909


There are several ways you can delete or remove codes on your SmartCode 909. For instance, if you want to remove a single user code, you just need to override that specific code by adding a new code.

You can also remove all user codes by performing a Kwikset smart lock reset. Keep in mind that when you opt to do a factory reset, it will not only delete all user access but all the other settings you’ve set on your smart lock.

To do a factory reset in 4 simple steps.

  1. Take out the battery and choose the Program switch on the keypad door lock.
  2. Keep your finger pressed on the Program switch while you put back the battery.
  3. Don’t remove your finger from the button for at least 30 seconds or until you hear a beeping sound and the LED light turns red.
  4. Press Program again, when you hear a beep and the red light turns green, it means you have successfully reset your lock to the factory setting.

Make sure to repeat the door handling process after resetting your lock.

2. Add user codes


You need to add user codes once you’re done with the installation of your Kwikset SmartCode 909 or after resetting it to the factory setting. Here’s how to do it.

  1. Open your door, never add codes while the door is closed.
  2. Find the Program switch and press it once to set the first access code position. If you need to set the second code, just press “Program” two times, three times for the third code, and so on.
  3. Input the preferred user code. Make sure that each user code is different from one another. The minimum number for the code is 4 digits and the maximum number is 8 digits.
  4. After entering the code, press your “Lock” button. If you see a green flash and hear a beep, then you have successfully added the user code.

3. Enabling and disabling master code

It’s a smart move to enable this code as it adds another layer of security. When you enable your Master Code, no one can reprogram door lock code if they don’t know the Master Code.

Here’s how to enable it:

  1. Open the door and press the Program switch until you see the keypad flashing green lights.
  2. Key in the Master Code. The code must be between 4-8 digits long.
  3. Press the Lock button and repeat step number 2.
  4. Wait for the green flash and the beep.

To disable the Master Code, follow the steps below.

  1. Follow step 1 above then press the Lock button.
  2. Key in the Master Code and press the Lock button.
  3. Repeat step number 2 and wait for the green flash and the beep.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

It’s common to encounter some issues while programming Your Kwikset SmartCode 909.

However, there’s a solution to any problem you might experience. Here’s a troubleshooting guide to help you out with Kwikset Smartcode 909 problems.

1. 3 red flashes with 3 beeps

This usually happens when you try to add, enable/disable a user code or Master Code, and change code on Kwikset lock. When you experience this, it means that the programming was unsuccessful.

It could also mean that you entered the wrong code or you haven’t programmed any user codes yet.


If the programming was unsuccessful, simply repeat the process. If you think you entered the wrong code, just key in the correct code. If you haven’t programmed a user code, make sure to add one.

2. Programming timeout


You’ll know programming has timed out if you experience the following:

  • Flashing red lights (3 times)
  • 2 beeping sounds
  • 6 beeps and 6 flashing red lights


Repeat the programming procedure and ensure that there is no inactivity for at least 5 seconds, or else it will time out again.

3. 1 red flash and 1 beep


This could mean that the door was stuck or jammed while locking it.


Lock the door again manually.

4. Keypad not working


This could mean the keypad has a low battery. Another indicator that the keypad has no battery is when you hear 10 beeps and the keypad flashes 10 red lights.

If you can’t hear the beeping sound, it could mean that the sound is off.


If the reason is low battery, just replace the old batteries with new ones. If the sound is off, press switch #3 and turn it on.

Press all buttons and listen, if all buttons will beep. If there’s still no sound, you can reach out to Kwikset Technical support for more troubleshooting and to guide you with more Kwikset Smart Code instructions.

Maintenance and Tips for Code Security


Over time you may experience some issues with your Kwikset SmartCode 909. So here are some tips on how you can keep your homes secure and prevent major issues.

  • Practice regular maintenance with your smart lock. This could be regularly cleaning your smart lock’s exterior to prevent the accumulation of dust and dirt. Check your bolts and screws to see if there are loose parts or if there are any damages.
  • Always check for any firmware updates to ensure your app is always up-to-date. Doing this will ensure that you won’t miss out on new features and if there are bugs that need fixing.
  • Make sure you always have spare batteries in hand and always look out for low battery warning signs. Replace your batteries when you receive low battery notifications and don’t wait for your batteries to completely die on you.
  • Make it a habit to change smart lock code at least every 6 months for enhanced security.

Frequently Asked Questions


How many access codes can I program on Kwikset SmartCode 909?

The manufacturer states that you can program up to 8 access/user codes on your Kwikset SmartCode 909.

Why is my Kwikset Smart Key not working?

There are several reasons why your Kwikset Smart key may not work. It could be that the key is not compatible with the Kwikset SmartKey lock. It could also mean that you need to replace the battery or the key is stuck.

How to unlock Kwikset lock with code?

To unlock your Kwikset lock using a code, simply enter the user code on keyless door lock and the door will unlock.


How to change code on Kwikset SmartCode 909 is not as complicated as one might think. By simply following the steps above or reading the Kwikset Smart Code manual you can easily change or add user codes to your lock.

While smart locks can add another layer of security compared to traditional locks, it is still your responsibility to regularly change code on electronic door lock practice regular maintenance and keep your security codes secure at all times.

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