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The Best Door Security Bars

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best door security bar

Protecting your home against intruders should always be a high priority. You never know when someone will view your home as an easy target. Purchasing the most door security bar can ensure the intruder isn’t successful.

But it’s essential to consider several crucial factors when choosing the top-rated door security bars. Our following sections will walk you through everything a person needs to make a smart decision.

I’ll even provide you with 12 reviews of the best door security bars. These reviews should be a starting place for your search. Let’s not waste any more time and get this journey started!


Top Product name Length Material Mounting Type  
1 Master Lock 265D 30.5 inches Alloy Steel Floor Mount, Under Door Mount Details
2 South Main Hardware 29 inches Alloy Steel Door Mount Details
3 Brinks 675-83001 44 inches Alloy Steel Swivel Details

Best Door Security Bar Reviews

1. Master Lock 265D Security Bar

Master Lock’s 265D Security Bar is an excellent door jammer to start our list. I am thrilled to have it because its heavy-duty steel construction promotes reliable performance.

This construction will ensure the product remains an effective security door brace for a long time. I wasn’t only pleased with its durability, either. Its versatile and multi-purpose design managed to catch my attention.

I found this Master Lock door jammer effective in various locations. It was a good fit with my patio doors, hinged doors, and sliding doors. In fact, I even had a friend attempt a break-in when this product was in place.

He had no luck getting through the door as this Master Lock door jammer was able to stop him without issue. I was also thrilled with the product’s compactness and storability. I could easily find room for it in my luggage and use it in hotel rooms during my trips.

The number of size options and excellent adjustability were other high-quality aspects. These two features will allow most buyers to find a variation suitable for their needs. It should be a good choice for fulfilling multiple purposes around the house.

But I did notice this security door stopper doesn’t grip on wood floors that well. It still did its job, but I wish it were a bit sturdy when used with wood material.
  • Heavy-duty steel construction
  • Fits multiple door styles (patio, hinged, and sliding doors)
  • Portable, compact design
  • Multiple buying options
  • Versatile, sizable adjustability
  • Isn’t great on wood
Aside from this minor issue, there’s nothing worth mentioning as a flaw. Master Lock did a solid job creating a security bar for sliding door and patio usage.

2. South Main Hardware Security Bar

One of the more stable, affordable options available would be South Main Hardware’s Security Bar. It earns this distinction with its low price and robust steel construction. I don’t see any reason why this door jammer wouldn’t be an effective deterrent against a force entry.

This option is a good choice for sliding doors. It offers this usability on sliding patio doors through its removable head, which most other options don’t provide. Therefore, the door jammer is a little more practical than a buyer might expect.

I was also thrilled by its decent adjustment range of 29″ to 45″. It’s one of the most extensive ranges that I’ve seen from a security bar for sliding glass door, and it’s more than I expected from an affordable option.

This option’s white finish was another obvious highlight. It gives the sliding glass door lock bar a bit more style than most door jammers offer. As a result, it’ll work for someone who’s afraid about these products ruining their home’s decor.

I didn’t have to worry about it scratching my wood or tiled floors, either. South Main Hardware did us a favor by fitting this product with a rubberized, padded foot. It’ll offer protection against any damage coming to vulnerable floors and keep them in good condition.

Even with all these benefits, I do have to mention a few customers noted shipping issues when buying this door safety bar. One or two of them stated that the plastic collar piece broke off during transit.
  • Affordable price and stylish white finish
  • Robust steel construction
  • Removable head for use on sliding doors
  • 29” to 45” adjustment range
  • Rubberized, scratch-proof foot
  • Some shipping issues
I wouldn’t put too much stock into these issues, though. Most people were ecstatic with how this product worked as a sliding glass door security bar or in other roles.

3. Brinks 675-83001 Home Security Bar

The Brinks 675-83001 Home Security Bar would be a reliable choice for frequent travelers with its retractable design. It’s an essential aspect because it’ll allow me to easily store and transport it.

More importantly, I used this door jammer on those travels to protect my items in hotel rooms. It had no problems fitting this role with its heavy-duty steel tube construction. It becomes a quality door reinforcement lock that’ll prevent forced entry from a thief.

The product’s ability to adjust to most hinged and sliding doors was another appealing attribute. Honestly, I found multiple areas within my home where this door jammer would be an ideal security option.

I was also pleased to see this door stop was sturdy enough where my pets couldn’t knock it over. My past experiences with door security options often failed in this regard.

Brinks offered a lifetime warranty with this purchase, as well. I’m never going to pass up the chance to get a little buyer’s protection with these door lock reinforcers. I’d imagine other people will feel the same way.

However, it doesn’t have the nicest appearance that I’ve seen from door security devices. The gray coloring gives off an industrial vibe, which can be a little bit of an eyesore.
  • Retractable design for easy transport
  • Effective against forced entry with steel tube construction
  • Adjustable to both hinged and sliding doors
  • Pets won’t knock it down
  • A lifetime warranty
  • Lacks a visually appealing design

But honestly, the door stop couldn’t do more when it comes to protection. It’ll have no trouble working as a patio door security bar or serving a similar purpose within my home.

4. SecurityMan Home Door Security Bars

The SecurityMan’s Home & Sliding Door Security Bars would be worth considering for a homeowner who needs multiple door bars. This option comes with two door security devices that’ll improve a house’s security level significantly.

The best part about these door security bars is their 2-in-1 design. In other words, each bar can work on both a hinged door and a patio door with ease. It’s just a simple matter of changing the caps to the appropriate ones when using them.

From there, the bars will provide high-quality protection with their solid force resistance. They can handle 350 pounds of force without breaking a sweat.

I couldn’t have been happier with how easy these bars were to set up, as well. Each one propped right under the door handle and didn’t require any thought or effort. It was an ideal security solution for a lazy person like myself.

The rubber, angled bottom was another massive highlight. It made sure the product worked well on most floor surfaces and protected them against any damage. I couldn’t ask for much else from a set of high-quality door security bars.

I was slightly disappointed by its performance on carpet floors, though. It doesn’t provide the same effect as on other surfaces. In fact, it has a habit of slipping a bit, which lessens the impact of its intended protection.
  • 2-pack; suitable for hinged and patio doors
  • Withstands 350 pounds of force
  • Simple installation process
  • Protects floors with rubber, angled bottom
  • Slips on carpeted floors
But its ability to work on the other surfaces was more than solid enough. This 2-in-1 product ends up offering a sizable amount of versatility that I don’t often see from residential door barricade bars.

5. SABRE HS-DSB Home Security Bar

SABRE’s HS-DSB Home Security Bar made using and installing it an effortless task. I was able to set this door bar up within seconds thanks to its straightforward process. It only requires adjusting to the right length, using its release buttons, and propping it under the door knob/door handle.

Its performance after being installed was also reliable. The product’s heavy steel construction was a formidable foe for my friend, who was tasked with trying to break through it. In any case, the security device ensured my door remained shut.

The product’s pivoting ball joint is another design aspect worth mentioning. It ensures the door jammer fully contacts the floor to provide a secure fit. Meanwhile, the padded foot kept my floors protected and safe from any damage.

I was also intrigued by SABRE offering a buying option that includes an alarm. This aspect works by sounding a 115db alarm whenever someone tries to break into the house. A door security bar with alarm capability, such as this one, could work wonders for a family without a guard dog.

But I did notice that a customer or two reported packaging concerns in their reviews. In these cases, this security pole for door protection arrived missing a part or two. It’s not an ideal situation for a buyer to experience by any stretch.
  • Install takes only a few seconds
  • Effective security device with steel construction
  • Pivoting ball joint offers secure fit
  • Padded foot protects floors from damage
  • One option comes with an alarm
  • Packaging concerns (missing parts)
However, these complaints weren’t anywhere close to being frequent. I wouldn’t worry about it, as most customers had nothing but positive things to say about the product.

6. Amazon Basics Door Security Bar

Our next product, Amazon Basics’s AB-DH302-WH Patio Door Security Bar, won’t have any issues protecting most doors around our home. It can offer this adaptability with its sizable adjustment range and heavy-duty aluminum alloy construction.

The adjustment range alone piqued my interest as it can go from 25″ to 47″. This gives it the ability to work with both hinged doors and sliding glass patio doors. It was hard to find an entry within my home where it didn’t work well.

It’s also important to note that the aluminum material has rust-resistant qualities to ensure longevity. It should give the bar the capability to work as a long-term protection item inside a home.

The door jammer’s ability to leave my door open a smidge while still providing high-quality protection didn’t hurt its case, either. It’ll allow a slight breeze into my home without allowing someone to sneak in.

Amazon Basics offering three color options was a nice touch, as well. I find myself gravitating toward the black variation as it would mesh best with my home. But each of them looks well-constructed and stylish.

It was a bit bigger and bulkier than anticipated, which threw me off at first. This home or apartment door security bar can be frustrating to use and move into tight, cramped spaces.
  • Durable, rust-resistant aluminium alloy construction
  • 25” to 47” adjustment range
  • Offers top-tier protection while allowing a breeze
  • Three color options
  • Stylish, meshable design
  • Bulky and inconvenient to move
But once it’s installed, the product’s bulkier size does help. It offers more reliable protection than one might expect. As a result, the bulky design becomes a trade-off between its apparent benefits and flaws.

7. GUARD DOG Door Lock Bar

This next product, GUARD DOG SECURITY’s DS-GDDK1000SL Door Lock Bar, is known for its many adjustment positions. I was a little overwhelmed to learn it comes with 40 different ones to ensure optimal customization.

As a result, I do not doubt that every homeowner will find a solid position for their door. Installing the door jammer from there shouldn’t take much effort as it works much like many others on our list: place it under the door knob and adjust when needed.

It was also great that the process didn’t require any tools. I’m not the best at using screwdrivers and other gadgets, making a product like this one a godsend. I can leave it under my door knob and let it do its work.

I was happy to see that this option came with a removable top piece, as well. It allows the device to work with a homeowner’s sliding glass doors to offer them more security. In these situations, the device will provide 300 pounds of force resistance for quality protection.

However, this product is another one that struggles with wood or tiled floors. It has a habit of slipping and becoming less effective than it was on carpet or other surfaces. As a result, it could be a bad fit for certain homeowners.
  • 40 adjustment positions
  • Easy installation doesn’t require tools
  • Removable top piece for sliding door usage
  • 300 pounds of force resistance for quality protection
  • Lacks effectiveness on wood or tiled floors

But if one doesn’t have those hard surfaces, this home security bar would be a nice fit. Its adjustability and durable design make for a good addition to a home’s protection system.

8. Securityman Iron Security Bars

Securityman’s 2-in-1 Iron Security Bars are another excellent 2-pack option that more than meets my needs. The included door bars work on hinged doors, sliding doors, and windows without any issues.

As a result, I’ll have plenty of opportunities to beef up my home security. They’ve even been built to work as french doors security bar devices, which isn’t common with these products.

I was also pleased with the amount of force these bars can withstand. Their construction can take 400 pounds of pressure without wilting. It should be more than enough to stop a determined intruder who mistakes a home as an easy target.

This door stopper couldn’t be much easier to use, either. I didn’t have trouble setting up or removing it from locations within my home. Plus, it’s not too bulky where maneuvering it within cramped living spaces is stressful.

Securityman includes a 12-month warranty with this option, as well. I am a clumsy person with the ability to break almost everything I touch. Therefore, people like myself will likely need this policy before the 12 months are over.

I was a little skeptical, though, about this product being made from iron. In most cases, I prefer door jammers made from aluminum or steel. But I found this product’s overall performance to be right in line with all the best door security bars.
  • 2-pack; suitable for sliding doors, hinged doors, french doors and windows
  • Withstands 400 pounds of pressure
  • Easy to use and maneuver
  • 12-month warranty
  • Made from iron rather than aluminum or steel
I like how this product works on my hinged door and sliding door. Homeowners could do worse when searching for the top-rated door security bars.

9. Buddybar 10311 Home Door Jammer

The Buddybar 10311 Home Security Door Jammer is our strongest option on this list. It can withstand a whopping 2,560 pounds of force to ensure peak protection. Homeowners in tougher neighborhoods could benefit from its well-crafted strong construction.

Moreover, I like how compact and lightweight this door jammer’s design is compared to other options. Buddybar managed to create a robust, powerful device without making it inconvenient to move.

It achieves this delicate balance with a nice coated steel design. This Buddybar door jammer shouldn’t have problems meshing with a home’s interior appearance. It should blend in and work well as a valuable piece of its security.

The product is a versatile piece of equipment, as well. I found no issues using it on carpet, wood, concrete, or tile. It’s an all-service door jammer that’s sufficient to ensure a home’s security is ready for intruders.

More importantly, it’s known for staying in place and not falling off a door. It’s among the best security door bars when it comes to remaining stable and reliable. Multiple customers made a point to mention this attribute in their reviews.

But I must admit that the price of this Buddybar door jammer is high. Honestly, it’s easily among our most costly options on this list. Buyers might have to think about whether its excellent quality is worth the extra cash.
  • Coated steel construction withstands 2560 pounds of force
  • Compact and lightweight for easy transport
  • Suitable for various floor types (carpet, wood, tile, concrete)
  • Proven to remain stable and reliable
  • Comes with an expensive price
However, I can’t really argue against the product’s performance. It might be the best way to secure a door from the inside, especially when it comes to door jammers.

10. Doorricade 107250 Aluminum Door Bar

Few available options can protect against home intruders better than Doorricade’s 107250 Aluminum Door Bar. It’s among the best door security bars for this purpose because of its incredible solid aluminum construction.

For instance, I placed this product on my inward swinging front door, and it was golden. After all, it was made for standard 36″ wide inward swinging doors. Plus, the bar swings outward when unlocked to ensure access in and out of our door.

I also like the door bar’s brackets that mount inside the door jamb. It’s a quality addition because other options can ruin a door’s molding by mounting elsewhere. I didn’t have to worry about this as this device offered protection and kept my door looking good.

These brackets won’t be burdensome, either. Dooricade made sure to allow them to be paintable, which makes them a lot more adaptable. It also doesn’t hurt that buyers can ask for custom sizes to fit their particular situation.

But this product’s hinges were a lot sharper than expected. It represents a problem because these hinges are where a person holds the bar during installation. A simple solution would be to file down the edges to ensure there aren’t any dangerous consequences.
  • Perfect fit for 36” inward swinging doors
  • Bar swings outward for easy access to doors
  • Preserves molding with brackets mounting inside door jamb
  • Brackets are paintable
  • An aluminum construction with optional custom sizes
  • Hinges are a bit sharp
Aside from this issue, there isn’t much else to criticize about the product. It does what everyone would expect from any available entry door security bars. It’ll get the job done without making our life needlessly complicated.

11. Fox Valley Traders Home Security Bar

My favorite thing about Fox Valley Traders’ 310603 Home Security Bar is the device’s intelligent and practical design. It works by wedging itself under a door’s handle with its plastic tip, which is notched. It’s a quality method because it offers stabilization to ensure nobody can open the door from the outside.

But it doesn’t mean I can’t quickly remove it when needed. If an emergency does occur, I would have no issues moving this product out of the way. It won’t be a fire hazard or block the exit and prevent my escape.

I also liked the adjustable notches within its design. These aspects make finding the best fit for a particular door much easier than with other security devices.

The product’s rubberized base was another aspect to keep my attention. It’ll ensure the door bar stabilizes and gets traction on any floor surface. It also helps prevent the door from rattling uncontrollably during extreme weather storms.

If these aspects weren’t enough, this model is relatively affordable. I was pretty stoked to see all these beneficial features were in a low-priced product. It could be a reasonable choice for a homeowner who doesn’t have the money for the more advanced options.

One issue to note was that a few customers did complain about the shipping taking longer than stated.
  • Plastic tip allows for easy install and removal
  • Easy fitting with adjustable notches
  • Rubberized base offers great traction and keeps door in place
  • An affordable price
  • Slow shipping speeds
But these reports weren’t overly frequent, and I had no issues with my delivery. It ends up being an acceptable choice as a quick fix to a family’s protection problems.

12. SecuraDoor MHI201704-1 Security Door Bar

Our final option, SecuraDoor’s MHI201704-1 Heavy Duty Security Door Bar, is one of the more advanced door stoppers available. It has proven to work on almost every floor surface without any trouble or complications.

For instance, it kept its traction when I placed it on vinyl, carpet, concrete, tile, and hardwood. Other high-quality options like Ideal Security’s sk110 Patio Door Security Device usually have issues with one surface or another.

But SecuraDoor managed to build a door security brace with an adaptable footplate. In fact, it provides the device with the maximum surface contact possible without doing any damage. This process allows the door blocker to offer an effective level of strength and stability.

This footplate also ensures the product likely won’t have any slippage on these surfaces. It’ll keep the door jammer stabilized and prevent it from becoming ineffective. Other door blockers without rubber feet can have issues with slippage from time to time.

A few other standout features worth mentioning include a lightweight design, heavy-duty aluminum alloy construction, a 34″ to 48″ adjustment range, and a lifetime guarantee. It’s clear that Secura Door managed to pack a lot into this product.

Nonetheless, this product is among the most expensive door security bars.
  • Suitable for almost every floor type (vinyl, carpet, tile, hardwood, concrete)
  • Adaptable footplate promotes maximum surface contact and stability
  • Doesn’t damage floors
  • 34” to 48” adjustment range
  • Durable, lightweight aluminum alloy construction
  • A lifetime guarantee
  • One of the most expensive options
It’ll require diving into my savings account to procure this option for my home’s protection. But I have to say that it could be worth it for homes with hinged inward opening doors.

What to Look for When Buying Door Security Bars


If you’re looking for the best door security bars, there are factors to consider. I’ll discuss each of them below.

Product Strength

Most burglars enter homes by kicking down doors. As a result, a high-quality security bar will have to be strong enough to withstand those kicks.

But how much force should the right door security bars withstand? I’d recommend getting a hinged door or sliding door lock bar that can withstand over 500 pounds.


The cost range of a security bar for door protection can vary drastically. You’ll come across dirt cheap options and much more expensive ones.

But honestly, a door jammer isn’t a bargain buy type of product. You’ll usually get what you pay for when buying these items. Homeowners can often find a solid, high-quality option for around $50. These options might cost a little extra, but the effective security is well worth it.

Quality of Design Materials

The most common materials used in door bars are aluminum and steel. Both materials are highly reliable, solid, and provide excellent resistance.

You’ll have to decide whether steel or aluminum is suitable for your needs. Steel bars are denser and cheaper than aluminum. But aluminum bars are a lot lighter and contain rust-resistant abilities to promote long-term usage.

Other standard options include plastic and iron door bars. Avoid these choices unless their customer reviews or an independent review site gives them glowing praise.


Most options will be long enough to fit under your door handle/knob while sealing to the floor. But if you happen to have oddly tall doors, it’s crucial to measure for the correct bar length.

This task becomes essential for people with sliding glass doors, as they’re very wide. Some door bars might not fit them properly.

Base Type of Sliding Glass Doors

If you’re looking for a sliding door security bar, evaluating the base type will become necessary. A sliding door bar will usually come in three types of bases:

  • Screw-in Bases

Screw-in bases are considered permanent additions to sliding glass doors. You can expect them to be the strongest among these bases. However, they’re more challenging to install.

  • Double-sided Tape Bases

Double-sided tape bases are somewhat similar to screw-in but use double-sided tape inside of screws. It makes them weaker, and they aren’t a permanent install. They sacrifice strength for an easy installation process.

Pressure Mounted Bases

Pressure mounted bases are known for their convenience. After all, you don’t have to install them onto your sliding door frame. A pressure mounted sliding door bar will use “pressure” to stay still and stop a forced entry. But they’re weaker than the other sliding glass door bar types.

How Can I Make My Front Door More Secure


If you want to beef up your front door security, there are several ways to make it tamper resistant. Here’s a quick list of some options that most homeowners find valuable and effective:

  • Installing a high-quality, durable deadbolt
  • Using a keyless door locking mechanism
  • Adding on a security bar
  • Invest in a security camera or video doorbell
  • Setting up motion sensor lights
  • Acquire a high-end child proof lock
  • Reinforcing your door’s frame and hinges
  • Buying smart locks

How Are Security Bars Installed on a Sliding Door

As I mentioned earlier, there are door security bars built specifically for sliding doors. These door security bars will have a bracket drilled into the wall door frame and another into the floor. You can then expect the bar to be placed within these brackets, keeping the door in a locked position.

It’s also worth noting that some options use double-sided tape rather than pressure or screws. But in any case, each product will come with a manual. These resources should provide details regarding installing one on sliding doors.

Why Do I Need Security Bars If I Already Have Good Door Locks

If you’ve lived in the same house for a while, you’ve probably handed out keys to several people in your life. Door security bars guarantee that the only people who can bypass your door lock are allowed by you. It’s a simple way of further securing your existing lock.


The best door security bar should now be easy to find. It’s a simple matter of using our buying guide and applying it to your search. From there, the entire process will become an effortless and stress-free buying experience.

But if you do have more questions, let me know in our comment section. I’ll make sure to answer each post as quickly as possible.

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