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How to Pick a Lock With a Credit Card in Seconds?

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how to pick a lock with a credit card

Want to know how to pick a lock with a credit card? Check if your door can be bypassed using a credit card. If yes, insert the card in a perpendicular position on the crack of the door. Slide the card upward or downward as you put pressure, pushing the latch in.

This tutorial will help you break into your house without using any tools, except for your credit card. Picking a lock with a credit card could also take you only a few seconds, but that would depend on how good you are at shimming door locks.

What You Need

For this tutorial, you won’t need power and hand tools. Only a single item can do the work. However, you must follow the tips below to avoid breaking your card or failing to pick a door lock with a credit card.

Credit Card

As much as possible, use a card that you don’t mind bending or damaging since it may be scratched or bent during the tutorial. You can use a membership card, a gift card, or any thick plastic card. Make sure, though, that the card is flexible enough to be inserted between the crack of the door and sturdy enough to push the metal latch of the lock.

If you don’t have a credit card, you can also use thick clear plastic packaging or you can also cut a piece of plastic from a bottle. As a reminder, never use your black card for this tutorial since you may regret it later.

What to Do


Step 1: Check if your door can be bypassed using a credit card


Before you proceed with the tutorial, check first if you have a door that can be easily bypassed using a credit card. Some of the doors have deadbolts that are only retractable by using keys and lock picks. Others have slants that do not face you. There might also be barriers that would prevent you from picking the door with a card.

Step 2: Insert the card in a perpendicular position on the crack of the door


If the door can be bypassed, insert your card on the crack of the door. Make sure that the card is in a perpendicular position. You must push it enough in the crack until one edge of the card is inside. If you are not sure where the door jamb is, just push the door using your arms to make the jamb slightly visible so you can determine the location.

Step 3: Slide the card upward or downward as you put pressure

Once the card is properly placed, move it upward and downward while exerting the right amount of pressure. It would be helpful if you lean the full force of your body on the door to give it a push. Also, you can wiggle the doorknob as you move the card in upward and downward directions. Do this process until the door successfully opens.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the locks that would be difficult or impossible for me to pick using a credit card?

Some of the locks that you may find difficult or impossible to pick using a credit card are all types of deadbolts, knob locks that have slants that are not facing you, locks with plates or molding that block your card, and slide locks that are not visible because they are inside or behind the door.

If I don’t have a credit card, what are the other types of cards that I can use to open my door?

There are other cards that you can choose from in case you don’t have a credit card. Some of these are gift cards, membership cards, old hotel cards, and insurance cards. However, they must be flexible and sturdy.

Is it possible that I would damage the lock?

This would depend on how you pick the lock. If you are too rough or too impatient, you may damage your lock or you can also break the card, which could only block the door and would make it harder for you to open it.

Can I use this technique to break into others’ houses?

First of all, you must not break into others’ houses since you will face serious criminal charges. Picking locks with credit card might work on your own house, depending on the type of door lock that you have.

Are there any other items that I can use to pick a lock?

Aside from a credit card, there are also other items that you can use to pick a lock such as paper clips, bobby pins, and thin wires. You can also improvise using a thick plastic covering and cut-out plastic from a water bottle.


Did you have fun with our tutorial on how to pick a lock with a credit card? This lifehack is useful, especially if you found yourself locked out of your house without having items aside from your credit card. Just follow the steps properly.

You can also share this post with your friends who have the tendency to lose their keys and get locked out of their houses most of the time. If you can successfully pick a deadbolt lock with a card, you can share your experiences with us. Just leave a comment below.

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