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How to Change the Code on a Lock Box in Only 3 Steps?

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how to change the code on a lock box

Want to know how to change the code on a lock box? Open the shutter of the lock box then enter your current combination. Press the release button and open the compartment door. Push the reset lever to the left then downward. Turn the dials into your desired combination. Finally, push the lever back into its original position.

By following each step, you will know how to change lockbox code. You don’t have to figure this out on your own or ask someone to help you.

What You Need


Before you can proceed with the tutorial, there are certain items that you need. Fortunately, you won’t have to use any power tools, but make sure that you have these items so that you can finish the procedures immediately.

1. Combination Code

Without your lock box combination code, you cannot follow this tutorial. If new lock box  and you haven’t changed anything yet, the code is typically 0-0-0-0. If you have your current code, keep it since you will need to use it.

In case you forgot lockbox code, you cannot retrieve it by contacting the manufacturer. Your only option is to break into the lockbox, which would require more effort. As much as possible, secure your code by recording it on a notepad and putting it in a safe place.

2. Notepad and Pen

Instead of writing your new code on a piece of paper, it is recommended that you use a notepad so that you can easily find it if you forget your code. Look for a notepad that is small enough to insert in your purse or your pocket. The sheet of paper must also be thick enough so the ink of the pen won’t blot and the paper won’t easily tear off.

If you have a fountain pen, you can use it to write the code since you will be noting important information. One of the benefits of using a fountain pen is that it is more reliable than a regular pen. It works on any kind of paper. Aside from that, it provides a comfortable grip and a smoother flow of ink.

However, if you don’t have this kind of pen, you can also use a regular pen. Make sure that it has a comfortable grip and the ink is thick enough so that you can see the codes. It must also work smoothly on the paper so you won’t have difficulty in jotting down the code.

What to Do


Step 1: Open the shutter of the lock box then enter your current combination

You need to first open the shutter door of the lock box so you can access its dials and release button. Once done, start entering your current combination by turning the dials of the lock box. If the lock box has newly arrived, the factory set’s combination is 0-0-0-0. After that, press the release button and drag the compartment door open.

Step 2: Push the reset lever to the left then downward

Before you can proceed in changing the combination of your lock box, you have to push the reset lever in the left direction then going downward. The reset lever must stay in this position until you have successfully entered your desired combination, so be sure that it remains intact while you are entering your new code.

Step 3: Turn the dials into your desired combination then push the lever back into its original position

After you set the reset lever in the right position, you can now enter your desired combination by turning the dials. Take note of your new combination so you won’t forget your code, else it may cause you some problems in the future.

When you are done, you can now set the reset lever into its original position by pushing the reset lever upward then turn it to the right. Don’t forget to close the door of the lock box and scramble the dials.


Do you enjoy our tutorial on how to change the code on a lock box? Knowing the steps is useful for a master lock lockbox reset. You don’t have to be confused about changing the code of your lock box or ask anyone to help you out. Also you can find a variety of high-security locks here.

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