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How to Remove a Kwikset Deadbolt Lock Without Screws? – Step by Step Guide

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how to remove a kwikset deadbolt lock without screws

Want to figure out how to remove a Kwikset deadbolt lock without screws?

Here’s a quick brief on how to do that: Locate the pin-hole located at the shaft of the thumb-turner latch. Insert the awl inside the hole and open up the plate using a flat head screwdriver. After that, unscrew the mounting screws then open the door. Remove the screws securing the latch.

Removing the Kwikset deadbolt could be challenging, especially if it is your first time. However, you can save yourself from confusion by following the tutorial. You can remove a Kwikset deadbolt without screws without asking for professional help.


What You Need


Before you start with the tutorial, make sure to have the items needed for the Kwikset deadbolt removal. You may have all of the items inside your toolbox. In case you don’t have them, you can borrow from your neighbors or purchase them in a store.

1. Flat head screwdriver


A flat head screwdriver is needed to pry on the faceplate of the deadbolt. Usually, this item is used for fastening and loosening screws and bolts. However, it is sometimes used for prying, scraping, and striking. But as a reminder, this item must be used carefully so that you may prevent damaging it.

You can choose a small flat head screwdriver when opening up the plate. A 3/32 by 1 ½- inch flat head can do the work. Take note that the first number is the width of the tip while the other one is the length of the shaft. The longer the shaft is, the higher is its reach.

2. Philips head screwdriver


You will also need a Phillips head screwdriver since most of the mounting screws in deadbolts are Philips-head screws- screws that have slots in the top looking like a cross. This kind of screwdriver is one of the most commonly used for tightening and loosening screws.

Before you use the screwdriver, make sure that your driver is the right size. A Phillips head screwdriver has five sizes that range from 0 to 4. To know that you have the right size, it will fit perfectly in the screw. If it is too small, it would be impossible to drive the screw.

3. Awl with a sharp edge or point


An awl is used by shoemakers for carpenters in punching holes through leather or wood. Compared to a knife, an awl has a strong point that can endure downward pressure and make a hole through the material. You can choose an awl that has a 2.45 mm blade width.

If you don’t have an awl, you can also use a metal paper clip as an alternative. Make sure that it does not easily bend despite the downward pressure and it is thin enough to fit a small pin-hole. Don’t forget to straighten it before using it.

How to Remove a Kwikset Deadbolt Lock without Screws Instruction


Step 1. Position in a way that you are facing the deadbolt from the inside part of your house

To unlock the deadbolt lock, you need to stand inside your house, facing the deadbolt lock. Make sure that you can see the thumb-turner latch and the keyhole. Stay in this position until you successfully remove the plate that covers the mounting screws.

Step 2. Remove the thumb-turner latch

You need to remove the thumb-turner latch first so that you can remove the plate covering the screws. To do this, look for the small pin-hole located at the shaft of the latch. Insert your awl or paper clip in this hole and press it to release the lever of the latch. Once you are done with this, keep the gear aside.

Step 3. Pry the plate using a flat screwdriver

Now that you are done removing the lever of the latch, examine the rim of the plate and look for a small notch. Using your flat screwdriver, open up the base plate. You will see the mounting screws. Be sure that you secure the base plate since you may need it later.

Step 4. Unscrew the mounting screws

Now that the two mounting screws are visible, you can now gently unscrew them using your Philips screwdriver. After unscrewing, make sure to set the mounting screws aside. This time, grab the lock from the inside and outside of your house using your two hands then pull them apart so that you can remove them.

Step 5. Open the door and remove the screws of the latch mechanism

To remove the latch machine out of the hole, you have to keep the door open. You need to find the two screws that secure the latch mechanism. After locating them, remove the screws using the Philips screwdriver. When you are done, you can slide the latch machine out of the hole.

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Are you delighted to learn how to remove a Kwikset deadbolt lock without screws? By simply following the steps, you don’t have to pay for a professional locksmith to do it for you. You can finish this task even though it is your first time to remove Kwikset deadbolt no screws.

We will also be glad to know about your experiences and the results after you follow this tutorial. You are free to leave a comment below. You can also share this post with your friends who have difficulty removing their Kwikset deadbolts that have no visible screws.

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