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How to Lock a Door With a Chair to Protect Yourself From Intruders

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how to lock a door with a chair

Do you want to know how to lock a door with a chair? Unfortunately, there are cheap motel rooms that don’t have any locks. If you are staying in a room like this, you don’t need to worry. You can barricade a door with a chair to protect yourself from intruders.

As long as there is a chair inside the room, you can use this as a temporary obstacle. And, the tutorial is surprisingly simple.

You Just Need a Sturdy Chair

Sturdy chair – You must use a sturdy chair as a barricade. An office chair is the most advisable to use because you can adjust its height. In terms of size, it must not be higher than the door handle. It must not also be too short that it cannot reach the handle of the door.

If you don’t have any sturdy chairs inside the room, you can use any furniture that can block the door. Make sure, though, that it has the right height so that it can serve as your temporary barricade.

Steps to Lock a Door With a Chair


Step 1: Look for the right chair

Look for the right chair specified above. Once you have found the right chair, proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Put the chair under the lever


Put the chair under the lever. Through this, the pressure from the chair will prevent an intruder from pushing the lever. If it is a door knob you’re dealing with, put a chair under a door knob and wedge it beneath the door knob. The two back legs of the chair must touch the floor while the other two don’t.

You can also put some furniture against the entrance to add security.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use a folding chair?

No, you can’t use it to block a door with a chair. A folding chair cannot stand the pressure, and it will only fold once someone tries to open the door. Look for a sturdier chair that you can use.

What can I do if the chair I have is too short for reaching the lever?

You can put chair raisers or other solid objects under the legs of the chair to add height to it and reach the lever of the door. You can also use small furniture.

Can I use a chair to lock a door if the door opens outwards?

Unfortunately, no. You cannot use a chair to lock a door if the door opens outwards. You can lock it by tying the handle with one end of a strong rope and tying its other end on heavy objects like a fridge leg, a sofa leg, or a dining table leg.

Can the chair break if someone tries to intrude inside the room?

If the intruder uses a strong force or the chair you use is not sturdy enough, the chair can break. To ensure your security, you can use some heavy furniture to block the door. This will prevent the intruder from forcibly entering the room.


Do you find our tutorial on how to lock a door with a chair easy to follow? A chair under door knob can save you for a night. This is a temporary solution only. If you are about to stay in a lockless motel room for days, it is advisable to tell the management about your lack of security to transfer you to another room.

This life hack can help your friends or family members, so consider sharing this post with them. We also love to know your experiences if you are following the tutorial. Leave a comment below.

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