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How to Secure Hotel Room Door With Hanger? – Safety Tips

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how to secure hotel room door with hanger

You can never be too careful when going on a trip and staying inside a hotel room with you, your family, and valuables. With the amount of foot traffic outside your door, there might be people who are going to try to break in.

Engaging the built-in locking mechanism might not be enough, and any additional security can be valuable. Fortunately for you, there is something you can do to improve your safety with a simple item that you can find inside your room.

In this article, I will show you how to secure hotel room door with hanger.

Step-by-Step to Secure Hotel Room Door With Hanger


Every hotel room has multiple hangers that you can use to hang your clothes. However, there is more to hangers than just air-drying your shirts and trousers.

Follow these steps to secure your hotel room door from the inside with a hanger:

1. Engage the built-in lock.

If you have a mortise lock on your door, put it in the lock position. This will serve as the main security for your door.

2. Prepare your hanger.


Choose a hanger that is sturdy enough, one that won’t easily break but is malleable enough to stretch for a bit. Grab one end of the hanger and turn it into a 90-degree angle.

3. Secure the latch.

If your hotel door has a built-in latch, engage it before you are going to attach the hanger.

4. Place your hanger.


Position your hanger between the door latch and your door handle. Make sure the door handle and the door latch hold the clothes hook so that it won’t fall off.

5. Test out the hanger.

Try to open the door and see if the hanger holds onto the latch and door handle. It should be near impossible to open the door with the hanger attached.

Other Tips to Secure Hotel Door


There are a lot of hotel room door hack that you can try other than placing a hanger. Here are some tricks that you can do to secure hotel room door DIY:

  • Barricade hotel door with a towel. Place the towel under the entryway to make it difficult to open from the outside.
  • Secure hotel door with ironing board by placing the ironing board’s handle around the door lever.
  • Make use of hotel room safety devices such as portable locks.
  • Install a door stop or an alarm.


You can never be too careful when staying inside a room other than your home, especially at night. We recommend utilizing the available security measures here to make your hotel room much safer.

Everyone deserves a worry-free trip that they can enjoy to the fullest. Knowing how to secure hotel room door with hanger gives you peace of mind without spending money.

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