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Infiniti Key Fob Not Working After Battery Change: Here’s Why

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infiniti key fob not working after battery change

Newly manufactured cars that do not need keys anymore to operate. Some examples are the MINI key fob, and the luxury line of Nissan called Infiniti. With this product division, Nissan uses a wireless remote control device, the Infiniti key fob, to perform various functions related to the Infiniti vehicle.

The key fob is a keyless entry system that allows you to lock, unlock, and start your car. You do not need to insert a traditional key into the ignition. However, there are instances when owners experience their Infiniti key fob not working after battery change.

Explore the common causes behind this problem and troubleshooting steps to get your key fob back in action.

Common Causes


After replacing the battery in your key fob, you might encounter a frustrating issue: the key fob doesn’t work with the new battery. Whether you drive an Infiniti QX60 or any other Infiniti model with an intelligent key.

1. Incorrect Battery Installation


There are some primary reasons your key fob might not work after a battery replacement. It may be due to incorrect installation of the new battery or incompatibility. A slight misalignment can prevent proper electrical contact, making the key fob inactive.

Also, using low-quality batteries might lead to an insufficient power supply, resulting in the key fob failing to function correctly. Always opt for high-quality, recommended batteries to avoid this problem.

2. Signal Interference


External factors like multiple key fobs, electronic devices, or metal objects can sometimes interfere with the key fob’s signal, preventing it from communicating with your Infiniti effectively.

3. Key fob malfunction


Over time, key fobs can experience wear and tear, leading to internal malfunctions that impede their proper functioning. However, if your Infiniti key fob is still new, evaluate yourself by asking these questions:

“Did I recently step on my key fob?”

“Have I done something that made some liquid sip into it?”

It is worth noting that damage can occur after physical trauma or subjecting your key fob to water or liquid. If you have intelligent key problems like this, you’d better call your manufacturer for a replacement.

4. Loose componentsLoose-components-of--Infiniti-Key-fob

After opening your Infiniti key fob and having a replaced battery, you might need to reassemble the parts properly. Sometimes, buttons are just sticky due to dust build-up or grime that causes the interference.

5. Battery connector terminal problem

Another reason your car is not responding to the key fob could be an issue with the battery connector terminals. You cannot usually notice this problem from the surface. Thus, taking apart the fob to get a closer look would be best.

6. The car is not detecting the key fob.


If everything looks good inside the fob, the problem could lie with its connection to the car. Since Infiniti key fobs are backed by RFID technology, they work by connecting to a receiver in the vehicle.

Infiniti Key Fob Troubleshooting Tips

As a solution to the problems that you have previously read, here are the troubleshooting tips that may work for you.

1. Check the battery connector terminal.


Check whether the battery connector terminals look like they have been damaged or like they’ve gotten loose and shifted. If you have a soldering skill, you can fix this by yourself.

Also, make sure to have quality new battery in key fob.

2. Clean your Infiniti key fob.


If you think some dirt build-up has caused your key to malfunction, Do not hesitate to open your key again.

Please give it a good clean, yet make sure you’re not spraying any cleaning liquid directly. Use a brush to get rid of any debris. Then, spray your cleaning solution into a microfiber cloth.

3. Reprogram the key fob after replacing the battery

When the connection is lost, the fob can no longer control the car, or the car does not recognize the key fob. If this is the case, here is how to reprogram a key fob and reestablish a connection to the vehicle:

Step 1: If your car is already unlocked: Get inside your car and close the door. In case, you lock yourself out, get your key fob, flip it over.


You will see a little tab at the back; pull that one. After that, you will see a mechanical key popping out. It will help you get into your car.

Use it to unlock the driver’s door.

Your car will have its alarm activated. To shut the honking down, proceed to the second step immediately.

Step 2: To reset the key fob, hold it and make sure that the emblem is facing up.


Step 3: Place your Infiniti key fob near your start button.


Step 4: Using your key fob, push the start button three times and let go.


Step 5: You will see your start button light up. This is an indicator that your car already notices your fob. Wait for 10 seconds before pushing again three times.


Step 6: By this point, the Infiniti key fob will start working immediately. Try pushing different buttons to know whether the connection has been established.



Experiencing issues with your Infiniti key fob not working after battery change can be frustrating, but armed with the right knowledge, you can easily troubleshoot and resolve the problem. However, if your key fob or vehicle is still under warranty, contacting an authorized Infiniti dealership for professional assistance is best.

Otherwise, following these steps should help you regain the convenience and peace of mind with a fully functional Infiniti key fob.

Safe driving!

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