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How to Break into a Keypad Door Lock in Seconds

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how to break into a keypad door lock

Want to know how to break into a keypad door lock? First, you need to drill a small hole at the bottom of your door lock. Once you are finished drilling, insert a pick to the hole and push downward. The lock will automatically open without any damage to the lock mechanism.

This method can work to unlock schlage keypad lock without key and unlock a kwikset keypad door lock. In case you are locked out of your house, you can follow this tutorial to avoid calling a locksmith to help you out.


What You Need


There are specific items that you will need to crack a mechanical keypad door lock. If you don’t have them, there are optional items that you can consider. You can also borrow from your neighbors or purchase at stores near you.

Drill Driver


A drill driver is suitable for drilling a hole in materials made of wood, plastic, and metal. The level of its power does not affect its movement. It only moves in a clockwise and counterclockwise direction.

If you prefer to control the amount of power to transfer to the screws, you can choose a drill driver with a clutch. Usually, you will determine the power the drill driver needs to exert by the size of the hole you want to make. Since you will only create a small hole, you don’t need high power.

Drill bit


You need a suitable drill bit to prevent it from snapping and heating up. The kind of drill bit you will use will depend on the kind of material that you will drill. If you are not sure what kind of metal your lock is made of, choose a high-speed steel (HSS) drill bit since it is ideal for ferrous, non-ferrous materials, and carbon steel.

If the casing of the lock is made of ferrous materials like iron and stainless steel, you can use a cobalt bit. But if it is a nonferrous material such as aluminum, copper, and zinc, choose a carbide bit.

When choosing the size of the bit for metals and other materials except softwood, it must have the same size as the hole that you will create. In this tutorial, you can use a bit size that ranges from 1/16 of an inch to ¼ of an inch.

Center Punch Tool and Hammer


A center punch is a metal rod that has a sharp point. It is useful in assisting with drilling to prevent the drill from veering off as it pierces through the material. You can choose a prick punch tool, a type of center punch that is narrower and sharper compared to other kinds. It can create deeper holes that make drilling easier.

To use the center punch tool, you will need a hammer. A ball-peen hammer is a good choice since it is also designed to drive punches. Make sure that you use the flat face of the hammer as you make a blow to the center punch. You can also use a small mallet as an alternative if you don’t have a ball-peen hammer.

Pick Tool


If you have a pick tool, it would be very handy for this tutorial. Pick tools usually come with hooks. They are used for automotive maintenance, especially if you need to clean out grooves and crevices and position some wires. They are also thin enough to pierce into holes. You can purchase them online; however, they are in sets.

In case you don’t have a pick, you can improvise a pick tool using a metal paperclip. It must be thin enough to pierce into the hole. Aside from that, it must be sturdy so that it won’t bend or break. Simply straighten it using a pair of pliers so that you can use it as a pick tool.

If you don’t have a paper clip, you can also use a thin metal wire. It must be thin enough to fit into the hole but strong enough so it won’t break while you are exerting some pressure. You need to strip the plastic covering if it has any.

A Pair of Safety Glasses


As a precautionary measure, you must wear a pair of safety glasses. Shrapnel can cause you an eye injury. Safety goggles fit tightly to the eyes, eye sockets, and facial area to protect from impact, splashes, dust, and vapor. Some safety goggles are large enough to fit corrective eyeglasses.

You can choose from vented or non-vented goggles. Vented goggles are more comfortable to use because they allow the air to flow and they reduce the chance of fogging. Non-vented goggles, on the other hand, have no holes, which offer a higher level of protection.

If you don’t have goggles, you can also use face shields and safety spectacles. A lens that is made of polycarbonate material is preferable when working with flying objects because it is impact-resistant. Also, the protective eyewear must fit your face so that there is a lesser chance for objects to strike your eyes.

How to Break into a Keypad Door Lock Instruction


Step 1. Drill a small hole at the bottom of the door lock

Before you start, make sure that you wear goggles to protect your eyes from any unwanted particles. Measure and mark the exact place where you will make a hole. To prevent the drill from wandering, create a small dimple using a center punch and a hammer.

Make a small hole either on the left or right side of the bottom of the keypad. There are some keypad locks where the lock mechanisms are in the middle part; however, most are located at the bottom. Drill at a slow speed to prevent the drill from overheating.

Step 2. Insert a pick tool in the hole

Once you are done drilling the small hole, you can now insert the pick inside it. To open the door lock, you have to find the lock mechanism. Feel the part of the lock where there is pressure. This may take a few seconds. Push the pick downward once you locate the lock mechanism.

Step 3. Open the door

If the door lock has a thumb-turner latch, you can now turn it and the door will open. If it does not open, try picking the lock again until you have successfully opened the door. Also, don’t forget to repair or change your door lock for your security.


Is it not easy following the steps on how to break into a keypad door lock? This method is easier than to hack a keypad door lock. Aside from that, you won’t need to pay for a professional locksmith because this tutorial will help you crack a keypad door lock.

If you think that this tutorial is useful, you can share it with your close friends and family members who want to learn how to unlock a keypad door lock. You can also share with us your experiences while you are doing the tutorial. Just leave a comment below.

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