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The Best Scooter Locks (Combination & Chain Locks)

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best scooter lock

Scooters are a fun and enjoyable part of our lives. But these devices can become quickly frustrating as they are prime theft targets. An unlocked scooter is easy pickings for someone looking to make a quick buck.

As a result, finding the best scooter lock becomes a must. It’ll help prevent thieves from making away with your favorite method of transportation. You won’t have to constantly worry about it when inside a store or hanging out with your friends.

But how does a person choose a scooter lock? It comes down to several essential factors that’ll help determine your perfect option. Here are three examples of what you’ll need to think about when searching for one:

  • Construction Quality: A scooter lock will need to withstand any outdoor elements and resist rust or corrosion issues. High-quality options will have a PVC or vinyl coat to promote longevity and durability.
  • Portability: Scooter owners will want locks with lightweight designs. Basically, it shouldn’t be a burden to carry around when you’re riding. Some options will even offer a mounting bracket to make this aspect easier.
  • Multi-Purpose Usage: Don’t settle for a lock that’s only usable on a scooter. Look for one with usability on gates, fences, and bikes. It’ll ensure you get the best bang for your buck when it comes to these products.

We’ve organized a list of 12 scooter locks with detailed reviews for each one. These options were chosen based on having crucial features, such as the ones previously mentioned. You’ll learn more about these factors within our buying guide for scooter locks later on in this article.


Top Product name Lock Type Material Combination   
1 Segway-Ninebot 5-Digit Chain Lock ‎Steel, ABS and alloy 5-digit Details
2 USHAKE Combination U Lock U Lock Alloy Steel, Plastic, Metal, Polyvinyl Chloride, Zinc 4-digit Details
3 Seway SW-0054 Chain Lock Stainless Steel, PVC, Vinyl 4-digit Details

Best Scooter Lock Reviews

1. Segway-Ninebot 5-Digit Combination Scooter Lock

Segway-Ninebot’s 20.40.0007.00 5-Digit Combination Scooter Lock is a solid way to start our list with its adequate performance. In fact, the first thing that stands out is the depth of its security.

This scooter lock comes with a 5-digit lock construction that offers 100,000 available combinations. Therefore, a thief won’t have much luck guessing your combo unless it’s right in front of their face.

Its durable, braided steel cable was another protective aspect to impress me. I did my best to cut and saw through this cable as a way of testing its durability. It didn’t flinch and remained in place, protecting my scooter from my thievery.

This option will make transporting it around easier, as well. It comes with a mounting bracket that’ll attach the lock onto your scooter even when riding. It’s a must-have for my needs as I don’t want to carry a backpack during my scootering adventures.

I was pleased to see this multi-purpose lock wasn’t only limited to scootering trips, either. I had an easy time using it to lock up my bike and luggage without trouble. It’ll end up being a helpful protection device and visual deterrent to multiple devices within my life.

But I do find this lock to be heavier than other options. I wasn’t only the one to feel this way, as noted a few times in the customer reviews and on reddit.
  • 5-digit lock with 100,000 combinations
  • Durable, braided steel cable
  • Mounting bracket for easy transport
  • Multi-purpose design
  • Useful visual deterrent
  • Heavy construction
The heavier construction does make moving it around problematic. But the issue is mitigated by its included mounting bracket. Due to this, the lock becomes a valuable and uncomplicated protection mechanism.

2. USHAKE Combination U Lock for Scooter

This next option, USHAKE Combination U Lock for Scooter, didn’t take much effort to use. It was one of the easier to set up with its 4-digit combination and U lock design. Its simplicity could make it a good option for someone who isn’t experienced using scooter locks.

In any case, this lock’s performance was impressive. The hardened zinc construction did a decent job handling any leverage that I put on it. I even had a friend do their best to break through it, and he didn’t have much luck.

The paddle lock portion offers its own quality durable with a PVC coating. As a result, it’ll have no issue remaining scratch-free, which a few customers noted in their reviews. I expect it to stay in good shape for years without needing much maintenance or care.

I didn’t find using the paddle’s lock combination wheels uncomfortable, either. The dials were smooth and moved easily without much effort. Plus, they remained in place and didn’t move randomly.

I also found multiple uses for this U lock as it meshed with my bike and fence. I’m never going to complain when a product can provide a little versatility.

But someone I know did report encountering a shipping issue with this option. The product arrived with only the U-shaped portion.
  • 4-digit, heavy-duty U lock design
  • Hardened, robust zinc alloy construction
  • PVC coated paddle lock
  • Easy to use smooth combination dials
  • Usable for various applications
  • Shipping issues
Thankfully, the shipping issue seems like isolated incidents rather than anything concerning. And once the product does arrive intact, it’ll provide adequate protection for a scooter.

3. Seway SW-0054 Xiaomi Scooter Lock Cable

The Seway SW-0054 Xiaomi Scooter Lock Cable earns its place on our list with its durable, robust braided steel design. It’ll attach to a scooter’s wheel and ensure it doesn’t go anywhere as it can withstand a sizable amount of pressure.

For instance, this scooter wheel lock can stop 2.4KN of tension and 7KN of sheer force without issue. I did my best to test this attribute by trying to break through it, but the lock prevented every attempt.

It didn’t come away with any scratches, either, as its scratch-resistant PVC coating held up well. This protective aspect should allow for the lock to last at least a few years. Plus, it’ll help keep it from being an eyesore or looking beat-up.

The product’s keyless 4-digit combination lock design was another appealing attribute. It offers 10,000 available combos and doesn’t require carrying a key. Both benefits are preferable for any options that I’m considering due to my clumsiness.

Its compact design and self-coiling cable allows for easy transport, as well. It’ll fix right onto my scooter’s handlebar when I’m not using it. Therefore, it becomes a rather convenient device when compared with other scooter locks.

However, I was a little disappointed that this electric scooter lock didn’t come with a manual. If I didn’t have experience operating these devices, I might’ve needed to look elsewhere.
  • 4-digit lock with 10,000 combinations
  • Durable braided steel construction
  • Withstands 2.4 KN of tension and 7KN of sheer force
  • Scratch-resistant PVC protective coating
  • Compact design with self-coiling cable
  • Doesn’t come with a manual
Aside from the lack of manual, this scooter lock won’t offer any problems. Its construction and versatility have more than met my expectations as a protection device.

4. AGPTEK ATDL_001 Scooter Alarm Padlock

One of the most visually striking available options would be AGPTEK’s ATDL_001 Anti-Theft Scooter Alarm Padlock. But it’s stylish green color scheme isn’t the only noticeable aspect about it.

It comes with a built-in 110db alarm to offer an audible deterrent, as well. I tested it out a few times to examine the alarm’s loudness and usefulness. It annoyed me endlessly, and it’ll do the same to a thief.

I was also happy with the 5.2-foot reminder cable, which is a good addition for any forgetful person. It’s a preventative measure to ensure you remove the lock before riding. It saved me a few times when riding around on my scooter.

The scooter’s design managed to hold up in precarious weather, as well. I left my scooter locked up outside during a rainstorm on accident, and this lock made it through. It didn’t show any wear or tear thanks to its weatherproof, zinc alloy construction.

More importantly, this construction allows for multi-purpose application. I found this product works well as a lock for my bike and will adapt to other situations. In fact, I see no reason why it won’t be usable as motorcycle or moped locks.

But this lock requires batteries, which will need changing at some point. It puts an extra hassle and expense on my plate as a scooter owner.
  • Built-in 110db alarm
  • Stylish, visible bright green color
  • Weatherproof zinc alloy construction
  • 2-foot reminder cable
  • Suitable for various appliances
  • Requires batteries
The device’s need for batteries makes its alarm add-on less appealing. However, this alarm is about as effective a deterrent for thieves as any scooter locks and alarms. It makes the extra work worth it, but I could see others feeling otherwise.

5. FUBOZONE ‎5333514951 Scooter Chain Lock

FUBOZONE’s ‎5333514951 Heavy-Duty Scooter Chain Lock surprised me with its convenient and reliable protection aspects. For instance, its waterproof nylon cylinder cover helps ensure longevity and makes it a suitable option for various uses.

It’s an aspect that allowed me to use it as both a bike and scooter lock. This product’s robust manganese steel construction certainly helped, as well. It provides enough strength to prevent thieves from bypassing the lock’s security in each situation.

The lock’s even known for its anti-saw and anti-drill protection. As a result, a thief would have to be pretty determined to come away with my scooter. I’d feel confident it’ll be around and locked whenever leaving it outside a store or other area.

Aside from its convenient performance, I love the addition of a carrying case. It makes transporting the lock easier and stops unnecessary damage when moving. After all, I drop items at a staggering rate, and this case will protect the device if it does happen.

The money-back guarantee is another notable addition. Again, I don’t envision that I’ll need it any time soon. However, it’s a good thing to have in your back pocket.

But I do have to say that this lock does have somewhat heavy construction. I found carrying it around was a bit tiresome, even with the included case.
  • Robust manganese steel construction
  • Anti-saw and anti-drill protection
  • Waterproof nylon lock cylinder cover
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Suitable for various uses
  • Carrying case included
  • A bit heavy construction
All in all, the included carrying case does make transporting it manageable. It just requires more effort than I’d like when moving scooter chain locks. But it’s worth it as the heavier design offers better performance quality.

6. Seway Disc Electric Scooter Wheel Security Lock

Most products don’t manage to find a balance between being affordable and adequate at their jobs. Seway’s Disc Electric Scooter Wheel Security Lock is one of the few that does, as it keeps the cost low and has solid features.

A good starting example would be its Superclass B lock cylinder, which offers resistance against sawing and prying. I would imagine a thief would have difficulty getting through it without some special thieving equipment.

I was also pleased by this product’s specialty mount and 5-foot reminder cord. Both these aspects make using the lock a lot more convenient and safer. For instance, the mount ensures storing the device is a breeze, while the reminder cord prevents me from riding off without removing it.

The easy to use keyed design was another intriguing trait as it utilizes a simple push-button system. It makes unlocking/locking the device easy and doesn’t require much thought. But I’ll have to remember where I put the keys, which has been a problem in the past.

Lastly, I found myself liking its waterproof steel construction and its two color options: red and black. Both their inclusions will ensure the lock looks good and remains in solid shape.

But the lock isn’t perfect as I felt the reminder cord was thinner than I expected. It could be an issue against heavy-duty thieving equipment, which some customers mentioned in their reviews.
  • Available at an affordable price
  • Saw and pry resistant Superclass B lock cylinder
  • 5-foot reminder cable and specialty mount
  • Easy to use keyed design
  • Waterproof steel construction
  • Two color options: red and black
  • Reminder cord is a little thin
Overall, this product’s thin cord doesn’t keep it from being a practical option. Anyone who can deal with this issue should find this scooter lock satisfactory.

7. Master Lock Street Cuff Scooter Locks

One of the more convenient options available would be Master Lock’s Street Cuff Scooter Locks. Their lightweight and compact design ensure an easy, smooth using process that I appreciated greatly.

I was also pleased by how easy these designs made storing the cuffs. These locks fit easily into my cargo areas or in my travel backpack. It made traveling with these products much easier than I usually see with other options, such as a GOTRAX scooter lock.

The product’s laminated steel construction was another attribute that caught my attention. It offers an impressive cut-resistance, which can stop bolt cutters. Anyone who lives in a high-crime area would benefit from this level of scooter security.

These locks didn’t have issues stopping leverage attacks with its pivoting links, either. The links easily defended against my attempts and provided a formidable foe. It should do a respectable job against a thief when the time comes.

More importantly, these locks are suitable for most appliances, whether it’s indoors or outdoors. I didn’t have any issue using them for my bike, and they should hold up well as a motorcycle lock. Plus, Master Lock offers a lifetime warranty and anti-theft guarantee if issues do arise.

Given these high-quality features, this product’s cost ends up being its one flaw. It’s actually much more expensive than any other choice on our list. Each buyer will need to determine whether its quality is worth their extra money.
  • Laminated, steel construction with cut resistance
  • Indoor and outdoor suitable
  • Easy to use compact, lightweight design
  • Pivoted links prevent leverage attacks
  • Lifetime warranty and anti-theft guarantee
  • Among the high-priced options
Honestly, I could see someone feeling like this product’s features aren’t worth the price tag. But its sufficient protective qualities and convenient design make it worthwhile for my needs.

8. Titanker Scooter Cable Lock

Titanker’s Scooter Cable Lock does a reliable job providing decent performance and longevity with its various appealing features. Its anti-rust zinc alloy construction would be the leading aspect on this list as it’ll help ensure the product remains usable for at least a few years.

I found myself liking the product’s multi-purpose 4-foot long design, as well. It’s a crucial feature because it allows the lock to function in various roles. For example, it can work as a bike, motorcycle, skateboard, scooter, wagon, or fence lock.

The product’s waterproof, dust-proof cover also caught my eye. It adequately shields the keyhole from weather conditions and other elements. Due to this, it’ll help allow the product to give me the most bang for my buck.

I’d still recommend lubricating the keyhole regularly as it’ll help improve the product’s longevity, though. After all, the keyhole cover does offer satisfactory protection, but it shouldn’t be seen as the end-all for lock maintenance.

Titanker included two unique keys with this lock, too, which was another appealing aspect. It’s an exciting addition because it promotes a much easier unlocking/locking procedure and offers an extra security layer.

I did find the steel cable a bit stiff and rigid to warp around my scooter, though. It does start to loosen up after repeated uses, but those first few times are slightly frustrating.
  • Anti-rust zinc alloy construction
  • Multi-purpose, 4-foot long device
  • Two unique keys for easy locking/unlocking
  • Waterproof, dust-proof, cover
  • Steel cable is a bit stiff
After those first few uses, the lock becomes a lot more practical to use. Its other performance aspects did make this issue worth dealing with for me. But it’s still worth considering when deciding whether to buy this lock.

9. Manual Transport Scooter U Lock

It’s hard to talk about Manual Transport’s Scooter U Lock without mentioning the ⅝” hardened steel construction and flexible 4-foot cable. After all, both these attributes will ensure every part of a scooter’s protected and kept in place.

These parts combine to form the lock’s reliable dual point locking mechanism. I was impressed with how it ensured both my front wheel and rear wheel had adequate protection. Therefore, it made me feel more than comfortable with leaving my scooter unattended in public.

But these traits aren’t the only notable attributes offered by this U lock. I also find myself liking the product’s alloy keys that allow for quick installation. Honestly, I’m usually not too fond of keyed locks because I tend to lose the keys, but these are top-tier.

The product’s quick connect travel mount will install onto adult electric scooters for easy storage, as well. I didn’t have any trouble installing it onto mine without any hassles. It even quickly releases the lock whenever it’s needed to ensure more practicality.

As with other customers, I did find myself wishing this lock’s design wasn’t so bulky. It takes a lot of room and becomes somewhat burdensome when riding. This issue could represent an issue for smaller scooters or ones without under the seat storage areas.
  • Heavy-duty ⅝” hardened steel
  • Flexible 4-foot cable
  • Reliable dual-point locking mechanism
  • Alloy keys offer easy, quick installation
  • Quick connect travel mount
  • Somewhat bulky construction
All in all, the lock’s bulkiness can create some issues. But it does make the product a valuable deterrent to would-be thieves and ensures better reliability. Due to this, it’s a useful option that can be pretty effective in the right situations.

10. BIGLUFU 0925 Scooter Cable Chain Lock

Versatility is the standout attribute provided by BIGLUFU’s 0925 Scooter Cable Chain Lock. It earns this title from its universal design, which allows it to work on almost every lockable device. So I could use it on my fences, grills, bikes, scooters, and even a lawnmower.

Moreover, I didn’t have any issues setting it up on these potential applications. I followed the included instruction manual to a tee and didn’t face any hassle or concerns. It’s rare to find one of these manuals that makes a user’s life easier.

Once the lock’s setup, its strong braided wire offers impressive protection quality. It should provide sufficient resistance against any potential threat. Plus, it’ll be working together with a 5-digit locking mechanism with 100,000 possible combinations.

Those 100,000 different combinations will make it virtually impossible to break into by guessing the combo. But please, don’t make it easy on them by leaving the code somewhere on your scooter.

I should also mention that the cable self-coils to help with transport, which is always vital with these products. It becomes even easier with the included storage bag that’ll remove some of the burden. Honestly, I had no problem carrying it on my latest scooter trip.

It was a bit disappointing to see buyers complain about the customer service, though. It seems these people had issues finding a contact number or email from them.
  • Numerous applications with universal lock design
  • Easy to use instruction manual
  • Robust, braided steel cable wire
  • 5-digit lock with 100,000 combinations
  • Self-coiling design
  • Carrying bag included
  • Customer service issues
But I’m not going to put much consideration into these concerns. After all, most people were thrilled with the product’s performance.

11. DINOKA ‎BKL242412 Scooter U Lock

The DINOKA ‎BKL242412 Scooter U Lock has a unique and intriguing design with its double-opening head. It caught my attention because breaking the lock becomes a lot more difficult for any potential thief.

After all, they’d need to break the lock on both sides simultaneously to open it. It’s a sturdy protective measure and should be sufficient security for a scooter. Therefore, this zinc alloy constructed lock becomes a good option for high crime areas.

The lock’s strong braided 1200 mm steel cable offers more security, as well. Cable cutters have even had problems getting through it based on other customer’s experiences. I haven’t had it tested yet by a thief, but it seems more than sturdy enough.

Moreover, this steel cable can lock multiple bikes or scooters at once for convenience purposes. So it’ll be a solid choice for a group of friends who don’t want to bring numerous scooter locks.

I don’t have to remember a combination with this model, either. It comes with two copper keys that ensure all I need to do is not lose them. Meanwhile, the included mounting bracket and silicone sleeve should keep the lock in good shape even with regular usage.

But the included keys might be less durable than expected. They are prone to bend after a few uses.
  • Double-opening head U lock design
  • Zinc alloy construction
  • Strong 1200 mm braided steel cable
  • Includes a mounting bracket and silicone sleeve
  • Two copper keys
  • Keys are less durable than expected
Regarding the key issue, I recommend being careful. Other than that, it should be a reliable lock.

12. Lakkit Portable Scooter Lock Cable

Our final option, Lakkit Portable Scooter Lock Cable, offers a quick, affordable solution to keeping a scooter protected. Its braided enhanced steel construction and flexible 44-inch cable will adapt to most situations with ease.

In particular, the 44-inch cable stood out for its self-coiling and flexibility. It has no issues stretching out and being usable on scooters, bikers, strollers, or fences. I managed to try the product on several of these items with effective results.

This product won’t be a burden to anyone, either. Its small, lightweight design fits comfortably in my pocket when I’m moving from place to place. I can bring this 4-digit combination anywhere I need to without breaking a sweat.

Given its 4-digit combination lock, it also offers a whopping 10,000 combinations. Setting up your preferred one isn’t tricky, as this model makes it more than manageable. It even comes with a start card to ensure the first time goes smoothly.

But the actual process consists of following the included instruction video, turning the shackle clockwise 90 degrees, setting the combo, and turning it back. There was nothing more to it.

However, the diameter cable is a little thin. It’s an issue that might not make the product trustworthy in high-pressure situations. Anyone living in high-crime areas should probably choose another option.
  • Come at an affordable price
  • Multi-purpose 4-digit lock with 10,000 combinations
  • Braided enhanced steel construction
  • Flexible self-coiling 44-inch cable
  • Lightweight, small design
  • Easy first setup with included start card
  • Thin diameter cable
In the end, it should be enough of a deterrent to stop most thieves. But the thin cable could leave your scooter vulnerable to a highly determined one. It ends up being an affordable, decent choice as a quick fix or basic protection option.

What to Look for When Buying Scooter Locks


Before buying the best lock for scooter, you’ll need to consider a few things. The following factors will help determine what option works best.

Lock Visibility

One of the simplest ways to deter a scooter thief is a visible lock. Most thieves will shy away from a scooter when they can see the lock. It’ll act as a visual deterrent that’ll ensure your scooter stays where it belongs.

After all, only an extremely determined thief will attempt to steal a scooter with a visible lock. But please make sure your chosen option is formidable enough to stop those who would try.


If you’re locking your scooter up outdoors, the lock will need to withstand certain weather elements. It’ll have to hold up against rain, snow, sleet, dust, and other issues. The best adult or kids scooter lock will have a vinyl or PVC coating to minimize these conditions.

Options without this coat will be vulnerable to rust and corrosion. In other words, these locks will last a much shorter lifespan than a buyer might expect.

Design Flexibility

You’ll want a scooter lock with some multi-purpose abilities. It should work with other similar appliances, such as a gate, bike, moped, fence, or lawnmower. High-quality options will even allow users to lock multiple scooters at the same time.

I’d also recommend choosing an option with adjustable length. It’ll help ensure the lock is compatible with your particular scooter. But please, research the lock’s compatibility before putting money down, or it might not be usable.


Another design aspect to consider the lock’s weight. Again, it’s essential to choose one with lightweight construction, which is easy to transport. Some top-end options will even have a mounting bracket for convenient storage when you’re riding.

Protection Features

The best scooter locks will have additional protection features to heighten scooter security. A few common examples include anti-pull and anti-drill protection. These two aspects are essential for any areas where scooter thefts tend to be a severe issue.

You might also come across a scooter lock with alarm add-ons. These built-in alarms will trigger whenever someone attempts to bypass the lock. Honestly, there isn’t a better deterrent than a loud-sounding alarm when it comes to security.

Their sound should scare a thief and allow you to address the situation quickly. The thief might already be gone and running away due to the alarm’s loud, aggressive deterrent. So I’d suggest getting the loudest one possible if you decide this feature is necessary.

How to Lock Up a Scooter Properly

Each scooter lock will come with an instruction manual that depicts proper locking procedures. If you follow those steps, locking up the scooter won’t be much of an issue.

Are There Any Extra Steps I Can Take to Secure my Scooter


Aside from buying a formidable lock, there are several additional precautions to help prevent scooter theft. Here are a few steps to further ensure your scooter remains safe:

  • Avoid high-crime areas when locking up your scooter
  • Lock your scooter to an immovable object, such as a light pole or bike rack
  • Covering it will reduce the chances a thief spots it
  • Install a tracker to help catch someone who does steal your scooter

Can You Use a Bike Lock on a Scooter

Some bike locks will work on a scooter, and others won’t. It’ll depend on its design and whether it’s adjustable enough to mesh with a scooter’s dimensions. Again, I’d suggest reading through the manual as these resources will depict what applications are possible.


Our article should’ve provided enough information to find the best scooter lock. Your chosen option will now ensure your scooter remains whenever it’s locked up outdoors. It’ll end up being one less thing that you have to worry about during your adventures.

But if you do have more questions about scooter locks, let me know in our comment section. I’ll make sure to answer each post as quickly as possible. Thanks for reading!

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