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The Best EZ Keypads 

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best ez keypad

Keys are one of the most common things people misplace. Losing your keys may not seem that big of a deal but, imagine coming home late at night only to realize that you misplaced the keys for your front door.

Going keyless is the new trend nowadays. Keyless keypads, also called EZ keypads, are just keypads attached to traditional locks. You can now find them in garage door openers, door openers, even gate openers.

I am slowly replacing my old locks with the best EZ keypad and am enjoying the benefit of not having to keep track of my keys. Read on below to find some of the best products that you can purchase today that will surely make your life EZ-ER.

Top Product name Lock type Control Method Finish Type  
1 CHAMBERLAIN KLIK2U-P2 Wireless keypad Remote _ Details
2 SCHLAGE BE365 Keypad  Push button Satin Nickel Details
3 KWIKSET 913 Keypad Push button Venetian Bronze Details

Best EZ Keypad Reviews 

1. CHAMBERLAIN KLIK2U-P2 Wireless Keypad

Now to start, the Klik2u-P2 Wireless Keypad by Chamberlain is an EZ keypad designed to work with garage doors. The device is highly compatible as it supports most garage door openers that use photoelectric sensors.

Added convenience is the main selling point of this EZ keypad. Not only can it pair with almost any garage door opener, but it can do so without the use of wires. The wireless function makes installation extremely easy because all you need to do is find an open space on the wall to mount the EZ keypad.

Furthermore, a functional keypad, especially one installed outdoors, should have backlit keypads. Luckily, this one is incorporated with the feature, thus granting a quick entry during low-light conditions late at night or during a thunderstorm.

Besides, this EZ keypad only comes in white that gives off a simple vibe. And, it is sturdily built and paired with a weatherproof sliding cover to withstand the harsh outdoors. Thus, you can trust such a simple design to offer unparalleled durability for different weather conditions.

Overall, this EZ keypad comes with only the most vital functions and none of that mind-boggling complex functions. I like that everything about this keypad is simple: quick to install and easy to use/program.
  • Pairs with most garage doors that use photoelectric sensors
  • A wireless keypad that allows quick installation
  • Backlit buttons to cope with low-light conditions
  • Sturdy construction that withstands long-term use
  • Comes with a weatherproof sliding cover
  • A white, simple design boasts a low-profile look
If you are looking to replace your old keypad for your garage door that will last, then, this EZ model is the one you need.

2. SCHLAGE BE365 Ez Keypad

We can’t talk about the best EZ keypads without including one made by Schlage and, in this case, it is the BE365.

I like that the BE365 comes in a wide variety of colors for this keypad and two styles to choose from so that you can customize this EZ keypad to suit your tastes. It can be a modern Satin Nickel, Matte Black, Satin Chrome, or a luxurious and vintage feel like the Antique Brass, Antique Pewter, etc.

The keypad is simple and has a backlit function you can turn on when needed, which is good during low-light conditions. Also, this device can store 19 access codes, so you can give some to close friends and relatives.

Although the main selling point for this type of keypad is to be keyless, you can opt to use a key to open its keypad lock. This feature is common amongst EZ keypads and vital since it may not be everyone in your family or building who prefers to use codes over keys.

Another thing to note about this keypad is its low energy consumption. I have been using this keypad for two years without changing batteries once. Notably, this keypad comes with weak and critical battery indicators and is programmed to remember codes even after changing batteries.

What I do not like about this EZ keypad is the thumb-turn. It feels a bit weird compared to the other more common methods.
  • Beautiful designs: Antique Brass, Antique Pewter, Satin Nickel, Matte Black
  • 19 access codes for family and friends
  • Allows using a key to open
  • Low energy consumption to save electricity
  • Features critical battery indicators to remember the codes
  • Thumbturn looks and feels pretty strange
This EZ keypad stands out above the rest, in my opinion, because it has 19 access codes for various purposes, which are slightly more than average.

3. KWIKSET 913 Smartcode Electronic Keypad

The 913 Smartcode Electronic Keypad by Kwikset is one of the better-looking EZ keypads I recommend. It comes in two different styles, traditional and contemporary, with preset corresponding color schemes.

Talking about styles, I prefer the contemporary with its sharp edges and a simple, straight turn knob. Some might favor the traditional style with its different feels.

Both designs come with the expected backlit keypad that allows you to open the doors in the dark easily. Plus, they have audible keypads, which is the feature I love best.

Many users appreciate that this smart device offers 16 access codes with one master code, enough to enable you to accommodate relatives and close friends. More importantly, it supports a 30-second auto-lock function if you do not press the codes, which significantly improves security.

Furthermore, this electronics keypad is no slouch, as it meets the BHMA grade-2 certification, a 20-minute fire rating certification by UL, and comes with side locking bar technology for added protection against lock bumping.

The only thing that I do not like about this EZ keypad is that it sounds a little clunky when being opened. Other than that, all its functions work superbly.
  • Comes in beautiful styles: contemporary, traditional, …
  • Feature convenient backlit buttons and audible keypads
  • Provides 16 access codes for relatives and friends
  • Supports a 30-second auto-lock feature for enhanced insecurity
  • Meets BHMA grade-2 and UL 20-minute fire certifications
  • Added protection against lock bumping
  • Makes a clunk sound when opening the lock
For those looking for EZ keypads that provide extra convenience and heightened security, you won’t go wrong with the 913 Smartcode.


For those fond of keypads that come with a mortise lock, the 45 HZ EZ series keypad by Best Access Systems may be what you need.

Best Access Systems is another staple lock manufacturing industry through consistent innovation based on the current generation’s perception and the previous generation’s experience.

You can customize the handle, and you can also choose to buy accessories for your keypad, like an EZ keypad battery pack. The backlit audible keypad is a simple yet functional feature that I like to see in any EZ mortise lock keypad.

I also like that this device is weather-resistant, which means you can install it on any door without worrying about performance and longevity.

I have to note, however, that although the keypad has a lot of customizable options and upgrades, it still looks a little bulky.

Software-wise, this EZ keypad is just as well thought through as the hardware. This Bess EZ series device comes with 50 user codes and supports a variable length of 3-6 digits, which is enough for small to medium commercial buildings.

The EZ keypad is also programmable to stay unlocked for long periods by authorized users which is a good feature for commercial buildings.
  • Wide variety of customizable options to choose from
  • Features a backlit and audible keypad
  • Has a deadbolt version and a latch version
  • Weather-resistant keypad mortise lock for use outdoors
  • 50 user codes with varying length of 3 – 6 digits
  • Programmable to stay unlocked for extended periods
  • Comes in a rather bulky and simple look
All in all, if you are looking for an EZ keypad mortise lock that is well thought of and can bring its’ A-game wherever you put it, then this Best Access systems EZ series manual model is for you.

5. SCHLAGE FE595 Ez Keypad

The FE595 is another keypad by Schlage that I have to include when talking about the best EZ keypads. Most of the desirable features found in the BE365 model are also in this keypad. Plus, this version comes with a traditional lever which is a familiar and welcome sight.

One thing that I like about this keypad is that it is programmable to lock the door automatically. I find this feature vital since I am usually in a rush when leaving my house and sometimes forget to lock it.

This keypad is also equipped with a unique 6-digit code, which is longer than the usual EZ keypads, thus increasing security. You can program up to 19 passcodes for use with family members. Such many codes can promote easy use among a small office.

Many modern houses would accommodate this design perfectly as it has a futuristic look with beautiful trims. The finish style of both black and bronze models is gorgeous, suiting best with wooden doors.

Another important perk, which makes this product a must-have, is its battery-powered function. That means you can easily open and close the door even in a power outage situation. Plus, a battery-operated keypad deadbolt like this one allows effortless installation without the requirement for wirings.

However, such a stylish and functional product will cost you more than many competing keypads in the market.
  • An upgrade version of the BE365 model, with a traditional lever
  • Programmable auto-lock option
  • Allows 19 access codes and 6-digit codes
  • Beautiful trims and futuristic design, the finish of both black and bronze models
  • Battery-powered device for quick installation and easy use when the power is out
  • Costs more than many EZ locks available
I would recommend this lock EZ keypad to those with busy lifestyles since the auto-lock function alone will help them having fewer things to worry over.

6. MIGHTY MULE FM137 Wireless Keypad

The FM137 Mighty Mule Wireless keypad is constructed for gate openers. It is a sought-after device that makes our life much easier. This device works not only with Mighty Mule gate openers but also with GTO/PRO systems.

The EZ wireless keypad also features the so-called “DIY” or do-it-yourself programming by Mighty Mule. So, you can rest assured that this device’s programming is so easy that anyone can do the task themselves.

One such programmable option that many users will appreciate is the temporary access codes which expire in 1-7 days for the usual in-house service technicians. After that time, the EZ series keypad lock reset back to your regular passcode.

Furthermore, this keypad can also support up to 25 4-digit access codes, which are more than enough for the regular household or just about a small commercial building.

The keypad can be mounted on a wall or a black box if people regularly use the driveway. Since it is weatherproof, the outdoor weather won’t affect its longevity.

The only thing I did not like about this EZ keypad is that you have to press the buttons firmly because otherwise, the keypad can’t read what you’ve just inputted.
  • Easy “DIY” Programming for everyone
  • Pairs with any Mighty Mule/GTO/PRO gate openers
  • Temporary Access Codes that can last up to 7 days
  • Support up to 25 4-digit access codes
  • Weatherproof construction that allows long-lasting functions
  • Buttons need to be pressed firmly to work
All in all, this EZ keypad provides you with the extra convenience that one would expect from an EZ keypad. No more, no less. The FM137 is a keypad that I would suggest to people who are looking to replace old keypads for their gate openers.

7. HUGOLOG HU02 Digital Latchbolt

At first glance, the EZ keypad can be described as stylish with its curves and also features a turn knob for easy locking when indoors.

One feature that I like about this EZ keypad is the anti-peek pin. What it does is that you can enter random numbers before or after your code and still unlock your door.

It supports 21 access codes, 20 user codes with one master code, which is 4 – 10 digits long. The varying length of each code is a big deal because if you add it with the anti-peek pin, the chances of anyone correctly guessing your pin by peeking is close to nil.

The EZ keypad also comes with an auto-lock function that activates 30 seconds after closing the door. And, you can also manually lock the keypad by pressing any button for 2 seconds. These 2 are my favorite features because I don’t have to spend more than 2 seconds to lock my doors, and if I forgot to lock my door, the EZ keypad is there to do it for me.

If I have to nitpick on something about the EZ keypad, it would be that it uses a bit more power to operate than an average EZ keypad.
  • Stylish design with beautiful curves
  • Features a turn knob for easy locking when indoors
  • Comes with an Anti-peek pin feature
  • 21 access codes that are 4-10 digits long
  • Auto-lock function activates 30 seconds after closing
  • 2-second lock option with one press
  • A bit extra energy consumption
Another EZ electronics keypad that I’d recommend to those with busy lifestyles and live in crowded places such as apartments to appreciate the anti-peek pin function.

8. LIFTMASTER KPW250 Wireless Keypad

This Liftmaster EZ keypad, being wireless, is easy to install as long as you already have a suitable place in mind. An outdoor installation is also a viable option since the EZ keypad is weatherproof to handle the outdoors.

The KPW250, like its namesake, can handle 250 users, which suggests that this EZ keypad is for commercial use. In my opinion, the 250 access codes are just about right for a large commercial setup. Also, this keypad can store ten unique temporary access codes valid for 1-9 instances.

Besides, this EZ keypad comes with an encrypted tri-band signal to virtually remove any interference and boost effective range. I like such a feature since one of the common problems faced by wireless keypads is the effective range.

Honestly, this Liftmaster model is not what one might call aesthetic but gets the job done. I have nothing against the EZ keypads’ style but also nothing worth mentioning other than its a bit bulky look and blue backlit bulging buttons. This EZ keypad gives me the impression of a highly durable object.
  • Weatherproof and durable keypad for outdoor uses
  • Blue backlit buttons for low-light conditions
  • Can support 250 user codes
  • Stores ten unique temporary access codes for 1-9 instances
  • Encrypted tri-band signal to remove interference and boost effective range
  • Not a stylish model
Liftmaster focuses on what an EZ keypad controller should be and improves it. SIMPLE is the word that describes this EZ keypad best. If you want a gate operator controller that will do the job for you and one that can last for a very long time, then this one’s for you.

What to Look for When Buying EZ Keypads


Here are some factors to keep in mind when deciding which EZ keypad you should buy for your house or office.

How good you are at memorizing codes: This suggestion may seem funny but, I have known a few people who got locked out of apartment rooms because they forgot their access code. For those who are not confident in memorizing codes, I suggest going for EZ keypads with override keys or keypads that won’t lock you out in the middle of the night.

List down what part of your current door lock inconveniences you to know exactly what you need: We all want to buy the best-looking one, the most expensive one, or the one with the most function. Honestly, in a regular household set-up, you probably will only be using at most one to two features that your keypad has and forget about the rest. Know what you need and try to find a keypad that offers it without many added luxurious features.

Brand: Another thing to do when buying new things is researching the well-known brands that manufacture them. Knowing the brand can help you get a general idea of how well the product will perform.

The idea of using the brand name as a standard to measure a products’ performance may seem a little odd but, trust me, it works more often than not. With the help of social media, companies nowadays are very stringent in producing quality products to better their branding. A single substandard product can set back years of a company’s effort

After-sales support: After getting yourself familiar with the different brands, you should look into their after-sales services. How well they address customers’ concerns, such as asking for EZ set lock replacement parts and the turnaround time of their response.

Also when looking for ez keypads, you may also be interested in access control keypads, visit this article for more details.


“To each his own” I guess that phrase will be my answer when asked what the best EZ keypad is because different people have different tastes and needs. In my opinion, any of the EZ keypads I mentioned above will surely help make your life more convenient and is a good pick for anyone under the right conditions.

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