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How to Unlock a Honeywell Thermostat? A Detailed Guide

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how to unlock a honeywell thermostat

Temperature management in the form of a thermostat is one of the greatest innovations of modern engineering. Who would disapprove of it? Monitoring and adjusting your home’s temperature as needed on a whim is such a great convenience.

Given this, many thermostats are available in the market, but the more popular ones are from Honeywell.

So, if you are searching “Honeywell Thermostat locked, what should I do? Then this one’s for you.

In this article, you will learn the steps on how to unlock a Honeywell Thermostat.

What to Prepare?

It would help if you could look for the manual that came with your Honeywell Thermostat to know the lock code to fasten the process.

But if you can find the two, don’t worry; you can still unlock your thermostat by following the steps in this guide.

Step-By-Step Guide to Unlock a Honeywell Thermostat

Every Honeywell thermostat is unique, so in this guide, you will discover how to unlock each in series.

Read on to unlock Honeywell Proseries Thermostat without pin or your Honeywell 6000 Thermostat without the code.


#1. Unlocking a Honeywell Thermostat


Step 1. Press and hold the main button.

Press the main button and hold. After this, tap the one labeled “unlock.” Once tapped, start typing “1234”. Why “1234?” It is because “1234” is the default key.

Now, given that the pin is “1234,” it would be very easy to guess. Given this, it is not unlikely for your kid to change the pin without you knowing.

Hence, if you have a locked screen because your kid changed the pin and he or she does not remember it, do not call the help center yet. There is another way to unlock a thermostat.

  • You can opt to unlock your thermostat by removing the faceplate. Once you have removed the thermostat’s faceplate, look at the top right corner and search for a number with four digits.
  • The number that you found will help you override Honeywell Thermostat. To do this overriding, add “1234” to the number you saw. The number with 1234 now is your thermostat’s PIN.

Step 2. Type the default key.

Once you know the pin or unlock code (1234 or the “added” pin), you can proceed with the next step, which is to type it.

After hitting “unlock,” the next screen is where you need to type the pin. To type the default key or the “added” pin, tap the +/- keys that you can see on display.

Use the + button to add or increase the number and the – button to do the opposite. Press the keys to change the number until you arrive at the needed order.

Step 3: Select

Once the four-digit pin is inputted, tap “Select” to finalize it. Pressing “Select” will prompt the transfer of information to your thermostat.

Step 4. Repeat.

Since there are four digits, you need to repeat the process four times. Do steps 2 and 3 until all four numbers in the default key or “added pin” are in the proper order.

Once the digits are in the proper sequence, you are ready for the final instruction.

Step 5. Access the setting.

Once you enter the default key, hit “select” one more time. Once hit, the lock of your T4 or T6 Pro Series Programmable Thermostat will be undone.

Unlocking the thermostat means that you can now adjust the temperature and freely access or adjust the settings.

If you unlocked your thermostat, then you are finished, but if the pin is wrong, proceed with the next step.

Step 6. Try Again

It cannot be helped that there would be some problems in a manual unlock; perhaps you pressed more than necessary, which made one of the digits higher or lower than intended.

If this happens, you just need to enter the key again. If you enter the wrong pin, you will be directed to a new screen. On this screen, hit the “back” to re-enter the password.

Step 7. Lock It

Once you get the device unlocked, you can leave it like that or lock it.

To lock it, press “menu” and use the +/- buttons until the screen flashes “lock.” Choose “select” and then pick the thermostat setting you like.

You can either choose “Off,” which means that the device will be unlocked, “Part” where the temperature adjustment is the only feature that can be changed, or “On,” where all of the device’s features will be locked.

#2. Unlocking Honeywell 8000 Series Thermostat


Not all Honeywell thermostats are the same; given this, some have different default keys and ways to unlock them. One is the Honeywell 8000 series thermostat. To unlock a thermostat such as this one, do the following steps:

Step 1. Hold.

Simultaneously press the “System” and “Auto” options.

Step 2. Tap and Hold.

After pressing the “System” and “Auto” keys, locate the mid-center part of the keypad and press the blank key. Hold it until the display being shown transforms.

Step 3. Change the numbers on the left.

Unlike other series, which have “1234” as the default pin, Honeywell 8000 uses a different one.

Using the up and down buttons situated in the center of the display, navigate the process and change the digits that you can find on the left to “0670.”

Step 4. Change the number on the right.

Using the same buttons you used to navigate in step four, change the number that you can find on the other side to “0.”

Step 5. Finish the process.

To finish the process and to complete the unlock of your thermostat, tap “Done” on the screen.

Helpful Tips for Unlocking a Honeywell Thermostat


  • Keep the manual that comes with the product. The manual contains a lot of information that could assist you with your thermostat issues, including the pin.
  • If you have a kid, tell them not to mess with the thermostat. And to be sure, lock your thermostat and remember or take note of the lock code.
  • Do not hesitate to call the help center if the Honeywell thermostat did not unlock even after doing the steps in this article.
  • If you need to unlock your thermostat, but the buttons are not working, it is probably low in batteries. So, to solve this, change the batteries immediately so that the buttons will function the way you want them to.
  • When changing batteries, experts highly recommend alkaline ones.


Honeywell thermostats are adorable devices to be installed at home. There are lots of perks to owning them. But you cannot avoid having problems, especially if your kid or some unassuming guests put their hands on it.

A thermostat you cannot adjust and access freely due to the loss of pin runs opposite to how it should be.

Hence, keeping the manual or locking your thermostat are great ways to avoid problems. In addition, they are assurances, so you don’t have to search the web for ways on how to unlock a Honeywell Thermostat.

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