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The Best Locks for Basement Door Security

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best lock for basement door

Basement door security is a lot more essential than homeowners might expect. It would be best to make sure these doors are protected, or an intruder will take advantage. As a result, purchasing the best lock for basement door security is a must.

However, it can be slightly challenging to find these best available options. So many choices exist for homeowners, making it a bit difficult to separate the high-quality options. But this process becomes simple if you have the right resources.

Our article will provide them by discussing various buying factors. These aspects should help break down what you’re looking for in a basement door latch or lock. Let’s take a quick look at some of them as a bit of preview:

  • Basement Door Material: It’s essential to consider the compatibility of each lock with your basement’s door. For instance, a deadbolt works best with a wood door but might not be a good fit with plastic or thinner material.
  • Lock Material: A lock’s construction material will determine its overall strength. You’ll want an exterior basement lock made from high-quality metal. An interior basement door lock doesn’t need to be so heavy-duty, but it still needs to offer quality durability.
  • Ease of Installation: Buying locks with complex installation processes isn’t a smart move. Instead, you’ll want an option that’s straightforward and doesn’t cause any stress or require a professional.

I’ve also compiled a list of 4 basement door locks with excellent reputations. I chose each option based on how well they functioned and their respective top-tier features. You’ll learn more about them in the following product reviews and buying guide.


Top Product name Quantity Material Installation  
1 Tuut ‎TT-DLL-102 2 Plastic 3M Adhesive Details
2 PRIME-LINE U 9847 1 Alloy Steel Screws-in Details
3 Safety Innovations 26001 1 Alloy Steel Screws-in Details

Top 4 Lock for Basement Door Reviews

1. Tuut ‎TT-DLL-102 Basement Door Lever Locks

The Tuut ‎TT-DLL-102 Basement Door Lever Locks are a truly flexible option as these child proof locks can work on all standard door lever handles. As a result, this 2-pack option has become a favorite among parents who need help with childproofing.

But I found myself liking them for their button unlocking/locking process. This aspect ensures nobody can unlock or lock my basement door without pressing its buttons. It’s an effective tool in keeping both my pets and nephews when needed.

Installing these locks isn’t anything too tricky, either. Each one comes with a 3M adhesive tape that requires users to peel then stick onto the intended surface. It doesn’t get much easier than this process for basement door security locks.

I was also quite pleased by these locks coming with a lifetime guarantee. It’s a nice touch that ensures I always have a way to replace them if something goes wrong. Moreover, it seems Tuut has a reputation for honoring it without any issues.

Other notable crucial features include an affordable price and a discreet design. All in all, Tuut did a solid job creating an adaptable and practical child proof lock.

However, this product’s design does have a problem with pinching fingers. I haven’t encountered any painful experiences as I’ve remained careful. But it’s easy to see that if I put my fingers too far between the basement door handle and lock where it could happen.
  • Adaptable 2-pack option suitable for all standard door handles
  • Childproof, button unlocking/locking process
  • Simple installation with peelable 3M adhesive tape
  • A lower-priced 2-pack option
  • Discreet design for easy blending
  • Prone to pinching fingers
The pinching finger issue is a bit of a bummer, but not a massive performance issue. It’s also worth living with, considering what else I’m getting from this option. After all, it’s pretty challenging to find an affordable, effective lock with a lifetime guarantee.

2. PRIME-LINE Defender Security U 9847 Sliding Door Loop Lock

Our final product, PRIME-LINE Defender Security U 9847 Sliding Door Loop Lock, ends this list off on a high note with its impressive, durable construction. It earns this distinction with its hardened steel locking bar and diecast mounting plate/keeper.

In other words, buyers can expect this lock to last a long time. But it doesn’t only provide excellent durability as it also has a chrome-plated finish to make it look good. It offered some much-needed shine to my basement door without breaking a sweat.

As for the installation process, PRIME-LINE kept things straightforward by including all necessary pieces and a manual. I had the entire task done without only a few minutes and didn’t throw anything, making it a resounding success.

Its performance quality is another thing not to overlook. The lock can keep unwanted children or pets out from any room with its out-of-reach position. Due to this, it provides solid enough security without being overwhelming for an interior lock.

Lastly, this option doesn’t only have to be an interior lock. Its metal construction can offer outdoor usage without any damaging issues occurring.

Sadly, this model does suffer from screw quality control issues. I even had to replace them with screws I had lying around my home. Some other customers mentioned similar problems with their experiences using this lock.
  • Constructed with hardened steel locking bar and diecast mounting plate/keeper
  • Beautiful chrome-plated finish
  • Straightforward installation with included hardware and manual
  • Out-of-reach child proof and pet proof placement
  • Usable for outdoor applications
  • Screw quality control issues
But honestly, the subpar screws are a minor issue. I replaced them and didn’t have a single problem with this basement sliding door lock’s performance. It provided everything I could’ve needed when looking to buy one of these products.

3. Safety Innovations Store ‎26001 Child Proof Top Lock

Childproofing or pet-proofing can be a tedious experience for homeowners. But Safety Innovations Store’s ‎26001 Child Proof Top Lock can keep children out of a basement or other rooms with relative ease.

For instance, its child proof design allows the lock to be installed on a door’s top frame. It ensures that a child can’t reach it without the help of a nearby adult. I have to say it does an excellent job of making sure my cat doesn’t enter the basement, as well.

The installation was also a simple, straightforward process. I didn’t have any issues getting into place as it has a small peg that mounts right onto a door frame. Honestly, I can’t imagine anyone having difficulty getting it into position.

It’s pretty versatile, too, with its ability to install on any door 1 ⅜” thick. As a result, it has been known to have child proof bathrooms, closets, basements, and other entries. I was even thinking about buying more than one considering its affordable price.

Buyers should adore its low-profile design, which is another appealing attribute. Its white color scheme shouldn’t have any issues blending into most doors.

I only wish the design was slightly more durable. A few customers noted the design was flimsier than they were expecting, and I’d have to concur. But it’s done an admirable job holding up so far securing my interior basement door.
  • Top-mounted, child-proof design that’s blendable and low-profile
  • Effortless installation process with a small mountable peg
  • Suitable for any 1 ⅜” thick doors
  • A more affordable option
  • Longevity concerns (design is a little flimsy)
I don’t use my basement door too much, so longevity isn’t much of a concern. There’s no reason to believe it can’t hold reasonably well with my particular circumstances. But I could see how others might want a sturdy child lock for basement door security.

4. BILCO BD-LOCK Basement Door Keyed Lock Kit

BILCO’s BD-LOCK Basement Door Keyed Lock Kit is one of the more durable and secure options available for homeowners. After all, this model contains a durable construction with a corrosion-resistant finish to ensure long-term usage.

I was also impressed with its convenience level, which comes from its ability to lock/unlock outside. Therefore, I no longer have to travel into my basement when it needs locking as it can be done when walking to my car.

The Bilco door lock installation process was another winning attribute, which made my life much easier. I had the entire task done within 30 minutes without any issues. Honestly, each step was laid out perfectly within the product’s images on its ad page.

I don’t have to worry about this model holding up in any weather condition, either. It has a special cylinder cap that keeps its keyway clean and issue-free. In fact, I just went through a rather rough hurricane season and didn’t have a single problem.

Lastly, this basement storm door lock has a sizable amount of versatility. This Bilco basement door keyed lock kit is suitable for all steel basement door models. It ends up being a rather convenient and effective basement door security device.

But even with all these great features, the lock does come with one downside. This basement or cellar door lock happens to be our costly choice. Each buyer will need to determine whether the increased protection is worth the higher price.
  • Durable construction with a corrosion-resistant finish
  • Unlocks and locks from outside for convenience
  • Easy installation process with a step-by-step guide
  • Cylinder cap offers weatherproof capabilities
  • Suitable for all steel basement door models
  • A high-priced option compared to others on the list
Overall, I found myself believing this lock is more than worth its asking price. It’s an excellent option to help secure from the outside rather than relying on an interior lock.

What to Look for When Buying Locks for Basement Doors


Locks for basement doors aren’t likely a massive priority of most homeowners. But it’s crucial to beef up their security as you never quite know when you’ll need it. So here’s a list of things to consider before choosing a lock capable of providing this protection:

Basement Door Material

You’ll need to research how compatible each lock will be with your basement door. For instance, a wood door would work best with deadbolts and locking door handles. These door types are often bulky, and wood offers a significant base where the lock’s hardware can attach.

Meanwhile, a plastic door or thinner wood doors would work better with a padlock. You’ll also find these doors to work ideally with a hasp-style lock. These options are often made to attach to these thinner materials with ease.

Lock Material

As you can imagine, the process of making a lock has a lot to do with its strength. You’ll need a lock made from high-quality that can prevent break-in attempts. Cheaper steel grades don’t fit into this description as they’re easier to cut through and don’t provide much protection.

You’d be much better off choosing a lock made from hardened steel for exterior basement locks. It’s much stronger and has proven to withstand significant force. Moreover, thicker metal bars are another crucial aspect as they’re more suitable for exterior protection needs.

Interior locks aren’t as opposed to damaging condition, making plastic an effective choice. But this plastic still needs to be durable and withstand regular usage. Otherwise, there’s no real point in purchasing the lock in the first place.

Lock Type

Different types of locks for the basement do offer more security than others. You’ll also come across that are easier to use and look more visually appealing. For instance, an exterior iron bar lock will provide excellent protection, but it’ll be a bit of an eyesore on particular doors.

A rim lock might be more visually appealing, but the security level will be less impressive. You’ll need to find a balance and type that fulfills your needs/preferences. It’s the only way to ensure you end up happy with your new basement door lock.

You’ll also need to decide whether an interior or exterior lock is required. Obviously, exterior locks will need to have weatherproof capabilities. But interior locks require more emphasis put on childproofing and design.


The cost of your basement locks will affect this decision. Therefore, it’s essential to think about what you’re looking for in these devices. You can then build a budget around those needs for a more streamlined buying process.

For instance, a homeowner looking for a heavy-duty lock will require higher budget ranges. It’s a simple way of keeping your budget realistic and useful. From there, it can help lessen the available options down to a more manageable number.

Ease of Installation

Every door lock for basement doors will have a slightly different installation process. Buyers should research these processes before making their final decision. In other words, look at each option’s directions and decide whether it’s something you feel comfortable doing.

I’d also recommend looking at the customer reviews for each model. These resources should provide some much-needed insight into the installation process. Nothing quite angers people more than a product with an unnecessarily tricky setup.

Lastly, an improperly installed lock won’t help anyone. It’ll only provide a false sense of protection that isn’t worth anything. You’d be much better off ensuring the installation is possible for your skills or hiring a professional.

Can You Put a Lock on a Basement Door

Yes, there’s no reason why a person can’t put a lock on their basement doors. They just need to pick a suitable one and follow the directions provided with it. From there, their basement should be safe from any security issues or other dangerous situations.

How Do I Secure My Basement Door


Several methods are available for securing a basement door. The easiest would be buying a high-quality basement door lock, like mentioned within this article. But you can increase security with the following actions:

  • Installing security cameras
  • Setting up a barricade
  • Investing in a door security bar
  • Upgrading the lock’s strike plate

How Do You Secure a Walkout Basement Door

A top-tier lock will get the job done, but there are other ways to beef up security. Here’s a shortlist of ideas to ensure your walkout basement door remains secure:

  • Set up outside lights
  • Install security cameras
  • Buy door security bars
  • Get a dog

Read on here for more information about locks for shed doors or you can also find other in-depth reviews and buyer’s guides on top-rated high security door locks, garage door locks.


Finding the best lock for basement door use should be relatively easy with these resources. Each of these discussions should’ve offered some idea of what one best suits your situation. You just need to apply them to your search.

But if you do have a remaining question or two, feel free to let us know. I’d love to help out in any way possible to ensure this process goes smoothly. Thanks for reading!

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