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How to Lock Wheels on Bed Frame? – 12 Simple Ways

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how to lock wheels on bed frame

Especially for bedridden persons, a bed with wheels is one of the effective ways in reaching other places without leaving the bed. It can easily be pushed around, making it not only effective in transporting a person, but also helping them relieve bed sores.

However, bed wheels are sometimes vulnerable to moving around a lot unintentionally, making it uncomfortable for the person lying in bed. Fortunately, there are things that you can do to stop your bed wheels moving.

In this article, I will show you how to lock wheels on bed frame.

Ways to Lock Wheels on Bed Frame

Depending on the availability of materials, there are a number of ways where you can lock bed wheels and keep them from moving.

1. Stop bed wheels from rolling with simple tools

1. Tighten the nuts


Sometimes, the bolts and nuts of the wheels of the bed are not tightened enough so that it still has room to move around. However, if you want the bed frame roller wheels to stop moving, tighten the bolts and nuts to the maximum.

2. Install a locking pin

One of the best bed stoppers is a locking pin. This pin is a small metal rod that is inserted through a hole of a metal bracket attached to the bed frame, making the wheel of the bed immovable.

3. Secure with a rope


An unconventional way of tying down your metal bed frame wheels is to tie the wheels to the floor so that it will not move. Just make sure that you have something to tie it down to.

4. Fasten with a zip tie

Zip ties are strong and are very easy to use. Secure every wheel with two to three zip ties so that your zip ties will not easily break5.

5. Bind with a furniture strap


Although furniture straps are not installed on the wheels, it can be a great help to stop a bed from veering off the wall. One end of the furniture strap is attached to the wall while the other end is attached to the bed (usually on the top part of the bed).

6. Link with cable ties

Another unconventional way of locking your bed frame’s wheel is by linking it to the wall with a cable tie. Much like zip ties, cable ties can easily be broken with force, so put 2-3 cable ties per wheel.

7. Put reflective tire security strips – How to keep bed frame from moving? Put reflective tire security strips on the wheels. Applying these strips on the wheels will keep the wheels from turning even when applied with force.

2. Secure the beds with locks


  • Wheel locks – To stop bed wheels from moving, take advantage of built-in wheel locks. Most wheels on bed frames already have wheel locks which you can adjust by locking and unlocking.
  • U-Lock – To keep bed frame from moving, a U-lock can be attached to the wheel and link its shackle to a stationary object on the floor. In this way, you can easily remove the U-lock with the key and move the bed when you want it.
  • Strap with a locking bracket – One of the effective bed frame wheel stoppers is a locking bracket. If your wheels don’t have a built-in locking mechanism, you can have a locking bracket installed on your wheels.
  • A wheel stop – If you do not have things to hook your wheel unto, you might want to opt for a wheel stop. A wheel stop is a metal plate that you install on the floor to prevent the wheel from moving.

3. Take wheels off bed frame


If you do not want to have your bed moving anymore, it might be wise to take the wheels off the bed frame. Just make sure you are doing this for permanent reasons as it might be difficult to put them back.

Reasons Why My Bed Moves by Itself


A moving bed might affect your sleeping habits, and in turn, affect your lifestyle. Here are some of the reasons why your bed moves by itself:

  • The location of your house – Living beside the highway, near factories, or near construction sites might be the reason why your bed is moving by itself. Because of the force exerted on the ground, the force mimics the effects of an earthquake, shaking your house and your bed.
  • The location of your bed – If your house has two to three floors, placing your bed on the higher floors might make your bed move by itself. This is because the higher floors have less stability than the floors below it.
  • Your bed itself – There are a lot of reasons why your bed is moving by itself. For example, if your bed is moving because of a faulty castor that cannot be locked, you might be due for a bed frame caster replacement.
  • Your mental or health state – The most common reason your bed is moving by itself is your mental and health state. Sleep apnea, restless leg syndrome, or REM behavior disorder might make you think your bed is moving even when it is not.

Frequently Asked Questions


Can I put a bed frame with wheels on risers?

Yes, it is possible to put a bed frame with wheels on risers. However, it depends on the size and makes of the risers that you are going to install.

Ensuring that you have selected risers in the weight capacity and appropriate sizes will help the bed’s wheels to be secured and attached to the risers you have chosen.

What are caster on a bed?

Bed frame wheel casters are basically wheels of the bed frame that helps to relocate the bed from one place to another. They are commonly used in hospital beds and are also used at home, too.

Some casters are made of plastic while some are made of metal. They are usually attached on the bottom of the legs of the bed frame.


A person’s quality of life should be respected and granted, especially for those who are not able to leave their bed. With wheels on their bed frame, they can enjoy sceneries outside their rooms.

Knowing how to lock wheels on bed frames will help you become a great helper in making them achieve a better lifestyle. Share these tips and tricks to your friends to make them a better caregivers.

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