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How to Open a Sentry Safe with a Key? – 2 Easy Ways

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how to open a sentry safe with a key

In the world we are living today, security is of utmost importance. With Sentry safes such as the S0409 Sentry safe, essential things such as documents, money, and jewelry can be kept from other people’s hands.

However, handling safes may be a hassle, especially when unlocking it is complicated. But in the case of a Sentry safe, it can be unlocked with a key and combination.

Check below how you how to open a Sentry safe with a key

Ways to Open a Sentry Safe With a Key

Opening a Sentry safe with a key is a walk in the park. However, it may depend on the safe you are dealing with. Here’re two main types of safe you might be dealing with.

How to open an electronic safe with key and dial:


  • Remove the shipping screw. When you are going to operate your electronic safe for the first time, you might need to remove the shipping screw which can be located at the back of the safe’s door.
  • Remove the keys from the safe. Make sure the keys come in a pair, otherwise you have to report it to Sentry’s customer service.
  • Install batteries. The batteries should go inside the electronic lock located in front of the door of the safe.

Note that batteries used in electronic Sentry safes are AAA alkaline batteries.

  • Position the safe’s handle. The handle of the safe must be flushed to the safe’s door and positioned horizontally.
  • Insert the key. Rotate the key in a clockwise manner, making sure the keyhole points to the unlock sign.
  • Remove the key from the keyhole. Note that with tubular key, you can opt to lock out the safe even if the correct combination is entered.
  • Find the factory code. Locate the owner’s manual and find the five-digit factory code on the back of the manual.
  • Enter the factory code through the safe’s keypad.
  • After entering the five-digit factory code, the safe will give you four seconds to rotate the handle of the safe.
  • Open the safe. Rotate the handle downward and pull the handle.

You now know how to unlock a Sentry safe with key.

Unlock Sentry combination safes with key and combo:


  • Find the safe’s combination. Locate the owner’s manual for the safe and check the combination instructions at the back of the manual.
  • Note the combination. Jot down or memorize the combination for the safe, which is six digits separated by hyphens (eg: 23-18-59).
  • Check the safe’s handle. Make sure that the handle of the safe is horizontally positioned, meaning the safe is locked.
  • Reset the dial. Rotate the dial until the arrow is pointed to the zero (0).

    • Note: when unlocking the safe, the dial should start from “0”. Not resetting the dial will not unlock the safe even when you enter the correct combination.

  • Dial the first digits of the combination. Enter the first number by rotating the dial in a clockwise manner, and do two full revolutions on the dial and stop on the first number.
  • Dial the second digits of the combination. Spin the dial to the second number, but this time, in a counterclockwise manner.

    • Note: You need to make one full revolution on the dial and stop accurately on the second number or else the safe will not open.

  • Dial the third digits of the combination. In a clockwise manner, dial the third number of the combination and stop immediately as you reach it.
  • Pull the handle. The handle will be pulled down easily and smoothly if you entered the correct combination.

Note that the steps to open a Sentry safe lock box with key might be different for safes with a left-right-left combination style.

Can You Open Sentry Safe With Just Key?


Opening a Sentry safe with key and no combination might be impossible on electronic and combination safes. Once you move the dial, using the key alone is not sufficient to unlock it.

Suppose you cannot remember the combination and do a manual unlock for your old Sentry safe. The best choice is to contact your local locksmith or get recovery codes from the company.

How to Get Recovery Codes or Replacement Keys


If you have a safe with a dead battery without a key, it might be wise to get replacement keys, especially if you have things you need inside the safe. On the other hand, if you have forgotten the code for your safe, it might be wise to get recovery codes.

The following is the process to get recovery codes or replacement keys:

  • Identify the serial number and model of your safe. Access and note your safe’s model and serial number by locating it in the instruction manual or around the body of the safe.
  • Access the SentrySafe website. Fill in the necessary details such as the model number, your email address, and serial number.

    • Note: You would also have the choice of deciding how many replacement keys you want to have with the option of getting either two keys or four keys with varying prices.

  • Pay the recovery bill. Processing fee and replacement fee might vary depending on the number of replacement keys you have or if you want a recovery code
  • Wait for the arrival of the replacement. Depending on your location, it might take seven to ten business days before your keys or codes arrive.


Ranging from expensive jewelries to confidential documents, having a Sentry safe will secure your precious valuables as it is fire-resistant and secure. You will never complain about losing the things important to you.

Learning how to open a sentry safe with a key will go a long way. With the Sentry safe giving you the peace of mind you deserve, you can rest assured your valuables are in safe hands.

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