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The Best Wall Mount Mailboxes for Long-term Usability

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best wall mount mailbox

Homeowners often overlook mail security. But there’s a lot of people who are looking to steal our mail for their own benefit. However, we can prevent these situations with a high-quality wall-mounted mailbox.

These devices will keep our mail closer to the house than a curbside mailbox. As a result, it’s easier to keep an eye on whether someone’s trying to steal it. It’s why people are often looking for the best wall mount mailbox available for their homes and other domiciles.

But it brings up a good question of what goes into finding the perfect wall-mounted mailbox? Well, it’ll come down to having an understanding of certain crucial buying factors. So here’s a quick list of a few to provide some insight into what I’ll discuss later within this article:

  • Size: It might seem like common sense, but we’ll need a mailbox with enough room for our daily mail volume. So think carefully about what we often receive and choose an option with a size capable of handling it.
  • Construction Materials: Wall-mount mailboxes are made with a large number of construction materials. But the best ones will either feature stainless steel, galvanized steel, or galvanized iron. These choices will hold up against any issue.
  • Style: One would be surprised by how many colors and designs are available for wall-mount mailboxes. As a result, choosing one that meshes well with our preferences and exterior home decor becomes vital.

Lastly, I’ve also created a list of 10 USPS-approved wall-mount mailboxes. I chose each one based on having a reputation for being solidly built and offering top-tier features. You’ll get more familiar with them in our following product reviews and buying guide.

Top Product name Dimensions Weight Material  
1 Gibraltar Mailboxes‎ L4010WB0 ‎4.5 x 16.6 x 9.8 inches 3.89 pounds ‎Alloy Steel Details
2 Mail Boss 7162  ‎15.4 x 7.15 x 14.75 inches 17 Pounds ‎Alloy Steel Details
3 Gibraltar Mailboxes DMVKGV04 10.3 x 4.8 x 13.5 inches 3.5 Pounds ‎Alloy Steel Details

Top 10 Wall Mount Mailbox Reviews

1. Gibraltar Mailboxes‎ L4010WB0 Wall-Mount Mailbox

Gibraltar Mailboxes‎’ L4010WB0 Wall-Mount Mailbox earns its way onto our list with several high-valued features and aspects. An obvious starting point would be its heavy-duty galvanized steel design material, which provides top-tier durability.

I’m expecting this secure wall-mounted mailbox to last several years without issue. Based on this product’s reviews, I don’t see any real reason to doubt this expectation. It even has a nice powder-coated finish that’ll withstand any rusting or corrosion.

The product’s two different color choices were another vital aspect. I can either purchase this mailbox in white or black to ensure it meshes with my home. I ended up going with a black wall-mount mailbox as it blended perfectly into my house’s exterior decor.

I was also pleased with its modern design, which prevents it from being an eyesore. This attribute is crucial to its overall convenience, too, as it allows room for address numbers. Gibraltar Mailboxes clearly put some effort into making this option as user-friendly as possible.

Furthermore, this model comes fully assembled to remove any pre-installation issues. I’m always going to be delighted when a brand makes my life easier with its product. Plus, it even comes with a simple cut template for the installation.

I only wish that this metal wall mount mailbox came with mounting hardware. As a result, I had to purchase it separately, which is always a bit of a hassle. It seems like a minor oversight where it could’ve made this modern wall mounted mailbox more convenient.
  • Heavy-duty galvanized steel construction
  • Rust-resistant finish that’s powder-coated protect mails from weather
  • Two choices on color (black or white)
  • User-friendly modern design with room for address numbers
  • Arrives fully assembled
  • Easy-to-follow cut out installation template
  • Mounting hardware sold separately
But once I got it installed, this secure wall mount mailbox did its job effectively. I have no issues with its overall protection or how well it meshes with my home’s decor. Due to this, the mailbox is more than worth the initial hassle.

2. Mail Boss 7162 Wall-Mounted Locking Security Mailbox

The Mail Boss 7162 Wall-Mounted Locking Security Mailbox is one of the more fully equipped options on our entire list. It comes with a long list of valuable features that have made my life a lot easier since I’ve got it.

For instance, this lockable mailbox comes with a unique mounting bracket. This aspect ensures the entire installation process becomes a lot less stressful. Plus, it allows this option to become a universal mount mailbox as it can be installed on almost any flat wall surface.

I was also delighted by this product’s electro-galvanized steel material. It provides the mailbox with a much more durable and stable feel than other locked mailboxes. I’d be shocked if any mail thief would have any luck getting into it.

Furthermore, it comes with an anti-pry latch mechanism and a 12-wafer disc lock. These two attributes provide a level of security that traditional wall-mount options don’t offer. It gives me confidence in its ability to keep my packages and mail safe.

It won’t have any issues working outside, either. Its stainless steel hinges and powder-coating will have no problem dealing with any weather conditions. Moreover, this lockable mailbox comes with reflective house numbers for extra convenience.

But even with all these great features, it does come with a notable flaw. This option has a higher price tag than most other choices on our list. Each buyer will need to decide whether the quality of this almost universal mount mailbox is worth its costly price.
  • Mounting bracket allows easy installation onto almost any flat wall surface
  • Durable, electro-galvanized steel construction
  • 12-wafer disc key lock and anti-pry latch mechanisms for extra security
  • Weatherproof with stainless steel hinge pins and powder-coating
  • Reflective house numbers for extra convenience
  • Costs a bit more than standard products
In my case, I have no problem with the price tag. This wall mount locking mailbox offers solid security while providing an easy installation process. It’s hard to see how this isn’t a contender for the top-rated locking wall mount mailbox.

3. Gibraltar Mailboxes DMVKGV04 Designer Locking Mailbox

This next option, Gibraltar Mailboxes’s DMVKGV04 Designer Locking Mailbox, has earned a lot of fans with its low price. In fact, it’s one of the least costly choices on our entire list while still providing some decent security aspects.

One solid example would be its concealed cam lock with two included keys. It provides an effective locking mechanism while offering a convenient number of keys. I no longer have to be lovely paranoid about misplacing it as there’s a backup.

The product’s medium capacity was also quite impressive. It won’t have any problems holding magazines, some packages, and letters. As a result, I can let my mail stack up without picking it up for a few days without any issues.

I was delighted by the galvanized steel design and powder coating, as well. It should hold up well and won’t need replacing for more than a few years. Due to this, I can save money on this option and spend it on more exciting products.

This hanging mailbox offers a lot of versatility, too, with its ten color options. It should be easy for buyers to find a variation capable of meshing with their home’s decor.

However, this lockable wall mount mailbox has a problem with its rear lid. It seems to rub against the wall behind, which could take off the paint. It’s something that a few customers noted in their reviews, but it hasn’t happened with mine yet.
  • An affordable Mailbox
  • Effective concealed cam lock with two included keys
  • Medium internal capacity
  • Long-lasting galvanized steel construction and powder coating
  • Ten color options for multiple applications
  • The rear lid can rub away the paint
The rear lid issue isn’t going to take this cheap wall mount mailbox off my consideration list. Everything else about it seems to fit my needs well, making the problem worth it.

4. Serenelife SLMAB01 Wall Mount Locking Mailbox

Weatherproofing is a precious feature in any mailbox. Serenelife’s SLMAB01 Wall Mount Locking Mailbox seems to stand ahead of the pack within this area. Its heavy-duty construction made with galvanized steel can handle any weather condition.

For instance, I encounter heavy rains regularly around my house. There hasn’t been a single issue of opening up this mailbox and finding soaked letters or packages. Instead, it keeps them clean and dry within this heavily protected mailbox.

I was pleased with the product’s installation process, as well. It comes with pre-drilled holes and mounting screws for a smooth application. Honestly, I doubt even inexperienced installers will have many issues with this vertical wall mount mailbox.

The product’s also equipped with a mail slot opening for easy mail retrieval. As a result, the mail carrier didn’t need to unlock this vertical mailbox to place the mail inside it. They can just slide the package or letter through it without any hesitation.

More importantly, this mailbox’s lock has proven to be easy to use and secure. It has been a delight to utilize compared to other wall mounted mailboxes with locks. The two keys even go into its lock smoothly without any sticking or bending.

But I do wish this small wall mount mailbox had more internal space. It was an issue raised within some reviews and one I had noticed when using the device. This vertical mailbox certainly isn’t for someone who intends on letting their mail stack up.
  • Weatherproof, heavy-duty galvanized steel construction
  • Simple installation with pre-drilled holes and mounting screws
  • Mail slot for convenient access
  • Easy-to-use and secure lock
  • Quality keys included
  • Small internal space
However, everything else about this mailbox more than fits my needs. It’s easy to see why many people prefer this smaller option over a large wall mount mailbox. After all, it can be pretty convenient in the right situation.

5. Mail Boss 7412 Locking Wall-Mounted Mailbox

Mail Boss’s 7412 Locking Wall-Mounted Mailbox is another high-security option with several features designed to keep thieves out of my mail. For instance, its tempered steel hook cam and 12-disc water lock offer excellent protection.

This locking mechanism shouldn’t have any issues frustrating even the most determined thief. It’s even known for resisting lock picking and drilling attempts with ease. Unfortunately, wall mount residential mailboxes aren’t often as secure as this one.

I was also impressed with its versatility as users can easily use it for dropbox applications. Multiple customers have noted it functioning well for key drops, night drops, payment drops. It’s clearly one of the more adaptable mailboxes available.

The bin door design was another trait worth mentioning for security purposes. Mail Boss designed it specifically to stop any mail phishing attempts. It’s an area where subpar wall-mount mailboxes tend to struggle when protecting packages or other mail items.

Lastly, I can’t go too much longer with mentioning its weatherproof 16-gauge steel construction and powder-coated finish. Both these attributes allow this secure locking mailbox to function well in any weather condition without any problems.

But the included screws weren’t too effective. I found them to be shorter than required for a proper install, making me replace them with ones around my house.
  • Effective tempered steel hook cam, 12-disc water lock
  • Anti-picking and anti-drilling
  • Usable for multiple dropbox applications
  • Prevent mail phishing with a unique bin door design
  • Weatherproof 16-gauge steel construction and powder-coated finish
  • Included screws are not as high quality
The screws were a quick fix issue that was over with it within a few minutes. From there, this product worked like one of the most affordable vertical wall mounted mailboxes available.

6. ALEKO USMB-02 Horizontal Wall-Mounted Mailbox

The ALEKO USMB-02 Horizontal Wall-Mounted Mailbox has one of my favorite designs among our choices. It has a classic birdhouse-style configuration, which fits nicely into the rustic atmosphere of my home without much difficulty.

I was also impressed with the product’s versatility. ALEKO constructed this mailbox to fit onto a wall or post to ensure multiple applications. In fact, I even made a few trial attempts on several locations around my home with much success.

More importantly, the installation itself was rather straightforward. The company provides wall fixings that are easy to set up and use. I’ve had trouble with installing horizontal wall mount mailboxes before, but this one was a breeze.

The mailbox doesn’t slack with its construction quality, either. It’s made with tough steel and contains a beautiful, weather-resistant finish. Therefore, it should be looking good for a long time while withstanding any issues from outdoor conditions.

ALEKO did a solid job ensuring its mailbox was easy-to-use, as well. It comes with a secure key lock with two keys that provide no operation trouble. Moreover, the mailbox has a transparent window that ensures it’s simple to see whether I have mail.

I only wish it was a bit more challenging to fish mail from this mailbox. If someone has small enough hands, they won’t have much issue getting into the slot without unlocking the mailbox. But there’s some good news as I doubt any full-grown adult would have the capability.
  • Classic birdhouse design
  • Versatile enough to fit both walls and posts
  • Straightforward installation with provided wall fixings
  • Tough steel construction with weather-resistant finish
  • Simple operation with key lock and included keys
  • Easy to see a mail with transparent window
  • Doesn’t provide the best security
Given its appealing design, the tradeoff of top-flight security isn’t a big issue for me. I don’t live in a high-crime area or get many valuable mail pieces, so this more decorative wall mount mail box works well.

7. AdirOffice ‎631-04-BLK Drop Box Wall-Mounted Mailbox

Our next option, AdirOffice ‎631-04-BLK Drop Box Wall-Mounted Mailbox, offers a high level of security that office workers tend to love. It’s why this model has seen such an increased usage in mail drop box applications for key drops or interoffice mail.

Its high-security level comes from the commercial grade 12-disc wafer lock and anti-pry latch. In fact, wall-mounted mailboxes don’t get much more secure than this one. It also helps that it comes with three laser-cut keys to add further protection for essential mail.

But I don’t think of this mailbox as an average drop box slot. Instead, it has a wide bin access door that can work with large items, such as small packages. As a result, it provides a bit more convenience than what I usually expect from drop boxes.

Users will even have a choice between three color options for a bit more personalization. Whether it’s black, white, or blue, each selection should meet a buyer’s expectations. Honestly, I had a difficult time choosing as they’re all top-tier quality.

I must mention the heavy-duty construction as a final positive attribute, though. As with most quality mailboxes, it consists of galvanized steel. But this choice takes it up a notch with a scratch-resistant, durable powder coat finish.

But I did notice one problematic issue with this mailbox. It’s equipped with a magnet to help keep the top drawer closed, which has a habit of falling off. But I managed to solve this minor issue with some super glue.
  • High-security option (commercial grade 12-disc wafer lock and anti-pry latch)
  • Three laser cut keys for additional protection
  • Wide bin door for large mail pieces
  • Three color choices for multiple applications
  • Heavy-duty construction with scratch-resistant powder coat finish
  • The top drawer magnet has a habit of coming off.
Once I solved the magnet issue, this option functioned like any other top-rated locking mailboxes residential users prefer. It has become a solid and reliable security measure capable of being a secure mailbox.

8. Architectural Mailboxes 2681B Wall Mount Small Mailbox

Wall-mounted mailboxes don’t have to be ugly eyesores outside a home. Architectural Mailboxes’s 2681B Wall Mount Small Mailbox proves it with its design full of flair. It even comes with 18 different color variations to ensure a perfect match for each buyer.

But this stylish design isn’t anything with high-quality features. Thankfully, Architectural Mailboxes managed to fill this mailbox with several appealing ones. I would have to start with its versatile ability to function in various roles.

For instance, other customers have managed to use this mailbox to hold pet treats, chalk, lint, and other items around their homes. So it ends up being a versatile and valuable piece of equipment around any house.

The product’s steel construction with a fully powder-coated inside and exterior allows it to excel in these other applications. It’s what makes this model such a solid and sturdy metal mailbox, too, as it should last a long time while keeping my mail secure.

I should mention Architectural Mailboxes ensured the front panel could be personalized, as well. It provides a more personal feel that’s a nice touch to ensure it’s a user-friendly product. Plus, I didn’t even talk about its affordable price, which is among the lowest on our list.

However, I did notice this mailbox does have a reputation for not being waterproof. Therefore, it’d be wise to stick towards covered porch or patio areas with this model.
  • 18 different color options filled with flair
  • Usable in various roles (holds treats, lint, chalk, etc.)
  • Well-built, steel construction with powder-coated interior and exterior
  • Personalizable front panel
  • A more affordable choice
  • Not waterproof, thus requiring a small roof
Buyers who remain careful with the waterproof issue should like this mailbox a lot. It offers versatility and convenience that others can’t match.

9. Kyodoled Locking Wall-Mount Mailbox

One of the more user-friendly options available would be Kyodoled’s Locking Wall-Mount Mailbox. It even offers users a choice between two locking systems, a user set combination lock or a secure key lock, to ensure they feel comfortable with their mailbox.

I ended up selecting the key lock, but it’s easy to see why others choose the combination lock. This brand built both locking systems with robust steel components. So I would have complete confidence in either keeping out someone trying to steal my mail.

Buyers should also pay attention to this large capacity mailbox within mail drop box applications. It would have no issues holding multiple letters, documents, or newspapers. Honestly, it was a bit shocking because the mailbox has such a small, compact design.

The easy access metal flap was another component to catch my attention. It provides much faster and easier access for mail carriers while keeping outgoing mail secure from mail thieves. It’s a delicate balance that many other locking mailbox wall-mounted devices have failed to offer.

It would be a disservice not to acknowledge this Kyodoled mailbox package transparent view window, as well. I can use this aspect to see whether there’s mail inside without opening it. Kyodoled also painted the mailbox to prevent rusting and scratches for long-term usability.

But I sometimes find unlocking the key lock a bit tricky. It ended up sticking and didn’t go in as smoothly as with other choices.
  • User-friendly option with two available locking system choices
  • Compact, small design with a larger than expected capacity
  • Easy access metal flap for convenience purposes
  • Transparent window for easy mail viewing
  • Painted to reduce rusting and scratches
  • Unlocking the key lock can be somewhat tricky
Thankfully, this key lock issue has become less of a problem with regular usage. It became more of a short-term nuisance than anything serious. Its various other positive attributes ended up vastly outweighing this one issue for me.

10. Whitehall Wall Mount Custom Mailbox

Our final option, Whitehall’s Wall Mount Custom Mailbox, is among the unique wall mounted mailboxes. It earns this distinction with an elegant design that evokes an old-fashioned feeling most people enjoy.

But the mailbox becomes even more unique with the ability to customize it. For example, each buyer can have their address and street name engraved onto the product. It gives the mailbox a bit more style and personal touch than other options.

Of course, this unique design wouldn’t mean much without solid performance. This mailbox isn’t a slouch within this category, either. It has a sand-cast aluminum construction that’s treated with Alumi-Shield to provide weatherproofing.

The mailbox’s ability to hold up against heavy rain was quite impressive. I actually had a storm come through, and this mailbox didn’t have any issues. So it’s hard to see how anyone would have complaints.

It also provides a locking system and keys for added security. So I never have to worry about coming home and seeing my mail missing because of mail theft. Plus, it comes with detailed installation directions to ensure a quick and easy installation without any hardware needed.

But there’s one notable downside to this mailbox. Buyers will have to spend a chunk of their savings to acquire it. I don’t often encounter wall-mounted mailboxes with such a higher price tag like this one.
  • Elegant, old-fashioned design
  • Customizable with a street name and address
  • Weatherproof sand-cast aluminum construction treated with Alumi-Shield
  • Sufficient locking system with provided keys
  • Easy setup with installation instructions (no hardware required)
  • A higher-price mailbox
Overall, the personalized aspect does make the price less of an issue. It gives it something other wall-mount mailboxes can’t provide. Plus, the quality is top-notch to confirm that paying the higher price is okay with me.

What to Look for When Buying a Wall Mount Mailbox


Finding a suitable wall-mounted mailbox takes a little bit of effort. For instance, this process isn’t as simple as choosing the first one available. You need an in-depth understanding of what makes a high-quality option. Let’s take a look at these essential factors to ensure you can make a responsible decision.


Your first consideration will be the mailbox’s size. It needs to be big enough where the box can fit all your received documents and packages. Therefore, each buyer must select a mailbox size based on the volume and dimensions of your regular mail.

Construction Materials

Your wall-mounted mailbox needs to have weatherproof qualities. In other words, it must withstand weather conditions like rain or snow. It also has to be weatherproof for anyone who intends to use their particular option outside.

Wall-mounted mailboxes have a wide range of materials to suit different weather conditions. One option might be able to last years in a sunny area. But once it faces a lot of rain, it could rust and become a useless product.

You’ll come across options made from materials aluminum and steel. These models are usually effective in rainy areas as long as they’re waterproof. Meanwhile, brass is a terrible choice for heavy rain situations and will require a lot of maintenance.

In the end, my recommendation would be to select stainless steel mailboxes. These choices will have no problem dealing with extreme weather. Other high-quality options would be galvanized steel or iron mailboxes because of their durability.

Given this information, it’s still essential to research the construction materials. These aspects will determine how well the mailbox holds up when facing those issues. A solid resource to consider would be reading through customer reviews.

After all, these reviews should provide a detailed depiction of how the mailbox performed. It should prevent you from choosing a subpar built option.

Locking Mechanism

Do you require a closed mailbox? I’d recommend choosing a wall-mounted mailbox with a locked design as they should prevent any mail thief. These choices tend to be favorites among people who are often traveling for a long time.

But it’s essential to note that not wall-mounted boxes will have a locking mechanism. However, the locking options do represent the best way of preventing thievery. It’s one of the most effective methods to ensure your mail ends up where it belongs.

For further precautions, some options will have 12 wafer disk locks. These locking mechanisms are much stronger than what a traditional locking wall mount mailbox offers. It shouldn’t have any trouble keeping your valuables from even the most determined thief.

In addition, there are many other types of locks that are quite necessary for your life. We gather here the list of locks with their features and intended uses. Such as the top-rated portable door locks or the most popular pocket door lock.


Finding a suitable wall-mounted mailbox isn’t all about functionality. It’s also essential to consider how well the mailbox matches the exterior decor of your home. Otherwise, it could be an absolute eyesore that you don’t want.

Thankfully, wall-mounted mail comes in various colors and designs. You’ll likely come across a blue wall-mount mailbox, white wall-mount mailbox, or even a wall-mount mailbox with flag designs during your search.

Another style area to consider will be decorative bin door slots. Some brands like to go a little crazy with their mailbox slots and give them a little flair. You’ll need to decide whether a decorative bin door slot is something that’ll fit your needs.

Overall, it shouldn’t be too difficult to find a mailbox that’s capable of meshing perfectly with your home. It’s just a matter of finding a style that blends well and provides adequate performance.

Ease of Installation

Each type of wall-mounted mailbox will have a different installation process. You must research these processes beforehand to avoid choosing a complicated one. Most brands place the installation instructions right in the product description for easy access.

I should mention that there are some federal laws regarding mailbox installation, as well. It’s essential to check these regulations before installation. It’s a simple way to avoid any issues between you and your mail carrier.

Do I Need Permission to Move My Mailbox


The Postal Service does permit moving a mailbox without their permission. However, you must place it in a location that your mail carrier can access easily. For instance, roadside mailboxes have to be accessible from a mail delivery vehicle.

Where Should a Wall-mounted Mailbox Be Placed

Wall-mount mailboxes work best on virtually any flat surface like patios, walls, or columns. But make sure to check the local USPS branch’s regulations to ensure no issues arise. It’s the only way to make sure this entire process remains hassle-free.

How Do You Anchor a Mailbox to the Wall

Each wall-mounted mailbox will have its own installation instructions. But generally, the process will consist of the following steps:

  • Step 1: Place the wall-mounted mailbox against the wall. Move it until you’re pleased with its location. After ensuring it’s not crooked, mark where the mounting holes are positioned against the wall to show where you intend to drill.
  • Step 2: Drill the holes into the wall where you mark them earlier. But remember, you don’t need to drill very deep. This step is where your instruction manual will come in handy.
  • Step 3: Consult the manual for guidelines about what kind of hardware to use. In most cases, the hardware will need to be bought separately. Once purchased, you should then secure it.
  • Step 4: Drill screws into the mounting hardware. But only screw in half until you’re sure the mailbox is level. Once the mailbox is level, drill the screws in all the way.


Our article should’ve provided a basis of what your best wall mount mailbox looks like and its features. It’s now time to use this information during your search. From here, it should become a relatively effortless and straightforward process.

But sometimes, a question or two might come up during the process. If this does happen, don’t hesitate to contact me through our website or comment section. I’d be happy to help.

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